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U.S. Military Marking My Face With "J" Scar For "Jew" and Other

The U.S. military is still torturing me to ruin my face. 

I also saw one of the Dicksies and her jaw lines or "wrinkles" were never that bad before 2 years ago when I noticed redness and rashes there like someone had been stretching her face out.

Basically, my nose has been targeted, above my lips and below my lips and my chin and the most obvious and lasting thing I've noticed is that the United States is trying to scar me with a "J" initial on my face.  And it's not like Jews themselves aren't involved either.

I can feel it when they're using the technology they've been using and they've been doing this since before my birthday in October.

The U.S. military has used the exact same torture to prevent me from going online to study for my Chemistry class as well, which is what they did in the late 80s.  My entire textbook is online, and to read or study at all I have to access that, and this term, as when I last tried to take this same Chemistry course, every single time I logged into my account, I had my face being targeted with technology so I couldn't concentrate and preventing me from even going online to study at all.  Which is basically the only reason I haven't gone online to study for that class.

It's because the United States needs to have another country come over and start taking full and complete control because they can't function as the democracy they claim to be anymore.  They did this to me in the 80s, and nothing has changed or improved.  It's only gotten worse.  They didn't persist in ruining my face, because they stole my computer from me and when I wasn't online, they didn't target my face.  They were targeting me while I was trying to take online classes to force me out of college.

I have more information about trafficking of my son and sexual abuse of him as well, which I will add to the last post that has photos of him.

The U.S. military also forced me to be kidnapped and trafficked around the entire world almost, after I reported pedophilia for the first time, to London police.

They decided to try to control me and keep themselves from going to prison, they'd force me all over the U.S. to be beat up, ridiculed and tortured, and then around to other countries they thought I might go to for assistance.  As they did this, they were producing cash rewards for those who went along with it, and who agreed to be blackmailed into the system themselves. 

I have a whole list of states I was trafficked to and tortured at, or where I was beat up and where people were getting paid off to be lifelong participants.  I was forced to be beat up and/or degraded in a number of U.S. states as well as being flown while drugged to several countries around the world, from Europe to Russia to Asia to the Middle East to Latin America to even Antarctica.  They made sure to go everywhere they thought I might someday try to get assistance from or flee to.  They did almost all of the traveling and paying off of people with cash and other rewards, before I was 14 years old.

From the time I can actually remember where I was being taken and being beat up or tortured, I was around 8 years old.  So most of the heavy traveling to punish me and make sure others were blackmailed into faulting me, was from age 8 to age 14.  Mostly, the travel for getting sponsors to turn their backs on me, began in 1981.  There was a lot of travel before then, but not all over the world, and to more specific places on a repeated basis.

I just left to catch a bus from this shithole of Coquille, Oregon that is 100% military and CIA.  The entire town is a fucking black site.  This is the 3rd time, 2nd time in a row their "bus service" showed up earlier than scheduled and took off, when they knew I was planning to take the bus.    It's 8:08 according to my computer and the place they stop is next to a gym that has a clock right there on the wall and I was there before the scheduled time.

Once they took off 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, from the courthouse, when it was known I was taking the bus that day and I was running through town for 1 1/2 miles to catch it.  As soon as their driver saw me, they took off, even though it was 10 minutes earlier than the time they were supposed to leave.

Then today they took off 5 minutes early and not yesterday but the day before when I was there, they took off just before I got there, a minute or so before the time scheduled, which is 7:55 a.m.

And right now while I'm on the computer my face is being targeted.

This neighbor who is a CIA asshole and lives up the street with Big Boobs, came out to take his dog to pee when he saw me coming up the driveway.  His wife, the blond with Big Boobs that I've mentioned before, had me and a Dicksie over to her house when I lived in the same fucking trailer at the same house for awhile and supposedly no one ever owned this house before?  My "parents" just "decided" to buy it in 2004 or so?  It's a military compound.  Everyone who lives around this house is U.S. military or CIA.  There is no exception.

