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UPDATED: Torture By Jews and Family Cops: False Flags (and University of Washington)

I wrote a little about some of the torture done to me at Granny and Grandpa's house.  I do not believe I'm Jewish at all.  I had a CIA lawyer tell me I was, but when they tried to assassinate me, they were throwing out lines from Israel, Germany, Russia, France and the U.S. and maybe English code and all I know is it seemed to be making fun of me for either having citizenship or work those places as a pre-teen, or as a "remembrance" of some who didn't like me from there, possibly CIA assets and false flags.

I think I got a false flag from almost every country I visited, and by that, where a false flag means a flag pretending to represent one country but actually used as a cover to represent another country, I think the U.S. was taking me around to try to get me in trouble a few places.  Some places it seemed we just visited, but other places, they were giving out false documentation to make me look bad too.

If I were Jewish, I don't have a problem with that, but the problem would be why, then, so many of them were trying to kill me.  It doesn't really make sense.  Before they and I stirred up some further animosity with maybe a few Catholics, it seems like most of the hate crime was "possibly" coming from mostly Jews.  I can't be positive about that, but it's possible.

I know there were some men who really liked me, I think to the point of feeling I was like their own daughter, and it's possible I was related to some of them, who I was taken away from and then I was being tortured.

Some of the time when I was tortured as a kid, I had to stop and think, "If they are my family, why are they doing this to me and acting and expressing such hatred against me?"

I remember one time I  had met a really nice man in Idaho, nice to me, and kind, and he worked with my Grandpa Garrett in some way and he really seemed (maybe he was a faker) to have a soft spot for me.  I was well-cared for and nothing bad happened to me, that I remember (though I can't say I always remember everything) and then I got to Dicksie's parent's house, at Granny and Grandpa and they went gang-busters against me.  What shocked me even more was that this Robert Garrett jr. "acted" like no big deal at Robert Garrett Sr.s house, except possibly slightly jealous of me (?) because this one guy paid so much attention to me.  He reeeaaaally liked me, or acted like he did.  He had a couple of men, like Robert Garrett jr and another guy about the same age, that he was friends with in some way, but he focused more on me.  He said I had more potential than almost anyone he'd ever met.  I had to have been maybe 5 or so?  I wasn't pre-teen, I was much younger.  I was still sometimes using a booster seat.  I noticed Robert and one of the other guys clam up and not saying anything and I sensed trouble.  They were jealous for some reason, and mad, I thought maybe one of them, briefly but I ignored it.

Then I was in Cashmere, and here had Robert Garrett jr. (one of them, of the twins) been calm, collected, and controlled in Idaho--well he got to Granny and Grandpa's house and I was beat up.  For everything the other man had said he liked about me, I was punched, hit with hard objects, shoved down, yelled at and humiliated, and I kept looking thinking, "Is that really Robert?"  Then Granny was joining him, and a Dicksie.  I was punished, with the other guy around who was possibly Mike, and beat up and I thought it seemed like a jealous rage.

This other guy, at the place in Idaho had said, "THIS is the Queen."  As he was talking about the things he wanted to do for me and my life I noticed Robert Garrett jr. getting more and more mad.  I thought, "Why is he so furious to hear about nice plans for me some man wants to make?"  There was another guy there who I knew was Jewish and some friend of Robert's and he hardened his face as well, glared at Robert, and while the other older man had no idea they were exchanging looks behind his back, of repressed rage and hatred and alarm, which looked like resentment and anger this man wanted to put me into any kind of position or have training or any money, this older man was just listing off the things he wanted to do for me.  They didn't say a word to him to let on they wanted to commit mutiny or hated the idea of him assisting me in any way.  What I mostly remember is it was one of the Robert Garrett srs and some Italian man who had decided I was going to get funding, support, and training.  The Jews hated their guts.  One of them looked like Mike Middleton, the other was a Robert, and then another was a taller man who was blond and sort of looked like a cop and was lean and muscular and was Jewish.  I was the only one who noticed how they were staring and glaring at each other behind his back.

One day, another time I was there, they jumped Robert Garrett sr.  He went from looking casual and confident, going about his business looking unconcerned to suddenly being surrounded and forced to sit and be 'submissive' to them.  They called him "Pops".  "Why don't you SIT DOWN POPS."  They said, "She's not getting ANYTHING" and started trying to force him, brought up blackmail, and it appeared his entire group backfired against him and possibly they killed one of the Italian men who had been supporting me.  One of them, at one point said, "Oh my God.  Mossad." I think maybe it was Robert Garrett sr. who said this.   It was the first time I ever heard the word "Mossad".  I was later asking innocently, "What's a Mossad?" while people tried to hush me up.  A woman came out with a gun too and held it at him.

I also think on one of the occasions, I remember they had used me with the U.S. government or something because they wired me first.  They wouldn't let me say anything about, and ran wires all through under my clothes and then when someone was going to do something they mentioned I was wired, and I was.

