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Sean Larkin: Bad Business and FBI, CIA, U.S. military, Ireland

This man targeted me when I was a pre-teen looking for a dog in the late 80s.  From my conversations with him online, I was then stalked in downtown Portland, Oregon when I was shopping, several years later, by a beverage company that had a huge truck go around the block and then stop where I was planning to go and had made prior arrangements with others to go.

I noticed men unloading crates of beer and that they seemed to hate me and were glaring at me and this one man got off the truck, approached me with a mean look and said, "I'm SEAN" and wanted to know my name and when I said it he said that's what he thought.  I understood his telling me he was Sean to be the same Sean Larkin that I was stalked by online who then got mad at me (I had insulted the way he was handling business online with me).

The others then stalked me watching my every move and I had a bad feeling and then they had some guy following me around.

I had one guy try to run into me.

They were like some kind of an American-Irish mafia.  There was also a head Irish man around who had an Irish accent who wanted to spot me and see "which one" I was, like an Irish mafia boss.  His boss came over, mad at me and looked at Sean and said to him, "Is this her?" and he said "Yes, it's her."
So this is a man who was stalking me all the way back in about 1986, and then he kept tabs on me with his entire company that he worked for.

This was prior to my assault on the bridge in Coquille, Oregon, where they had a man named "Sean" present who was a cop and made a big deal about his name.  So it was extremely obvious this "Sean Larkin" had taken a major offense to me, and was stalking me, and had an entire Irish mafia out to track me because they hated me.  He made reference to his "boss" as "Mikey" or one of the guys there and alluded to Mike Middleton as well, and I wasn't sure what they had to do with anything, and there was a comment about "Kerry".

They were unloading crates of Budweiser, possibly Michelob Ultra, and possibly Coke and Guiness.  There was Coke around because someone made a point to have a Coke with them when they talked to me, and after I was assaulted by James Comey and John Kerry and others in Granny and Grandpa's basement in Cashmere, they'd slammed a Coke down on the table.  The same drinks those men were unloading from a large delivery truck were the ones FBI "agents" from San Antonio, TX ordered when they approached me and asked me out:  Budweiser and Michelob Ultra when most of the beer had been Budweiser and the guy they were talking about was "Mikey".  There was a name of Finnegan as well.  The reference to Kerry was remembered by me because of my having online communications with some guy who worked for the company and because of John Kerry. 

Sean Larkin was working for Kerry at the time his entire company (which is based in Ireland) stalked me.  When I heard "Kerry" mentioned I said "You know John Kerry and the Heinz people?" and they said "Our company is Kerry" and I said, "Are you an Irish mafia or something?" and the 'boss' and the other guy narrowed their eyes into slits and got furious.  I thought they were going to try to beat me up in public there or attempt to throw me into the back of their truck so I took off.

Then a year and a half ago, before Katie and William decided to get pregnant, he put out an ad for the same kind of dog I was looking for again, and it was a false ad meant to lure me in again, and did.  I didn't remember him at first though something seemed familiar.  Then  I blogged about it and then AGAIN, over a year later, this man put out the same ad and lied and said it was a new ad and it wasn't and used it for purposes of stalking me a third time.

It is very possible the same man who stalked me, sent by U.S. Army and FBI, in New Mexico, "Mark" who drove the semi-truck, was part of that company then because I remember someone who looked like him and he had cargo pants and was connected to the U.S. Army.  Also, he'd made a point to have "All the Queen's Men", some porn movie, in his truck, and the beverage company "Kerry" was located with an address on "Princes Way" in Ireland.

I'm positive they are all the same people.  So this means this was U.S. Army, Ireland, the UK, and FBI as a group, stalking me with the Kerry group in 1986 prior to the organized assault of me in Coquille, Or, with a cop named "Sean" there.  They did not quit stalking me because then one from that group then stalked me in New Mexico after I contacted the FBI. 

