Monday, January 13, 2014

Diana Spencer's French-Kissing Query and James Comey Gang-Rape of a Child

I wrote and have explained how I stayed at Althorp for some time and then also stayed with Diana awhile as well, after she was married. When I was at Althorp, I was visiting the royals at their place, but they were not mixed visits then, with both Diana and me and the royals visiting all at once. It was mostly I was either one place or the other and then sometimes talked about one to the other.

When Diana asked me to kiss her the way Charles French-kissed, I demonstrated because I knew her and she just "just for pretend like you're acting". She didn't just ask about Charles though. She asked about "Robert" and she also asked about "Mike", which she meant as "Mike Middleton" because it was the only Mike we mutually knew. I am not sure what I said about Robert though I might remember again if I think about it, but I know I was surprised that the time she seemed most shocked, was over Mike Middleton. I wasn't sure why because she was married to Charles, but possibly by that time, she had already known how he was with me and that he'd married me actually, before he ever even married her. So I thought while maybe she'd be upset by this a little, on occasion, it wasn't like an enormous secret. It got down to the point where she was dividing up days to share in fact. It is also a fact she never gave him a second thought until I was already interested in him. I believe I'd actually already married him as well, when she decided she was interested. When I say "married" I mean, secret pre-teen (for me) marriage. The part that she acted the most frozen-in-tracks about was Mike Middleton.

I really have no idea why that is (or was). I thought she seemed slightly more shocked or stopped about Mike Middleton than even Charles. Then, it turned out to be ammunition because after the query and making me French-kiss her the way these different men kissed me, in their own French-kissing style, she took me to Carol's house and they electrocuted me over it. Diana, Carol, a Dicksie and possibly Joy Sterling were there and they put the metal band around my head, tightened it and it was the one connected to a box with control for turning on and conducting electricity. They said things like, "Do you know how Mike French-kisses you?" and then they would electrocute me. Then they'd ask again, "Do you know how Mike kisses you?" and they'd electrocute me again. They did this repeatedly, for almost an entire day, with all of the men I knew French-kissing from. Then they finally said the correct answer is "NO". So then they repeated the entire electrocution with all of the names and forced me to say "no" and then if I answered other questions with a negative, they still electrocuted me, but less and they decreased the amount of power to the electricity as it continued, as long I kept reciting no, and I didn't know, and I had never kissed them before.

The way these women conducted this interrogation and electrocution of me was then later repeated in the U.S. at ADMAX in Florence, Colorado. They forced me to repeatedly say whether or not I knew Harold J. Nicholson and "was I a spy" and asked the same question over and over and then electrocuted me over it. They asked me questions about George Bush too. Repeatedly.

The other person she asked me about was George. "How does George French-kiss?" Diana wanted to know with a big grin and wicked look, you know, girl-gossip-devilish kind of look to her eyes.

George Bush jr. had kissed me but then George Bechtold forced me to kiss him, French-kissing, repeatedly, in Africa. It was possibly a way to try to mix up the name George and who was being referred to with regard to under-age kissing or pedophilia.

The other thing these women did when they had me at Carol's house and were electrocuting me, is when I said, "But why shouldn't I kiss Charles? I'm married to him and married people kiss. All of you are married and you kiss." They stared at me. I mean, I will never forget it. "The Bitches and ME." What a great song title it would be. They all adjusted their dog collars and one said, 'No you're not." I said "Yes I am." They electrocuted me and said "NO you're NOT" and I said "Yes I AM!" And then finally I said, "He even SAID so, and then we went to a priest TOO." I told them we had been married in his room and he made it very clear and anointed me and said it was a secret and then later we were also married by a priest secretly. Carol Middleton's eyes I can never forget because she just looked at me in shock. I think it was Carol. Maybe it was Joy. One of them was stunned. I am also not sure if maybe they were already planning something for Katie and William and thought if I had already married Charles first, it ruined that or jeopardized "His & Her" royal bath robe standing. I actually already had a bunch of monogrammed things from him, including a bathrobe and towel with my initials. I told them this too, "Yes we are, and he gave me my own bathrobe with initials and our initials together on ....(such and such) own ... and ...". He gave me a tea set as well. We had looked at china and I said maybe just a tea set for now. He was going to buy an entire set for me and I said I would be content with just a tea set for the time being. Someone was sort of upset with me that I had not taken his offer for an entire set of china but I just thought, "I am happy with the tea set and then I can have dinner parties at a later date." (Oh yes. AAAAaaark. These LEETLE WIMIN. Hmmph. (says Ogre).)

I think the woman who looked shocked was possibly not Carol because I think she already knew and she was just bound and determined to cover it up. Some of them sort of "looked the other way" so-to-speak and didn't speak of it and then at that point they decided they needed to try to brainwash my memory (which didn't work).

