Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Torture While Studying Online and the FBI's Diana

I am still being tortured and targeted with military technology when trying to study online.  They just increased it when I posted this as well.  I am 100% positive it's NASA and Pentagon.  I also noticed some Irish today who are government Irish and I think they are involved in it.  I mean, American-Irish but I'm sure some of their friends as well.  I know they are involved because it was them who showed up by boat one day to the river house, smirking before they saw it was me sitting there and not a parent while there was some kind of technology over the entire house. 

Also, from the level of torture against me after I took the IVF, my nails have changed color again.  I haven't been wearing nail polish--they are two toned bright red/pink and then lighter half of them pale, which is an indicator of heart problems and it's only occurred when the U.S. has tortured me by burning me to my heart or affecting my heart at extreme levels. 

Why would the U.S. specifically be targeting my heart?  No one in my family except for one relative has a history of heart problem.  That's one out of dozens and hundreds.  I also never had any problems with my heart except for when I was young and it resolved.  I had zero heart problems until 2009 after the U.S. military did a surgery on me in Maryland, and why exactly would they be so malicious as to want to specifically target my heart?

It's like someone thinks I had something to do with Princess Diana's heart problem (if she really had one, if she's not actually alive).  I had nothing to do with her.  I didn't know anyone who even talked about her and from the time I was about 13, I never saw her again and never heard anyone speak of her.  I didn't watch the news or have a t.v. for years by choice, and I followed nothing about her.  I didn't even remember I had known her because I never thought about her or watched her.  The only thing I ever heard was that she and mother Theresa died and I found out at work because people were talking about it.  No one else mentioned a thing.  I remember some looking for a reaction but I had none.  I felt sorry about mother Theresa and didn't even remember I had met both of them.  I was just living in the present and not ever thinking about the past.

So believe me, I had zero to do with her.  I didn't see anything to do with her again until I worked for Susanne from Hong Kong and she had a picturebook of Diana and even then I didn't remember knowing or working for her.  I just thought, "Wow.  She must really have a thing for Diana."

The only other group that ever brought up ANYTHING to do with my heart was Raul Bujanda and FBI and cops.  It is so unlikely that anyone would target me over Diana and it is not impossible the FBI had military target me and use a stent of some kind to torture me from 2009-on because Raul and Alvaro and FBI were all connected and had performed an earlier illegal surgery and tortured me medically on a medical table.  This is why the FBI and Alvaro colluded together to have me cut my hair, because the FBI was guilty of defaming me as being a drug user and using that for an excuse to steal my son when they knew it was a lie and I could prove it with my hair.  The FBI didn't want any form of evidence that would suggest they were involved in lying about me, torturing me, framing me, kidnapping my son, or making false reports.

I am positive it was Alvaro Pardo with the FBI and Bujanda because he wasn't always wearing the surgical mask.  Also, when he took me to a hospital to get my medical records, at one place they had some guy who looked like him walk past in medical attire with a blue surgical mask on and all these people were watching me and smirking.  People know what Pardo and the FBI did to me.

I know that when he was torturing me and affixing things to me and doing some horrific surgery, with no anaesthesia, he was focused on what he did and then later, he leaned over me and said to look at him and stared into my eyes with his mask on and then jerked back with a sudden jolt.  I thought he looked like he'd seen a ghost.

He's an FBI psychic asshole (because there is no other reason he'd look into my eyes and then react that way if he wasn't trying to 'read' me)  and he held me hostage, would beat and punch my son in a minute, and tortured me on a medical table with Bujanda and other FBI there and Diana Spencer around (only briefly in the room) and I thought they maybe had an affair together (Diana and Alvaro).  Diana and Alvaro seemed to be a couple in some way at that point.  I also know she once told me she had a Colombian lover.  So that would be a long-time lover, but as far as I know, it was just when she went to Colombia or something.