After this one time where all these plans were suggested about things they could do for me, I was brutally beat up in Cashmere.  I kept thinking, "Are they that Mossad group too?" I was yelled at and cursed with comments like "You're never going anywhere in life.  We'll make sure you never amount to anything.  You'll never be Queen.  You're nothing."  On and on about how they were going to make sure my entire life was a living hell.  At one point they tortured me as I sat on the booster seat in a chair, and at another point, they had my head over the stove.  They did a lot of torture to me with my body over the burners of the stove.  They would force me to touch a hot burner that was on, and because I wasn't tall enough to reach over the stove they had picked me up somehow and angled my body so that my face was within a few inches of the hot burners and would scream at me telling me I was "nothing" and they were going to make sure I never had anything good in my life.  They said, "You are BAD" and "you ROTTEN brat".  At my Grandpa Garrett Sr.s house, I had been commented on with, "She is a real Rottweiler."  I was called as vicious and protective as a Rottweiler and loyal.  Over and over, it was always said by the ones who liked me, how loyal I was.  When they attacked my Grandpa, I attacked them.  I'm not sure though, if this was said after Camilla was called a Rottweiler or before. I know one person was upset to hear me called that and I had assumed it was because they didn't like hearing someone insult me as being a dog of any kind.  I have a comment about people and dogs at the bottom of this post.

Some of the men got so mad that I was valued for being "loyal" they did everything they could to set me up to look like a Traitor and disloyal to everything and everyone.  Before some of them developed this grudge and hatred against me for being called "loyal", I didn't have a problem but after this, I was being set up to look like I betrayed and was disloyal in love or romance (even if i was too young for that), and with patriotism or nationalism, and they attempted to make me look like "everyman's spy" and someone who would sell out for very little.  I was just a kid, but that is so enormous their hatred was of me.  They took it so far as having me "marry" dozens of men too.  This was all supposedly with the underlying motive and hate against me, and wanting to "prove" someone wrong who cared about me and had noted my positive qualities.

I did not just have my head repeatedly close to burners.  I was taunted, restrained, and then tortured.  One of the Dicksies did this many times to me.  So many times that it was obvious my acceptance of what she was doing to me, and distress would at some point turn into rage.  She would, for example, say, "Are you hungry?" and while looking at me, she'd eat something when I maybe hadn't had anything for days, and then say, as she burned me, "Did that hurt?"  Then stop.  A few minutes later, again burning me and saying, "Did that hurt?" and then with a smile on her face the whole time.  To the point where I went from crying and wondering what was wrong with my "Mom" to shock and then it was just over and over and on and on.  Like being a caged up animal that was being teased and tortured to the point it no longer loves its owner, but then the owner would give it food and pat it as if nothing happened at all and they were always good and nice.  They had horrendous mind-control and mind-trip and torture games.  On one hand someone could say, "It's just the Spartan way" of developing a child to be tough but the thing is, they really said they wanted to do my life harm and it seems to me they did.

And now they have my son.

I was water-boarded by Granny in the kitchen sink there which was next to the stove.  One day, one of them got mad in one of their torture sessions of me and I wasn't just burned on the arm or forced to touch a hot stove.  I was sat down on one of the hot burners.

I don't remember anyone water-boarding me except for Granny.  I mean, this was way before the U.S. was letting the public know about water-boarding techniques of torture of prisoners.  I do think there was another "family" member who water-boarded me there but I would have to think about it more sometime.  I also had them taking off my jacket before they water-boarded me and then they were giving my coat to someone else.  One time they gave it to some blond boy (kid) to take away from me and he ran out through the orchard.  I'm pretty sure I remember his name.

I can describe more of the torture methods.  It makes me think it's possible I am not related to them because they did so many things to get at someone else, I can't imagine why they'd do it to me.  One of them was also being interrogated once, there, about where I was born.  One person, one time said, about another document, "Where do you want her to have been born?  and on what day?"  I think that that time it was just a demonstration of some kind, because I didn't have a change in my birth certificate then with what country and day of birth, but it was said to maybe have me remember.

I said I'd mention the people and dogs and about that, I had been asked by the Spencers, Diana specifically, one day, what kinds of dogs I liked.  I liked a lot of kinds and then we people-watched, or I did with a Robert jr. once and said if they were dogs what kind of a dog type they'd be (the people) was just a harmless fun idea.  I was with Diana one day and telling her what kinds of dogs I thought other people would be and sometimes she was laughing and then she said what about me?  what kind of a dog would I be? and I looked around and then I said, "I don't know. Maybe a poodle."  I think I said Valerie would be a poodle but then I said maybe Diana would be like a poodle too.  She said why and I said, "I don't know. They're sort of ladylike and have pouffy hair and they look dressed up."  Something like that.  I said they looked like the dog that had high heels too.