Who did Mark know?  Chris Dabney in Washington D.C. who was the same guy in Coquille, Oregon who lured me onto a road where I was jumped and assaulted on a bridge, and who knew James Cartright.

That same U.S. Army, UK royals and militia, Irish mafia, and FBI group that was also dealing with the Mexican mafia, were ALL STALKING me from 1986 and involved in hits against me, all the way up to trying to do whatever they could to keep me in the same control groups up through 2011.  They were delivering beer and drinks to an Irish pub in Portland and then when I was in Seattle, at an Irish pub, in 2009, I was being tortured and lost my singing voice because of poisoning.  They made a point to play a John Lennon song Robin Bechtold knew I hated while I was there and then watched for my reaction, which was "Imagine".

These men then, kept stalking me down, to the point of taking an FBI lead against me and degrading me sexually as a kind of mafia conquest over me.  Mark was also connected to "Scotty" one of the cops from Mt. Angel Abbey.

George Bechtold was not there, or I didn't see him, in downtown Portland when they stalked me first.  What I did see was that George and the instructor I have for "Remote Sensing" for OSU were present with some others when they pushed me out of pilot training.  I took the same class as a pre-teen in the 80s and recognized the instructor and he didn't want me in his class and then I realized, he's the same guy that showed up in the airport with some other men to tell me I wasn't going on the flight to my training.  He was U.S. military and kept glasses on and had the same name and same face and a black man who looked like Barak Obama was there, with Joy Sterling and Forrest Tanzer, and it appeared possibly Lisa Thebault and one of the Thebaults.  They were blocking me from leaving the airport to go to work ,also, I was targeted with remote sensing technology when I was in that airport, and it was after they'd done a surgery to my head.  Robert Jr.  was telling me, as they blocked me way, if I wanted to go I'd have to find my own way on a bus or something and I didn't have a way to do that.  So they forced me out of training by blocking and obstructing my freedom of travel.

This was not the first time the FBI and U.S. government illegally obstructed my freedom of movement and travel to torture me.

Right after this they set me up to go to OSU to be tortured and targeted while taking online courses and to ruin my history and credibility in academics, by torturing me with remote sensing while I was trying to study.   I was told I couldn't do flight training anymore so there was "something else" for me to do and it was taking classes at OSU, where the same U.S. military people and CIA were that were abusing me.  They chose an area with a higher concentration of instructors who would have motives to make me look bad and who will facilitate document keeping of my records and observations of my reactions to torture by remote sensing.  I was told by Robert Garrett, "When God closes one door, he opens another one."  The comment fell like a ton of cocaine bricks without any convincing emotion to it at all.

I didn't choose the major of "Horticulture".  It was chosen for me. I would have chosen many other things first.  The reason it was chosen for me is because the U.S. had CIA and military in many of the classes, which were science-based, so they felt they could use those instructors to control me more easily than those from other majors or departments.  The same man who hated me and was at the airport blocking my way, who was observing me with other military there to see how I reacted to being tortured by remote sensing torture there, was one of the instructors.  Another man Alan Shay, was a cop who knew Bill and Melinda Gates.  Another was Katherine Donegan whose family (mother) was part of illegal diamond smuggling and traveling with Janet Bechtold's mother, which was connected to Marla Maples, Middleton (Gary Goldsmith), and Barak Obama.  Another was a relative of a cop again.  Another was Shell, whose parents worked for the CIA and who worked for the CIA as a pre-teen when they had also tried to recruit me to be in the CIA as a pre-teen (she stated herself, for the class, that they were connected to the CIA, to oil rigs in Saudi Arabia, and to the U.S. Navy).  I started chatting in a Java chat room about this instructor and how she was in the CIA and I was having problems with instructors in my classes and being assaulted at home and tortured, and that is when my computer was taken away from me.  No one was supposed to know the CIA had anything to do with me.  Or "Princess Diana". Or Camilla.

