Sunday, January 12, 2014

Angela Merkel's CIA (CIA Asset?), Trump, Marla Maples and FBI Donnie Brasco

I think the wiki on Angela Merkel is incorrect and missing information. Most likely because of the U.S. CIA. This page on her states she did not enter politics until 1989 and that is not true. I met her at a statehouse, not a "University" (to my knowledge) before 1989. There was a campus of sorts I suppose, but it looked like an official political house to me. I suppose I could look up her University, but there was nothing in the inside that looked like a college or chemistry place.

I looked her up because I remember how she was later in the news calling someone from the U.S. up or complaining she was being spied on. The U.S. papers and wiki page are claiming she began making these allegations in 2002 and she was making them much earlier than that. She was claiming her phone was "bugged" a very long time ago and contacted the U.S. about it. I remember because I met her in Germany and didn't forget her name or face and wondered why she was in the newspapers on the front page or news. I hadn't thought a lot of people in the U.S. even knew who she was, so I always remembered it.

I met her after meeting Vladimir Putin in Russia, which is interesting considering she was fluent in Russian. Since she took my necklace from me that I had last been wearing in Russian, I had wondered then if she knew him. Well maybe that's a given because possibly both she and Putin are CIA operatives.

She said, "Did you get it?" and then eyed my necklace and smirked. It was my heart necklace. It hurt my feelings she took it from me, as if I had no attachment to it and it made me wonder what kind of a spy she was, to steal my necklace from me like it was secret information or something to pass onto someone else instead of me. She is either a fantastic actress or she was really hateful about me. I mean, she was cordial I should say, when I was in her house or place of business. At the door when she first saw "Cameo", for the first time face-to-face, her expression was of hatred. I thought "Who is she and why does she hate me when I don't even know her?" There was nothing inside the necklace. Believe me, it was just a necklace but I think it was the idea of giving her "my heart" as in, getting the heart of Snow White to take to the Queen kind of thing. This is sort of a theme they had going. I think it's why I was given schizandra berries to bleed into a bowl and have the bloody bowl taken, carried, like a bloody heart or something into another room for "Katie Middleton". Regardless, it was my jewelry and they were stealing from me. It was valuable actually not just junk or costume jewelry and then she stole it and gave me some cross instead.

I thought about her after finishing an assignment for a class at OSU which I remember from the 80s. The data assignment is exactly the same and it's about weather and climate. I was taken to a news station afterwards and met weather channel people and they said maybe you could work for us but it was a lie. One of the women was Asian and I still remember she didn't like me. Those news people also got a drop-off of money. I can't imagine why news weather people would take a money drop unless it was just bribe money for the entire station or media in the area, in preparation for me to be raped by Barak Obama, and possibly, insurance money against any attempt from me to contact media after I was sodomized by CIA and officials on bridges.

After my class at OSU in climate change, which I am taking again and is taught by Karen Shell with use of a Cambridge book, I was in Seattle with the adults talking about "energy" and heating and cooling costs after I'd done this assignment about heating and cooling rates in the State of Oregon. They went on and on about their air conditioner. I didn't forget it because I thought why are they going on about the air conditioner so much and making references to my class that I was in?

I had even signed up for a chemistry course through Pearsons and hoped to at least still use it on my own, when I wasn't going to OSU because I was bribed not to go, after I started the second term. I never did anything with it after being traumatized by the premeditated rape and electrocution of me and then the shock of having my "Dad", Robert, sit there with Obama to masturbate into socks.

The man who gave me the heart necklace was Donald Trump. I am not talking about the locket I received from Johnny Spencer, which I was forced to give to Middletons and which was engraved. I mean later, I met Donald Trump and he had given me a heart shaped pendant.

The diamond I had picked out, when Prince Charles asked me what I wanted for a wedding ring, a secret one, when we went shopping, was in the shape of a heart. It was a regular diamond, not a colored jewel, and it was brilliant. It was a first class diamond but some didn't like it because they thought it was childish maybe, that I'd choose a heart design. It was what I wanted and what I thought of to represent "love". I did have some peculiar or particular tastes, but like I said, it was a brilliant diamond. I did not realize how expensive but I really wanted it because I thought this really says love. I guess I just said that. So anyway, some of the particular tastes I remembered when I saw Charles' tie for the Time cover. I noticed the pattern and how it makes the eye move and remembered how I didn't like stripes that were diagonal because they felt too 'one-sided'. I don't know if it was a programmed taste or not, because I was programmed to "scan" with my eyes looking left and right quickly to access both parts of my brain. I'm not sure what it was, but give me anything but diagonal stripes on a tie. Now I don't mind probably but it came up again after I found myself scanning his eyes even in a photo and then looking for a tie for my son and having this aversion to all things diagonal. The other weird thing I noticed that night was I was sitting in the tub reading with a candle there and I looked over and saw this egg-carton mattress was folded up and had the same pattern as his tie. From my angle that way it was more of a squished diamond shape design that egg-pattern. Not only that, I had been thinking about FBI director James Comey and had a bag of guinea pig pellets next to the mattress and could see the words "Wild pig" on it from where I was and thought about Comey and his whacked up torture of me at Charles' house. Then on the floor the only thing there I noticed was some odd scrap that was a "K" and a Roman numeral of VI next to it and I thought, "Oh. It's like being at Birkhall all over again." Anyway, I had liked designs that had more even to even balance at the time. I appreciate asymmetry now and see a counter-balance in it, but not then. I felt very obsessive-compulsive about some matters of "order" and "just-so". The U.S. wanted to turn me into a slob and have me look like a lunatic.

