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Torture In South Taxi Cab (military) and Premeditated Rape

I had to get a taxi from Coos Bay today and a whole bunch of horrific programming the U.S. military and their mafia did on me, while I was in their area as a kid, was replayed again.  They used all the same triggers, the same people, and the same things to get the same reactions out of me, which was very clearly from being programmed to repeat exactly what I did in the same way.

The U.S. military used the same guy, "John", who is retired or active Marines, to replay all the same things from before, and a black man from Yellow Taxi before that, the same woman outside of the Mills Casino waiting next to the same man in the same truck.  The same black woman who is maybe Hispanic or knows Spanish or something and drives a large black SUV, and she stood outside talking to the same clerk or employee from the casino.

Not only that, I was tortured in the taxi to the back of my head and I remember the last time I was in a taxi with him (last time it was a Moon taxi I think) the same kind of military targeting of my head was done in his car.  It was done with a sharp pressure to the back top area of my head in the center.  Not only that, about 3 or 4 days ago, for a week, in addition to tampering with my chin to cause disfiguration, the U.S. military was targeting the back of my head, and my entire head did not just hurt, it was extremely sore and then I noticed it had been "flattened".

It is flattened into an egg shape on the back of my head.  Basically, my head or skull, which was rounded in the back before, was flattened only the circumference and shape of an egg or oval, and in the center of my head.

Who was wearing eggs on her head from France?  Katie Middleton.  So someone thought it was maybe funny to flatten my head, after I called the FBI's Alvaro Pardo a "flat-head" into an egg shape

It was extreme pain and pressure and some kind of military targeting and sharp feeling to the back of my head for over a week and at the same time my eyes were sunken and sucked back into their sockets more than usual, which I've noticed happened to a Dicksie before, more than once..

I also told him about how a Robert was coaching me to say things a certain way with toys before I went to Diana's in England and was coached to say things that made it sound like I was trying to sodomize or suggesting this of William.  But it wasn't like Robert was trying to coach me a certain to frame Diana or me.  Believe me, Diana Spencer knew ahead of time.  100%.  I can tell how I know this is the truth.

I can't say who was blackmailing who to do it, or whether both parties wanted to out of a feeling they should get something on me to protect their pedophilia and knowledge of it.  With William, I never showed one single mean streak or jealousy or anything unusual and never once thought of a baby as a threat at all. 

I have this funny idea, what if Edward of Wales (Albert's brother) had babies by other women when he had all of his flings, and what if..well, who knows what all of the motives and fears are.

Also, an aside, is that I never called Diana "Princess Diana".  Ever.  It was always "Diana" or I heard some call her "Lady Diana" and I used to say, "that lady Diana" before she was married to Charles.  Princess Michael I always knew or heard of as "Princess Michael" or "Val".  Diana called her Princess Michael sometimes.

One day, back home from England, after I'd made my police report to London, Robert programmed me.  One of the Roberts did.  I don't remember if this was around the time he was crying first or if he was mad, but he got out these two different kinds of toys or they weren't toys, just objects.  I was forced to repeatedly say and learn the same things over and over.  So when I saw these objects, my response was to say specific phrases, and when I was programmed and brainwashed to do this, it was with the idea of a reward (feeling appreciated or something) that went with it.

What was odd about it was that I am pretty sure if involved a wood pole or small stick of some kind, and another object that was round where I was told to "push it through" and things.

I was not shown any kind of a blindfold, that I remember, or told what to say about one, but it's possible that we did this to one of our dogs.  I mean, I think we tied something around one of the shelties faces, or someone did, and then I would say, "He doesn't like it, let's take it off."  I know the dogs didn't like it.  And of course I could see William didn't like the blindfold sleeping mask over his eyes either.

Everything from being coached and programmed routinely about how to respond to a dog being blindfolded, to a separate repeated session involving two different instruments (I was told they were special puzzles), was part of serious heavy core brainwashing of me.  Probably the dog that was blindfolded for this routine was maybe Tory, a sable sheltie that was male which we had for a long time and then he disappeared.  I would have said, "He doesn't like it" because he was our only male dog and I knew which of our dogs was female or male of course.  I'm positive.  The dog was blindfolded for part of this.

