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UPDATED: (photos) IUD & Witness, Boston "Suspect", and other miscellaneous

What happened to the right to a trial?  The police are just shooting "suspects"?  Someone claiming a man ran at police, could have been a man running past police, because of events around and confusion. 

I can't really trust media reports.

When the FBI uses people like Amy Roe to create their own lies and disseminate them, and then blocks a victims right to even correct defamation, there is hardly any reason to arbitrarily accept some news report that may be misinformation.  Maybe the U.S. just wanted an excuse to kill them anyway, for some reason.  Afterall, they had already identified them as "activists" and we know the FBI doesn't allow "activism" in this country anymore, not even peaceful activism.

Maybe his brother ran because he had just witnessed his brother being shot by police--if he was innocent, it would be a good reason to run if the other one wanted to live.

Sort of strange his last name started with Tsar.

When I called the FBI hotline, it wasn't with anything to do with recent attacks.  I called the FBI hotline asking them why they had employees involved in 4 different assassination attempts against me and why were they trying to block me from making a report of conspiracy to murder me?

This also makes me feel bad for writing anything about the "russian" kids in the car, because what if I put a focus unintentionally on some group someone thought I was crediting.  Regardless, it would be horrible to accuse the wrong person.

Seriously.  I would hate to be someone who was wrongly accused of a crime like that. 

That said, I have a huge respect for Russians.  They scare the living daylights out of me but I also feel there is something in common.  For example, I sort of identify with their psyche somehow, but my communication style (me, bigmouth) is different.

Yesterday, most of the day, I had a good feeling all day.  I don't know why actually.  I didn't have that horrible sad feeling--I thought maybe someone I care about is happy or okay.  Of course I could be wrong.  At one point I thought maybe I had a flash of some blond man (older, like one from Seattle) who was really sick. I don't know why--just came to mind as I was shopping downtown yesterday.

I got groceries, a purple velvet plant for my Mom, which I later thought, "sort of reminds me of the hairs on spider legs" (I didn't think about this when I bought it though) and then I was looking for slug bait for my Mom because she said she needed some yesterday and I looked at the plants and it was true--all the leaves were chewed up.  I didn't like how the slugs looked sad on the illustration for killing them so I didn't buy any.  I almost didn't my son some fish oil for the same reason, because the drawings of these 2 fish looked sad to me.  I think the veganism thing is getting to me.  Anyway, from what I've heard, slugs won't cross over shells and then someone was telling me copper works sometimes too.  Last night, after looking at the flower on a velvet plant, I thought, "That is a really odd looking flower".  I'm sort of curious about it.  The design of the plant is sort of all-over with serraded leaves and then this purple velvet hairs over dark green, and then these crazy wild looking flowers...actually, seeing how the individual petals were bent up, it made me think, "It looks like a spider that's been fried from technology" (with the legs and arms all curled in or bent).  One of the spiders in my house has some of its legs like that.  The others are fine but I've thought this one spider got lasered, or targeted with a form of technology.

I think there must be some interesting use for the plant.  Here are some photos.  The one I got yesterday is a different variety.  I didn't know what kind of plant it was and asked the woman to find out because it wasn't on the pot.  I hadn't seen one like that before and I thought it was sort of ...I don't know.  It was a little bit unique.  It wasn't the prettiest looking thing but it was kind of interesting.  They didn't know what it was either.  They looked it up and said it was a "Purple Haze".  Over the phone at least.  So I thought I had bought a "purple haze" but when I got home and looked up internet photos it looked more like a "purple velvet".  The leaves are slightly different in shape, from the photo I'll post, but they have the velvet hairs and I guess they can flower. 

It's like a tiger lily that got fried almost.  Anyway, it reminded me of this one spider I have.  It has some normal legs and then a couple that are shorter and bent in like it was exposed to heat and they fried.  They're bent up and stiff.

Anyway.  I have no idea why I was drawn to that plant yesterday but I passed over african violets, bleeding hearts (a plant I once gave my mom), beautiful roses, lilies, wax flowers, carnations, and other nice plants (all of which I like) for something I didn't know the name of, and thought was a "purple haze".

I got a weird bruise on my left arm the other day.  I took a lot of niacin and was flushing out my system and I had a bar-like kind of bruise that showed up on my upper arm on the left arm.  It was all of these dots of broken blood vessels in a rectangle shape and then the center was solid skin, with no bruising. I thought it was really weird.  I hadn't run into anything and I couldn't think where such a bruise would come from.  It showed up after a lot of niacin on one day.  The niacin is something I haven't tried before.  So I had 1,000 mg the very first day and what a shock.  I almost fainted. 

I was trying niacin and horsetail and betaine hcl.  I took the horsetail for bone health and inflammation, and then the betain hcl to clean the colon and digestive system and then niacin I thought I would try for lowering cholesterol and getting rid of toxins.  So I had read between niacin and betaine, one raise homocysteine and the other lowers it or affects production so I wasn't sure what I was going for. 