I wonder what I did as a baby that was so scary to them. I stared at them with my "radar-eyes"? Something must have happened that looked miraculous or was, aside from the horrific torture they committed against me. I would love to know how I defeated the enemy as a baby. What did I do to spook them? Did objects move around a room on their own when I was mad? Did I fall into a pool and swim my own rescue out? Whatever it was, they marked me.

I have a right to know who my real parents are.

I guess to sum up this post, and I realize my last several posts have several topics and are not all titled and divided as they should be for clarity, but I have a serious reason to believe it's possible both Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Angela Merkel (Germany) have been CIA assets. I liked Putin, mostly for not completely molesting me, even if he touched me. However, because everything my parents (Robert and Dicksie) did was state-sponsored from the U.S. and because they were transporting me to all these places, I believe the reason the "Iron Curtain" fell and Berlin Wall fell is because the CIA infiltrated these countries and bribed and blackmailed officials and tortured me as well, to get what they wanted.

Every single person who did anything bad to me, the CIA and FBI rewarded with huge sums of money or got into one of the highest positions in the country. Think about it. How did Angela Merkel go from being a chemistry teacher to Chancellor of Germany? I met her at her "chemistry" phase and she stole my necklace that Donald Trump gave me and rises to be what is basically the President of Germany? These "assets" were all sponsoring Katie Middleton as well, so it is no wonder she has CIA welfare and support generated from more than one country. I witnessed Mike Middleton and what appeared to be one of my parents killing a military man while in Merkel's place who wanted me to work for him. The U.S. didn't want me working for anyone and getting out of their sadistic grip. They killed this man when he saw evidence I was sodomized and molested. She was also at the table where he was saying "Tell me what you know about the CIA" and I did't know anything but I talked about their offices and some training because it was open-knowledge. I was AT the headquarters and trained in some things there, but I wasn't hired by them or I didn't sign up for anything I should say. I had no secrets to give away--it was all routine exercise stuff that anyone could obtain by looking at their training manuals. So there was Angela sitting there the whole time, smiling.

The CIA also attempted to use these individuals as a buffer internationally for the crimes they were committing against me which they knew were bad enough to involve war crimes panels and the UN. At one point, to make a point to me about how I'd never get anywhere, I was flown to the UN headquarters and not everyone was there but a few were and they made fun of me. They got money too. I saw the money being given to those UN individuals when we got there.

The U.S. spent billions upon probably trillions. "Where did the money come from?" you ask. The U.S. had the largest share in the cocaine market I answer. The U.S. had a ton of money "unaccounted for". They could have paid off the entire national "debt" with it and instead they got the money through black arms negotiations, cocaine and drug trafficking, human and pedophile trafficking, and spying. That way, if anyone was "auditing" the Treasury records, although some money was laundered to people through "job promotions" and increased salaries (a form of bribe or reward), much of the money was coming from off-shore accounts, and cold hard cash, diamonds, and other valuables and hidden vaults and boxes. The U.S. was picking up all of the drug addicts money as well, and using it to fund Katie Middleton and torture of ME and to pay off people and the UN from being honest. This is why it's really hilarious to me Katie chose a "drug addict" and cancer of kids charity for herself because she is part of the reason there are addicts and broken families, and is also part of the reason some kids were tortured and killed along with their families. Not just her of course, I mean, she wasn't the only CIA asset the U.S. was putting into place internationally with the FBI.

I was literally in that big room where the UN holds some of their conferences. Like I said, not "everyone" was there. What is sort of weird, which I vaguely remember, is first there was a smaller group and money was given to them. Then there was a big group, like a lot of attendees. I don't know why I was there but all of these international people did see me there. I never got anywhere with it.

At another hearing in the U.S., I was involved as a kid in some way and the Judge cut it off when I was trying to testify in a closed-court sealed hearing of some kind. He said we had to go to chambers and when we did, the Prosecuting attorney and the state attorney suddenly revealed they were the same team and MONEY was exchanged. They had actually used the excuse of having a hearing for an excuse to be together in a room privately with briefcases (legal attaches) that were PACKED with dough. By "dough" I mean money, and it's a term I used as a kid because that's what some of the mobsters called it: dough. Like Homer Simpson saying "DOH!" and Donnie Brasco was one of the men who called it "dough". "Putting bread on the table" is like another way of saying "dough". "You got the dough pizza man?" The UK and Canada also funneled a ton of money to the U.S. and others to distribute because the royals and their government didn't want me talking about pedophilia and electrocution either.

