Saturday, April 13, 2013

The FBI Pre-Meditated Assassination Attempts

I am beginning to realize that the only reason the FBI would have shut off a hate crime complaint from me, in 2005, or attempt to say their agent's conduct had nothing to do with my pending lawsuits, is because the FBI is involved in the assassination attempts.

I sent an email asking for an investigation and did not receive any reply.

First of all, it's already obvious that U.S. federal employees are involved. It is also obvious that FBI employees are part of federal gang-rape against me, in a pre-meditated line-up.

I think the final straw for them, which is something they had to know all along, is that some of their employees are directly linked to those who have tried to kill me more than once.

For example, if Christa Schneider, who is connected to the Department of Justice, was asking me about my location prior to a planned hit-and-run by a hispanic man...who knew the hispanic man?

How about Bujanda and Garza, FBI employees.

Oh and guess what? Christa's sister Danielle, lives in Texas which is where Bujanda and Garza were raised.

I just "happened" to meet Bujanda on a day Christa knew where I was going, to what courthouses, and I met him less than a week after I told her I wanted to be a lawyer for the FBI (in the FBI, on corporate crime).

So they meet again. First time, she helped arrange a hit-and-run with the Mexican FBI agents, and then the second time, she had them meet me at a courthouse to distract me from a lawsuit against Judges and to create a story to be used against me in internal FBI records.

That was in 2003.

There is a potential direct link between the hispanic man (an unlicensed Mexican man) and the FBI, through the Department of Justice peep, Christa.

Oh but that's not all folks.

Maybe, just maybe, some of these individuals that work for the FBI, and their participation in trying to murder me and/or rape me, is the entire reason the FBI had me injected with Haldol and held hostage (gladly) with military help in TN. It is their motive behind every bad thing they have done to me and my son.

So Texas friends also points back to Robin Bechtold, who was also living in Texas at that time. And of course, he is connected to the first assassination attempt against me in 1992 involving Tony Roos.

Where's the "investigation" FBI?


You had better figure out a way to return my son to me, without telling ME to "change", and CHANGE your own course, or nothing will get better for any of you.

Anyone want to work for the FBI? I mean, besides the mafia.

Of course, when I got pregnant, the FBI didn't want me to have my own child. They thought it was too "messy" to rape me with my son in the house, or to plot further ways to murder me. They also didn't want me to leave the country with him, when I had dirt on them. The FBI wanted to "dirty" me up first.

Which is the entire reason they lied about me, to smear me to Canada and on international records, with a false charge of "Grand Auto Theft". The FBI has been trying to kill me.

And here I have been going to THEM, asking THEM, for help.

I have been asking the same people who have been plotting my murder, in collusion with others, to "investigate".

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