So in the 80s, when I was being told to stay in a trailer, which was on this same property, and which was prior to my being assaulted by a year-long premeditated plot for a gang of men to sodomize me, which was being planned about 1 full year prior to carrying it out (it was not a spur-of-the moment thing the U.S. planned and organized against me)  this man's wife invited me and a Dicksie to their house where she lit all of these candles and tried to do a séance, in imitation of Diana Spencer.  There were a group of women there (Cindy, who went back to California; Kathy; and some others.  Once she had Carol Middleton there, on a different occasion, so I know for a fact the Middletons have been housed nearby, and some of those women are the same ones who told my Mom to give me an ovulation test stick to take prior to trying to murder me in a rockclimbing "incident".  She turned out all the lights, had tons of candles burning, and then they were burning me with wax and I screamed and ran to their bathroom when they jumped me and locked myself in.  They also had me drink red wine with them and asked me questions.  Her husband tried to scare me by looking like one of the Belgian men (and chasing me and tying me up in their bathroom, or one of the women tied me up there, next to a sweeping broom, or not NEXT to a broom actually, they tied me TO a broom and started going off about 'witches' again) when they held me at a place in Belgium which is where I ended up when people who said they had a "farm" I could stay at, dropped me off at a prison there, which was, again, going from England to Belgium or from Netherlands to Belgium, after I'd made a report of pedophilia.

For one thing, people wanted me to report pedophilia because Prince Charles had married me and they knew it.  They wanted to stir things up.  That was obviously a way to do it.  The other thing, is most of them were pedophiles and violent offenders who were not just nice men with problems being attracted to kids, they were violent abusers.  The CIA and military knew all about Charles or they wouldn't have participated in trafficking me back and forth.

The U.S. was highly active with Camilla, Katie Middleton, and Diana.  As long as those other women were all cooperative and nice to U.S. military and CIA, they did anything for them.  Anything.  The U.S. was setting up Katie to marry William from the time they plotted their conceptions dually.  As for Harry?  I have no idea.  They kept Harry completely away from me.  I don't know what other child or children they had lined up for marriage partners, I don't know which guards he had (and I met almost all of Williams), I don't know anything about his activities.  I knew the horserider some claimed was his father, but that was the most I ever knew about Harry.  I remember I saw his red hair and wondered if they had taken one of my eggs and created him with my eggs.  I thought about it at some point, because I had already heard about egg extraction procedures and I thought, "Why does he have red hair after I had an examination with a gynecologist with Diana and they were talking about my eggs?"  I thought, "Did they take eggs from me and make Harry?"  That was, of course, a kid or pre-teen just wondering after all.  I thought, "Maybe they don't want me to see him because I'll notice he looks like me or something."  I didn't know what was up their sleeves. 

I was in Italy at one point, getting set up to be in prison with no lawyer and accusations against me by people who wanted to get rid of me and Charles showed up and they let me go.  I had said yes I did marry him and then he arrived and after he confirmed that, is when the royals at the house (some of them) started looking scared, but maybe it was because they thought I was going to be murdered or maybe they just knew it was confirmed I was still married to Charles when he married Diana.  I thought at first, maybe they're scared because some of them thought for sure I was a goner, and going to be locked up in an Italian jail for good.  But then again, I thought, it's not like everything was great for me or they all liked me.  They wanted to use the situation as they could to their advantage as well, I'm sure.  The Italians there saw him.  It's not like some of the Italians don't know.  I overheard some  of them once talking about Camilla too.  I even told Diana about some of what they said about Camilla.  They accused me of slander, saying "She says you married her" and Charles did not deny it and said, "It's true."  They wanted him to sign a document before they'd release me from Italian jail.

This house that I'm staying at now, was supposedly being rented by my parents in the late 80s.  It was actually a way to get me into the town of Coquille, Oregon where they could pull off an attempted hit against me and feel assured no one in town would talk about it.  Chris Dabney was living here (in Coquille) and they used him along with others.