It wasn't that I couldn't do the work either, but I was tortured, and the same thing has been done this time around to block me from studying online.  They picked Horticulture because of the number of instructors involved who were CIA, military, and connected to illegal diamond smuggling which involved all the above and the FBI and England.

 Then after that, is when they had their assault by gang-sodomy planned and I met Sean Larkin online first, and then they tried to murder me while "rock-climbing".  They had ended my flight training, used OSU to make me look not very smart and like I was getting psychotic and couldn't see things correctly, and then they didn't like how I was going online telling people about it, and they'd just sodomized me repeatedly in the U.S., a massive group felony.  They didn't want me around anymore.  They wanted me dead.  When they didn't kill me that way, they had me raped by Barak Obama and electrocuted by the FBI, and then to keep me from reporting it when I wanted to report it immediately, they forced me into animal shelters and held me hostage in cages and electrocuted me in "quarantine". They drugged me with Haldol again, sedated me, used tranquilizer guns on me that are used for animals, put injections with syringes into my back and they also then got Sean Heaney to sexually assault me while he was working on his "translation" of Beowulf, at my house in Moses Lake by commiting pedophilia of oral sex on me when I tried to get away from then.  Robert Garrett jr. ushered him right into my bedroom, just as he took my arm and grabbed me when I tried to get away from Barak Obama's grip when he was not letting go of my arm and forcing me down into the basement with him.

There is no way I am related to Robert Garrett Jr. or Dicksie.

They have been torturing my son Oliver even worse since he was adopted away from me.  The Irish mafia that Laura Laughlin (FBI)  is part of has been controlling most of what happens to my son.

From the time I said I wanted to do economic analysis, I was tortured whenever I was studying math or science.  I had people mocking me telling me to "edit papers" instead and trying to push me to do other things.  They didn't want me to have any kind of career I wanted.

In Wenatchee, along with Robert and Dicksie saying to someone they were taking his kid and going to make sure I never amounted to anything, Granny and Grandpa had a huge group of Wenatchee doctors over to the basement one day who were almost all doctors and then Paul Cassell was there, and why he was there around the doctors I don't know, but they were assaulting me and torturing me saying and vowing to each other, and then to my face,  "We will make sure you are NEVER a DOCTOR!"  this was after several had indicated I could be a doctor or I was gifted at science and math as a kid.  Those Wenatchee doctors who said this to me, and who promised to try to control my future, were cutting up some cadaver while they said this to me.  They had obtained a dead cadaver from somewhere and used butcher knives to threaten me and intimidate me while they yelled at me and made these repeated promises and declarations about how I'd never amount to anything and THEY would 'take care' of the doctor side of things.  "You will NEVER be a doctor!" they kept saying to me and then "We will make sure she is NEVER a doctor!"

I had Wenatchee doctors making vows I'd never be a doctor and they'd see to it; I had lawyers and Judges assaulting me in a line making promises; I had an Italian man and Robert promising they'd make sure I never amounted to anything; I woke up from a nap once in Moses Lake to find a Dicksie saying the things Carol Middleton used to repeat over me when I was a baby and toddler, about never being anything; I had military cutting off my training in England and the CIA as well;  I had doctors at a University Prince Charles took me to, assault me with the electrocution box, make me repeat the structure of an atom, and promise me I'd never be anything, after I'd reported Charles for pedophilia; and I had my family and Mexicans taking turns assaulting me.  That's not including repeated rapes by Jews and blacks who made sure most of them were Jews and blacks.  All of the toys I wanted as a kid were science ones and I was refused anything that had anything to do with science or which would put me ahead in any way.

So being thrown into "Horticulture" as a soft science, while being tortured, was yet one more attempt by these people, to have me fail at something.  The more things they could fail me out of, the better it made them feel.

I was about 4-7 years old when the FBI went with a bunch of doctors down into the basement taking a cadaver with them and setting up an interrogation.  They'd got it from University of Washington in Seattle.

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