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"Distinctly Abnormal" Baby? Father Paves Precedent for Murdering Babies

This man who wants to disconnect his wife's life support and kill the baby has lawyers claiming the baby is "distinctly abnormal"?


If he is going to be bold enough to take it to public court and gather publicity about it, the public should have access to the medical records.

I sort of understand, and I'm sympathetic to the idea of a private case where the records are sealed, but obviously, someone got media attention for this, and they've indulged in interviews.  It's not fair to them if it's all photography from media against their wishes but they never went to the judge to ask for a court order to stop photos.

On behalf of saving my son, I went to the court and asked that our own photos, evidence of torture, be made public so people knew what CPS was doing to my child.

If it seems to be a medical "experiment", and I would reason, well, if she would die naturally and the baby would naturally die with her, then it's allowing nature to take its course, then I understand.  I see both sides.  However, someone kept her alive and I don't think it was just the hospital at the time of the problem.  In the case where they went this long keeping the mother alive, to now just arbitrarily end the life of the baby doesn't seem rational or in keeping with the laws which state "Murder or assault of an unborn fetus is the same weight as murder of the woman".  So basically, if someone murders me when I'm pregnant, that means they didn't just murder me, they murdered a second life too, that of the baby.

If someone purposefully harms me with INTENT to murder my unborn baby, that is also murder.  The United States deliberately put a HIT on MY unborn baby.  I did not abort my baby and I did not choose to have some form of harm done to it.  What occured was not normal or natural in any hospital setting and the unborn baby was fully normal without any defects at all.  I viewed the baby myself and there was ZERO deformity.

So if the U.S. thinks they can just put HITs on fetuses, don't you think claiming it's justified to end a growing baby's life if it's 'abnormal' is another way for CIA and Pentagon and NASA CONS and hitmen to find excuses for justifying why they might murder babies?

"Oh, it would have been abnormal anyway".  I'm very sure any hitman could try to justify murder by making this claim.  In FACT, this fucker CIA RAT-HOLE Chris Dabney made that claim to me.

Chris Dabney said to me, "It probably would have been deformed".

Okay.  I have ALARM BELLS going off when I hear the "father" is claiming "oh, it probably would have been deformed" when really, he just didn't want to pay child support on a kid.  He did not even pay one single medical bill I incurred over the pregnancy and complications from it, and in fact, had me FIRED from my security of a job.  He did THIS while being EMPLOYED by the U.S. government and while dating:

1.  A Mossad bitch, and
2.  A CIA bitch, and
3.  A JAG (Navy) bitch

How do I know he was dating all of these women?  Because 1., he told me he was dating the Jewish woman and her contacts were to both Mossad and Virginia Falls CIA, and 2.  his "confidante" who he slept with, "Nikki", who was a CRACKPOT whore that abused U.S. privileges, lied about me to U.S. assets using her pseudo-degree in psychology to do so, and also drugged me and set me up to be abused by men while incapacitated because she was a jealous slutty bitch that shagged every fucking Ausssie and U.S. Pentagon or Department of Justice man who was at least 5'5" and wore pants.  And #3, I saw Chris paying for drinks for a JAG lawyer, which means Navy military lawyer, who didn't like me and just spied on me from her bench while she knew I was already pregnant.  Which is fine, if she wanted to fuck him, but what I'm saying, is she fucked him more than once while being employed with all of the Pentagon colors and brats supporting her.   That's not to mention his mother's neighbor who was either a black whore for the CIA or the FBI who made a bunch of comments to me on my way out the door, a bunch of dying, 'so sorry' "Titanic's going down bitch" comments.

So who had motives to murder my unborn child?