Doing something to me near the Canadian Border, in Bonners Ferry, was remote and secure at that location.  No one drove past except for semi-trucks and out of sight from the cabin and property and woods around it.  Planning gang-sodomy against me, was in the works for a year and they needed a "location" they thought they could secure with only government employees and beneficiaries.  The other torture done to me on a bridge was with the Spencers in England, even though it was nothing compared to be tortured in a castle torture chamber and having a fire-hot rod jammed into my rear end at Middleton's basement.  What the Spencers did is tie me to a ladder and then put it over a stream of water like a bridge, or over a small wood bridge, the ladder over it, with my body tied to it.  They did that to me in England first.  It was after I tried to say something about what Charles Spencer had done to me.  They had a group of men from England mostly, assault me, along with a Scottish guy.

I knew all of Williams guards and used to say if I thought he liked them or not.  Among them I knew Barry, the man who was killed in a motorcycle accident.  I burst into tears when they said it was an accident and said "No it wasn't.  It was a hit."  or "They bumped him off" (as in, they bumped him off the motorcycle literally).  I was there when it happened.  I told Diana Spencer too.  No one could convince me it was an accident so they started suggesting I was "paranoid".  I was also hit by a car driving deliberately into me around that time and the impact was bad enough I rolled up over the hood and then over the ceiling of the car and onto the ground.  When I opened my eyes and people were standing over me, I shocked the hell out of them because there was blood around and they said, "She's alive?"  I overheard one of them saying something like good riddance and glad I was dead. It was said after someone said they thought I was dead and then the other person said this, thinking it was true.   I opened my eyes and then they freaked out and then I was able to eventually get up but hearing someone say they were glad I was dead scared me into a panic attack and I couldn't breathe.  I got up and didn't go to a hospital and that was even more shocking because I was able to get up and no bones were broken.  There was a Scottish man who really didn't like me too.  He didn't like me and he didn't like Barry.  I thought someone was trying to get to me by killing Barry right in front of me.  He was someone who told me he was trying to get help for me and he was very scared.  I told him, somehow, please help me, please.  I was being electrocuted and tortured and I thought I was going to die.  He nodded his head, and the last conversation I had with him was that one.  He saw marks on my body from torture and I told him, mouthing the words and then writing it on paper because I knew everything was bugged, "I'm being tortured.  electrocution. tied up".  One day he did something that confused me however, though I'm not sure it was him, maybe it was.  He kissed me without permission and then tripped me.  He was the first person to do that if it was not James, the riding instructor.  I know at some point Barry looked scared for me and I'm positive it wasn't acting.  He said he was being followed everywhere.  He said that he and his wife had death threats. I said why? and he said, "I think it's you", as in, "about you".  I did wonder at one time if one of them was trying to embarrass Charles and told someone I didn't like it.  I'm sure I begged someone else to help me too, pleading with them, probably Mike Middleton, but I know the one who I thought had died because of me was Barry. 

I never had any reason to go around gossiping about anyone or "spying".  I had no political motive and no emotional motive to do it.  If I did something, it was "as told" from an "elder" and I was taught to always "obey your elders".  So I did this even when some of the "elders" conflicted with each other.  But being tortured so badly, and trapped as a kid, was inexcusable.  Every time I went to someone for help and they were really going to assist in some way, I witnessed their being murdered, or a staged pretense of wanting to help me (when it wasn't that), or suicide missions even--maybe because it was highly valuable.

At the time Barry was trying to help me I had stated I was "Catholic".  It was recent.  Maybe I was technically Anglican then but I said I was Catholic at some point and then the car was driven into me.  I started trying to convert Diana and asked her why she wasn't very interested in religion.  She couldn't believe I actually was.  She used to take me with her to the hospitals secretly  and it was one place where people talked about religion so it came up.  I had someone from the U.S. challenge me to get Diana to work for the FBI too.  It was put to me as an "elder" saying, "See if you can get Diana to work for the FBI."  I never thought of it as anything other than another "joint exercise" so I did.  What is horrific is why would I try to convince ANYONE to work for them when they were torturing me and allowing me to be trafficked and tortured?  There's not one U.S. agency I should have ever had any sincere loyalty to.  I think it's why the U.S. kept me down, because they knew THEY were responsible for making themselves my enemy.