I think part of what shocked Diana about my saying how Mike Middleton French-kissed, is because she thought surely I didn't know or couldn't remember. The reason she may have thought this was because Carol and she brutally, I mean BRUTALLY fried my brains after it happened. I was almost brain-dead when they used their box to try to white-wash the abuse from my memory. It was "No Mercy" with her. She also jumped on it. I mean, she did not waste any time electrocuting me after abuse and sometimes she was electrocuting me DURING the abuse. So basically, he'd be forcing me to give him oral sex WHILE she had my head in the metal brace and was electrocuting me. I guess it gave him a better "buzz-vibrator" sensation. No one expected me to remember because the torture that went with it was so extreme. I think it possibly made Diana panic and wonder what else did I remember and thought they should all interrogate me, or possibly she was concerned about something.

The reason I thought Joy (I think) was surprised when I said "Yes I am married" was because I thought well, since she's usually in the U.S. maybe she didn't know as much as the Englanders did, about it all. I didn't broadcast it to anyone but a few knew. It was known and kept quiet.

They looked scared and nervous when I explained how yes I was really married. Then, trembling, they kept torturing me telling me to deny it. They made me deny other things too.

So there have been two correlations since then. One was that in the Florence, Colorado ADMAX super-prison, they forced me to say I had never met George Bush, didn't know him, and never kissed him, or had anything to do with him. This seemed to be their #1 concern and effort in electrocuting me and trying to white-wash my memory. They put me in a hole in isolation, didn't give me food, kept me awake for sleep deprivation, and water-boarded me. All of that, to cover up crimes of pedophilia. They also asked me questions about Harold Nicholson and did I spy and things like that repeatedly.

The reason Robin Bechtold has a nice job in Texas, is because his Dad George Bechtold, assaulted me and repeatedly French-kissed me forcing himself over me, to lie on top of me and pin me down while doing it, and it was to try to cover up for George Bush. So George Bush appreciated the favor and Robin is making a lot of money and has nice contacts and later raped me. They and their friends, who are considerable between them and Barak's friends et al, are a danger to me and my son Oliver. The illegal diamonds were going from George Bechtold to, for example, his mother-in-law, Janet Bechtold's mother and the idea she cut them off from inheritance because Janet married George is a lie because he was assisting her in obtaining illegal diamonds from Barak's Buddies in Africa. George comes across as so meek. I mean, generally speaking, you would NEVER guess he can be a violent control freak. I was totally shocked when he pinned me down to French-kiss me because he did it in front of others and outside in the open saying, "If Bush can, I can." They started using the fact a couple of high-profile men had committed pedophilia with me as an excuse to rape and sexually assault me to flaunt it in the faces of others, that no one was going to ever get THEM in trouble because they were all above the law.

When I was being electrocuted by the women over who French-kissed me, I was so honest, despite all of the torture I kept saying, in response to their question, "Did you ever kiss .....", "Yes". And to "Were you ever married?" it was "Yes" and after hours of my brain being fried one woman leaned over and tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Let me give you a hint. The correct answer is NO." I didn't know what they wanted. I had no idea they kept torturing me just to get me to deny the truth because I thought what they wanted was the TRUTH.

TRUTH. Right. Like that will set you free. Despite this, I did and do believe it should and at the time, I thought they were electrocuting me repeatedly to try to see if I weakened and lied and I didn't. I thought what I was supposed to do was tell the truth no matter how badly they harmed me and then they'd see that I would not break or bend. To then have someone say I was doing it 'wrong' and that the 'correct answer' was the lie, and false answer, was not inherently known to me and since they said to say the other thing, even though I protested and said, "Okay, if that's what you want me to say, but I'm only saying it because you're telling me you want me to, not because it's the truth." They frickin zapped the hell out of me for that one. They didn't want any disclaimers or evidences of their coercion and force of me. They just wanted me to lie and I think most likely they'd even audio tape just the lie part, because what else did they want?

Later I was interrogated again in a car in Canada, over where "the gold is" and "Who told you (of the royals) they love you?" I lied until they had a gun to my head with their fingers around mine, to pull the trigger and then said okay, okay. Then I told them "Charles said he loved me." I figured it was more known than the other and I said I didn't know about the other and sure enough, I think they did already know because one of them said to the other, in a puzzled way, like trying to psycho-analyse me, "She brought up Charles, but she not the gold" as if this indicated a personality or profile detail they were curious about. They made it sound like they knew about both and just wanted to see how I'd answer.