1.  The Pentagon
2.  The CIA
3.  Mossad

and why don't we throw in a few femmes on scooters for the FBI.  Not to mention the fact, the biological father "Chris" was making dismissive comments about the right to life of the unborn by saying "It would probably have been deformed".  Where did he get that idea?  Did he and his SLUT bitch Nikki try to claim I drank too much alchohol so they were justified in putting a hit on the baby?  I'm sure she did, because she started making claims as if she was the parental control  when she was the immoral whore setting me up tobe raped.  I'm sorry, but any Double D woman who is slugging beer over the counter in thick glasses while she goes home to her apartment room that's filled with books about "fairies" and the occult, is a fucking NUT.  Oh yeah, and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" because Ho-Jo wants to be a "Little Woman" with a diamond.  I had a couple of glasses of white wine while pregnant, which is what EVERY FUCKING NORMAL FRENCH WOMAN might do, and then I quit entirely and had water, and these assholes who work for the fucking intelligence Baby-Killer Squad decided to put a hit on my baby with the excuse and justification it "might not be normal" because Ho-Jo was lying about me while fucking every soldier with frequent flyer miles from San-Fucking-Diego.  Not to mention the animosity of the Mossad-Squad.

I saw the baby myself when it was born and it was 100% normal and developed very-well for age.  There was nothing wrong with the heartbeat or sonograms either.  The only thing I noticed was that one of those black doctors marked it on the face before giving it to me.  One of the big Nigerian thugs who is part of illegal diamond smuggling I'm sure, along with the Mossad squad.  It was them and mean Eastern Indian doctors.  But there was nothing wrong with the baby.

So when I hear about some case, where the guy is saying he wants to cut life support for his kid, because his "wife is brain-dead" it sounds to me like a mother-fucking-military move to me.  YOU FUCKERS.

Basically, they would love to have that precedent because then the military and CIA can say if a 'wife' is "mentally ill" the father has the right to terminate an unborn child's life.  Anyone who is making "body alive but brain is distinctions" like this, is also going to try to extend it to loser analogies about "body alive but brain is mentally  ill, i.e. incapacitated or incompetent analogies.

Next, it won't be just men stealing the property that belonged to their "mentally ill" wife as they did in the day (1900s and earlier and even now), it will be stealing the life of a child from a woman deemed to be mentally ill.

I say fuck this father.  I don't like him one bit.  He is far too smug for being someone who is distressed.  Not only that, I don't think he's just thinking about his own life and this wife and unborn child.  He's making a game out of it, which I find as highly distasteful as his ugly black and grey pin-striped fucking shirt.

I think Texas hospital should say "Fuck you, we're taking it to the Supreme Court".  Why?  Because their duty is to protect life, not kill it.  And if the unborn baby is that 'distinctly abnormal' nature would take its case and have expelled the fetus, or it would do so in time.  I have heard and read about far too many reports where someone claims something is wrong with the baby when it turns out NOTHING is wrong and it's born normal.

Even down to the DNA testing.  There are plenty of cases of "It has autosomal chromosome disorder" or whatever and supposedly someone is expecting a Downs Syndrome baby and then it's born and... no disorder at all.

There are too many assholes in the world looking for excuses to murder unborn babies, like the United States God-Damn government.

It's pretty much like the U.S. deliberately wanted their employee Dabney to rape me and then also wanted to murder the baby too to cause more suffering for me.  All this country has done, is create trauma.  I hate Dabney, but I would never murder my own baby.  I think I didn't realize Dabney hated me already and was motivated to do what he did deliberately as another form of war crimes against me.  I don't just mean the impregnation, I think he deliberately set out to have the baby murdered too to force me to suffer a miscarriage.

It's disgusting, but men rape women they hate.  They even get off on getting them pregnant.  Maybe if they really hate them, they like it even more to get them pregnant and then rip the baby out of their womb or murder the baby.  I have no doubt.

As for the rights of this living and growing baby, this is all contingent on its being "distinctly abnormal"?  Let's see the records.  Let all of us see the records of what "distinctly abnormal" is, as used for a term by the lawyers.  Is their concept of "distinctly abnormal" several organs growing outside of the body in the womb?  Or is "distinctly abnormal" amounting to some remote DNA test that may be incorrect.