The U.S. attacked me in the country of Georgia.  Not the state, Georgia as in U.S., but in Georgia the country.  It was another hit planned against me with some UK-Commonwealth. 

Later, as I've said, I was in Oregon and Coquille was selected as a black site for criminal operations by the U.S.

There were other times I think people tried to set up those who were trying to assist or help me, against me.  They wanted them to think I was against them or doing something or have me think they were my enemy and hope they were gone.  I don't think it was very often that I mistook a friend for being my enemy however.  More often, I thought everyone was my friend and that I had no enemies.

Another group that tortured Edward Lee Howard was Katie Middleton.  I was present when a group of people were in a room torturing him for having asked to have money sent to me and had some black men there, I think Barak Obama and possibly "Ben", one of his black friends, and Middleton was there somewhere and they gave her a paintbrush and the scars on each side of his face, under each eye, are because of her.  I was given a paintbrush with water colors that were normal paints and then I didn't know Katie was given paint solution that was toxic and a group of people held him hostage in a room and got kids to paint his face and then they made fun of him and encouraged us to quip.  They told us he was bad and they accused him of working with the PLO, some Irish, and others.  Robert Garrett jr. was there and his face was painted but they had the toxic chemicals for Edward.  Edward wanted to be sure that the name of the other girl involved was heard out loud and said "It's Katie". 

This group also wanted him to give all money and interest and lend all support to Katie Middleton in the CIA and military so she "can be Queen" and they were calling her "Queen Catherine".  I thought he was mad at me, Edward Howard, but he knew who was setting things up.  They told me to paint on his face using the color "brown" from a paint-tray.  That didn't hurt him.  They also had me paint on Robert's face and he got mad at me.  So then they all got Katie to paint his face and she painted marks under his eyes on his cheeks and it was some kind of permanent acid and discolored his face.  She called him her dog. Possibly Robert as well. She was painting on him to be a 'puppy dog'.  Robert had me painting Edward's face and encouraging me to make comments and then was practically spitting with anger saying, "See?  You want HER to be Queen?" (about me).  He kept trying to say "How do you like it now?" and kept bad-mouthing me until Edward would agree to turn over all money to them and to Katie.  Then the blacks and Jews came out and were making fun of him and dragged him to a back room where I heard a man screaming and they wouldn't let him go until he repeated, and kept repeating, "Katie Middleton is the Queen".  She painted an umbrella under one of his eyes and then an arrow shape under the other one.  Another man there was a guy named Jason who worked as a "children's pastor" and was connected to the Christian school I was going to at the time.  He was someone you'd never guess, in a million years, was involved with government-militias.  He was large, over 6'0 at maybe 6'3 and put on weight and had brown hair and he was a huge fan of Katie Middleton.  He was always a slow talker, calm, kind-acting, not reactive at all and he was totally different in private--violent.  He was a secret English-U.S. mafia for Katie.  I believe he was employed as an elementary school teacher for the Christian school.

Then they tortured me until I said "Katie Middleton is the Queen".  They wouldn't let me go until I repeated this from them and I refused and they kept torturing me.

It looked to me like Robert Garrett jr. had some kind of personal interest in Katie Middleton, like he was her godfather or something.  He acted like he hated me there.  The black guys who were part of the diamond smuggling also had an Italian guy there.  There were two.  They punched and beat up one of the Italian guys and the other one was being protected by the blacks and Jews.  Of the Italians I met around that time there was Joe, Dan, and Frank.  There were others as well, but I am pretty sure the one who was present was Dan Gatti.

