Saturday, February 1, 2014

FBI Promises To Ruin My Life When I'm 4-7 Years Old (Info on Katie Middleton The Criminal)

Read the last post for more information, but I was 4-7 years old when the FBI and a bunch of doctors, and Paul Cassell (who they later utilized as my 'public defender') went to the basement at Granny and Grandpa's with a cadaver they'd brought over from University of Washington in Seattle.  They brought it in through the front door of the house, in a zipped up body bag and carried it downstairs.

The FBI was involved in mafia and government militia oaths and vows against me, and in making promises to ruin my life.

I was only a small child when they were promising to punish me my entire life by forcing me out of math, science, and anything to do with a career, or being a doctor.

They interrogated one of the Dicksies and told me to cut into the cadaver to help them with a surgery and then after pretending to do a surgery the whole time, with Paul Cassell also standing there with them, they started making vows and promises, "You will NEVER be a doctor."  and "WE WILL MAKE sure you are NEVER a doctor"and telling my mother, "She will NEVER be a doctor."

They had some military with them as they said this, promising to ruin my life and making these promises when I was very little, like I said, between the ages of 4-7 at the very most.  They held up knives and made threats and then at one point the Dicksie had tears in her eyes and was trying not to cry.

I'm not sure which Dicksie it was or why she was crying, but at the time I'd thought she was crying because she'd hoped I would be a doctor and they were saying they were making sure I never was and would do anything in their power to block my success in America.  They had United States military, senior ranking, in uniform standing by to help them and to nod in agreement that they would ruin my life. 

My impression had been that I wasn't to go along with them because they weren't real doctors, but some of them were.  The rest were FBI and they not only threatened and made promises about harm to me, they had Secret Service there too.  Mostly it was FBI.

However, prior to that, I was cut up viciously and repeatedly when I was even younger, by a Robert and Dicksie, with Barak Obama there (whose Dad was NOT dead then and who was a teen) standing around watching.  It's possible his entire idea of blaming for "killing" his Dad, which I didn't do, was based on his assumption that I remembered him watching me be cut up by Robert and Dicksie and standing there doing nothing about it.  In fact, they were coaching him along, and a group was telling him, "Okay, you can tell them when to quit or not".  So he stood around just watching me get sliced and cut up while they did this to supposedly "get confessions" from my "real parents" who were supposedly NOT "Robert Garrett jr" or "Dicksie".  Obama saw me looking at him so he probably thought I had helped coordinate his Dad's death out of revenge for him and that group cutting me up for days, for hours out of days and weeks as he stood there and didn't do a thing.

Is that what the CIA wants when trying to 'formulate' their idea of what a "future President" should be?  A torturer, child rapist, and murderer?  If it wasn't the CIA it was MI5 or Mossad, and regardless, they've all worked together.

I think the idea of blaming me has had a lot to do with covers for those who were torturing me as a baby, toddler, and little kid when I'd done nothing wrong.

When the FBI and U.S. military is making promises and threats like that to ME as a young kid, when I was around 7, what do you think they're doing with Oliver?  I think I was around 7 but the problem is, I remember reporting Charles to police for pedophilia before the FBI did this to me.  And I was talking with them and conversing as they wanted me to.  It was therefore a possible additional attempt by the FBI and military to punish me for reporting crimes when they were responsible.  They also had "other baby-making" plans in mind for ways to get rid of me and undermine me.  I don't even think I am actually biologically related to my family, though usually I think it must be the case, it's possible I am not only not related to one but not related to either.  Why else have another girl who looked just like me around in case they wanted to kill me and have a shoe-in?  What was the

Oliver is not safe. He's been tortured and is being tortured.  He is not safe with any part of the Baird or Garrett family anymore than any of the corrupt groups in Wenatchee and elsewhere who participated in making oaths of harm to me and promises to block my success my entire life.  I've been tortured out of retaliation for someone who is not Robert and Dicksie, unless one of the twins did something the other didn't know about.

When you have the FBI, military, and doctors around threatening me and promising I would never be a doctor and they'd make sure, and promising to ruin my life, how appropriate was it for the FBI to have Paul Cassell as my "public defender"?  You know, for the CPS case of my son that is supposedly "legitimate".

Well, if you're kidnapping a kid, and it's NOT legitimate, you really have to rally the massive forces that the FBI has been cherry-picking for decades don't you?  They are torturing my son and they've been torturing him since he was 7 months in the womb.

Why 7 months?  You know, why SEVEN months exactly, before they started torturing my son with remote technology that was bad enough to send me to the hospital?  How about thinking about how the FBI, CIA, and U.S. military colluded to have me RAPED in a house by Barak Obama that had a house number I remembered as summing up to "7"?  And how about the fact Robert Garrett jr. always said his favorite number was "7"?

So the U.S. military chose the 7th month of my pregnancy before torturing my son, just to let others know yeah, they're "in control".  And where was my son first tortured and who was he around?  It was a BBQ with a COP and a U.S. Army man who married an international who worked at a Dam that has walls which resemble the ones "Tiggy Legge-Bourke" was having William and Harry climb when she was their nanny.  Who was present at the house where I was raped with the number 7 sum of the house numbers?  Diana Spencer and Middletons and Tanzers.  Not to mention Bill, Laura, and the others who came over to do "clean up" of the bloody rape of a child.