Then when the Judge and lawyers got out of the meeting, or hearing, they all pretended like nothing had just happened, even though I was there as a kid to witness the whole thing. Not only that, one time the Judge was also given a manila envelope and it had photos I think. The lawyer said, "You wanna have a look at this?" and I think it was blackmail pics, maybe of himself in a compromised position, like naked with a kid or something, and he had one look and said "Okay" and then cut everything off and came up with excuses to rule the way the blackmailers wanted him to rule, which was against me and against my human rights.

The U.S. was so paranoid about the assets they had and how they wanted to break down the world to serve them, the pedophile torturers, they literally went to the UN and bribed the UN. I was in front of them at one point, and it's possible someone took me or got me there somehow, thinking maybe I had a chance to get out from under, but instead, it was like an exercise in futility. International people DID know I was severely abused. They did not know maybe, that it was quite as bad as it was.

As for the heart diamond ring I had picked out with Charles, I was told it was saved in a vault for me for later. All of my jewelry around that time was hearts. Edward Spencer gave me a heart locket, and I wanted a heart diamond ring because I thought it meant love, and Donald Trump gave me a necklace with a heart. Diana said she wanted to be the "Queen of Hearts". One time she was upset and took me out on horses to a tree and said you see that? and showed me a carving into a tree and said, "Charles and Camilla". However what I remember is that Charles went out and I watched him carve a heart and that he loved me on a tree himself and Diana was upset over it.

I think Donald Trump and Marla Maples may have had something to do with helping organize Barak Obama's rape of me. I say this because Marla was trying to set me up with the U.S., and I visited Trump in Chicago around the time I was visiting Julia Thornton and my parents were going back and forth with Barak's friend "Frank", the Italian guy who drove the getaway car for Barak after he raped me in Seattle. I would have to check because I also was having to hang around the FBI's Donnie Brasco either in Chicago or New York and I was taken to a pizza parlor mob meeting where I think the FBI hoped I'd be killed in cross-fire because they had a full-blown shoot-out. I thought, "Why did Donnie take me to this meeting and put my life in danger?" Why? Oh, well, no one knew he worked for the FBI then did they. After he got me there I told them he was an FBI "rat". The FBI tried to murder me. Donnie was no friend of mine. He tried to have me killed and killed the mobster who knew he was a rat like I did. The FBI and Donnie claim he wanted to be a "made man" and kill someone to look legit to everyone but the FBI thought it was too risky and that's not true. He killed people and I saw him. The FBI likes to murder others and then try to keep a "good guy" image while their cops are dragging bloody bodies across red and white checkered tablecloths. He had the man killed who knew he was a rat and who agreed with me and then he attempted to have ME killed. Then the excuse was some macho idea of "Nobody insults Donnie". The Italian who was murdered had also said, pointing to me, "THAT's the boss." The FBI didn't like it. I don't know what I was going to be the boss over but a main boss had decided in that meeting I was the boss of something and they killed him. Who didn't want me to be the boss? The FBI because it was Donnie Brasco's rats who were trying to murder me, use me, and ruin my life. Then Donnie's excuse was to make himself look like an more macho man by claiming he was defending his honor, and this gun fight broke out and then they were dragging bloody bodies and rolling them up inside of long plastic tablecloths.

One of the hearings that involved a corrupt Judge, was over Donnie Brasco The Fucker. Donnie and the FBI are fucking liars and corrupt assholes. They got a Judge to give them what they wanted, because the FBI fucking blackmailed the Judge with photos. JUST like the FBI I've always FUCKING known. The FBI was also trying to degrade me with their hooker Julia Thornton, who they were putting into position as a "psychologist" and were going to use against me in the future.

The FBI electrocuted me in their offices and premeditated raping me. They were mad that I had correctly identified their 'asset' Brasco as an "FBI rat" and I remember Robert Garrett jr. didn't like the idea of my being the one designated as "The Boss" either. So they killed the older Italian who said I was the boss from there-on. He still had his eyes open when he was dying after being shot and he looked at me. He said "Oh my God" and something like "Your Dad" or something about shock over what he'd just realized. It was a whole long dining table length of Italians--supposedly bosses or mafia family or something. They had the one who said I was the boss killed, and tried to kill me there and I escaped by shielding myself and calling 911. They didn't expect me to get to a phone and it scared them off. It was a corded phone and then after I called, someone tried to strangle me with the cord and I said, "They're already on their way." They had too much to do in a short time cleaning up their mess before cops got there than to create another mess.

After I had "exposed" the FBI's "asset" "Brasco" the FBI tried to call me mentally ill. They also retaliated by torturing me, plotting with Frank to rape and electrocute me with Barak Obama, and tried to murder me. Then the rest of the Italians actually fell for the idea for awhile that Donnie was really one of them. My exposing the FBI asset was another reason the FBI used Alan Springer to electrocute my brain. They were trying to fry me so I didn't have the ability to use psychic gifts against them.