The other time when interrogation and "the correct answer is..." came up was when my son was kidnapped from me by the United States of America (he is still kidnapped) and they were bringing him to visits at CPS offices beat up, tortured, throwing up, black eye, broken tooth, sick, ears hurting and pulled out and red, smelling of bleach and perm solution on his breath, you name it, and I was desperate and didn't know what to do and I said I don't know what to do to the visitation monitor "Sue" (who watches kids getting locked in dog cages with Susan from CASA) and Sue said, "I'll give you a hint. The correct answer is RED." Basically, red like a stop sign, like "no" which is what Carol Middleton, a Dickise, Diana and Joy Sterling were all forcing me to say when they interrogated and tortured me and then this is the same thing federal agents told me to say at the Supermax prison ADMAX in Florence, CO and then they sodomized me there, right there in their prison, after forcing me to deny George Bush ever was around me, they brought in Bill Clinton and John Kerry and a Robert (Garrett).

The U.S. made sure I was either raped or sodomized or sexually assaulted by all of the past Presidents.

They also made it a point to torture my son and then tell me he was tortured because I wouldn't stop about something. They have no business torturing my son for any reason.

When they were hooking my head up to the metal brace and then turning on the power so it electrocuted me and caused a vibration, they had some of the men putting their penises in my mouth and then they were calling it "The Milkshake Machine". I was. They were calling ME "The Milkshake Machine". That was before Barak Obama (the current President of the U.S. when he was in law school) and Robert sat on either side of me and masturbated into socks in Seattle while I was electrocuted after Barak raped me.

I was degraded to the lowest of the low and then forced to pretend not to notice when women would make comments to their kids in public like, "That's called a milkshake honey" and smirk at me while acting like they were referring to something else. You know, suburban or professional types of women who were married, with stable lives and kids, trying to rub in the fact I was sexually molested and raped.

They did that to me in England and at my house in Moses Lake, Washington in the U.S. There was a line-up and they all watched each other do this to me. These are men who became prominent and who are currently prominent.

Believe me, they've been trying to kill me and they are responsible for torture of me and my son. They are perverted liars and a disgrace. They hated my guts. It was all cowardly men who resented young women like me. One was James Comey--Current FBI Director. Guess why Barak Obama picked him. They made a joke that I had mentioned something about honey traps and here was a honeycomb (Comey) and said, "It's a milkshake honey". A couple of the men looked nervous or scared. Maybe one. The rest didn't. Anyone suspected of not going along was put in prison on any false charges the rest of them could come up with.

How do you like your FBI Director now? Gooood LUCK "catching the bad guys". Oh wait. You have Katie Middleton don't you? Sure. She'll ring 'em in. Hahahahaaaaa. Just like her pedophile mommy and daddy do.

Bob and Dicksie had this 'line-up' set up in the kitchen in Moses Lake. They had it done the same place where Barak Obama had been walking around with a backpack of money to go to Gary Goldsmith years earlier, when he pulled a gun out on me. Another notable who was there was Harold James Nicholson, the same CIA man who is now in prison and most likely the only reason the federal government is trying to block me from contacting him by mail is because they're afraid he'll testify to the truth about their pedophiles, like Comey, who is "reigning" as "king of the FBI" from his pedophile chair. Not to mention, it wasn't just forcing me to open my mouth so they could put their penises inside of my mouth, with the other men watching. They had me hooked up and being electrocuted while they did it and then were making comments about how great it felt. They made comments like "She's a real honeybee" and "that's a great buzz" and sick jokes like this. They were calling it a "neopolitan" as well, and describing their penises as "vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry". So when we see smug faced photos of Barak Obama, licking an ice cream cone in Martha's Vineyard, where he and his friend James Comey hung out together another time, you have a better idea of what sick satisfied revenge fantasies he has in mind. They not only forced their penises into my mouth, while they had the electric headband running on my head, which both caused my body to vibrate and fried my brain and hurt, they were then kicking me or hitting me afterwards as well. Not all of them, but some of them also hit me.

Either they all wanted to degrade me and humiliate me and make tapes of it to send people who maybe cared about me, to try to torture them, or they wanted blackmail, but regardless, they hated my guts and as long as they got what they wanted, they didn't care if I died. They have been responsible for spending a lot of money to defame me and call me mentally ill because of my testimony against them, which would put many, many, people in prison who are not currently in prison. Some of the men there, most of them, were repeat offenders--men who had assaulted me on more than one occasion in more than one setting or location.

It was another time where I was so shocked it was happening, I was a little older and not chained to a bed as much but threatened with being killed with a bullet or having police gang-rape me, I sobbed for a very long time. I was maybe more in shock first, and then I cried, but they had their assassination plots all worked out. These people all helped each other out too, by buying the way to the highest positions in the country that were possible and/or as "sentries" to be positioned near me or where I would be predicted to go if I tried to report any of these mother fuckers. Like Comey. Gee. It must feel good to be the Director of the FBI and ready to control the background checks huh. Comey and his WIFE are also GOOD friends of the Middletons. My parents had a black man there, a Jew (or two), CIA (aside from others who were CIA, Harold J. Nicholson is known CIA now), James Comey, lawyer, cop, Sandberg, (some of the names I'm leaving out momentarily), aspiring young "entertainer" (Justin Timberlake is one), and I would say most of these criminals have been moving their assets overseas for a very long time.