This is also why I know Diana had to have known because why else would she have never brought anything to the bed for nap with the baby before, until after I got this brainwashing done to me?  It was only after constant tested programming of me, that she then brought out a blindfold and blindfolded William.

I didn't know what I was getting set-up or framed for until after the whole nap-time with William was over, because I had no way of knowing why my Dad was coaching me to do things.  I think my Mom was around for the dog blindfolding part but mostly my Dad kept telling me to do the puzzle right and how the "pieces fit together".

When I ended up at Diana's next, with William there, she did something different.  She brought out a blindfold and put it over William.  She had also brought some "toys" to the bed that were like the objects my Dad used to program me with but his were not toys, and more like larger things used and then the toys were some kind of smaller thing that looked like kid size.  I saw the blindfold and his reaction and from there, I was triggered to say exactly what I'd said at home about the objects, when Diana showed them to me.

At one brief moment she looked scared because I said one small thing that was not perfectly adding up.  But then when I followed through with the rest, she got a mean smirk on her face of sort of revenge satisfaction and then pretended to be upset and took William away from me.

Even though I'd been programmed and then it was just then reintroduced to me, I was able to think about it because of her revengeful smirk and realize, she is glad because I just got set up about something, but what?  I thought back about my words and the baby and then realized, "Oh my gosh, to someone just listening, they would think I was trying to sodomize the baby or have him do something to me."  It sounded sexual, not like talking about playing.

I got back home and was just shocked and realized, as one of the Dicksies was in the kitchen one day, I said, "You set me up didn't you."   She said what? and I said, shaking, "All of the times you put the blindfold on the dog and then Diana did that with William..." she cut me off and got rigid and hostile saying I don't know what you're talking about.  She was suddenly very defensive and cold.  I knew.  I knew a Dicksie had deliberately coached me on what to say, along with a Robert, to set me up to sound like a pedophile and sexually knowledgeable, while in a bed with baby William.

Later, when Harry was born, Charles brought in William to see me and then held Harry back from me as if I was a danger to infants.

Mike Middleton, Gary Goldsmith, and Robert Garrett and the rest did this to me, knowing they would use it as an excuse to incite hatred against me and have gangs of U.S. and UK government attack me by repeatedly sodomizing me with poles and sticks, electrocuting me, and raping me.

The little "L" on the plates for Katie Middleton's wedding car, from her perspective, are "7" which was the sum of the house number where her parents and gangsters premeditated electrocuting me and raping me by Barak Obama.

Barak Obama also knew Larry, the black man from Moses Lake who was tied into police there, and Larry was present in Ireland when I was taken to a house there and interrogated, and he left and went in a car driven by Mike Middleton.  I know Obama knew Larry because I was once in a car with both of them in the front seat and it was not a good experience.  The only way I can positively link Obama to Larry is through that car drive, and because he was present at a Christmas gathering at our house in Moses Lake once (both of them were).  I also saw Larry with Mike Middleton, Obama with Gary Goldsmith, and Carol Middleton with Obama.

Not only was I suddenly targeted to be passed around to a bunch of groups to be attacked physically and tortured, which never really quit, I had some group thinking it was also funny to pass me around to different houses to live at, and the same thing has been attempted with college, by trying to make it look like I have 5 or more colleges I attended, which doesn't look good for any college student.  I was also being passed from one person to be date-raped to the next, after I was age 24.

(I had spaces between paragraphs but someone just changed the formatting to have all of the paragraphs run together at 1:54 p.m. and then after posting that, the next time I published and this screen came up someone changed it to double-space between paragraphs, and it's not me doing that.)

In the car Larry went to, it was Mike Middleton, James Dilby (who is MI5, and told me so), James Cartright I think or Leon Panetta.  There were 3 different vehicles that all of the men who had been in the house unloaded to and Mike Middleton wasn't there but he showed up with Dilby in a black car.

So it was basically like when the black SUV showed up at the house where the UK and FBI premeditated having me raped by Obama and electrocuted by him and a Robert, to pick people up even though the driver Bill, Forrest Tancer, and the other woman hadn't been in the house.

This country has been setting up false and criminal pretexts against me since I was a kid, to ruin my life.

