Thursday, February 20, 2014

Criminal Cops and Pedophile Federal Employees of Coquille, Oregon

This criminal cop that was around when I was gang-raped and then had dogs all over me (police dogs) while I was being electrocuted at a house next to the one where I was sodomized, made a point to park his vehicle next to my house today when he knew I was walking home from town.

He is connected to Raul Bujanda.

Raul Bujanda is nothing but a mafia-made man who decided to go into the FBI and start his mafia infiltration there with bribe money backing him.  His father is a criminal who was trying to lurch out to ruin my life even after he was in jail.  He's a vicious dog.  Not only that, he was working WITH the corrupt cops that were there visiting him in jail, not against them.  He's an FBI thug.  Most likely, he is working the insides of the prison to give information to feds as a rat while his son is working the FBI to give information to the mafia so they can torture little kids and benefit the Middleton drug smugglers.  I know Mr. Bujanda is a rat and works with corrupt cops, because I saw how he was giving signals to them from jail.  That is before his son Raul EVER even applied to the FBI but believe me, they had a plan.  To find out Raul Bujanda decided to casually transition himself from being a "teacher" to "Border Patrol" to the FBI is really something else.  It's like favor-for-favor for his Dad because his Dad was nose-to-nose with criminal cops like Portland Detective Brian Gross.

His father is not the one who was crying about me or who was threatened.  Bujanda is a criminal who used his son to get into the FBI to create more corruption and nothing else.  I was being taken along with cops and FBI to see more than one man who was put in jail.  I saw Bujanda and I saw other men and Bujanda was not the man crying who the FBI and cops threatened with rape videos.  He was doing deals with corrupt cops from behind bars.  And look at his son now.  Now he can be an FBI criminal and a mafia criminal at the same time.  Raul Bujanda's Dad was also not the one telling Raul to kneel in front of me and beg for his life. He was there, and he is a mobster.  However, it was his Dad's boss from Colombia and I was above them so they hated me and wanted to use corrupt police and FBI to bring me down.  They don't like answering to women because they like their women "traditional" style:  Big boobs and no brain.  His Dad was attempting to finger me out for corrupt cops which is why I was brought to see him and then they were telling him don't worry, they'd get back at me for him (Bujanda).  So what did the FBI and cops do?  They've been raping me and then promoted assholes like Bujanda, Bechtold, and Middleton.  All of them are men who couldn't STAND to have a "little girl" in a superior position to theirs.  They couldn't cut it in the real world so they joined the FBI, which is basically nothing more than a front with a badge because they're the worst group.  What did the cops do?  Promoted Bujanda's son.  Then they promoted all his friends.  Then they went on ahead and used his friends and people who knew each other to rape me and then did nothing about it.  Then they even got Bujanda involved to try to pick me up again and used it as an excuse to defame me in internal FBI records and then kidnap my son from me while stealing my car to block my access to court and college.  They didn't like the fact that I was favored by the main "boss" over them so they tried to get back at me from the corrupt cop side and look at how great the U.S. is doing. 

The cop license plates for the man who parked next to my house to intimidate me is number 259089 and he was driving an SUV.  He's over 6'4" tall or thereabouts, and is heavy, and has spittle around the corners of his mouth when he talks and a thick tongue.

Another woman who is a federal employee and either CIA or FBI is Karen VanLeuven.  She was stalking me out when I was a kid in the 1980s and wore the exact same shirt and same glasses string of beads today that she wore when I saw her in that same office decades ago.

The post master Greg, who transferred over here only after I was living here for a couple of months, is a pedophile.  He was the only man in Coquille, Oregon, who came over to the trailer I was staying at by myself, to try to knock on my door and get into my house asking for sexual favors and his friend or the only other man who was attempting to do the same thing was Alan, this guy who came over to set up my internet connection.

There is no justifiable reason to have this pedophile Greg transferred back to the Coquille post office and the other postmaster moved out, except for intimidation purposes. 

He is a criminal, and just another one of the Coquille federal pedophiles.  I saw some other cops today, driving past me, in unmarked cars or their personal vehicles, who I know are cops because they were involved in harassing me and covering up the gang-rape of me.

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