At one point, after I had met Julia Thornton in Chicago, she and one of the Dicksies took me out to a remote wooded area and beat me, forcing me down to the ground and had "Christopher" also assault me.  That was when Julia Thornton was FBI.  So in addition to having me electrocuted in FBI offices with FBI around to watch, they were also targeting me in more than one location, privately.  The other person they had out there was James Middleton and Carol Middleton.  I am not sure if possibly William of Wales was there as well, because I couldn't always see everyone.  They basically said we were just going for a walk in a wooded area and once we were out of sight from most people, they forced me down, cut me, beat me up and twisted my arm, and while this was done to me, they said, "You're CURSED!" and kept telling me how I was the one who was "cursed" which was, I suppose, their idea of revenge for not being able to tolerate a young girl telling them, or once telling William, he was cursed.  So Julia Thornton wanted me to pay for it and assaulted me.  They switched Dicksies out there in the woods too, I think.  I'm not sure but it's possible because I thought I noticed something different later, and one of them seemed vicious and then the other one was sort of upset.  They also pulled my pants down on me.  So literally, the FBI went out there, had me exposed with my bare rear end, to be assaulted by kids they had with them.  Why James or William would be there, along with Harry, is not really hard to figure out, but Christopher?  Why did the FBI have Chris assaulting me in so many different locations?  When we were driving out to the location, which was wooded and remote, Robert Garrett Jr. kept calling Dicksie and she didn't want to talk to him.  He kept calling and saying "Where are you going?" and she was saying, "I'm busy".  I knew something bad was planned because of how determined the Dicksie was acting, quiet, and resolute.  However, once we were out there, one person at least, not the kids, was shocked or noticed something bad about it.

From what I recall, it is possible either Laura Laughlin or Julia Thornton made a trip to England at one time as well, because a U.S. FBI agent actually flew to England to assault me there in the woods once, not just in the U.S. Well, it may have been a remote part of Georgia when I was trafficked and taken into Georgia, but royals showed up, along with U.S. FBI, and they assaulted me in the same way there.  They did this to me once over in Europe and then one time in the U.S.   As to that, I'm not sure which one but the abuser in the woods was Julia.  It is possible that because there was a U.S. FBI agent in the Europe location and one FBI agent in the U.S. location, that Laura was the one in Georgia or England and Julia was the one in the U.S. (or vice versa). or it could have been Julia both times.

They had royal kids assaulting me and their parents around, in the Europe location.  Then it was Christopher for the other location.  So does the U.S. think Chris is their own royal?  or is he just the son of someone who is a freak.

Katie and William named their son "George" after that incident.  Not for any other reason.  They cherished the memory of having me assaulted, in, I believe it was, Georgia.  They even had a helicopter out there.  It was a very large sort of white or light colored helicopter.  It was a Robert Garrrett jr. who pulled my pants down in front of people and assaulted me in the woods, with others participating, and calling me "cursed" in the Georgia location, and at the U.S. location, it was a Dicksie.

They cut me on the bare rear end at one location, the way I was cut prior to the "christening" for Kate and William's baby.  At the other location, they put something into my rear end, sodomizing me with an object.

So let's see.  I was attacked in Georgia and in the U.S. by U.S. FBI, royals, Chris Dabney (who has been used several times to assault, rape, and attack me and who I failed to recognize in D.C.), Robert and Dicksie, and Carol Middleton  and others with the Middleton kids, Tanzer kid, and Chris Dabney and royal kids around, along with some of Fergie and Andrews kids.  Then when I was in Wenatchee, forced to live with more U.S.-Canadian people, I was watched through a computer webcam by some of the same royals.

I was recently assaulted again, by having someone break into my house while I was sleeping, and somehow chloroform and drug me to keep me from waking up, and my rear end was sliced with a razor the same way I was cut in the other location as a kid.  They did this to me the "celebration week" for Katie and William's son's 'christening' who they named "George", like "Georgia".  They also did this the day or two before his 'christening' when Christopher Dabney was also participating in an assault of me in the woods, in the same way.

Then we have Time magazine interviewing Prince Charles who stated "This is what it's all about", meaning his grandson, and it's mentioned after the christening, William was being taught how to wield a sword for "knighting" people without grazing an ear.

So, OH MY GOD there is a reason people are not going to live very long.

And do you really think the FBI is not KISSING ASS?  Which country, exactly, is the FBI interested in working for?  Or did the royals just decide to switch their policing over to the U.S. FBI because the FBI was torturing kids better than their own police?

You illegitimates.  And Curse the FBI that have harmed me and my son.

So let's see.  Robert Guy Garrett jr. and the FBI were in Europe, pulling my pants down so I could be humiliated in front of royals and then more FBI and a Dicksie did this to me in the U.S.

Are you people out of your fucking minds?  I think you really, really are.  I think none of you should be royal-anything or touching a dime of any taxpayers money because it doesn't even belong to you.

I own everything Katie Middleton has ever worn, had, or received.  Having the FBI steal from me to give it to her, doesn't make it hers.  Forcing me to work for the U.S. government and then cutting checks to her, doesn't make it hers. 

And who is Chris Dabney, to be that motivated to stalk me in so many locations, for so many decades, and then to rape me, impregnate me, fire me knowing he was putting a hit on my unborn, and then sticking me with a hospital bill that is the responsibility of the FBI and CIA?  Is someone claiming Chris Dabney is one of Robert and Dicksie's kids?  or one of the "royals" kids?  because why did they have HIM around to assault me like one of the royals?

Is he one of the U.S. 'brands' that ended up trying to be a 'secret weapon' for the CIA or royals?  Or what.    He is also the kid who stole my jacket from me and ran off into the orchard with it when I was being water-boarded at my Granny's house one day.  I thought it was my cousin Rory at first, but no, they were saying "Christopher" and they were smearing me with "Crisco" and burning me when I was greased up with it too, around the same time Chris was around.