So far, all these fuckers have, is a neat term of "distinctly abnormal".  No one is saying, "It will not survive outside of the womb if brought to term" or specifically characterizing what the great "distinction" is.

I can give you a few "distinctions".

I notice this "father" or husband is focusing on "my wife's bones crack when I hold her hands" and "her legs are a dead weight" instead of thinking about the intellectual development or emotional needs of his unborn child and they fact that it can hear every word said in that room.  The distinction is he is focused on death and getting attention around death rather than life.  He doesn't deserve the baby.  That doesn't mean it's his either because it's partly his wife's and if she left no living will, she has a right to have her baby kept alive until it's born.  He has no right as the father to override that right.

The hospital and concerned parties should be filing an injunction if they haven't already, and demanding open records.  Any court decision they try to make off of this affects the entire public and their rights and it is important for all to know how any Judge who think they are "GOD" is trying to make orders.  It is because all the organs are outside of the body?  The public has a right to know, because if these assholes start trying to push their precedents of "I think it's distinctly abnormal because it looks like a girl and not a boy", it will affect everyone's rights.

God damn those who murdered my unborn baby and who have tortured my son by the way.  God damn and good-rid to Hell.

I think not only is this case being used against this mother, it's being used to try to create precedents for the "wishes of the father" to supercede those of the rights of the mother to her own body and her baby's body.  Many men get angry if they can't control what is happening to the woman having a baby.  They sometimes murder the baby,or get mad about what decisions a woman makes.  Trying to say the father has the right to call the shots, over the life of the unborn, is setting a precedent the media, ungodly and sickly as hell, wants to advertise for the intelligence communities' own ends.

This way, they think, it will establish "a father has the right to murder or terminate an unborn child's life that is not growing in his womb but that of a woman's".

I.e., "Chris Dabney And His Fuckers" have the right to call shots about murdering unborn babies if they "want to".

This will go from point A to point B in no time, making it not only a right of "fathers" to terminate or kill unborn babies if wives or girlfriends are "brain-dead" but also if their brains are "not capable of making decisions for themselves".  This leads directly to forced sterilizations and abortions of babies born to mothers accused by criminal husbands of being "mentally ill".

Do you really want to bring the middle ages back into fashion?

Why don't we call this, "The Desperate Attempt To Make Precedents For The Rosemary Kennedy Baby".

God damn you, you fucking slick willies.

God damn Heather King.  I mean it.  Curse you.  May you be cursed. And same for Jessica Hall and the Judge Wallace.

Not to mention, the Judge is breaking the standing law which states it is illegal to do this.  So THIS Judge thinks they'll just create their own law, just like a King, right?  Just like the surname of this woman "King" because these horrific Judges think they are English Gods and Kings and they are nothing but damned.

I read another article that stated there is maybe water on the brain.  They have no evidence for this and it's a "maybe" and water on the brain can go away, and has for ME, including bleeding of the brain at various times.  They also claim they can't tell what the gender is because "there APPEARS to be some deformity".  Oh really.  Well doctors told me my son was a girl so obviously they didn't have it straight even at 6 months of age on ultrasound.  But of course, these women must know.  Besides which, having altered or dual genitals is not considered to be an "abnormality" these days you fucking Cave Women.  Their last feeble claim is that there "MAY be a heart condition" which they have zero evidence for and it's stated as "may have".  They don't even know and many babies are operated on or live with heart conditions they grow out of.


These bitches have 3 claims:
1. "possible" heart condition
2.  "possible" congenital abiguity
3.  "possible" water on the brain

That's a lot of possible shit from fucking rats.

To hear their claims, no baby should be born that has a "possible heart condition" or "possible ambiguity of genitals" or "possible water on the brain".

We should all look perfect in every way, and powder our noses because others feel uncomfortable with the way we shine. Those who can't powder should be murdered.

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