Friday, February 7, 2014

U.S. Military Forces Children To Have Sex With Animals

Bestiality is something the U.S. military has been making money off of.  I witnessed it and if you thought pedophilia was shocking, bestiality, the practice of sexual acts with animals, forced upon children, is even worse.

The United States is not just guilty of pedophilia and organizing massive repeated gang assaults and sodomy against me, they were organizing sexual abuse of kids, including me, when I was a toddler, and also involving animals in their practices.  They did this to me when I was younger and also when I was slightly older but not as much, to humiliate me.

The "alleged spies" who went to Russia, who were said to have been noticed for their "private practices of sex with animals" had nothing to do with private acts.  It was 100% coordinated and facilitated by the United States government.  How would I know that?  For one thing, the extensive number of individuals involved who were employees of the U.S. and secondly, the use of U.S. federal offices for some of the bestiality which was being observed like a science by the U.S. Navy and other sections of the military.

The United States was not just encouraging rape of kids and that they even be used in sexual practices adults organized around animals (sheep, cows, horses, chicken, and dogs) they were also torturing children this way to extort "confessions" from others.  So some of the time, I was being tortured as a toddler, and the U.S. was carrying out black operation "interrogations".  They also encouraged abuse of kids for personal satisfaction reasons because some of these people thought nothing was better than to degrade a kid by exposing them to animals sexually.

Hamilton-Mitchell and his friend were "outed" for their practices but the military made it sound like it was just something that came up in their course of psychological evaluations.  That is not the case.  I was present, in the U.S. military offices, when they were being asked some of their questions and it wasn't psych evals being performed, it was psychological measurements of the "effect it has on kids".

The U.S. DISGUSTING military had an entire "program" centered on bestiality of children.  How would you like to know that is what your taxes went to support?  When I say my son Oliver is being tortured and that CPS officials are involved in the abuse, and Judges, I know exactly what I'm talking about and it is much worse than what anyone thinks it is.

Maybe some people accept the idea that pedophilia happens to kids "now and then" and it's not that shocking.  I would think it should be shocking to realize the U.S. spends money getting their fixes off kids this way, and makes excuses for doing it, and then sells the U.S. kids to international markets.  Not to mention, the U.S. is not just allowing some nice man with a "problem" to assault and "accidentally cross the line" with kids, and then feel guilty later, they are encouraging extremely violent individuals, men and women, to torture kids to the worse imaginable forms of torture there are, including physical pain, sexual torture and pain, and then the degradation of forcing these children to not only be regarded as animals themselves, and locked up like them, but to be sexually defiled and degraded by them.

My son has been in danger in this country and even more when the U.S. got their greedy, filthy, violent pedophile hands that force dogs and chickens on children and then rape the anuses of horses themselves.  They even had animals specifically set aside for their practices, and then like I said, they did "inventory" and documented the "effects on children" in Seattle, Washington, which is where I was later poisoned and assaulted and lost my singing voice because of the poisoning.  Is it really possible to find non-corrupt cops in Seattle or FBI when the FBI electrocutes kids inside of their offices while the U.S. Navy and Army is raping kids with animals in their facilities and watching?

I will describe more about the people who were involved and what they did in the next day or two.

My son Oliver is in danger and has been in danger ever since he was kidnapped from me and since others lied about me.  They have extremely serious reasons and motives to collectively defame me.  Can you imagine?

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