Why was Robert Garrett jr. so excited to show Katie Middleton my bare rear end and how they'd assault me?  "It's all for you Katie!"  Because like the song says, with the white cop and the black cop, from Lethal Weapon, "It's Probably Me"?

I'm tired of their white trash stealing my money.
Why didn't the CIA just go ahead and shoot me from the helicopter?  because then it would have looked like I had "mattered" to someone and not like an accident?  Because I shouted out "Dad!" 

Maybe someone was worried about the idea that I had yelled "Dad" and that much could have gone to the NSA.  "Her DAD????"


Maybe that would have snuffed out someone's secret plotting to do even worse things, tipping someone off to the fact that..oh.  There is something really weird going on here and it's not adding up.

So how many FBI contacts did Katie Middleton have by the time she was 5?


Katie Middleton had more hook-ups with the FBI than anyone in England.

So basically, Julia Thornton already knew Bob and Dicksie who already had promised to ruin my life to some other couple and then picked me up in their arms and carried me off after cutting into me, for example, and Julia knew Tina who was "inspired" to make a complaint to CPS about me where a former kiddie porn's niece Michelle was waiting to take a call, along with a Judge's wife I witnessed involved in a cocaine deal, and a Jewish woman who didn't like me simply because I am not Jewish.  Katie Middleton knows Julia and Laura from England and also because they helped arrange for me to be raped by their mutual friend Barak Obama.  She knows Michelle through the military and FBI.  For one thing, Chris Dabney was part of that group, and knew Middleton and my family and was connected to the FBI when my son was kidnapped from me.  His motives towards me, every time in the past, have not been good.  He's part of a Jewish-FBI group that has been determined to ruin my life and made vows to do so for decades.

Having Michelle already know Chris Dabney was not to my advantage.  It's like CPS was stalking me all the way to D.C.  Not to mention the fact these are military-CIA-and FBI based pedophile groups that took my son in the first place.

It's like someone got pregnant with some enemies kid and then took it out on me to get "even" with some enemy my entire life.  I'm sure only the craziest countries do that, deliberately impregnate themselves with a child they plan to torture to "get at" someone or another country and to try to force them to do what they want.

Dick Baird, "Roland", was sexually assaulting me and torturing me when I was a kid, but before he thought I'd remember anything, to "condition" me.  At least one of his brothers did the same to me.  I am not sure about the other one.  I was afraid of him until I was about 5 years old.  I remember officials from Wenatchee who came over to assault me with him.  They forced me to give them oral sex in the living room for one thing.  There were also men who were not from Wenatchee who showed up there.  I know for a fact British men visited that house that Granny and Grandpa own and live in.  So did Irish, telling me I was 'lucky'.  The British mocked that and repeated the same thing.  There was also a Russian official and two from Canada.  Basically, a semi-representation of the "United Nations" (mostly European) showed up one day to force me to oral sex.  It was all 100% oral sex, not faked, and not just masturbating though a couple chose to do that instead.  They faced a wall as they did it and later what was there was replaced with photos.  There were torture restraints connected to that wall which were removed.  The oddest part was that it was in the living room, not a back room somewhere.  I mean, not many people are using torture restraints from their front living room.  Sometimes, if they wanted to or requested, they took someone into the side room that had a bed, if for some reason they wanted to do something else.  Mostly, the ones who did that were senior military officials, a relative, and I remember Prince Philip.  He visited the house.  I don't recall his doing anything in the room specifically, but he sat there.  It makes you wonder how many of the Baird daughters had British men visiting them, and military, and other types, or if it was just me being singled out for hate crimes.  None of them said nice things to me--they were there full of hatred and animosity.  The presidential eventuals and CIA showed up.  George Bush II was there at the house and used the side room as well.  I do not remember him in the basement like James Comey and Kerry, but he was upstairs, and used a side room on request as well.  Who was HIS Dad working for?  The CIA.  Many men, retired military, visited from Leavenworth, and some fly in from the Pentagon.