Laura Laughlin was involved because she was hired to work involved in mafia and she and Julia were friends and Julia had tried to call me mentally ill and attempted to have me be a lesbian for her. Robert Jordan was hired later for Portland and his name was like a joke because they knew a Robert Garrett had an interest in Katie Middleton who lived in Jordan for awhile. At one point, one of the Roberts had me videotape him telling his message to "his daughter" and I didn't realize "He's not talking about me". He thought he might die so he wanted a recording of himself which I heard was going to Katie about how he tried to do all these things for her and at one point I said, "Why are you calling me "Cam?" I think it was for CEM: Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. He got irritated and mad for asking and he said, "That's your name" and I said, "No, you never call me Cam so why are you calling me Cam and talking to Cam in this video you want to make?" He was giving sort of his life story in it like something to pass on to his daughter if he died and then I was sitting there realizing, "He's not acting like this is even for me or about me but for some other kid." He had this made before I was taking to the mafia blow-out where I was supposed to be murdered with Donnie's help and then I was being raped and electrocuted by the FBI and Barak Obama. He was saying in the video how he did everything for her, and loved her. It was like "Everything I do, I do it for you" (bryan adams) and "It's probably me" (lethal weapon song featuring black man and white man cop--i.e., Barak and Robert jr.).

That's great. Who's my real Dad.

This man, would harm my son just because he is my son, and so would most of my non-family. The FBI kidnapped him.

The other people they got involved to frame me and work against me at that point, were Donald Trump and Marla Maples. Possibly Ivana as well but I'm not sure. They all claimed Donald and Ivanka divorced because Ivana caught him with Marla but that's not really true. I'm not going to say it was a completely agreed-upon ménage-a-trois, but they already knew each other and I saw both Marla and Ivana in the same Donald trump house. He was also a pedophile but he didn't do very much or go very far with it, with me. He did have me sleeping with him and in nightgowns. He said he wanted to work with me, with my image and have me cleaned up looking and professional and I thought he was going to work with me in business. He made me his "assistant" for a short time and showed me architecture plans for buildings and he was the one who told me about the "Seven Wonders of the World." I clicked with him. I did have a good sense for business in fact, and I thought he was exactly, concise and smart, which complemented my brainstorming and creativity, and I was frugal too. I thought we were intellectual equals and I liked his no-nonsense but he could cut to the chase and I didn't have to hear incessant rambling. He tried to teach me to make decisions because I liked exploring options more and I did some research for him and he also asked my opinion about things. However, I think it was a set-up because it turned out Ivana, his wife, and Marla, his mistress, were maybe working with the FBI. Ivana came into the house one time, seeing me and wide-eyed as if scared and then Marla was always Ms. Perky Tits. Marla always had her shirt off. I thought "Why is it that Marla feels she needs to have her shirt off all the time?" and in the house, even if she had a cooking apron on, she kept her shirt and bra off so she was topless 100% of the time. Ivana never did that. Donald told me more than one time he didn't like it when I wore clothes and preferred to have the women in his house nude. I felt too self-conscious and said can't I wear something sheer or something, and my underwear? and he said okay.

Katie being topless out in the ocean is like a nod to Marla Perky Tits. Marla tried to frame me with the U.S. and asked me to spy for her but I thought she meant just investigate some things personally like personal investigation stuff...keep an eye out about so-and-so and tell me such-and-such. I didn't have a problem with that because even a house employee could do that much and I was working as Donald's assistant (so he said). She had her son or relative there and they taped my agreement and then they kept the tape and tried to blackmail people with it. She said, "Call me at this number" and gave me a phone number, after Donald Trump had given me a heart necklace from Tiffany's, and then when I did, police showed up and said, "We got a report of telephonic harassment from Marla Maples. Are you HARASSING MARLA MAPLES???" The cops were all dirty and corrupt and wanted to try to get anything on me after the FBI fucked up big.

I was totally shocked. I called her one time and she had sent the police out. Then I was in Russia later and Putin saw my necklace but didn't steal it from me and then I met Angela Merkel and she stole it from me. She said, "Did you get it?" and had this horrible glare and smirk at me and the only thing I had done in Russia was sign some document Putin gave me for a visa of some kind to be in the country. It's possible she was referring to that document maybe, but she stared at my necklace like Ursulla the Octopus from The Little Mermaid.

Marla knew, and had been on safari with Janet Bechtold's traveling mother and her women friends (OSU professor connected and otherwise) who liked to ride elephants, etc. She tried to ruin my standing at OSU as well as socially and it is very possible since Ivana did know Marla, that all of them were involved in trying to ruin my life. Marla was also partly involved in being in that location for the diamond industry (Africa or whatever). She was having illegal diamonds delivered to her. One of Barak's cousins was helping her with that. They all had links to Barak Obama and FBI. Obviously. There were a few black people who were nice and saw through what was being done to me and they acted like they wanted to help me but it is possible they just expected others to use me and get what they wanted. The same African relatives who were hunting in the woods to murder me with a Robert jr. around, were also helping Marla Maple finance Katie Middleton, and it put all of them in a position of having motives to defame me and try to kill me, and they didn't care if I was degraded and raped or electrocuted by the FBI either. I had to go to a diamond mine with them and everything. They chained me up and forced me to work like one of the slaves there, "looking for diamonds". Literally. In a full-blown African diamond mine. It was like another way to degrade me after I'd picked out a heart-shaped diamond ring for myself with Prince Charles. They all decided if I was reporting pedophilia, they'd make me suffer and punish me every way they think of.