Take a look at George and Janet Bechtold for example. They lived in a small house with an old car, and a lot of people in one house and a big dog. Supposedly, no cash flow and all of them going to college at the same time (3 of them) so they could get major tax breaks from it. Supposedly, cut off from Janet's mother who is "rich". Meanwhile, I see George in Africa working the illegal diamond industry with his "mother in law who cut us off", interrogating people and torturing people, forcing me to work in a diamond pit and jumping on me to French kiss me and fondle me (sexual assault), and practicing his martial arts. Where is the money going? Hmm. Well, who has been traveling since 1980-whatever.

Another aspect of who has been involved in knowing my parents and involved in Gary Goldsmith's cocaine industry are people connected to the Mickey Mouse Club and Disney. I was introduced to some of those 'show parents' and kids more than one time. When I was younger, I was asked to audition and did a few performances (I don't know about on the record, but screen tests) and when I was an older kid I met some of the younger ones who were involved in the business and one was Justin Timberlake and another was Britney Spears, whose mother knew my mother. Justin Timberlake was already being trained to be a pedophile criminal when he was very young. Britney's mother, I observed in huge fights and petty arguments over control regarding cocaine and shipments and business in the UK and between the UK and U.S. It is absolutely not a surprise Justin Timberlake got his start in Europe in music, because that's where the cocaine was going back and forth, and he was already part of the Pedophile Crew.

I played with Britney a little. She was much younger and I just sort of played with a couple of times when my Mom was there mainly, it seemed, to talk to her Mom Lynn, and discuss some things. I wasn't really excited about playing with Britney actually. She was a lot younger but not a baby so it wasn't like I could pretend she was my baby and have fun, she was a little older, and didn't want to play spy games or anything so I thought she was boring. I did take some pictures of her. I was asked to do a photo shoot of Britney so I went around with a camera and took photos of her outdoors. You know, basic photos and with her posing sometimes and other times looking more natural. Lynn was a major control freak and very mean. I thought maybe one time she sort of looked at me with pity in a compassionate way, but I always heard her fighting and arguing with a mean tone. Also, someone was trying to get me re-connected into show business myself, and from what I gathered, Lynn was trying to put a stop to it. For me, I was slightly older and thinking at least if I get a job I will have some money (in show business, whatever). It was discussed by a Mickey Mouse Club-Disney person and then when I was at the Spears' house, her mother was telling my mother no, to keep me out and she didn't want me trying out or auditioning anymore and didn't want me to sign any contracts. She was using her drug business blackmail to enforce this. That's how it came across. One of them was trying to get me in and the other one was using drug industry blackmail to make sure I stayed out and did not make any money for myself. So I was pretty upset about that. I remember Britney also asked me what shots and head shots I liked best and what I thought of them and I helped picked them out when I was there. I was initially taken there to look at the kids from the Club and say what I thought or predicted about their potential. I was asked, which kids here do you think can make it big? because the producer or someone wanted my input about it. I remember when I said Britney and the other guy, several people were really shaken and upset by it because it meant they were going to get more funding and a head-start, just because I said this, and the other kids would not, and many felt some of the other kids were nicer kids, better, or more talented. They asked what I saw about Britney and I said, "She's a good dancer". She had some natural movements that were not choreographed dance moves and I saw a fluidity in her body and carriage. She could also cry on demand and was a good liar. I said, "Britney can cry just if you ask her to, like, right away." I thought Justin Timberlake was a brat but I also thought he was good and I later said, "Britney and Justin will probably get married." Someone said why do you think that and I said, "Well because both of them are good dancers and she is a good liar and he's a brat so they'll probably like each other." Britney's Dad assaulted me. He is a programmer and he sexually assaulted me but I don't remember that much of it. I just remember some of the time I was there, I had to be alone with him and he used some techniques that were like other government techniques I was aware of. I am pretty sure it was her Dad not her coach or director-producer guy because that guy went to their house too. One of them told me, "Sue them." I said, "Huh? What's sue?" One of them was telling me my rights were endangered or I needed to sue but I wasn't sure if he was hinting at a "Sue" as in, a woman, or to "Sue" which he then explained as a lawsuit. Lynn was so harsh, saying things like where's the money and we want more money and trying to control everything. And then I thought, "Why is she trying to block me from show business? I'm older than Britney so it's not like competition to her or anything." Mostly I was disappointed because I wanted my own income to be financially independent young, and I thought it might be fun.

So then later at my CPS visits with my son, Sue, the visitation monitor was sitting there and my son was there coming into visits telling Sue, "I promise I won't sue." "I won't sue you." "I promise I won't sue you." He was saying this over and over, at age 2 or 3 and I could tell he had been traumatized with someone torturing him and forcing him to repeat he would not "sue" them.