They had my Uncle Loren pretending to be Prince Charles when I was younger too.  I knew the difference, but he would try to tell me he was Charles anyway.  He tied me up, gave me backrubs, and forced me to have my feet together.  There was a lot more than that and most of it occurred upstairs lying on the carpet.  So then he became a "carpet-layer".  Later, when I was slightly older, once a man with an English accent who sounded like Prince Charles and looked like him and appeared to be him, did the same thing to me, and it was upstairs in Granny and Grandpa's house.  I tried to report it.  I also tried to report my Uncle and I was tortured over it.  They were putting something into my anus when I was forced to be upstairs on the carpet with my feet tied together.  I suspect this is also why my son is showing he crosses his feet--because he's been molested and assaulted by Wenatchee hypocrites and "family" that probably isn't even related to him at all.  Loren, for one thing, is a pedophile, and he wanted to adopt my son and then was asking to babysit him.  Loren has been working with CPS-connected people for years.  Raul Bujanda and Alvaro Pardo also did this to me, upstairs on the carpet.  I  remember now, or again, they also showed up one time and took turns forcing me to be face-down on the carpet upstairs, with my feet tied and they assaulted me to the anus.  Raul watched once, drinking a coke with a straw as he watched another Hispanic basically sodomizing me.  All of this was prior to being assaulted outside on bridges at different locations.  Alvaro hated me and then looked guilty and like he was going to get caught.  They were there the same time the man who was supposedly, and seemed to be, Prince Charles was there.   One of them I fought and hit or bit and they started to bleed at the corner of the mouth where I had bit and then they whacked me and beat me in punishment for refusing to "accept" being raped and held a knife at my throat.  Just like all good Jewish boys do.  One of the assaulters was Christa Schneider's Dad, "Robert".  What all the last few did to me, that I mentioned, was done upstairs with me forced on the carpet.  You can be 100% positive they did the same thing to my son Oliver and it is because the FBI wanted it to happen.  The FBI was involved in doing that to me, and they kidnapped my son from me to do this to my son Oliver.  They've done it because I've seen the evidence.  Alvaro saw me more than once there.  Raul was also there more than once, but downstairs getting blow jobs instead of upstairs all the time.  I was being tortured and sexually assaulted after I got back from Colombia, for saying I thought Raul and Robert Garrett jr. were "rats", as in, cops or informants.  Raul hated my guts because someone forced him to kneel to me so the FBI and CIA and military brought over a bunch of people and Raul's mafia, and assaulted me.  That was before I was a pre-teen and going to college at OSU or anything.  I believe Armando Garza was there possibly and I recognize Roberto Gonzales, or one of the former military directors as one of the men who showed up there to sexually assault me.  There were no women invited or around other than "family" members when the groups of men showed up.  There was maybe one time a couple of women also arrived and stayed downstairs, but it was mostly men.  For example, some of Raul's girlfriends and relatives showed up and they mocked me when I was brought downstairs after being sodomized upstairs.  They were almost completely Hispanic, mafia bitches.  Three of them together.  Another time, three white women stayed downstairs while I was assaulted upstairs.  On three different occasions, a group of 3 women, or once 4, but with 3 of them grouped together, waited downstairs while they knew their men were sexually assaulting me, degrading me, and sodomizing me upstairs.  That's what jealous bitches do, not real women.  When I was brought downstairs after being assaulted and led over to the group of women, one of them wiped the side of my mouth while I stood there and said, "You have frosting on the side of your mouth."  Then I was sneered at and the women stood there looking at me with hate and like they were triumphant for forcing me to go upstairs with men they knew were going to sexually assault me.  The groups that showed up later were different from the ones when I was very young, as barely older than a toddler.  Most of them.   There was also Gary Erickson, Michelle Erickson's Uncle, who showed up with another Erickson and brought Michelle one time when she was very young or a baby in a car carrier, and they assaulted me downstairs, not upstairs.  They wanted blow jobs and at least one of those times, they brought Michelle Erickson with them.  They showed up more than once, almost always actually, now that I think about it, with Michelle with them.  Maybe that's part of the reason she's called "blow job Michelle", because she was brought along to all of the blow jobs I was forced to give to her relatives.  Her own Dad may have been one of them, but there were 2 Ericksons involved.  Of course, the pedophiles all knew each other so it's not like her relatives never knew Alvaro Pardo went upstairs to sexually assault me.  Alvaro lied for the government when he was with me in D.C. and I didn't recognize him, and said he was younger than he is.  So now that I think about, this is a main way he and Michelle Erickson already knew each other and it was through pedophilia.  So all of them knew exactly what was happening to my son Oliver.  All of them.  Marie Scanlon's relative was there too, because Scanlon was one of the last names.  Marie was never there herself, except for one time, when they were toddlers and the Scanlon and the Erickson brought both of them over and they played while I was assaulted.  It was one time they were around each other and they were maybe 1-3 years old.  They had play dates together and their parents stood there and talked about their play dates and their futures, like nothing had just happened to me to harm me, and they really hated me.  Those people hated my guts.  Rick Baken stood there and talked with them one time they were over.  It was possibly one of his kids that played with them once too but he didn't like me either.  I believe it was Marie Scanlon's mother who didn't like me and her "aunt" who had been some kind of "Apple Queen".  Another time, Michelle and Katie were both in the same room with Michelle's parents and Carol and Mike Middleton there.  They've known each other for decades.  While all of these local people and Middleton's were around, talking together, and bringing their younger kids to play with each other, they were sexually assaulting me and torturing me and not once did anyone bring a kid around who was my age for me to play with.  The Middletons and Ericksons talked together like they had always known each other.  I started wondering if Katie was related to them, biologically, because they were so involved with each other's lives and I sensed something very bizarre was going on.

It was like some kid, was part another family's kid, not the one it was actually living with.  I asked my parents if Michelle and Katie were related once and said I thought one of them was related to someone else.  Michelle's mother was gushing over Katie and Carol.  Carol had the Wenatchee people wrapped around her little finger.  They fawned over Katie and Carol like she was the Queen.  I literally said that to my parents.  I said, "You'd think Katie is the Queen the way those Ericksons and Scanlons acted about her. ON and ON, like real butt-kissers" (I think I said, "Brown-nosers").

These same people are harming my son and lied about me because they work with the government.

There wasn't any reason I knew of, why Scanlons and Ericksons would be gushing and falling over for Middletons.  I thought it was totally, incredibly annoying and bizarre.  So guess who else was there to fawn over Katie and brown-nose with Carol?  Alicia Nakata baybee.  She is real hootch.  She had totally different hair then and because of this, I'm thinking it was maybe Nakata's mother, not Alicia.  It was a Nakata though and she was part of the Scanlon-Erickson-Middleton gang and another person who snubbed me.  I was seriously wondering why she'd shown up there (more than once). 

So when it comes down to, do I have a right to accuse Michelle Erickson of corruption?  the answer is yes.  And were Middletons involved in kidnapping my son?  Yes.  One time I said something that shocked Nakata's mother.  She was always mean to me and one day I said something and she acted like I'd read her mind so she was shocked.  She had chin length to top of the shoulders hair.  She and Carol came and left together.  It's a big reason, I'm sure, why Katie has an Asian pal at her beck and call.  Most likely, it is someone connected to people who know Nakatas.  Carol and Nakata were very good friends, Erickson and Scanlon sort of fawned over Carol but Nakata acted more like an equal with Carol.  You really have no idea how big their circle of corruption is and how badly it's affected my son. 
I mean, they set ALVARO on me like a Doberman, to cover their own tracks.  They used him to force me into a house where I was promised a room that was private and it was locked and I was forced to stay in his bed instead.  They are all disgusting criminals.