Why am I walking to town everyday and living in a mobile trailer when the drug dealer/pedophile/electrocutionists who also illegally tried to frame me as guilty of things I didn't do, so I'd be attacked, getting "jobs" with the royals to Lord it over England and the U.S. and the U.S. hired all of the ones who attacked me for their FBI Directors and Presidents?

Not only that, the United States has been officially commemorating the occasion of my being raped and electrocuted by a Robert Jr. and Obama, by permanently injuring me in one way or another, around Christmas, and they've done it going off of Katie Middleton's wedding dress neckline design with the arrows, because I told Robert Garrett Jr. and everyone else who happened to hear, how I had memorized the house number for the house where I was raped and electrocuted by Obama with some of the English there (Diana and Carol Middleton) and a bunch of U.S. people.

Get this straight.  The U.S. FBI PREMEDITATED my being raped and electrocuted and had already practiced electrocuting me in their offices.

Then later people like Janet Bechtold were mocking and saying in a too-sweet voice, "How sad you are HOMELESS Cameo."

The U.S. and England and Canada are controlled by a regime.  It is a regime that must be overthrown for good.  My life in the U.S. has been like that of someone persecuted under a bad Shah or a criminal dictator.  No normal kind of country coordinates repeated horrific crimes of torture, for decades, against someone who was just a kid they hated, for whatever reason.  Even to defend themselves from my accusations of pedophilia, obviously, this was not taking the high road.  This has been illegal and constant torture intended to either kill me or drive me to suicide.

The hate crimes and torture against my son have been for the same motive as it's been for me:  Hate.
  They hate him only because he's genetically related to me.  The same criminals who have oppressed me and stayed in power at the top and controlled all intelligence groups, torture him.  They kidnapped him from me, and illegally kidnapped him and this country is so corrupt, they made it appear "legal" when all of them know it's not, and as many of them that know it is a fraudulent CPS case and that my son is a hostage, also know the house number and address where I was raped and electrocuted by Obama and Robert Garrett and had to witness them masturbating as well. 
That is just one of several government-coordinated crimes against me.

I don't trust my own family with my son, for a good reason, and I don't have a solid reason to believe I am actually related.  When I have a Dicksie blindfolding the dog and then a Robert coaching me about "putting the pieces together so they fit" and then setting me up with Diana to sound like a sicko so they can feel "safe" getting people organized to torture me without accountability, I have a reason to not want them around my son.  I don't want Levi, my "brother", around my son either.  I believe he is working for the corrupt group and has been since he was a teen trying to kill me like the rest of them. 

I demand the return of my son to me.  He has been a hostage ever since he was kidnapped by corrupt U.S. and Canadian officials, one Canadian official who I had already met and been assaulted by, Ross, who was also present in the U.S. Pentagon helicopter during an attempted assassination of me.
Why someone named "Ross"?  To chime with "Rosco"?

Not only that, with the entire premeditated attempt to portray me as a horrific girl, who was so "evil" they wanted to say was interested in sodomizing or sexually molesting a "royal baby", they later went from their deliberate premeditated crimes there, to trying to back it up by later asking me to do something to my brother with a rod of some kind, for a 'medical reason' as they had a military man standing there videotaping it.  I said, "What is he doing here?" and "Why is he here?"  He was there to claim he was a witness I guess and videotape and take photos, to take out of context for purposes of trying to prove "that's how she is".  This resulted in further gang rape (by sodomy) of me by U.S. and UK officials.

I reported Charles and the whole world decided to torture me for the rest of my life.  So they could get rich from pedophiles and acts of torture.

So why would a couple of priests from Mt. Angel sodomize me and torture me?  Fr. Bonaventure died right after, within a couple of years and he was someone I was going to try to use as a witness.  The other one is still alive, and still supporting Katie Middleton because I haven't heard of any confessions or apologies to me from Mt. Angel Abbey and I haven't even made police reports about their priests yet.