But with the niacin, I then took 500 mg. and then down to a couple hundred.  Then one day, the day before yesterday, I read heart attack doctors prescribe up to 2,000 mg or more so over the course of the day, I took 2,500 mg total (day and night).  When I woke up the next morning, I noticed a weird bruise on my upper left arm.  It was on the inside, sort of just below my shoulder, and it was this rectangle bruise of burst blood vessels.  I didn't know if I had been targeted with technology again or if my skin was reacting to niacin and showing an outline of something under my skin.  Basically, it was like this:
l    l
l    l
l    l
l    l
l    l
l    l

If my arm was straight down at my side, it would be a tall column. Pretty much an exact rectangle shaped bruise making a mark around the border and then no marks or bruising in the center.  It had the bruising appearance of a hickey.  You know, if you suck on your own arm and then look and there are these dots raised to the surface, that is the kind of bruise but all bright red.  Now, today, it's gone and there isn't even purple or other discloration.

I guess it crossed my mind, "What is this?!"  I wondered for a split second if I had some kind of chip inside my arm or an IUD (where they implant something under your skin for birth control).  No one has done anything to that arm since I broke it when I was a little girl, no surgery at least, and then it was that arm (I believe) where I had a weird shot given in a federal holding facility in Knoxville, TN, but to my wrist.

The bruise is gone today (I didn't take high levels niacin yesterday or today) but I guess I could take a photo of my arm and draw an outline of how it showed up.

I didn't take a photo at the time because I wasn't sure of the significance and thought it would last longer.  However, when I think about it, at different times I've had pain in that part of my arm, I mean, for decades, to where I would sometimes push down on it because of a weird ache there.  Not recently at all.

Possibly sort of a long oval shape but when it first showed up, it was more exactly rectangular.  Then the residual bruising extended down to the mole on my arm that you can see just above the inside of my elbow.  This is the arm that I broke in 1981 or 1982, where I had a surgery done.  The incisions made were at the elbow in the back and to my knowledge all they had done was insert metal screws to stabilize it, "pins" the doctors called them.  If anything else was put into my body, I wasn't told about it.

The length of the odd bruising was from my pointer finger to my middle finger.
The outline was in this approximate shape and length.  Later, a little bruising showed up (a few spots) down to the mole in the middle of my upper arm (the one you can see, above the elbow).

Pardon my flimsy arms.  I am not in the best shape right now because, as I said, every time I was trying to work out I was seriously being tortured, or I was getting knocked out with some odd reaction to a drug.

Anyway, what is strange about the bruising, is that I HAVE had pain, a weird aching pain, at that exact spot in that arm only, at various times.  It is possible there is something there.  It is also possible it is a bruise from some technology I guess, that happened overnight, but it seems more likely the reaction is between something to do with niacin's effects on whatever is there.

When I rebroke this elbow again, in 1995, in the auto collision, they didn't do a surgery there, to my knowledge.  They did a head surgery (to stitch up the wound) and a neck surgery, making incisions into my neck.  I am not aware of an arm surgery even though they told me I had rebroken my elbow.  I think they said it would heal itself. 

I don't know if it's possible to arthroscopically go through the neck and then down into an arm to do something, but it seems more possible to go through an elbow and insert something.  It's more likely this has been there since 1981-1982.

So my scientific question is, why would niacin cause a reaction of bruising around something implanted there?  What kind of material would it be?  What kind of material would occasionally cause a pronounced dull but strong ache in just that specific part of my arm?  What did this government do to me?  is it some kind of ID tag? a device they have been using to track me?  I wasn't injured in that part of my arm and that is the only part that I've had pain with.  ?

So was the idea of putting a "plate" across my neck in 1995, to cover for any mention of a "plate" in my body, possibly one that was already there in my arm?

Okay.  The U.S. has been using me, torturing me, and trying to kill me and they allowed federal employees to premeditate raping me.

Um...I'll take my son back now. 

Here's another photo of the area of my arm.  You can sort of see the outline a little, but it's much less defined and looks sort of tan.  In actual light, there are still dots and they are brownish, red, and pink.  Most of it has faded away, but it was a rectangle shape and came to the surface with high dose of niacin. 

Alicia Peters and Shannon Adams made a sign for me after Tony Roos tried to kill me (1991 or 1992) when I was leaving Robin Bechtold's house.  They wrote "Cameo's Tree" on a rectangular board and nailed to the tree my car went up instead of crashing into.  Then someone removed it.  Oh, I wonder why.

Then Utah decided to put pins in my neck and a "plate" across it, to mark their memorial of another assassination attempt against me in 1995.

Anyway, when I tried the niacin, a few times, at lower levels, I had a patchy flush or it brought out circulation in different areas. When I did the 2,500 mg. flush, everything got highlighted around that rectangular spot on my left arm.

So it's possible I have something rectangular in my arm as well as my neck.

one for my neck
and something for my left arm.