One of the people who showed up at the house from Canada was Ross.  Immigration Ross but I didn't know he was "immigration".  One was Walt, who I only saw a couple of times, and then there were one or two Canada border cops who were Canadians.  Bruce was one of the Canadians and there was a guy named Mike from either Canada or Bonners Ferry, Idaho border.

I saw Alicia Nakata there too. She was coming over to pick up money from my grandparents.  She got it out of the drawer in the bureau in the entry and she was there often.  She would knock on the door, open it without anyone there, say, "It's Alicia," take money out of the bureau and leave.  When I was around, maybe once a week.  She used to smirk at me and I thought it was because she knew I was being tortured.  Once she said, "Thank you" in a snide way because I saw money being given to my grandparents after I was sexually assaulted and it was put in the drawer to go to Nakata, who either used it herself or took it to someone.  She was friends with Rick Baken too, who was FBI, and obviously, her mother was good friends with Carol Middleton.  Granny quit bothering to go to the door all the time but she first greeted her when she showed up when I was there, wearing a long coat.  She was going to law school and I don't think she was out yet.  I had a feeling she was getting money from my being raped to put her through law school, or she was giving it to her Mom who gave it to Carol for Katie.

A few times she would say something to Granny about "Dennis" and my guess was that he was involved in this money exchange.  She was friends with Dennis as far as I know, because she always brought him up.

You know?  Oh boy!  oh goody!  Maybe I can WORK with these criminals! and marry a sexual assaulter they all know!  How much FUN it would be to work for the God-Damned government and if I do, maybe they'll give me my kidnapped son back.  Ohh...sniff's ....too late?  Reeeeaally.  Oh that is SO sad.  I am REALLY SORRY I missed your fucking boat.

What did corrupt Judge Nakata do?  Well, first of all, she became a lawyer.  Then, a Judge.  Then who was telling me not to tell anyone about Michelle Erickson???  You know, criminal "Blow Job Michelle"?  Judge Nakata, the nasty woman who was taking money from the blow jobs I was forced to give to those men, was banning me from telling anyone about it.  Not only that, she had corrupt guards in the jail keep me from wearing a bra to court, and sexually harass me.  What did Alicia do to me?  She banned me from leaving the state of Washington when I needed to leave and obstructed my travel.  She also put a false harassment charge on my record knowing it was false and knowing she is a corrupt liar.  She also refused to give me even the standard 1 month allowance to obtain the evidence that showed Michelle Erickson is a liar and perjured herself in court as a fucking Pedophile Supporter and Trafficker and then they made sure I had no way to appeal by getting cops to throw me into a mental ward and drug me with Haldol.

What is TOO LATE Nakata?  YOUR own boat to China?

I want my son returned Bitch.

You figure out a way to scrape up some of the child trafficking money you took, and figure out how to get some of it back from Middletons, and you fucking fix your shitty hair.  After you fix your hair, you find yourself a phone, get on it, you call who you need to call, and I want to see my son on a plane to visit me.  Do you HEAR ME BITCH?  You are going to fix your mistakes if it takes you longer than it will ever take to fix the Fuckajima nuclear mess. 

Her mother, by the way, had Alicia first meet me when Alicia was not even an older teen yet, and she (her mother)  smirked at me and raised her nose in the air as she had Alicia start to hand a doll to me and then take it back and leave.

Maybe, Alicia, you need to find a Comey?   WhatEVER would give your mother THAT idea?  Carol the bitch?  Or did your Mom come up with that one on her own?

Don't you ever think I don't remember you fuck-ups.  You had better return my son or you are seriously going to pay.  My son is NOT going to be part of your corrupt trafficking chain-gang, and YOU all tried to have me marry a pedophile I had forgotten about, just to stick my son with him or with Avilas.  You didn't care--as long as you had control of your cocaine, diamond smuggling, pedophile, torture and trafficking government militas.  Like you weren't connected to Barak Obama.  You were taking money from my being sexually assaulted and sodomized to go to law school just as he raped me with FBI coordination and went to law school.  You needed some fucking "minorities" to feel better about themselves or something?  So that's how you do it, to be like the "white people"--rape kids?  lie about kids?  block their parents from protecting them?


Why is it, if I didn't marry your mutual pedophile friend, you and Judge Hotchkiss thought it was a good idea to block me from seeing my son anymore?  Hmm?  It was fine, if I married the man who sexually assaulted me, YOUR protector, but suddenly I wasn't a good parent and I was "suddenly" mentally ill, if I didn't marry him?

So you kidnapped and tortured my son.

Let's see, who was in on holding me hostage with Alvaro in D.C.?  Chris Dabney, FBI contact and military contact.  Michelle Erickson, CPS and pedophile sponsor.  Scanlon--Middleton and pedophile sponsor.  Julia and Tina Thornton--Middleton and pedophile sponsor.  Hotchkiss--pedophile sponsor.  Raul Bujanda--Middleton and pedophile sponsor.  Barak Obama.  George Bechtold. Roses.  The list goes on.

So the FBI promises to ruin my life, telling me I'll never be anything, and then they sexually assault me, torture me, and kidnap my son to leave him in the exact same environment I was forced into as a kid, which all of the above already know about.