The other thing that is extremely disturbing, aside from the fact Justin Timberlake was present to watch me be sexually assaulted and gang-raped, when I was a young teen in Moses Lake, WA, is his recent song, which sounds like a pedophile song and has this "O-oh" refrain when people knew I used to tell my son Oliver all the time, when teaching him his name, "'O' for OLIVER!" His whole song, about "I couldn't get any bigger" when I see how my son's growth has been affected and stunted deliberately, and "It was easy coming back into you when I figured it out/you were right there all along" and this constant "oh-Oh-o" refrain, is unmistakeable to me for pedophilia glorification and that is ON TOP of knowing he has been running with pedophiles and gang-rapists of kids since HE was a kid. He is not a good person. In my opinion, he wrote and sang a song he knew pedophiles who have tortured my son would appreciate and since some of them helped him get to where he is now (including England) he's happy about it. He was one of the youngest kids I ever saw being brought around gang-rape, who was around me when I saw it. (note he wanted to be in a show called Black Snake Moan). He was definitely connected to Middletons as well. He knew Gary Goldsmith and some Jewish guys from England as well as U.S. people. If he hadn't already been introduced before I met him, he got introduced. Britney would know if I tell the truth. He could be expressionless, concentrating on cruelty and apparently have zero compassion. I mean, ZERO. Someone or a few kept saying "But what about Ryan Gosling? what do you think about him?" and thought he was the better pick. Some felt he was a much better actor. I just went with what I thought and didn't realize what I was choosing was being taken very seriously. I think it's another reason I ended up getting electrocuted and tortured. I was psychic or gifted that way at one time and then I think it was threatening and some wanted to run me out over it. I would never try to assume or claim I am that way now because I'm not and actually, many many things were done to me when I was younger to ruin it and it was not an overnight process of destruction.

One of the things that happened when I was being gang-raped by a bunch of federal people and others at my house, in the line-up, was that when the black guy, who I believe was Barak Obama again, was in line to put his penis in my mouth, even though I didn't want any of them around and was out of it (they left the machine on, at all times, on my head, as they went through their line) they made this big deal saying, "You have a problem with a black snake?" And then another one was saying, "It's not a SNAKE, it's a SHAKE. Mmmm. A CHOCOLATE shake." They were going on about how the white penises were "Vanilla shakes" and the black man's penis was a "Chocolate shake" and then they said they thought they had a neopolitan because they needed "Strawberry" and they said what would be strawberry?

The U.S. pretty much now glories in what I write. They're not afraid of me or what I write anymore because the pedophile criminals got everything they wanted and they've killed all of the powerful people who could have opposed them. They also infiltrated into all of the top positions around the world and in the U.S. wherever they had access to do so, using cocaine money, trafficking money, illegal diamond and weapon trade.

The United States' big triumph was to get Katie Middleton married to a royal. That was very important to them. It was also important to them to put all of the pedophile rapists and torturers I've mentioned (Bush, Clinton, and Obama) into Presidential roles where they used their positions to hire and carry out hits against anyone who would oppose them and their regime. George Bush I and II, Clinton, and Obama have all known one another and carried out hits against people they all feared would expose them or put other people into power instead of their groups. They used decades of being at the top to control and infiltrate intelligence and the military and to torture everyone who they thought would oppose them. In the meantime, they appointed lawyers, Judges, directors, heads of entire departments, and instructed colleges on who to give money to and who to push out. These pedophile rapists and torturers who have been controlling the U.S. and who personally tortured me, have also kidnapped kids they feared would rise against them and have either killed them, mutilated them, or damaged them so badly they hope they will never rise against their own degenerate children and fuck ups. They are using all of their money, like Michelle and Barak Obama, to put their little kids into private schools and try to set them ahead of the game while oppressing others who may be more naturally talented and gifted then they are or who are decent people and not rapists as they've been inbreeding into their own families. Curse? You got fucking cursed Obama.

The next huge step for the U.S. was to get Katie Middleton to have a kid in the U.S and another publicly to continue their degenerate, pedophile, torturing line. She is a pedophile inbreed that bred into more pedophiles and will have nothing to produce for the world but more of them and ones who will protect pedophiles and pedophile-electrocutionist defenders like herself. James Comey's wife is friends with Carol Middleton and has been friends with her for a long time. His rape of me was a tribute to Mike Middleton-style rape of me.

The U.S. has murdered thousands of people in "phony wars" they created with Pedophile Child Abusers at the top to direct who gets shot down and bombed. They murdered anyone they thought would talk, and because they supported themselves with drugs, they murdered any opposing drug mafias and competition and made sure the FBI controlled all drug circuits so the U.S. could kill whatever drug lords they wanted and imprison whoever they wanted, and then take off with the Quadrillion dollar heists of crack cocaine they spoon fed people like Barak and Katie with, to put them into jobs that they want them in because they can be counted on to defend child abusers.

