Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Parent's Tortured & Why I Can't Work In U.S. Right Now

I went to a job interview and I think I could have gotten some position--at least something, but I didn't feel it is possible right now.

How am I supposed to work in this country while I am targeted by the FBI and my parents and my son are tortured by them?

My parents are being tortured, and no one is doing anything about the dirty cop, Sean, who blew it off saying, "They're just old." Not only that, this country gives me 0% confidence working here. If I took another job as a waitress, I am not saying someone would try to use it as another opportunity to trash my work history record, but that is exactly what has been done to me, before I ever tried to leave this country, which is a reason I had been making plans to leave.

This country has left me open, in the open, for widespread hate crimes, rape by their employees, murder of my unborn, torture, termination of my work if I'm pregnant (with no one to fight for me on a discrimination claim), discrimination against people with disability (migraine), and they have refused to process rape kits even when I made a point of going to medical offices to have a rape kit done, because...why? Because I was raped, and after so many U.S. federal employee and Canadian rapes, I want it documented officially.

The U.S. FBI refused to even do that.

This country used every single government agency they have, for their own purposes of breaking the law. The IRS, which is supposed to be law-abiding, broke the law in ways that harmed me and protected their richer "friends".

The FBI did the same. Every single government office in this country, that I can even think of, has committed horrendous crimes against me and my son.

So for me to "feel safe" leaving my house to work in someone else's is that possible?

It is not possible for me to feel safe, because we ARE NOT "safe" in this country.

The FBI and police and military think they can use me, and exploit me, and then every time they commit a crime against me, what recourse have I ever had?

Nothing. I have had zero protection, by normal protection of rights that I should have here. So for me to take a job here, is basically saying, in this country:

1. Okay, you can rape me if you want, and we already know the FBI will think it's great.

2. You can fire me if I'm pregnant, or for any discriminatory reason and we know no lawyer will protect me because if no one did in Washington D.C., when I was fired while pregnant, without any notice, when some lawyer had an easy way to make money, we know there is a problem in this country.

3. You can torture me in the workplace and no one will care.

4. The federal government allowed me to be drugged while I was in the workplace, in this country, and they not only allowed it, they organized it, so basically, feel free to drug or medicate me whenever you want because the FBI likes it.

5. You can poison me if you want. We all know the FBI stood by, and arm-to-arm with Canada as I was poisoned in Seattle, WA, after the FBI TOLD me to go there. We even know the state participated in making sure I had no transportation and was forced to hitchhike, with the bribe that "If you don't, you'll never see your son again or get him back."

6. You can torture my parents and family if you find convenient times and places to do it, without witnesses, just like the FBI did in 1992 in Sherwood, Oregon, by targeting my parents while I was at cross-country practice and track and running meets, and then lying to me to say, "Why don't your parents care about you?"

7. You can lie about my work, and come in as a customer to lie about me and claim I made mistakes when I didn't, to ruin my work history and give me nothing but bad reports and references to make me less credible when I am testifying against federal employees for other crimes. So you can mess with me, degrade me, and harass me, knowing I am on public display for you and the FBI thinks it is hilarious.

8. After making sure I'm raped when incapacitated, and knowing the FBI loves it, and wants as many incidents as possible in order to hide their own employees guilt, you can gain my trust as a fellow employee, give me a drink with something wrong with it, and then call up or notify another person there to bring "James from Texas" to the bar, to have me raped while incapacitated, as Nicki the bartender thinks it's great. She set it up. The FBI psychologist. (quote-unquote). I don't think growing up and being raised in Virginia necessarily makes her CIA. I think she was FBI and that this is how she knew other federal employees who wanted to fly over from the West Coast all the way to D.C., just to swing with her.

9. You don't have to pay my unemployment monies that you owe me, after you illegally fire me either. Washington D.C. and Washington state colluded to refuse to pay me money I was owed through unemployment, for work at The Post Pub and other jobs I had at that time. I was mocked by federal and state offices for unemployment and told to "call in" every day for nothing. Then, they deleted most of my calls from their computers to make it look like I missed days of calling in to say I wasn't working and was eligible for unemployment pay.

10. You can use me for personal research on how to figure me out so you can play games with me and win points with mafia and the government on how you will screw me over for the rest of my life. That's not much, just a bonus, and it gives bonus pay to every participant except for the victim.

So yeah. The U.S. is a really "safe" place to work. Just like Canada, I'm sure.

It's about as safe as the U.S. FBI setting me up, with police, to be stuck with Alvaro Pardo and drugged and medicated by him. Oh and then the FBI and military got to hold me hostage in a psych ward and lie about me as they stripped me, in more than one location, in more than one federal building, degraded me, and assaulted me with overdoses of drugs they hoped would kill me, and if it didn't kill me, they felt sure my mind would never be the same again.

These are the people who made themselves fraudulent "guardians" of my son.

I'm going to work in the U.S.? Maybe the same day that the American public hears a story about Kate Middleton swinging with President Obama. Or Kanye West decides he's going to support only women over the age of 60 in all of his music videos from now on. Or Janet Bechtold gets what she deserves. Or the U.S. decides to scrap "MK Ultra" and "come clean" about the lies and the abuse and torture and how many of those MK Ultra kids are dead because of the same government that "trained" them, just like...

Oh yeah "baby". Just like the Taliban. The MK Ultra "kids". Train them, and then kill them, except for the ones who got tested on their secrecy in high school or were blackmailed early. Half of the students I went to school with were already government rats and used for federal work and I had no idea. I was "let in on" the secret, because I wasn't one of them. I was the "discontinued because of inability to keep mouth shut" one who the U.S. decided all the other MK Ultra kids had a right to rape. Go ahead, get your fun, from Canada to the U.S...police, FBI, federal officers, military...she's one of them. Have at it.

This country is unfit.

The only mistake I made on my application for a job today (I was told to go back later and I'm sure it would have been fine, but for the above reasons, the U.S. has made it impossible for me to accept work here), was that on the box that says, "Are you a U.S. citizen?" I checked the box "Yes".

I made a mistake. The answer is "No." No, I am not a citizen of the United States and this country has always known it.

The U.S. thinks they can lie about everything, but one lie from a citizen, and they pretend to be "good guys".

The U.S. has lied about my being mentally ill. They've lied about my not being tortured. They've lied about my son not being tortured. The U.S. lied about reasons to put me in jail, several times. The U.S. lied and said they didn't know my ID when they had my passport history and have known who I am since birth, since they've been using me. The U.S. lied about their involvement in lawsuits I was in. The U.S. lied about my taxes. The U.S. lied about who my employers were and their names and identification. The U.S. lied in secret files about me, tried to mix up other files to make it sound like someone else, and lied openly about me. The U.S. lied about having me speak to a Canadian immmigration officer when he was FBI. The U.S. lied about why they took my son from me. The U.S. lied about my eligibility for housing. The U.S. lied about my surgery and implanted me with microchips, or tracked me with other devices, and then forced me to be under observation by people connected to Cornell University, twice, when that University was involved in both Canadian and U.S. distribution of monies from the CIA to the scientists for MK Ultra.

How many people, that the U.S. and Canada used, were forced into committing suicide, tortured, or assassinated?

The U.S. kidnapped my son from me, by criminal means of torture and false arrest and then held us hostage. They have lied to the entire world about what happened, and put lies on paper to make it appear "official" or like some kind of routine CPS case.

This country is full of liars and where do we know liars have their place? I think the saying is something like, "burning in Hell" which is why, when there is a WWIII, this country and the corrupt persons in it, and in Canada and whoever is involved elsewhere, are going to burn.

It will not be much fun.

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