The other thing they did was in Coquille there was an Italian man who paid me money as dividends from work I did, at Figaros, and then it was bought by some Jews and when I thought he was the same group I asked and he beat me up, saying I was never getting money ever again.  He still lives around town.  When I say he beat me up, he kicked me, grabbed me and threw me around, punched me and yelled at me.  I called the local police and they showed up and instead of taking a report, the Coquille police took me into a back banquet room and they beat me up and threatened me.  The Jewish man said if I wanted money to "work" so he had me cleaning for him.  Scrubbing his floors, washing tables, and they forced me to do this after I'd reported him to cops and was afraid of him.  He spent a week just reading me and trying to add his own programming techniques and then fired me.

Jews repeatedly hired me and then fired me with bad references to taint my resume.  It was also another situation in Coquille, Oregon where the police were involved in crimes against me. 

This one couple, after the women tied me to a broom, I was left in the bathtub that way (no water) for almost an entire day.  In the meantime they were supposedly interrogating one of the Dicksies but who knows.  I had this really strange feeling...I wasn't sure if Dicksies were getting swapped (triplets being moved around) or if one was being tortured or if they just did this to me to be horrific and to keep me away while they visited with Katie Middleton.  I had a bizarre sense that "she" was around.  It's not like she always was or I automatically thought that but I had a feeling about it, and in addition, I had seen Carol Middleton at that house before.  I was left in the bathroom until her husband came home and beat me and then I was trying to tell him not to beat me, to help me.  I couldn't figure out what their problem was.  I was going to report them to police and I was sodomized on a bridge before I could, and then it turned out, police were there and involved.

Police did several things against me when I was a kid in Coquille, Oregon in the late 80s but they all claim to have no records, which is why the U.S. chooses this as a "black site" along with Wenatchee.  Some claim Wenatchee used to be "different" but it wasn't.  It was exactly the same.  People sort of make this weak excuse as if to say times have changed and Wenatchee isn't what it used to be.  It's exactly the same because the CIA and military have always used it as a black operation site.  Its proximity is 30 miles to Hanford, one out of 3 of the largest nuclear facilities in the entire U.S.  Obviously, no one wants to live in the town of Hanford.  Not many.  All of the government employees and special interests then, moved to about 45 minutes to 1 hour away to towns nearby.  Between Hanford "secrecy" and illegal immigration and use of cheap labor as blackmail potential, Wenatchee was always, always, what it is now and that is corrupt, criminal, and abusive of children with a reputation of torture.  The only thing that has really changed possibly to make is worse is Canada.  Canada changed and became more corrupt, especially at their borders, partly because that's where they all did all of their illegal business.  When Canada got more corrupt, they trickled over to Wenatchee more often, just 45-60 minutes away, and joined government militias to torture kids and get rich.  Some of the residents make claims it's "Seattle" and people coming from Seattle but no, it's not just Seattle, though that did become a big city (unexpectedly to all, as a former logging town), it's also Canada.  Seattle is just the city that has bilked from Hanford.  Those who didn't want to live as close as 1 hour away from a nuke zone, lived in Seattle.  They still keep their tentacles moving back and forth.  The U.S. in the NW started treating their own citizens like war criminals when they are the criminals.  They got used to the idea that the CIA and military interrogated people over "espionage" near the Hanford zone, and became accustomed to "experiments" from the University of Washington which is only where it is today because of taking corrupt money, and suddenly even the FBI thought they had a right to be not just a public front and façade, but to sponsor their government militias.  All of them, down to cops, torture kids there.  They did the same thing in Coquille, Oregon and it's only claim to fame is being near a stockpile of missiles.  It's a hidden stockpile.  It's the main reason the U.S. Army and military make trips to an area no one would expect them to be in.  They hide missiles and weapons on the coast.  I knew all about that even as a pre-teen, in the late 80s.  It was another excuse made to sodomize me with sticks, that I was talking about secret missiles.  However, that was just an excuse to torture me over my claims and reports of being tortured and of pedophilia.

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