UPDATED:  It was not just Granny, which was when I was much younger.  It was also the following men:  Michael Clark, Ross (from Canada), Dr. Stuart Freeh, and Louis Freeh.  Earlier than that a guy named Mike as well, who was either a NY or Idaho border cop "Mike" or Mike Middleton but I think it was Mike Middleton because I remember a British accent and wondering why he was at Granny's house.  There was a "Mike" around who was not just Mike Middleton, the British one, but I saw him in NY, the Idaho border, and in Canada.  He did not have an English accent but he did have dark brown hair and was white.  He also showed up once in Moses Lake, WA to our house and acted like he was dating my Mom and then a Robert showed up using the name "Mike" but I said "Why are you saying you're Mike when you're a Robert?"

There were other women who showed up there too, to torture me by cutting or burning me and she'd have my mother's face there but then she'd do most of it or would do some of it and then take off the blindfold to have my mother's face there so I'd think it was Dicksie and that was Joy Sterling for one of them.

Some of the other women I remember were, I think either Ukraine or Russian.  There was at least one blond who showed up there and she wasn't German.  One was horrible and mean and worked with a doctor that tortured kids.  Like a Wenatchee doctor and there was mention of the name "Anna".  Then there was one who was a blond like her who cried when people tried to torture me at Granny's and it was like I was being tortured just to make her cry.  She had some kind of an accent and I think was Ukraine or Russian.  I don't know which but the accent was like that, I think, moreso than maybe a Germanic accent.  One of them who tortured me tried to use different accents later.  She was cunning.  She knew I might remember her and to conceal where she was from, she used English, U.S., British, and German accents.  I am pretty sure she was the one who went by the name "Anna".  She really hated me.  She was one who was psychic and she could tell what I was thinking and if I was still psychic myself and picking up on what she was thinking.  I was ultrasounded heavily with her around.  It was an instrument brought in and looked like a medical device, which is why I think she was always showing up there with a known doctor from the town of Wenatchee.  The doctor was the one who had the equipment and she didn't show up without him.  From what I remember, it was Dr. Stuart Freeh and possibly one time it was Malcolm Butler or his Dad because he drove over from University of Washington and had a Germanic face and I think his last name was Butler.  He looked just like Malcolm Butler.  I know they drove over from Seattle, WA because one of those doctors was from U of W and did not live locally but I saw him enough I knew him like a local doctor.  She was also living in Seattle, WA.  For some time, they were driving up to Cashmere, for purposes of torturing me with ultrasound and other harmful equipment, for weeks at a time. They were driving over, taking a hotel and staying for 1 week at a time.  Then they'd drive back and it would be another week and then I'd see them again.

The "conferencing" that Wenatchee and Seattle (U of Washington) doctors do with each other, and have participated in since at least the 1970s, is reflective of this experimental torture of children.  They've been at it for decades and have a cooperative agreement for it.  Then later if any kid tries to talk about it, the circle of doctors network tightens and they call the kid crazy or torture them worse with the same equipment, but on a larger scale.  They are cooperatives with torture by remote sensing because they've been using medical equipment for torturing and experimenting on kids for decades already.  University of Washington is also next to the U.S. Navy and other military groups, but the Navy in Seattle is strong and has all kinds of radar, sonar, ultrasound technology they wanted guinea pigs for.

I'm not confusing Malcolm Butler or his Dad with Stuart Freeh.  They both showed up routinely. 

I said to my mother, or one of the Dicksies one time, "Why is that blond woman pretending to be from another country now?"  Another of the blonds who did this was Joy Sterling.  She wanted me to think she, the U.S. woman was the other woman but used a different accent one time.  My Mom said "What do you mean?" and I said, "Well she thinks that I think German and Russian are the same thing or she's trying to confuse the fact she knows one of the languages with the other one."  It was done after I had commented on her country so they knew I knew what accent it was.  She next tried to mix it up and then after that, Joy showed up and instead of using her U.S. voice she pretended to have another accent.  Carol Middleton did the exact same thing and her accent was British and I knew how it sounded but she was going over there and then trying to use a different accent but it was her face.  They even tried to call her by another name but someone slipped up and said "Carol" and I already knew it was Carol too.  She spoke in French to the man (I believe Mike Middleton or Forrest) she showed up with, alternating between French and British-accent English.  One day it sounded to me like she had traversed from French to Israeli or Arab because at some point she used a Middle Eastern language.

These women who tortured me at Granny's house were all set to benefit from my death had I died at the rock climbing event, in my opinion, along with their husbands.  It's possibly another reason why all the different languages were noted or acknowledged before my line was cut because all of those women were using those ones to attempt to conceal and confuse their identities.  There WAS some woman who was maybe Ukrainian and didn't speak much and she cried the whole time, and she was young, blond and pretty and there was a translator, a formal translator, because her English was so limited.

I am going to write about how Katie Middleton cut my leg with a knife, making scars, in the post about military after this one.

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