Blow Job Michelle who was taken to child torture sessions of me.  Fat Michelle.  I will say whatever I want Nakata and fuck your moral code which amounts to nothing.  It is true.  If you don't like the TRUTH you shouldn't be a fucking Judge.  Pedophile-Sponsor Michelle.  Rapist-sponsor Michelle.  Katie-Middleton "lookalike" Michelle who is also, strangely enough, friends with Katie Middleton.  Military torture sponsor Michelle.  Carol Middleton Ass Kisser Michelle.  Child Traumatizer Michelle.  Michelle who has a Swedish background just like Katie Middleton Michelle.  Michelle with Snotty Auntie Pam.  Michelle who triple-majored in Pedophilia-U.S. Navy-Social Work.  Michelle whose first job and first reference for any future position was with the U.S. fucking Navy in Seattle where she sent me telling me no one from the state would pay for the transportation of a "required service" when HER pedophile SHITs were responsible for the torture and kidnapping of my son from a political asylum request to begin with.

Michelle who got "married" to another corrupt employee.  Michelle who knew the cops Alvaro knew as I drove with him to Dryden with one of the corrupt ones driving down. Michelle who got Alvaro to be her informant after using him to hold me hostage in D.C. to degrade me.  Michelle who was getting her other military friend Theo, to degrade me and spy on me for her.  Michelle who got a bunch of black friends she had to attack my son.  Michelle who worked with Tony, the CPS Italian who was in the basement at Granny's when FBI was there telling me they'd make sure I was never a doctor and that they promised I'd never amount to anything.  Michelle who stole all of my son's necklaces I bought for him, to give to someone else.  The same Michelle Erickson who I thought had something wrong with her family for them to be so involved with Katie Middleton and Carol Middleton, as if Katie was related to them.  Maybe the U.S. just hoped Michelle could be a double for Katie until she blew up to a size 29XXLarge.  They were even comparing them when they were babies.  They were the same age and looked alike and they had government people comparing them and having them socialize with each other.  What are they?  Twins separated at birth?  Will we see Michelle moving into the big house in England anytime soon?  It's not like Katie hasn't dirtied the soil of Wenatchee.

The U.S. gave Alvaro, her fellow criminal, a fake ID and everything.

Other torture done to me is I was tied at my ankles with rope and hung upside down in the upstairs where I was sodomized on the carpet.  They would leave me there for long periods of time.  They also did this to me at the U.S. military base in Moses Lake.  They also repeated, at the U.S. base, what they did to me at the England base, by lying over me and making humping motions with 4-5 different men and then they brought a woman in.  She said, "I like women" and I believe it was possibly Shirina Edwin, one of them, because although I didn't recognize her later, her appearance had changed.  There was also an FBI woman present.  At one place a woman who looked like Janis Wilson was there.  When I was in England, Mary Del Balzo and Lisa Thebault were possibly there, women who looked like them.

When I was even younger they put headphones on my head and tied me to a medical chair that was like a cushioned dental chair but smaller and they played white noise as loud as they could, a droning  constant noise.  I believe it was an attempt to brainwash me, and there is a reason for that "term".  Whenever they got a doctor or scientist to sexually assault me, or a senior military person, they were quick to insist on the whitewashing machine which was large ear headphones and the noise was extremely loud and unpleasant.  They would play it so you couldn't hear anything else for 3 hours or more and then say things in between turning it off and on.  They would ask what I remembered.

Mike Middleton was there and struck me across the face and sexually assaulted me right there in the office, Bruce from Canada was there, Larry the black man was there, or his other black friend Ben (one had a British accent),  there was also Ben a Jewish man, and Emmanuel Rose (with Lorraine in the room with him, saying he wanted her there too), and possibly Johnny (Edward) Spencer.  The person who didn't expect me to remember his being violent was Mike Middleton and Emmanuel Rose.  He struck me across the face and then told the others "She won't remember it."  Every single royal they had came in, one or two at a time with Spencers going in together, and they all either assaulted me or sat in front of me saying things like "You will never be queen.  Your life is going to be ruined and we will do all we can to support that.  You are going to fail at every career you try for" .  The women mostly took on this kind of verbal abuse of me, until I cried.  In between all of them, I was brainwashed with white noise that was played loudly for a long time and then they would bring the next person in.  The Queen Elizabeth, Anne (who was cautious and nervous), Fergie and Andrew, Diana with her sisters and brother, a Dicksie, and then the one I started crying at was when they brought in Johnny and he hit me and insulted me and I cried from the shock he would do that to me.  He had pretended to be a friend and mentor up to that point.  Francis was there and didn't want to do much.  Barak Obama was there.  At least 2-3 black men were there and a black woman watched once.  Edward Howard was there.  Philip.  They gave one man, who was crying, a chance to talk to me and then said,  "Just remember, whatever you have to say to her, she won't remember."  He was crying a lot and said to listen carefully and read a letter to me or parts of it out loud.  They had stolen letters from him or someone else and not given them to me and I was told the people who had written them were dead.  He said my name was not my real name and my birthdate was not my real birthdate.
  He also said I was not a citizen of the United States and said I had been born in another country.  I am not completely sure who he was but he cried and maybe he was acting but the others were mocking saying, "Just forget about it.  She won't remember" and then after he was done, they took him back further away from me and shot him in the head.  I was strapped to the chair and restrained.  They had told him he could give a last statement to me before they killed him.  He said it one language, and some of it English and then after he was shot someone took the letter and supposedly "translated" it.  But he was definitely killed.  One of the things he'd said to me was "We are doctors".

I do know at one time, once, maybe not that time but another time, or that time, some doctors tried to investigate for allegations of torture of me and crimes against humanity. 