The FBI thought it was great to electrocute me over Donnie Brasco. They claimed it was to get confessions from others, but it was a lie. The FBI just wanted any excuse to torture me. They were also mad at me for not agreeing to be flown to other countries to obtain DNA samples secretly and bring them to the FBI without a warrant.

So...let's think about this one shall we? Barak Obama's family was smuggling diamonds out of Africa for the U.S. and Middletons, and what job did FBI agent Rick Baken have? Diamond expert. How fucking convenient. So basically the FBI's Julia Thornton, who was taking pedophile photos of me in Chicago and knew Barak Obama's friend "Frank", knew Laura Laughlin who knew Donnie Brasco and mob circles, and they already knew Rick Baken who knew where the illegal diamond industry came from--Barak Obama and his family and some Marla Maples and Bechtolds.

Like my son and I had a chance with those fuckers who also support the British royals, the Middleton drug runners and some of the Ukraine-Russian German interests, not to mention a few French and Canadians. So when I was forced to work in a diamond pit, I was chained up, given a pick-ax, and no water or food. That was Barak Obama's family's idea of revenge.

So what doctor does the full-body MRI of me in Maryland and which Barak friend takes me to the black woman doctor who orders it for Barak and the FBI? Alvaro Pardo. Alvaro Pardo, Barak Obama's personal friend, who got me into a hospital after being assaulted by U.S. military technology, to bleed without stopping, and then made sure the doctor was a black woman who knew Barak and who would work with the FBI to again invade my privacy and order full-body MRIs from head-to-toe when I was under anaesthesia. Alvaro Pardo thought maybe he'd just duck out then, after having a look. The same FBI that assaulted me and did full-body MRIs of me as a pre-teen, did it again when they were using Pardo and all of them know Barak Obama and what illegal businesses he's been in and they maybe thought they'd just "check" to what? Make sure I didn't have any 'diamonds' tucked away in my body somewhere? This is after they implanted me with microchips and began torturing me by remote access to them and tracked me.

Did Katie get her video tapes about how Robert Garrett jr. did everything for her and loved her and everything he did he did for her?

How about Charles.

The U.S. obviously has my son thinking and looking like he's working in Obama's fucking diamond pit. Who else is involved in the diamond industry and has been torturing me? Jews. Why would Chris Dabney mock me with a whole Charles routine, and say "I love you" when he was lying and try to have me killed--why do all that as the (gen.3) abuser unless he already was related to the (gen.2) abuser and connected to FBI and those trying to murder me. One of the individuals who stood over me and mocked me when I was at the African diamond pit was George Bechtold.

After I was in Donald Trump's house, living there as his assistant for a short time, and with a Dicksie once showing up there having to go without a bra too because that's how he wanted it, I was then forced to be in Dan Gatti's house. I think it was really possibly Dan Gatti. It was smaller and darker and I was told the same things and I said I wanted to at least wear a bathrobe.

As for one of the Judges who was bribed, even though I met him later under other conditions, I think ONE of them was possibly Erik Lund's dad, which is strange because Robin Bechtold's family was not exactly on his side potentially. Erik and Robin ended up best friends with their families as best friends and yet I think it's possible one of the Judges who was blacklisted had Bechtold working against him. The other odd thing is that he died shortly after I was introduced to him when I was older, when I was 16 or 17. A few years later, he was dead.

Robin Bechtold was really excited that the Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall fell, like his own family had taken part in a personal triumph when his Dad was a criminal and Robin was trying to assault me next. They'd tried to murder me as well as helped Barak Obama, Bushes (I and II, which is why Robin loves living in Texas), and Clinton. What a good feeling he had to take me with him to the OSU campus when I was older and parade me around knowing how his family had screwed me over, and go to offices there to get recommendations for college.

With Donnie Brasco it says John Connolly worked with him and that's an Irish name. I met both of them. They had me staying in their apartment and it was Connolly who introduced me to Brasco because Connolly knew Whitey (James Bulger, another FBI agent). Connolly called me "Good Luck" and said it was "good luck" to have me there and Brasco was more of a bully. They had me sleeping there overnight and in their beds and then wanted me to pretend to be someone's underage girlfriend and serve drinks. The FUCKING FBI used me, and put my life in danger deliberately, because they thought it would give THEM a better cover. I used to sing, get this--I sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" there for this FBI American-Irish punk Connolly and then the FBI, when they didn't kill me, had me raped by Barak Obama and then they were taking me to a Boston Sox game after I was forced to be the electric bridge between Obama and Robert Garrett, and were ejaculating into socks.