The United States then went from controlling all of the positions in government internally, and by intelligence and military, to controlling mafias and drugs and then to controlling the Middle East with their own ideas of "revolution" which were nothing but plots to get more CIA influence into place with people who the corrupt pedophile-torturers wanted in place, to protect their newfound "new money".

The same group of criminals has been controlling FBI from the top down, CIA and military and NASA. Their influence has grown exponentially because for every new position filled by a pedophile, the pedophile opens up 100 new jobs he does cherry-picking for under him, and the network widens to be inclusive of every low-life, low-level thug the U.S. can come up with.

The U.S. doesn't even care anymore because the people who they tried to keep it all a secret from, who didn't even know how corrupt they were and who was involved in torturing me, are DEAD.

The more power they had, the more time and money they had for hunting down and personally targeting and assassinating people who would or could "talk" about the dirt they had on them.

The rest of the people who would rise up against them are all controlled underneath their fucking pedophile-torturer network and strapped for money and can't get anywhere because the criminals in the government positions have taken over. Anyone good, is like Iran under sanctions and forced into poverty. People like Barak Obama preach about how they're so great and distribute money and equality for blacks and give people "opportunities" and he's a fucking pedophile rapist who was a drug runner and diamond smuggler his whole life and he thinks he's the role model.

The other whites have all been like him, pedophile rapists who are criminals and who have criminal wives to support their pedophilia. How many seriously bad women can you handle? Because if you want sick and demented, choose a U.S. woman. Here's an example of how some have climbed the "ladder". Robin Bechtold, grew up in a poor house, with a beat up car, in a country town after moving from California. No one has any money and is just "any kid" while actually, he is a user who networks with people just to find out where the money is, like his mother and father. While his Dad is going to places in South America over drug distribution and Africa over illegal diamond smuggling and doing secret interrogations of people at "black sites", he's pretending to be Mr. Mom when he's at home, just average ex-hippie who smokes a nice joint now and then. No one really knows he tortures people. While he and his wife claim to be cut off from "inheritance" from her "rich mother" who is "very powerful", he's actually sneaking around Africa, handing off diamonds to the bitch. The bitch who happens to be friends with college people and Marla Maples of all things (shhhh! Veeeeery powerful).

So he's above-average intelligence but nothing special. Since his parents are 100% involved in illegal trade overseas and lie about it in the U.S., it seems random or normal that of the 3 kids, 2 become lawyers and 1 is a cop. No one realizes that family actually NEEDS more than 2 lawyers and 1 cop--they need at least 5 law firms and 26 police departments to cover their ugly asses. They also need some off-shore bank accounts to stash their jewelry and money and drugs. So while Janet is flying to England (for the love of reading), and George is flying to South America and Africa (for hippie inventions and women in Brazilian G-strings), Nathan is flying to Ireland, Robin is flying to Australia and New Zealand and making a European tour, and Eliza is doing much of the same. Then while supporting George Bush (CIA) and committing pedophilia to cover for him, George says, "Come to daddy" to Robin and Robin, who should have failed law school, gets a 100,000/yr law firm job in Texas with his Bush bodyguards. This is while doubling over to Barak Obama as well, and George and Barak don't care one is Republican and the other is Democrat--all they care about is screwing over little kids so they can get more oil, diamonds, and drugs. His friend named "Dunham" is the one who got him a job when no one wanted to give him a job at a law firm. Barak Obama's mother's name was Stanley Anne Dunham and guess who Robin's friend is named for? Shannon Adams and Alicia Peters, friends of Robin call him "Dirty Dunham" and Robin is spouting off triumphantly over phone lines, hoping someone 'important' is listening as he says "Maybe GOD is a BLACK man". (Well hmm. Maybe his idea of "God" is a black man carrying illegal diamonds to his dad George to hand over to his grandmother.) Meanwhile, Robin is also getting favors from jews who are part of the diamond, drugs, and weapons industry and who are also supporting Jewish interests. Then, consider his Dad George, after assaulting me several times when I was a kid, knows I've forgotten about it and probably wouldn't recognize him in another town, gets his own son to stalk me out when I'm in high school. Then Robin makes it one of his goals to sexually assault me and rape me. He does this in collusion with some Jewish friends his family has who also want to rape me with the next generation, following after their pedophile parents. Who is going to get them in trouble with all the pedophile torturer Presidents on their side? They've already said it, they believe they are above the law.