My Mom saw it. So she witnessed that it did happen. I showed her and she said, "Yeah, it looks like a bruise". I said, "That's what happened after I took a bunch of niacin. I don't know if it's from technology or niacin but I think it is a reaction."

My Mom looked happy when she saw it. I think the only reason she was happy is because it was a confirmation of the truth. She knew as well as I did, I wouldn't get a bruise there on my arm, in a perfect rectangle, from an injury.

I didn't fall, or get hit, and no one pinched me or did anything and I wasn't carrying a shoulder bag that would pinch that part of my arm into a perfect rectangular shape.

She saw that there was a reaction, to a specific spot on my arm, that was triggered by a betaine hcl, niacin, and horsetail (silica) flush. Mostly from niacin I'm sure, but the betaine could have contributed to how it stood out.

There is something there inside of my arm.

Okay. I found it. I found something that looks like a scar from a sharp incision near my armpit, above the area where the bruising occured. So this means it was maybe done to me when I was a toddler, possibly.

It is the same kind of cut as the small cuts on my face that I described.

I am pretty sure, but I'll have to look at it more closely and I guess I might adjust this last part bc I really don't know when something was put in my arm but it was done.

I need to exfoliate and get rid of a rash and have a better look to know for sure. Possibly it was during a surgery, but I have to chekc. Anyway! that is just what I have for facts about a niacin reaction to that spot, and it was witnessed by my mother who said yes, she saw a bruise.

It looks like a scar to me.

The U.S. is very "clever" about how they torture kids. They try to erase the evidence and I know this because I saw how acid was put on my son's finger and then something was done to make it look like it never happened and it didn't even scar. I have also witnessed how well the government has been removing things from my mother's body.

Yes. It is a cut. I took more niacin too and it flushed underneath the scarline where the cut was made who knows how long ago (1995 or earlier). It is bright red along the cut line. I've had 1,000 mg. total. Took 500 first and then another 500 and exfoliated and it has flushed red where the scar line is. It's a 1/4 inch across.

So far, most of the cuts on my body, that are like this, are 1/4 inch cuts. On my face a couple are smaller. I'll look at it later after flush is down.
Updated 4/20/13

So they caught someone, the suspect, and why are they showing a photo of him with his body pale and his face bright red? It's not red with blood, it's red. So what did police and FBI do to him?

I'm not very surprised he went to Franklin St. Maybe he thought he could find someone from the Red Cross there. At least he found a boat with a tarp over it--Maybe he thought he would get away like "Small Soldiers" which I was reading about, some movie with Christina Ricci in 1998 where a guy gets on a boat in the final scene. It's a movie about people implanted with microchips.

I had no impression about this suspect at all and I wasn't trying to either. I did have an impression of some woman and man who I thought were maybe my Mom and Dad, being yelled at by someone but it could have been someone else. I just hope my parents are not being waterboarded--what else is being done to their eyes? they show up with bloodshot eyes and the insides looking like they've been through surgery and their eyes sunken in. I mean, are my parents being waterboarded for some reason? because I'm being tortured as is my son and I've only started to touch on some of the federal people involved with entertainment and steel industry big-wigs.

Something is very "staged" about the U.S. capturing this suspect after choosing 9 p.m. to set off a "flash bang" grenade. Why 9? When I called FBI about assassination attempts, every single one of the federal employees was giving me some ID number of 9 something and I finally said, "Do you all have IDs that start with 9?" What is the point of announcing the "high value team" of people were standing by at 9, when these same individuals have given zero value to me and my son? I mean, what is this? a chance for Kate Middleton to show off again? Don't tell me every single FBI person taking the calls from "West Virginia" is where they said the center was, all have numbers that start with 9 and then they rally around a flash bang at 9. There's Chris Rozollo who associates with that number, and Kate Middleton.

I mean, that's to be expected that so many federal employees would gather around a "flash bang". That is exactly what they did as they gathered around the federal gang bang of me. The "High Value" team. I feel bad for innocent people getting killed, but I also can't believe it when I hear talk about how people won't accept terrorism, when the "high value" team stands around to watch federal gang-bangs, that occured and were premeditated against me spanning decades, and when they have participated in attempts to kill me, not just torture me and my son.

The CIA, police, FBI, military, and other intelligence, all circled around for a "flash bang"
but they commit torture against me and my son and used an FBI employee to publish a defamatory story about me to discredit me when they knew the rapes against me were by their own men and premeditated.

I think I saw a photo where they showed his underwear band as "Delta". If that is what I read, if that's what's across the top. I don't know why that name. ? I find Delta in wiki for a number of things. It's the name of planes, rivers, a sorority, and math, and code for Jason Bourne in the books. Jason is a foreign intelligence person and then gets recruited by CIA. Another name for Jason is "Josh". Jason is "Josh" in the anglicized version.

So "Josh" is a foreign service intelligence person who gets recruited by the CIA.

Why would "Josh" be hiding in a boathouse with a tarp like the Maiers have? Or why would the boat be covering him, rather.

More to think about tomorrow.

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