The Irish and FBI Italians worked for Katie fucking Middleton and Obama. Bush was completely involved as well, through Bechtolds and others. Gary Middleton gave my Dad posters, one with a rainbow design on it, after I was raped and electrocuted and this is all after Robert decided to make a "just-in-case" video life story tape for Katie Middleton. Going into the big pizza parlor Katie. I just want you to know I love you. Going to be around lots of Italian bosses Katie, for the fucking FBI that serves your shitty white ass, but I want you to know I do everything for you. Maybe he gave the tapes to Laura Ingraham so she could send them over. It was where we went after he made his "CEM-Katie, everything I do I do it for you" tapes. I believe they were in the bag with the money he dropped off for Laura and that location was in Iraq. He made it look like he was going there so I could maybe get "help" from a reporter and instead it was an excuse to deliver tapes to Middleton through Laura Ingraham at a U.S. Army base, and she (Laura) later participated in having me raped and electrocuted.

The other person connected to John Connolly and Joe Pistone (who was "Donnie Brascoe) was Josh Gatov.

He didn't just start saying "Cam" or "Cem" in the tapes. He started out with something like "This is for Kay-,ahem, I mean CEM" and then he gave sort of a nod like he was talking to a little kid and letting them know he was trying to make a secret cover. Then the whole time he wasn't even talking to me. When I said why are you calling me Cam when you never do, he wanted to ignore my question and then he got irritated. Basically, what the message turns out to be, is all of his ejaculating all over my back was for Katie Middleton. All of his passing me around to get "married" to other men with Mike Middleton was for Katie. Having Seamus Hainey come to my house to assault me sexually and tell me he was writing a translation of Beowulf, was for Katie. All of the electrocution of me was for Katie. Having me constantly tortured through U.S. Army contacts, was for Katie. Having FBI set me up to be murdered was for Katie. If he died trying to kill me in a mobster house, it was for Katie. Chaining me to a bed and having people electrocute me while I was chained up, was for Katie. Trafficking me and cutting me and breaking my legs and neck and you-name-it, it was all for Katie. Don't tell me he was making a video series about his life and what he was trying to do for "Cem", all for me, when he was degrading me with masturbating all over me and having other FBI and police and military do the same. So if that was all for Katie, what he and some of my family did to me, with 3 generations of assaults against me and U.S. conspiracy to harm me and degrade me, don't tell me they care about my son Oliver. Any abuse to him is also "for Katie" and maybe to reduce my son so Katie's kids can look "better" and have "better chances".

The FBI all the way around, set up rapes and murders and you're going to tell me, when every person that tries to expose this is murdered, they're good people?

I was brought around Rick Baken when he was working in the diamond industry in Vegas as a diamond dealer because of fucking Barak Obama's illegal diamond trafficking with his relatives. Rick Baken's family already knew my mother's family because his father was an FBI agent before he was. Every person involved in trying to defame me over Bujanda and Garza was FBI connected to this and to prior Donnie Brasco and Connolly and Whitey events, and they'd already attempted to use me and then murder me. I also saw some of the illegal diamond industry going to Israel. Which figures, doesn't it? Since Katie Middleton is a Jew and her uncle is a Jew and Robert Garrett jr. is a Jew, and Barak Obama is a Jew. Goldsmith (Gary) and Daniel, his friend, were hands-on in illegal diamonds. Daniel was a professional illegal diamond-dealer. They were telling Africans and blacks if you send us the diamonds, we'll promote people to high positions and give you favors back. I heard that in negotiations so many times I once said it to someone myself after escaping from being chained up in the diamond pit. They had left me there. I was working all day in this fucking African diamond hole. That is also when they started calling me "A hole". I had a padlock around my ankle and a chain in a chain-gang line-up and only one person had the key. So basically I was both locked up as a slave to work without food or water in an African diamond pit so royals and Barak Obama could feel avenged for my reporting pedophilia, and then they had me locked up at the ankle and forced to either let U.S. government and other men be around me in a sexual way or I had to stay locked in a closet.

If you think the U.S. was not really trying to assassinate me, hmmm....did they really try to electrocute me and rape me and sodomize me? Well they did try and they succeeded, so don't ever think it was just a "test" or a "joke" or "a spy exercise" that they tried multiple times to kill me.

Maybe we could all ask why I was being asked to French-kiss Diana Spencer and then French-kiss FBI agent Julia Thornton. It wasn't a cordial kiss, it was tongue-in-mouth French-kissing and then in a CPS visit with my son Oliver, I gave him a kiss on the cheek to see him and he pushed me over to the ground and I thought he was playing and he got over me and started French-kissing me. Who would teach my son to do that, in front of the FBI's Anne Crane?

The fucking FBI.

It started out with Diana Spencer saying, "Do you think you could show me how Charles kisses you?" and I said what do you mean and she said, "Well, kiss me the way he kisses you and I'll tell you if it's close". So I did since she called it "acting" and just pretend and she said that's pretty good and then she started teaching me how to do other things. I thought, "I'm not exactly sure what she is doing." Then the next time was with FBI's Julia Thornton taking kid-porn photos of me and wanting me to kiss her and then they had my mother French-kiss me in China after we were both given high doses of opium and that was with Robert Mueller, who became FBI Director, and James Comey, who also became FBI director, there.

