Friday, January 10, 2014

OSU Computer/Military Obstructing My Email Access/Student Records

I have OSU obstructing my access to my own student email. It is the only way I access my student records and information online as an online student. This is 100% exactly what the OSU-Military supported computer desk did to me when I was taking classes the second term at OSU as a pre-teen. They blocked my access to my email account so I couldn't access a link to a lab for a Chemistry class which had to be taken on time. There is no reason to have a problem with the authentication either because my password and username never changed. I have been using it all day and yesterday--not the email, but the same ONID access information which is required to get onto the blackboard to do any homework. I then tried to have a new password sent to my other email account and the OSU site has the window for doing this blocked out so I can't even access an update to my email addresses to have a password sent to my other account.

I also documented some of the Pearson website harrassment which occured to me when I was a pre-teen and using the site for Chemistry. I know the Italian woman who works at the SOCC (Southwestern Community College) bookstore knows all about it because she was glad I wasn't taking Chemistry from SWOCC and taking it from OSU instead, where she knew they could screw me over with the same format of what they did before. I know she is connected to the Middletons. The entire SWOCC campus is England-operated. OSU is military-operated.

I think this recent retaliation is over not just Middletons and Prince Philip and Charles and the fact Camilla and Katie's family work for the U.S. Pentagon and CIA, I think it has to do with the fact the U.S. military-operated colleges get "mad" when someone accurately depicts their employees as pedophiles when the Pentagon was responsible for the crimes of pedophilia.

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