Someone had sent them out to talk to me and then I was meeting them at a location and they were kidnapped, bound and gagged.  They took photos of extreme bruising, cut scars and wounds from being tied, that went around.  Maybe someone acted that out later to confuse things with this man who said "We are doctors" but what the one man told me, who others wanted killed, was that they were collecting evidence.  They really did shoot a man and then they whitewashed me and brainwashed me and I had known he was trying to help me and they killed him.  It was indoors in a facility of some kind.  It was all white around on the inside.  There was some kind of a room partway and to the side and someone could go around the corner and still be in the room but listen in.  There were no windows or none open.

Other men who assaulted me upstairs at Granny and Grandpa's house on the carpet, were two Jews.  One was Ben Affleck.  There is no mistake on my part about his name.  Not only has the Secret Service made recent comments to me about him using his name, my entire family (Levi, Dicksie and Robert) went to see one of his movies together and didn't invite me and acted secretive about it.  They said it was a good movie and I wondered why they acted weird, but I'd forgotten about being beat up by Ben.  Ben Affleck is violent.  He didn't just sexually assault me, he beat me with his hands and forced me down.  I'm sure his friend Jew Josh Gatov took some tips from his Jewish friend Affleck, who was one of several men who beat me and used weapons and threatened my life to force me to lie still as I was attacked. 

I am not saying all Muslims are wonderful.  Everyone knows that.  I know that.  I know I've been scared of some and cheated.  I've almost been killed.  I've had one work with CIA knowing how I was getting set up for harm.  However, Muslims will tell you, Mossad and some of the Jews are the most vicious, mean and violent criminal offenders in the entire world.  They like to claim it is the only way they 'survive' because they're few in number and persecuted.  However, they are responsible of crimes against humanity and do not deserve special consideration or treatment, anymore than a "gay" or "black" just because of claims of "minority" status. 

Ben Affleck sexually assaulted me upstairs and he was one of few of those men who beat me until I couldn't move.  Then he looked back at me just to see what effect he'd had.  His other Jewish friend was with him and I don't remember as much about him but he looked like Josh Rose.  He was shorter and younger and then there was one other Jew with him and it was the same person who used the name "Chris Rozollo".  He was blond and taller and sort of the same physique as Ben Affleck.

At that time I never heard one thing about movies or what Ben did for a living or who he knew.  All I knew about him was his name and that he hated me enough he had a whole reserve of violence for beating me with that he couldn't control.  The others were just as bad, forcing me down by various means and threats and weapons, but I remembered Ben because of how much he hated me.  You can be absolutely positive Katie gets funded by movies.

I never think about Ben or connect his attack of me and who he is, until I replay the specific event and remember "oh yeah, that was his name, face, and everything."  He ended up getting involved with Mexican Jo-Lo which is no surprise because he was connected to Mexican mafia and knew Raul Bujanda and other Mexicans involved in assaulting me and now my son.  My brother "Levi" tested me once in high school to see if I remembered who Ben Affleck was and I told him no.

Having Detective Brian Gross cover for rapists like Josh Gatov is something Gross is profiting from personally.  I'm sure his kids have all kinds of promises being made about their futures because the Jews reward handsomely for covers for their rapes.  They're Jews--after all, poor, discriminated against, persecuted Jews accused of being long-nosed women rapists in Europe and swindlers and tax don't DARE accuse one of being a violent criminal.  They use their victim 'status' to their advantage and meanwhile, they've been part of a conspiracy to have me sodomized and raped because of their hatred.  At no time did I drop my report of rape by Gatov, and that rape report is still active because of the continuation of crimes against me and the history of how many crimes are connected to it.  Portland Police have no good cops and Det. Gross is a lying raping pedophile himself to have colluded to cover up two rapes of me by Gatov and Bechtold when I made timely reports to him.  What do Gatov and Bechtold have in common?  The FBI, the CIA, and illegal diamond smuggling and drugs.  And, oh yeah, Middleton and Goldsmith laundering.

For one thing too, Chris Dabney knows a "Ben" and probably he knows both of them but the one I saw at the CIA was not Affleck.  It was another Ben (larger and more Caucasian looking--lt brown hair not dark).  The one who sexually assaulted me at the Baird house in Cashmere, was Affleck and I'm positive.

I knew of 3 "Bens" when I was an older kid (between age 7-11):  a black guy named "Ben" who worked with Middleton and others and was a big guy; Ben Affleck, who sexually assaulted me and beat me up; and an older white or whiter looking Jew,  "Ben" who was at the CIA.  Ben Affleck was also possibly at the CIA because I saw several people there and I know I recognized him as one of them and I knew at the time of seeing him, it was the same one.  I used to say out loud to my family, "That one attacked me and I know he works for the CIA".

Regardless of who he works for, what I noticed about him was how much he hated me.  I also have known that for some reason "Jenny" Lopez has hated me and my son. I don't know what her motive is other than drug industry because I hadn't ever said anything bad about her and I thought she was very good in her first movie.  However, she has a massive problem with problem with me and it's not hard at all to imagine her and Ben living happily ever after in their House of Hate.  I think when he knows about her crimes, he's covering for her, and then she doesn't want his sexual assaulting and beating up of kids to reflect on her career so she covers for him.  Part of Katie Middletons Mexican mafia is coming from her group.

I've also seen Afflect in this town I live in, in Coquille, Oregon, in the last couple of years I've lived here.  There are look-a-likes, but at least once I knew it was him.

I think, looking at the "Argo" summary, he imagines himself to be a Jewish hero and tried to write a movie about himself or his friend "Chris Dabney".  It's about a filmmaker who is a CIA agent going undercover to save 6 people from Iran.  How clever.

