Friday, February 7, 2014

Torture During Studying and Tests

I'm being severely tortured while doing homework that is due for a Chemistry class online today.  I was not being tortured before, until I was working on it, to the point I cannot even do simple math problems.

In addition to being tortured, someone has Trojaned my computer every single time I go to the Pearson site to do my work and freezes it up so it takes 5 minutes to try to move the arrow from one object to the next on a page and constantly flips me around to various pages when I'm not having the computer frozen.

The ENTIRE time I tried working on a math section this was being done, and it was extreme and for over an hour.

So I am going to describe who I think is responsible for torturing me and why the U.S. military, NSA, and NASA have been not only practicing pedophilia against U.S. children, but forcing kids to be with animals in bestiality as well, and it is not private acts--it has been funded by the U.S. and involved everyone from the top ranking officials (your own President) to Middletons in the UK, to middle class, to people who fled the U.S. to escape it, for Russia, and to the lower income brackets.

I hope the world knows just how corrupt and bad this country is.

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