I'm not a fan of the FBI's Pedophilia Training at Quant-I-cum. The FBI is 100% responsible for ALL damages done to my son Oliver. The other woman who was involved in French-kissing was Carol fucking Middleton. She and Diana wanted to know how I thought Mike Middleton kissed differently from Charles. Carol was as mean as all-get-out. By the time I met Donald Trump I started wondering if the women topless and French-kissing ideas were for having lesbians around some of these men and I was never into that. Even though I showed them, for pretend, or when drugged, I wasn't a lesbian and I didn't want to be in lesbo-mix-up circles like the FBI wanted me to be in as a kid. Yeah. As a KID. Then there were the CIA Jews who worked for the CIA as it turned out and they had been trying to have me photographed and noticed at "swingers bars" they went to, to make me look trashy too.

I had extreme levels of talent and the U.S. decided they felt jealous about that and couldn't let me turn into a professional because they wanted to degrade me into looking like nothing but a slut that could make money off of.

Then they kidnapped my son and had him throwing up in visits, showing up with mutiliated and discolored genitals, black eyes, teeth knocked out, ear problems, shoes too tight for his feet, shoes on backwards, smelling of permanent hair solution from his breath, and pushing me over to French kiss me in front of people, with no care that people were watching him French kiss me. That says the FBI was using him for more of their fucking, disgusting "ejaculate all over kids" kid porn. They also wanted me to see him beat up and harmed and not be able to do anything about it. They had Michelle Erickson, whose family has been in the U.S. military kid-porn business for decades, lying about me, along with other visitation monitors who did the same. Sue was involved in forcing kids into dog cages with the CASA worker Susan and bondage and torture of children, and Anne Crane participated in electrocuting me with a metal band that conducted electricity around my head, inside of Seattle FBI offices. All of them, abuse, torture, sodomize, rape, and photograph children naked. Wenatchee's CPS ring is like one of the FBI's pedophile-training hubs where they kidnap kids and use proven and tested criminals to torture children and cover for each other. Who is doing the so-called "background checks" of all future Presidents? The FBI. So the rest of the U.S. makes sure they get FBI directors in who are known pedophiles and murderers first.

The other thing about diamonds and Katie Middleton. I was told to pick out a diamond ring for myself, but it was after I had reported Charles. I'm pretty sure it was afterwards and not before. So I did like the heart one but I had Robert Garrett jr. programming me at my house in Moses Lake extensively first, to choose one like it. So where Elizabeth and some others suggested maybe a smaller one or less expensive one, I had it programmed into my brain that the heart one was the important one, that meant "love". Well, it was purchased and put into a vault for "later" but then later, one day someone said to me, "It's not for you anymore." I said, "It was bought for me and I was the one who was told to pick it out" and it was Diana Spencer who stood in front of the vault and said, "It's not for you anymore." She didn't say it was for Katie but I think others were planning that way. It was bought for me as a gift. I was told, "It's yours but you can have it when you're older." Then, like I said, one day Diana stood in front of the vault because I sometimes liked to look at it. She and some others had a key and they would take it out and allow me to look at it occasionally but one day she wouldn't and I had this feeling, "Is Diana going to take it? or did Robert want me to pick it out to give to Katie instead?" I wasn't sure. I wasn't able to look at it anymore though, and the last person I saw in front of the safe guarding it was Diana. I kept saying I wanted to look at it and she said, "You can't look at it right now." I said, "What do you mean?" First she was saying I couldn't look at it right then, and then when I kept saying I wanted to see it she said, "Come back later and look at it" and I said, "But I want to look at it now." Finally she said, "It's not yours anymore" or something and I was confused because I thought, "If my diamond ring isn't in the safe where is it? What does she mean come back later if both of us are standing by the safe right now?" I thought, "Is Katie looking at it?? what's going on?" Well, I guess she didn't say "It's not yours anymore". What she said was come back later and she acted nervous. She was the one who had the key usually but sometimes the Queen did and she said, "If you come back later Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth) will get it out for you." So supposedly I was supposed to say "Okay, I'll come back later" but I got more demanding saying, "I don't WANT to come back LATER when you are here with me NOW! Why do we have to wait for the QUEEN? when you always have the key?" They had said to me that day, "If you want to see the ring, pick a time and come over and we'll get it out." So I realized, "Okay. These hoo-doo voodoo sunsign people want me to pick a time and it's going to be some meaning and symbol over the hour I decide to show up." They were like that sometimes. Signs and wonders and all. So I showed up in the morning. When I got there, Diana was sort of shaking. Like, trembling and looked...hmm, like gusts of wind and little birds were flittering around in her eyes. Slightly nervous or shocked over something. I thought, "What is the big deal today?" Other days it was no big deal. She said, "Come back this afternoon because Queen Elizabeth will get it out for you." That was when I said, "I just came all the way over here and want to see it and now I have to come back later?" Like I said, I was slightly obsessive-compulsive. If there was a time, I was there. If there was a date, I didn't like people moving it around. I stuck to my guns and I didn't like "come back now, come back later, yes now, okay in a little while, now this afternoon." Of course Mt. Angel Abbey knew this too or their HR woman wouldn't have done the same thing to me. So who was her advisor who knew how I responded to Diana really? They just kept records around or something? for eons?