What a fucking asshole.
Maybe, wink-wink, it's his little story about saving a bunch of fucking Mossad rapists, 6 of them, including some in my family perhaps, from reports made by me by slandering me and targeting me for violence.  The rest of my family has some connection with Mossad and I don't think they've been raped by them either.  I don't trust Robert, Dicksie, or Levi with my own son Oliver because I know who they've worked for in the past and what they've done to me.  Carmen Wilson, the woman my "brother" married (and Levi, by the way, told me he wasn't my brother when he got back to a house on an island after being away from me.  He was also quizzing me about Ben Affleck then too, to see if I remembered and then wouldn't say anything) was in the U.S. Army and I believe she is also Mossad.  I have believed this ever since I witnessed her bizarre reaction to my one comment about Mossad, at my house in E. Wenatchee right before my son Oliver was taken from me and while he and I were being tortured.  She did weird things before that with Levi, like telling me to be in her wedding, at a black church where the pastor is good friends with Jew Supremacist Emmanuel Rose, and then refusing to give me even one photo from the wedding, saying, "You'll have to pay for one if you want one."

Both Chris Dabney and Ben Affleck were seen by me at CIA offices, in the "covert operatives" section of their cafeteria when I was hired to be part of the "Russian division".  They are rapists.

Also, some of the other men who physically assaulted me and didn't just sexually assault me or lay on top of me were Rob Schneider and Alvaro Pardo.  The FBI wanted to ask me in 2009 if he'd ever hit me just to get "no, he didn't" on the record when they knew he'd hit me earlier when I was a kid and I didn't remember him.  The FBI and Barak Obama were setting me up with the same individuals they knew had assaulted me, and even gave them fake IDs for it.  All of these men that came in one time were lying on top of me, pushing me down with their weight and sexually assaulting me or just saying bad things and pushing me down, or trying to force me to kiss them.  They were saying they were giving me a "pin".  This is after I was asked what kind of jewelry did I want and Jewish man wanted me to say I wanted a big ring or necklace or something and all I would say I would like was a "pin".  So they all assaulted me.  When I tried to fight them off, they beat me.  I bit Alvaro Pardo and he whacked me with the back of his arm and then Raul Bujanda was also bleeding from the side of the mouth because I tried to claw him.  A couple of white cops and a lawyer, who were there, beat me over it.  My Aunt's husbands, Valentine and Pablo, also laid on me to 'pin' me.  I am actually going to write about Holly and Pablo because they should not be raising my son or be anywhere near him.

It wasn't like I was just lying there saying this is great.  I tried to get all of them off of me and I fought them, clawed, screamed, bit them, and tried to push them off and whenever I did they tortured me and beat me up.  When I clawed Raul and Alvaro the white cops grabbed me off of the ground, and one held up standing up in one place as the other used full force to punch me in the stomach.  One of the men who punched me that way was Rob Schneider, and I didn't recognize him as the same person when I met him again years later because I didn't expect to see him in another situation.  Another one who punched me, was one of the white cops and I believe it was Austria.  Sgt. Austria is in Portland, Oregon now and he was the person who picked up my complaint against Raul Bujanda and Garza because he was there beating me up and assaulting me.  They had Austria in charge of "Sexual Assault" division for the Portland PD when he was a pedophile assaulter himself and was a criminal obstructing justice to cover for FBI crimes against me.  I knew his name and recognized his voice on the phone but I didn't realize it was the same Austria until much later.  

The FBI and police rewarded his corruption by promoting him from Sexual Assault to being the head of the Murder Unit.  To me, this says he must have murdered people too, because why else would they promote  him there?  He is a sex offender and had tortured me when I was a kid, and they used HIM in their Sex Assault division, so why wouldn't they then use a murderer for their Murder division? 

The FBI and cops had it all planned out.  They made sure to have a bunch of corrupt sex offenders and criminals in every single department they thought I might go to at a later date. 

I'm sure that since Christa was dating Ryan Barnes, who was fluent in Japanese, her Dad Rob Schneider had a good contact to Alicia Nakata's mother.

So basically, the FBI had Bujanda approach me, when Christa and her Dad knew I was going to a courthouse at a certain time, and then when they sexually assaulted me, and I tried to report it, the FBI used a woman who had already assaulted me and helped arrange for Frank and Barak Obama to rape me, Julie Thornton, and they made sure a cop who had assaulted me was in charge of sex crimes unite, Sgt. Austria; and they made sure that Don and the guy from NY were people who had prior records assaulting me; and they had it covered.  The FBI then defamed me, Christa had a "last time dinner" with me, and then they stole my car from me to force me out of college and three lawsuits I had filed:  one against federal employees and Judges; one to defend myself from slander which was harming my ability to get work; and one for cop harassment and section 1983 and infliction of distress.

Then they knowingly used a man who was part of that assault ring, and gave him a false birthdate and ID, and set me up to marry someone who the FBI already knew was involved in harming me, who even admitted to me he worked for them, and who was then trying to get into a job with the Department of State.

This is with Barak Obama as President of course, who is part of the same group of criminals.

He was also the man who killed the person who said they were "doctors".  Barak Obama is.  He was the person who pulled the trigger and then I looked back and saw Dicksie was around, but it was Barak and then he said to me, "Now we're even."

He then (Barak) continued to target me, because the next time I saw him after that, was at Stanley Ann Dunham's house and he raped me and electrocuted me.

This other black man was there, Ben, and he wouldn't do it.  Barak did.  So I witnessed him murder someone who said they were a doctor, inside of a government building.

If he said "Now we're even" when his entire claim all that time was "You killed my Dad" (when I didn't), he obviously thought he was murdering someone who could have helped me.  The last thing the man said before he died, was he shouted, "It's HOWARD".  The last thing my Uncle Howard said to me before he died, was about Michelle and Barak Obama.

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