After all of these men gang-raped me in the kitchen, with all of them making jokes between themselves about it, one of the Dicksies came out from the other room, or I saw her there when I had wondered where she was and why no one was coming to my defense. She looked at me with a vengeful look of hatred and smirk. I was just shocked. My mother hated my guts and had been happy (?) that all those men just raped me? Whose mother was she. They were going to the room after they raped me to get a "party favor" from her which was a paper sack and since I had usually seen cocaine and money in those sacks, I figured that's what it was. Whichever that Dicksie was, she didn't look upset, scared, worried, nervous, or tearful at all. She saw me and moved back, like she hadn't wanted me to see and was worried I might do something, as if I even had strength to do anything or hardly walk after what they'd done to me.

The other thing about Robert and Dicksie, or one of the sets of twins, is when I was very young, they went to church occasionally. Then they quit going and it was before I broke my arm and one day I had asked them what religion they were and what they believed. They told me they were "atheist" and "agnostic". I said what's "atheist" because it was a Robert who told me this and he explained saying it's not believing in God and that humans are their own god, and then I asked my "mother" if she was atheist too and she said "I'm more agnostic". I said "What's agnostic" and she said that's when you believe it's possible there is a higher power or God but you don't really care one way or the other." Then they switched back on everything they told me and when I had metal in my body through my arm surgery, I believe that was when some of the other lying began, or maybe it was that another thing had been done to me like a wire in my ear or something, they decided to get a "church cover" and started going every single week. My mother went to church with her family as a girl and teen and they went to church things still, but they did tell me they were not religious at one point, and then when they got a church thing going, they said "Well maybe we'll do it for the kids." But they were pretty much declaring themselves to be "faithless". I know Chris Dabney on the East Coast imitated many things my mother did and said and I know he is connected to generational crimes against me--it wasn't just him on his own. When we started going to church it was occasional at first and I said, "I LIKE church" and they didn't like that I liked it. Mostly I probably liked it because it was a social event and I liked social gatherings. They also acted like they resented me sometimes for reading the Bible or anything spiritual because I was turning out differently from them.

Everything the U.S. has done with me and my son is a lie. Because of the level of crimes at least one of the sets of Robert and Dicksie committed against me, it's pretty much impossible to think they are my biological relatives. One said my biological father was Edward Lee Howard but as for who my biological mother is, I haven't been told. Even if I were to think one of them is related, they obviously committed such crimes against me, and allowed others to, including generational lines in their own family, it would be a situation where I was never considered to be family really. They acted nice to me when they thought someone with any power was nice to me and otherwise, they acted like enemies.

What Mike Middleton was doing after he and Carol forced me to open my mouth so he could put his penis in while I was being electrocuted is he'd then say to Carol, "Can you finish me off?" and he would then go to her and have sex with her and ejaculate with her after first doing this to me and both of them took cocaine but I saw it as "white powder". I saw them having sex. They didn't even hide it from me and I was half out of it because they would electrocute me so badly. I believe Carol Middleton also had a sexual relationship with James Dilby (MI5) because he went over and did the same thing and then I saw him going over to her. Some of them took cocaine after forcing me to open my mouth so they could put their penis in and get a vibration from it while I was being severely tortured, and then others were licking cocaine off of Carol's body. One of them then put cocaine on my wrist or lower arm one time while electrocuting me and licked it off and then while my arm was wet electrocuted me where my arm was wet. Sometimes Mike would go with Carol behind a closed door, but other times they left it open and I stayed there, however I was, unable to move somehow and almost unconscious but able to see them through a blur. One of the royals also did this at Carol's house and then went to Carol and had sex with her. Katie's mother was basically a slut or prostitute for cops and royals. I think she tried to ensure allegiance and political favors to her and Katie that way. Diana was there one of the times and I think she thought I wouldn't remember because of the level of electrocution they did of me. She watched one of the men do this to me and it appeared she felt it proof of their loyalty to her, to degrade me that way. It was Charles, Prince Charles, and it was after these women interrogated me about him and French-kissing and I'd said I had been married to him. So then they did this to me and when Charles did this to me, I was completely humiliated and Diana watched and looked thrilled like she was proving to me who Charles was loyal to--her, because he was choosing to torture and sexually degrade me in front of her. The other person who came over to watch or who did this to me (I don't remember for sure if he just watched or did it himself) was Charles Spencer. I also know James Hewitt was there and they were talking and he DID have something to do with Harry. It was one of few times James Hewitt was present, where I witnessed him involved in an act of torture, and he was not someone I remember being sexual with me usually, but he did give riding lessons. Horse riding lessons. I went to some of them with Diana. The men would ask Carol if they needed to use a condom and she used to say, "It's not necessary" and I am not sure if that was about me, before they put their penises in my mouth, or about her, before they went over to her to do something consensually after they'd tortured me. They are all extremely sick people. Dicksie, or one of the Dicksies, did some of the same things though mostly I saw her setting me up to be abused. Snow. Of course. It was always snowing indoors in England and Moses Lake. The other person who did this, was a man and woman from Canada.