Another thing done to try to turn things around and blame the victim, is one time, in the U.S., after I'd reported Charles, I was forced to go to a hotel and have all this make-up on as a kid and be there alone wearing a flimsy nightgown thing.  They had me made up to look like a child prostitute in a sleazy hotel room and then they had some guy to the place who I was just told was a friend and he ran out and they had programmed me to run after this man because they first made me do this with Robert Garrett Jr. several times. So they programmed me and forced me to repeat a scenario over and over with Robert and then replaced him with some other man and put all this make up on me too and had me wearing something.  They forced me to say specific things and then they had a police car outside of the place, watching for me so they could take photos of me looking like a child prostitute when I wasn't and when I didn't do anything.  One of the men they had go in, was pre-planned, and he was a cop too, and even though I had not done anything and had not agreed to do anything that in my understanding was of that nature, he lied and accused me of "prostitution" and then had me outside of the hotel to be photographed and disgraced looking like a prostitute.  Then they used this to claim to have a reason to press charges against me when they didn't.  I remember he even tried to get me to agree to something, and even with my being programmed, I refused or did something he didn't like, so he lied anyway.

These corrupt police then kept a record and photos of me when I was a pre-teen or slightly younger than that, and used it in internal defamation of me whenever they wanted to lie and discredit me and disparage my character by calling me a "prostitute".

It was after forcing me to do this, they attempted to lure Gary Ridgway to murder me and Gary told me they'd put a hit on me.  Jones?  and West?  and George Bechtold?  yeah.  Cops.  And Mary Anne McIntosh?  his mother-in-law and a lawyer, Attorney General for the State of Washington. 

The Wenatchee police later tried to update their defamation and harassment of me by having Alvaro Pardo, who was FBI, accuse me of being a prostitute for going to the Coast Hotel to use wi-fi upstairs in their lobby.  He said police told him this.  Then police in Wenatchee told me not to go there and accused me of prostitution again when I'd done nothing of the sort.

Even Canada attempted to try to get me to do something, and used cops connected to the U.S. and of course I refused.  All of the lies were to protect government pedophiles and child abusers.

When Richard Whittemore and the Abbey offered me money, they knew I didn't remember being sodomized and violently assaulted by their own Abbot and priest.  My complaint against them was for improper and illegal use of police to defame me by making me sound dangerous and criminal and harassing me and giving me false citations.  I had not talked to anyone about being sodomized by their people because I had pushed it from my memory and didn't think about it or connect them to the same monastery and Abbey where this had occurred from.  The offer was conditional and they said I had to sign a statement promising never to talk about the offer, and I would sign away my right to ever sue them for anything again in the future, and to never "annoy" them in any way in the future.  This was their form of confidentiality agreement.

I had no idea they were wanting me to sign a document promising never to mention violent sodomy by their priests.

I asked for $20,000 more than $40,000 they offered.  I considered all of the damage they'd already done and how much I'd lost and it was a very modest estimate and for signing away all of my rights, I thought it should not be a problem.  They refused and decided that since I didn't remember being sodomized, they'd risk it.  They took it to court, choosing to further traumatize a victim, and worked with Jews at Willamette Week to defame me and disparage my character.  They also did this with the idea of England in mind because I think they knew it would satisfy some of them to have a crazy article written about "what happened when Cameo fell for a monk".  Let's not mention Prince Charles.  Or sodomy by priests.  Let's just minimize this to a crazy woman "falling for a monk".  The FBI wanted it that way because they were guilty of setting me up for premeditated rape and electrocuting me in their offices.  The FBI is not the 'friend of children'.  The FBI worked with clergy and others guilty of violent assaults of kids, to limit and cover their damages, because the FBI didn't want the public knowing how they were participating.

I got to the Archdiocese Bankruptcy case and was one of the persons who had a claim.  Because it was getting close to dividing up assets and deciding the victims were compensated for damages, and because they felt I didn't remember being sodomized by Fr. Bonaventure and the other priest, or any of the other incidents at the Abbey, they worked with the FBI and police and Judge Warren to have my car stolen from me to block me from traveling to my lawsuits and to college.

I had no car and no transportation.  The groups responsible were FBI, police, and lawyers for the Jews and the clergy cases.

The sex abuse advocacy group, SNAP, the minute they decided I really didn't remember I had been physically assaulted and not just harassed with other later criminal actions, became hostile to me saying, "YOU weren't SEXUALLY ASSAULTED and the OTHERS WERE."

SNAP acted like a pretend-advocate group which amounted to the PLF for the lawyers licensed to practice in the State of Oregon.  They were a discovery and liability reduction group for the offenders.

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