Friday, January 24, 2014

OSU Instructor Attempts To Penalize For OSU Faulty Site

The exact same thing that was done to me as a pre-teen, over a decade ago, was done again with the same online chemistry lab. 

Because of it, I dropped out of all my classes, at least that was one of the reasons, because Marita Barth, the instructor, wouldn't accept the fact it was an OSU obstruction of my access to a site.

The site is run by some Jews as well, who hated my guts and had friends discriminating against me at the time.  I did not realize then, that any Jewish group had a problem with me, but then it became obvious when I had to think about who was involved in some of the attempts to obstruct me or strangle me or kidnap me.

Emmanuel Rose, for example, was one of the individuals waiting at the Medfort, Oregon airport to assault me, along with an OSU instructor I'd already taken a class from, Alan Shay.  Emmanuel is a rabbi and was also the same person who strangled me at a house in Coquille with his family around and who checked me to see if I was still a virgin and how they could rape me and said to the woman, "I think we can push it through".  Marita Barth, the chemistry instructor, from what I was told, was  a lesbian, and at the time, it was some group's impression I was "anti-gay".  Hence, why Laura Ingraham was around to be involved in assaults of me and accuse me of being anti-gay and how her own brother was gay so how dare I call people "faggots".

My classes are all online.  So when a student at OSU is paying for online classes, it's not guaranteed you can have a late assignment turned in if your own computer is the problem, but if an OSU site, like their blackboard, is not working and a student can't turn an assignment in, for a problem not the students, OSU has rules that honor that.

Afterall, who wants to go to a college and pay for online classes if the college can disrupt online services and take it out on the student, saying, "Our equipment isn't working?  too bad."

Their policies are that THEY are responsible for ensuring access to the online sites.  I mean, that is just obvious.

The chemistry lab I was trying to do, I had already paid an additional fee for access to the site.  I did the first lab and there was not a problem signing in, and I made no password changes, so I shouldn't have had a problem signing in for the second lab. 

Instead, that lab, which is run by OSU (it's part of OSU products and services even though it has a different name) was blocking me from signing in.  They did the EXACT same thing to me when I was under age 13, taking their class, and it prejudiced my grades and I was told to just drop out of classes because of it.

They tried to ruin my grades and force me out of college, by penalizing ME for their problems.  This time I documented the fact it was not a computer problem of mine.  I showed I could not sign in, and that it was not allowing me to reset my password. 

The instructor, Marita, tried pulling the EXACT same "stunt" she pulled in the late 80s, by trying to blame ME for the problem, telling me I had tried using the wrong email address.  So I had to write back and ask her to look again because I tried the correct one and then had also tried alternatives because it wasn't working.

Then she was telling me I should have "found out" about this problem earlier.  That's no excuse for OSU.  If I am paying for classes, I have a right to expect their machinery to be operating when I sign in.  It doesn't matter WHAT time I sign in to take a quiz, THAT is MY Prerogative, NOT theirs.

Basically, the lab was sending me a message finally, to the email account, that said click on the link or cut and copy-paste into a new window to go to the page to reset my password.  I tried this, and clicked on it, and it didn't work, which is what they did to me in the late 80's, which is really way worse then because they were bullying and taking advantage of a kid, and then the other option was to copy the link within the brackets and paste, the 'brackets' being a > and a < bracket.  I did that then, and it didn't work and I did it again, this time, for the exact same lab, and would not work.  Basically, the recommendation was try to copy the url that was between the brackets, not including them if clicking on the link itself didn't work.

So I did that, and it wasn't not working and I documented this.

However, as a kid, I did not know how to printscreen or have a way to document some of the malicious things being done.  I can say "malicious" because this is the second time this was done to me and it had nothing to do with my account or my computer, and I tried several browsers. 

Can we cut and paste Katie Middleton into, I don't know, maybe something outside of British royal significance brackets?  The kinds of nasty things this country did just to get another CIA bitch in, is disgusting.

I saw her mother Carol Middleton, at the CIA headquarters more than one time.  I knew of Carol from two places:  England, at her house with Mike who drove me to the military ports where they put on the coffeepot while torturing me, and Virginia CIA offices.  What is strange is I have a feeling the U.S. Army has a lot more to do with Katie than other departments. 

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