I know my son has had things stolen from him and he's been treated badly, as I have, because of this exact same group and their next generation that they trained to support them so the cowards don't have to worry about their perversion and crimes catching up to them when they're older, because they are relying on younger kids to torture the same people now.

They also resented me for "thinking you're better than we are" and this was one of their motives to commit hate crimes against me, because their main aim was "degrading". Degrading is to take something that is valuable and detract and lower it's worth. This is what they tried to do to me, and did, to make their own "worth" or "value" appear higher than mine, and the "value" of their kids to look better as well. However, they did not "legally" degrade me, or try to degrade me through "legal" methods, such as insulting someone or attacking flaws in character. They were choosing illegal methods: defamation of character (imputing crimes and mental illness that were not there), torture, rape. All of their methods are ones which would put any ordinary person in prison, except for defamation which could go either civil or criminal if it's obstructing justice or blocking access to court or RICO.

I was also a kid. I reported pedophilia and the pedophiles who were drug dealers for the government, went nuts. Not to mention black arms trade and diamond smuggling. Most of them are pretty discreet about it. They usually resell the diamonds because most of them don't want anyone to notice all of a sudden they have nice diamond jewelry. Wherever an excuse can be made for giving it, they'll make that excuse, but otherwise, they resell. Any diamond jewelry owned by Kate Middleton or given to her is most likely from a dirty source (meaning people in Africa slaved away in the diamond pits and she got them by stolen means or through making promises to someone that if they stole for her, she'd do their family, like Barak's family, favors later). I know this because I know who was involved in the illegal diamond smuggling. I also know about Robin Bechtold's family and some of his family's friends, and that he and his Dad later wanted to hook up with Mormons in business for additional protection and as a buffer. Also, Mormons have an "appearance" of being these nice clean family people so it was like getting a church cover for their crimes. Marla Maples is connected to Donald Trump of course, and he was connected to Chicago, where some of the people were plotting harm against me. She was getting dirty rocks. Kate Middleton's uncle Gary was completely into the illegal diamond industry, and had diamond specialists who knew how to evaluate diamonds, and who were Jewish involved, like his friend Daniel. Donald Trump gave me a heart necklace as a way to thank me or keep me quiet about a massive diamond rock Marla and George Bechtold laid their hands on. There were small diamonds, tons of them, from the African mine, and ones as large as golf balls. They'd sometimes split up the large rocks into a lot of tiny diamonds and cut them a certain way, depending on the quality of the diamond to start with. Some were valuable enough in large sizes they didn't break them down to smaller pieces. The "party pieces" are basically illegal diamonds, and those involved in all of this government cover-up, are ones responsible for getting people who are approved to "sanction torture" of anyone who can testify against them.

Oh believe me. Katie is a full-blooded criminal. Just like the others around her who have been supporting her with the same illegal business. The idea of blowing bubbles, by Uncle Gary, with the prismatic qualities to them, right before they pop and are nothing but air, is like a joke to contrast diamonds and their work in rating prismatic qualities of brilliance in their under-the-table dealings. You notice Kate does not wear a diamond wedding ring and it's more like a nod to doing everything under-the-table.

I wrote a poem about diamonds, and all of a sudden, the Middleton hounds came sniffing around me in D.C., including Dabney. These diamonds were also being used as forms of "cash" for bribes and pay-offs, including to some of the priests in the Catholic church. It didn't matter. Wherever someone thought they had to "close a gap" with a pay-off or bribe, they did it. When someone thought another person was going to talk, they moved them. So to say the FBI laundered money is 100% true. They were also coordinating rape and torture of kids.

Nathan Bechtold was there for the gang-rape of me when they were calling me a "milkshake maker". They all knew Barak Obama. A cop named Kevin was there. James Comey was there and he and Nathan were supposedly part of the "strawberry" milkshakes because of reddish pubic hair and/or a "brother with red hair" (said one of them). Some of them disputed over James Comey saying no, he was more vanilla than strawberry.

Anyone who said or hinted they wanted to turn someone in or help me or get help for me, ended up being jailed by the U.S. or murdered. Aaron Contreras tried to warn me later, when I was in high school, about the Bechtold family stalking me, and he was murdered under a pretense of being "in the line of duty". Another individual who hinted at something to me was Harold J. Nicholson, who was CIA and after most of the people (men) had left he had his eyes wide and when I was alone with him in the kitchen, said he wanted to help. He's in prison with the FBI blocking me from sending him any mail because they're the ones who should be in prison. Maybe Laura can bail them out with one of her Dirty Dunham Diamonds. Does SHE know MARLA MAPLES? Maybe she got a nice ticket to Russian babies on the diamond train--after all, she was there in the get-away car to help diamond smuggler Barak Obama rape me in Seattle. How quaint she and I met in I Rock. Bitch.

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