Friday, January 10, 2014

Torture During Homework

I'm getting fried again while trying to do homework.  The entire night, or all day, whenever I was online either there was a buzzing and electromagnetic thing to my chin, and then to the back of my head I was getting basically hit several times, directly in the back and upper, the same place where I was targeted while in the U.S. Marine's car, and then after that my heart was being targeted and it's been for the last hour.

I also had my internet going out which it shouldn't do, and freezing up, and then I had to call the same phone number and talk to a woman who said the exact same thing as she said 2 decades ago, because the exact same thing happened to my internet service.  It was even a black (african-american) woman again.

Not only that, I remember more of the malicious attacks against me over Katie Middleton while I was at OSU, and the second term.  They really, really laid into me the second term when I was a pre-teen because their entire objective the first term was to cause so many problems I had horrible grades.  So then with the next term, I was trying to get things done and had other things thrown at me again with 100% constant internet disconnections and I bought one service and then had to send it back and had nothing until the other service arrived and it put me behind.  This time I was more aware of the potential, but as a pre-teen, I didn't expect the entire U.S. government to be trying to kill me over Camilla and Katie Middleton and attempting to get "brownie points" as they say, with people like Tom Parker Bowles and some of the other malicious royals.

What is seriously scary is that before killing me, the U.S. wanted to try to create phoney documentation that made it sound like I was never very smart at all.  I mean, it wasn't enough for them to just want to assassinate me, they didn't want me to be "right" about anything and they wanted to make it appear as though I had been some girl who made a few comments and wasn't very smart and died.

This is when they had tortured me in England with the Camilla-U.S. contacts calling me stupid stupid stupid over and over while they had me being electrocuted.  I mean, motive for electrocution?  Looks like intelligence competition to me.  Then later I forced to wear a dunce hat at Guzmans with the same thing and then at a basement (with another dunce hat, basically, a cone-shaped hat) where Katie was brought in to eat cake and open presents in front of me while they drugged me.

I remember another thing someone did was they brought Katie over because they were so determined to try to prove me wrong and to dumb me down and pump her up, they had someone coaching her on how to use atom molecule models for a chemistry set.  Then they put her next to me and told me to try it and did this as a stand-off to try to prove Katie was smarter and faster when, first of all, she wasn't being tortured and I was, and secondly, she was getting programmed to do it correctly and coached.  It was like my being programmed to go into a casino and hit a specific machine and it looks natural and yet it's not and occurs after hours and days of hardcore programming and forced repetition.

After they decided I couldn't do the models for chemistry, or made it look that way, they had me watching people blow up weiner dogs instead.  They basically started making balloons and animal shapes out of it and gave them to me.  It was their way of trying to get revenge against me, a kid, who the U.S. FBI and military was supporting with massive welfare.  She was the "model" maker for chemistry they tried to make it out to be, the atom bombshell girl, and I was the weiner dog air-head.  I mean, that's how bad it got.  It was all balloons for me and mockery after that and talk about hot air and telling me to blow bubbles too.  Why should I blow bubbles?  Because I'm full of air.  This kind of harassment was happening over major technical problems and book delays that were deliberate; I was being raped and sodomized and had pedophiles knocking on my door; I was being kidnapped and thrown into jails; I was electrocuted.

I did go to England again after my second term at OSU because that's when they were feeding me a bunch of eggs when one of the questions on an exam for Chemistry was how a "gross of eggs" is 144 eggs so how many dozens make a gross?  That question has not changed at all, since they've had those publishers.

Then decades later it was like some kind of joke to have Detective Gross taking my report of rape as the police and FBI forced me out of college.

There was a woman involved in electrocuting me in England and calling me stupid too.  I can include information about that soon enough.  Diana Spencer was involved in it.  I was shocked she was involved because even though I knew she ended up feeling jealous sometimes, we also had shared some times together at least, in a way, and she wasn't really...she didn't have her heart set on Katie was my opinion.  Maybe it changed, but I didn't see a huge agenda like some of the others displayed.  However, on this one occasion she and a group of women went after me, forcing me to a stool, to sit on a stool, and they put a dunce hat on my head and they all gathered around and taunted me telling me how dumb I was.  Then they were electrocuting me.  They'd ask me a question and then keep electrocuting me, to make sure the electrocution was dumbing me down more.  Tom Parker had it set up and then others came in to take part in it.  At one point I slightly wondered if even he was shocked at how cruel people were, but no one rescued me.  They would go up to my face and put a finger in my face and wag it saying, "You are stupid, stupid, stupid."  At first, I just took what they dished out and was afraid and then they kept going on and on and on and I started crying and couldn't stop.  They did all of that to me over one single comment I had made to the FBI's James (Whitey) Bulger and Robert Garrett jr, about how I didn't think she was all that smart or not more than a lot of kids.  They tortured me like that first there, before I was ever sent to OSU to have my academic career and documentation ruined.

Guess what the U.S. is doing to my son?  They kidnapped him and me and started torturing us when I realized how smart he was and was making notes of it and teaching him things as he wanted to learn.  They have also obviously forced him to be malnourished and tortured to ruin his legs because they were jealous he was walking early.  Some of the jealous women were saying bitterly it would ruin his legs and it wasn't, because I didn't force him and he did all of that on his own.  He was even running on his own with me.  So to try to prove me wrong, someone has been ruining his legs and feet to the point he couldn't even keep doing a running class anymore.

The U.S. military has also attacked his intelligence, not just by torture, but they have made it very clear, what they plan to do to my son.  On the day of his adoption in court, someone gave him a yellow weiner dog balloon the way they gave to me when they were trying to insult me and prove Katie Middleton and everyone else was so smart and I was a stupid airhead and nothing but a dog.  Someone gave my son a yellow balloon twisted weiner dog to hold, and a big hot air balloon.  That is what he was standing in public with on the day of his adoption--symbols used to imply I was stupid from others and full of hot air, that they have now wanted to pass on to my son and let everyone know about it.

They also drugged and medicated my son and all of this is under the Barak Obama regime.

If we started looking at how much further ahead some individuals got by torturing me and then my son, you would be shocked.  The U.S. paid massive amounts of money to contributors to torture.  Laura Ingraham for example, went from being a nobody reporter right out of Dartmouth, with tons of other talented reporters in the world, and which one secured the national nightly spot at one of the top rated talk shows where there is no comparison for wages and salary?  Who got this job?  The reporter who participated in having me raped and electrocuted.  Out of all of the reporters who chose not to sell their souls to the Devil and chose not to torture kids, who are little known or were even pushed out of it, who is the one that makes it 'big'?  The woman who supports Pedophilia.  Laura Ingraham.  Not only does she support pedophilia, she supports electrocution and torture of minors who are victims.  It is not like I just saw some of these people taking huge amounts of money, which they may have used to fund college, doctoral programs, buy a house or investments with, or climb the social ladder with--they all helped eachother, by clinging to the rungs of their criminal network, to secure the highest paying and most powerful jobs there are in Canada, the U.S. and England.

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