Also, I remember Janet Bechtold's mother and her friends from Africa, including Marla, were looking at a whole bunch of illegal African diamonds. All loose ones. They had this excuse of being "world travelers" when really they were trafficking illegal diamonds.

At one shop in Israel I think (this was way before working at a mall) I was trained to look at diamonds through a scope. Not fully trained, but I was asked what I thought. It is where I met Gary Goldsmith's friend Daniel. I mean, aside from any kind of superfluous hijacking or something. At the very start he was somewhat okay and then I realized, "He hates my guts". He wanted to ask questions and he didn't like my answers. He started talking about the holocaust and what did I think about Jews and I gave an answer that infuriated him. I remember I was coached to say it the way I did too and I later thought, "Did someone coach me to sound so bad so he could ask and then pretend to get mad and tape record me as 'evidence' that I was discriminatory or something?" I thought, "Is this more hate crime inciting work?" Sure enough, he was involved in the rape and electrocution of me. I thought, however, he acts like he was expecting and waiting for this so he's not the one getting mad over it as much as he wants to use it against me with someone. I still knew he hated me and wanted an excuse.

Tonight, several decades since I was attacked on bridges and raped by Barak, I was putting something together and realized out of all the magazines I have (tons) and papers, the ones that happened to be out when I was finished working on a project, were the almost exact same ads as were out almost 2 decades ago. One was by "wayfair" with the line "Make your house a happy one." I noticed it when I walked back into my house after setting some things up and I realized, 'oh my gosh, that is the same ad that I showed a Dicksie and talked to her about before they were trying to kill me with a note in my shirt that said, 'be happy'." I had had something sort of interesting happen and because I was around Diana and some of those people who always talk about signs and symbolic things, I thought, "I have to show my Mom" so I had her go in and I was chatting away about this and that and then said, "And look, then I saw I didn't even try to put it there, but Mom, after I was praying, there was this ad there I saw and it says make your house a happy one (or it said "be happy") and also, I had been thinking maybe I'm not very pretty and was telling God and then I saw it says wayfair and I thought well maybe God is saying I'm pretty after all." I remember I had thought it was so significant and had been praying and then saw a random display of things and it was completely random. So my Mom just got a firmer look on her face and nodded. I am not sure if I said something like "I was asking God which one of us he thinks is best--me, Camilla, Diana or Katie and then I saw this and wondered..." I mean, I have no idea if I possibly could have (I think I may have) said something like that. which would sound horrible but because I was in competition with some of them and they had all this crystal ball stuff going on, and knightly kind of talk (fair Elaine and Lancelot, etc) I was maybe in that mindset. I saw my mother firm up and bristle. I didn't know why and I still don't know. It was almost like she hated hearing me say I'd been praying even.

The next thing I knew is I was being repeatedly sodomized and raped. Also, I had the assassination attempt rock-climbing after the rape by Barak Obama.

Well the weirdest thing is, I know a lot of people deliberately try to recreate and replay events. I've seen it a LOT. What was odd tonight was that I was not praying first at all, but just doing some things and Charles did come to mind when he usually doesn't because I don't think about him, but I was pasting some dahlia flowers into a box and one was lavender and sort of similar (not exact at all) to the flower on his lapel. Well, and then I put part of a Chinese dragon thing with cards into the back because it was just sitting out on the table. I didn't pick it out, it was just there from a New Yorker magazine and I put it in the back and it made me think again about the flag and being under it--that one dance we did. So I went outside in the dark to put up a sign and went back in and that's when I noticed what was facing me from my couch: "Make your house a happy one" and "wayfair". Again. I mean, this is decades later and I wasn't even using that magazine for pasting. I was using it for putting papers down for guinea pigs. So there it was, the same wayfair ad facing me when I was thinking about Charles again briefly for the first time in dozens of years and Dahlias photos by it. what is even more bizarre is that I had gone through and torn out many flowers and sent some to my son and put some in the box and some went on the ground for guinea pig papers and of all things, the one that my eyes fell on was the same one, I believe, from decades ago: "enchantress." Well I just looked at it again and it's from 2010 so the other one must have enchanted or something. It was almost a same idea of a name and I had shown my Mom because I thought the whole thing in my house was so strange. As for the wayfair ad it was wayfair or another ad that said both "fair" on it and something about be happy. I remember it as wayfair and being exactly the same or almost exactly because I remember what I told my Mom. I have to put this in another post because it doesn't go with the rest of this. The thing is, the first time if someone heard me talk, not my Mom, they might think I sounded like I was reading too much into something. My Mom thought it was serious or she wouldn't have acted how she did. However, for the exact same scenario, dozens of years later when I have about 50 magazines in my house and just happened to have these ones out, after rummaging randomly though my house looking for something I thought I'd lost, it's a very strange reoccurance. There were several kinds of flowers out of course, and on the other side of the wayfair ad was a swan island dahlia order form. No other magazines were around and then a half of an orange dahlia which was also there dozens of years before, somehow, randomly, and then I had numbers out and one was an orange 1 and the other was a black O.

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