Friday, January 10, 2014

Hacking-Interference with Online College

I have someone hacking my system for an online Pearsons test I have to take.  I paid for it and registered and all night last night it was moving out of the quiz and onto other pages, and going backwards and then going to totally different sections of the site, and then it was several times bumping me out of the quiz and site completely so I had to start over from the calendar and click on the link to the quiz repeatedly.

There are 5 attempts to each question and it doesn't matter if the answers are correct or not--you have to finish it to get full points.  I am being blocked now from submitting answers to the questions.  This exact same thing was done to me when I was a pre-teen.

I didn't know some of the answers and to get full credit, you don't have to know, you just have to try an answer and since it's up to 5 times, you have to try all 5 times to get credit.  If I didn't know, I tried that many times but I had the site freezing me and blocking me from submitting any attempts to answers.  Because this was done to me, while I was trying to complete the quiz, I wasn't able to get anywhere past the first couple sets of questions, and then the time due arrived and I didn't get credit for my effort because someone at Pearsons (which has European and U.S. branches) was blocking me from completing it.

I am having the same thing done to me now and I'm writing about it because I remember what they did to obstruct me the last time, to promote their own ideas and other students ahead of me.

I had gotten signed up and access to the quiz about 4 days later than all the other students as well, which meant when I finally was signed in, I found out there was a quiz, and it was longer than it looked from the start page (which didn't mention it's Q. 1 and then parts a,b,c,d... for each question, making it significantly more than a few questions) and I had only a short amount of time to complete it compared to everyone else.  So I wasn't even able to study a little and look up some things.  I just had to get it completed and I was blocked from doing this.

Oh yeah, and that's how they wanted to kill me...looking like the most I was capable of in a basic math and chem quiz was 1 1/2 questions out of 10 multi-part questions, taking hours to work on it as I tried to complete answers and get it to work and accept my attempts.

Their entry button for squaring things also wasn't working last night when I tried to use it and I made the correct attempt of it.  You had to click on a button and it allowed you to then enter a number afterwards to show what the power was.  I was clicking on it and trying to enter the number and it wasn't displaying the correct thing and not allowing any number powers.  Instead, it was moving the placements around in the box where other numbers were, or it was displaying the number as only a number without a power.  It also was creating some kind of steps that went up and not allowing my number entry.  That was all last night.  So it's been just great.  Today it's suddenly allowing the number powers when I enter them, but because it wasn't doing that last night, I tried 2 other options today which were wrong, and then when I tried the power option again, OH WHAT DO YOU's WORKING but now I look dumber than I am because I got it right on the 3rd try, not the 1st as I would have.


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