Thursday, April 18, 2013

"The Social Network" is the FBI Network

I had to watch a movie for film class and the first one was Social Network, which is basically about the FBI-international gang rape network. It doesn't have anything to "Facebook" except for using that name as a cover for the people it's really about.

I don't think it is any surprise the FBI had me assaulted at a psych ward after this movie came out. They already knew I was figuring things out and that I had some names and connections put together by then. I had NOT told anyone about Tony Roos or that I knew he was involved in the 1992 assassination attempt of me. I told no one until just a few weeks ago. On one hand, it hurt me, but on the other hand, look at the dirt I got on them now. At first they kept trying to kill me, then hoped I'd kill myself, then wanted to call me crazy, then hoped to blackmail me, and finally, they figured, well, enough time has gone by now, she isn't going to say anything because she doesn't have anything. I spooked them a few times but they fell back on the idea that they could do what they wanted now and laugh together over what they'd done--Even make sick jokes about it.

What I found most disturbing was the idea about who has been inside my parent's house all the way back to Moses Lake, Washington and who knew the director/producer/screenplay writer involved in the production of this movie. They have a scene that matches the interior of my parent's house in Moses Lake, so that is before 1990. That is 1989 and back, and in that scene, it is used as a backdrop for a man then breaking off a door knob handle and saying, "Oops. I just broke your $347 door knob".

The movie is about date rape. The entire movie is a date rape movie with a "cover" of "facebook".

I couldn't stand to watch it because of the actor they chose for the main character, because he looked like one of the participants with the FBI, Jonathan. Then the others too.

I had no idea Robin Bechtold was so popular. Robin works for the FBI. So when I had a look at the director "David", I was able to see who he alluded to and where he was living when he was coming up with his ideas. I also looked at the screenplay writer and who he's dated. I always look at the wives because behind every man, there is a woman, and behind every woman, there is a man.

I also sniffed out England.

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