Friday, April 12, 2013

U.S. Continues to Torture My Family

The U.S. continues to torture my entire family.

For the last several days, this country increased attacks against me to my head and causing my eye to bulge out when they quit doing this for a couple of weeks. They started up again, and it's been every single day, day and night.

I also saw recent photos of my son which show the same thing is being done to my son, who is not even 7 yet.

The U.S. is also using a chemical engineering team of some kind and has drugged me through use of fuming my house somehow. Most of the time it's been done at night, after I'm already asleep.

I don't go to the local sauna anymore for one reason, and that is because of concerns it is going to be a chemical or gas chamber. I know for a fact that there are military men trained in this area, and who worked for these departments, who have over 20-30 years or more experience in drugging people and they've done it to me. Because I couldn't tell if it was only at my house or both at my house and also possibly at the sauna, I had to quit using the sauna.

It's not paranoia--it is being rational. The sauna has a pipe that goes outside of the sauna machine into another room and it is technically possible to do something; the other possibility is having someone come into the sauna and release a toxin in the air and then close the door saying, "Bye". Most people wouldn't do this, but at a time where I am the only one in, and at a less busy time, it is possible.

I am not sure about the sauna but I am not using it as long as I have questions about what this country is doing and allowing with torture of my family. I have zero doubts about being gassed with some kind of fumes in my own house. I can say this with 100% assurance because of extremely odd chemical smells that have filled the air at times, which I wake up with and can't even smell until I leave the house long enough, go back in and notice.

I also know by whether or not a patch shows up on my skin on my lower back, because it only does if I've been drugged, and if something changes my energy level out of the blue, at the same time I notice some kind of fumigation was done of my place. The only times someone tampers with me, or messes with me, is when they don't like the fact I am exhibiting high energy levels. It has nothing to do with "mania" because I'm not bipolar. My entire life I've been highly active and had tons of energy, and it was natural and is natural for me. Ever since the U.S. has tried to kill me, they have come up with excuses for wanting to drug me. One excuse they use is if they think I am writing "too much" or "getting upset" about things any normal person would be upset about. So they knock me out. The other excuse used is if my energy is normal and high, because then someone lies and says it's mania or makes some other excuse to knock me down to lethagy--this has occured, consistently, when I am becoming more organized and put together because of my natural energy, working out every day like normal and getting into shape, and/or coming up with ideas that might make money.

Any idea I have, or anything I want to do, is ruined by the U.S.

What I have figured out so far, is that some 'group' has decided no one in my family, immediate or extended family, should do anything or think about being anything besides a grade school teacher. I wrote in my blog, in 2006, that we have a long line of teachers on my Dad's side, and then mentioned things that have been done on either side, and someone apparently thought it would be hilarious to make sure no one, on either side, does anything more than elementary school teaching, and makes no more than $30,000 a year. All of these people in my family who are capable of doing much more (if they wanted) are being directed to become grade school teachers. Almost every single one of my cousins on my Mom's side is doing this now, and some on my Dad's side.

One of my cousins wanted to be a doctor. There was no reason why she wouldn't have been a good doctor. Ivory Avila. Instead, she gets pushed into cosmetic school and then someone forces her to grow hair on her chin for months and not do anything about it, and then she's dropped her entire plan. She wanted to do triathalons and be a doctor. That was when she knew me, in 2005, after I reported the FBI for being criminals. But oh no, of course not. By 2006 or 2007 she was suddenly not going to medical school or college anymore, not even community college, and was going to do "hair & nails". My point is that she didn't have a pipe-dream. She was and is smart enough, and studious enough, to be a doctor. She had straight A's in high school, and that' not necessarily high I.Q. but she had enough of both to go to medical school. She wanted to do triathalons. So she suddenly, later, goes to cosmetic school??? to do hair and nails? That makes no sense. What makes even LESS sense, is since when does someone who has gone to cosmetology school, and who has a fiance, suddenly decide to grow a full beard for 2-3 months while Minji from South Korea is living there? Minji didn't have a beard. Minji wasn't growing whiskers. But Ivory was living with Minji then, at her parent's house, with my son there, and she begins to sport a BEARD? The cosmetic school woman? She would know everything there is to know about shaving or waxing facial hair. I feel like Minji got into that house as a spy. Like maybe she spied for someone else who hated me and my son and wanted to make sure my belongings were sent out or that my emails were intercepted or that Ivory did as she was told and took some drug, grew a beard, and didn't shave.

No woman who goes to cosmetic school grows a beard publicly unless she is black-mailed. I know that I wrote to the FBI about how maybe Raul Bujanda or Armando Garza, they're agents, might want to grow beards, since people who knew them were being killed over them. I sent that email in 2006. So what's the deal? the FBI forces Ivory to grow a beard, through their mafia contacts, to punish people? Is that why the FBI tortured my son too?

None of this, makes any sense.

There isn't anything wrong with teaching, but all of a sudden, people in my family who had plans to do more, are all teaching, and not at University level or high school as most of the people in my family's past did (of those who were teachers). It's grade school teaching, and I'm sorry, but 9 out of 10 Bairds or Garretts or Breigenzers or Howards are not "elementary school teachers".

My Dad has what appears to be a broken finger and he is not even admitting it's broken. It is on his right hand and it's his pointer finger, the index finger. His knuckle is out of joint and pointing through his skin abnormally when he bends it, and it looks like it is broken. The skin isn't broken, but the joint underneath appears to be broken and he is not admitting or denying this.

He won't ADMIT or DENY it's broken.

I said, "Is that calloused or is it broken?" when I sat next to him and he was using his fingers on the keyboard. He said, "I don't know." It looks broken. I know when it was hurt, and I asked him about it then and by now, it looks obviously broken.

No one breaks their finger "on accident" and doesn't know about it.

Just like no woman grows a beard, at 20 years of age or so, and pretends it's not there.

They also don't admit or deny they are twins, or that the U.S. has forced them to give up eggs and sperm, or that they've been assaulted, or that there is something "unusual" about my birth certificate. The birth certificate thing is the only thing that is probably what it appears to be, but the rest, is the unexpected version: yes, they're twins, yes they've been forced to relinguish reproductive rights to the U.S. government, and yes they are assaulted. Well, the last part about admitting or denying assault, they say "no" but it's not an honest no. The other stuff they don't deny.

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