The FBI either wanted him near me to cut my hair to erase their guilt in lying about me with cops and doctors, which they did, and/or if Diana is still alive in hiding by FBI, she wanted Alvaro to maybe get a quick green card and be able to visit her and sleep with her whenever he could and stay in the U.S. 

The U.S. doesn't need a green card for him.  They come up with false birth certificates, like for Barak Obama, all the time, and they would be able to give him a green card or pass at any time.  Bujanda is the one who had the flaming heart of Jesus in his car and the FBI has gone off of that. 
Diana was already working for FBI to be so involved with them.  I saw her with FBI when Alvaro was doing a surgical torture of me and they were assuring Diana now I could be 'tracked' wherever I went.  They were also saying I could be tortured or targeted and they handed her a device and said, 'press this' and it caused torture to occur to me.  The FBI was instructing her in how to facilitate remote torture.

What was odd, was this was some kind of punishment they decided to come up with for me, when I had tried to report torture of William "the baby".  They went from some kind of device that caused seizures from a distance to any kid without implants, to specifically targeting me to be implanted to facilitate remote torture.

Diana Spencer flirted with Alvaro so much I knew she had something going on with him.  He lied about his age to me.  He said he was my age and he's older.  The other person she flirted with there was Louis Freeh.  Who knows where William got his name Louis from.  Maybe she'd had an off-on affair with Louis Freeh as well.  Anything is possible.  She didn't flirt with Raul Bujanda.  So she was right there when FBI tortured me and did a surgery on me without painkillers.  They had painkillers there and they chose not to use them, wanting me awake and able to feel all of the pain.  It's possible, I guess, that someone told others I was under a drug that kept me awake but made it impossible for me to remember anything.  They had drugs like that, so it's possible.  I think it's possibly why Alvaro would have a jerk-back reaction as he did, if he was checking to see if my eyes were dilated or not and they were not the way they should be if I was under drugs.

Not drugging me as I was supposed to be drugged would be a reason for someone like Stacey Stubblefield, whose husband is a state cop, to torture me in childbirth by lying about giving me an epidural and making sure I didn't have one and could feel all of the pain.  Why would Stacey do this?  Well, apparently Alvaro Pardo and the FBI know a lot of people and the story got around to some that I was not drugged.

When Alvaro was operating on me he was looking down at me with a firm look of sheer determined hatred.  It was another person (not a relative) who decided not to drug me and told me to pretend I was drugged or don't say anything.  He went through all the motions of drugging me with an IV and everything so everyone thought I was drugged.  Instead, I saw who was physically torturing me while I was alive and it was FBI.  Then to see Diana Spencer there, working 100% with FBI, was another thing.  It is very possible she and Louis Freeh were sexually a couple.  And obviously, since Raul and Alvaro knew each other, it means they had a part in the same drug trafficking Barak Obama did.

They tortured me there prior to taking me to FBI offices later in Portland and Seattle and electrocuting me in full view of several, inside FBI offices.

I am pretty sure I was told to keep my eyes open and that it was a trance kind of drug.  If I had them closed, I peeked enough to see who was there and what they were doing.  The pain was excruciating and they bragged out loud about how they didn't need to waste painkillers on me because I wouldn't know the difference anyway. 

Which is really hilarious when the FBI was later attempting to accuse me of illegal drug use, when they were the ones trying to torture me by refusing to use painkillers or drugs that would alleviate the stress on my body from torture they had directed against me when I was a kid.  The FBI's crimes against me are pretty serious which is motive for their lies about me and kidnapping my son and coordinating cops they worked with and lawyers, to lie to steal my son from me.

Some of the Irish-Americans didn't want me to think it was FBI because a bunch of them were involved, and there was a jackpot between FBI and Ireland and Middletons.

These are also strong motives for the FBI to hide Diana in a witness protection program.  She was working with them and I believe she was sexually involved with FBI.

She was part of a surgery against me with FBI there; she took a bunch of files about me to FBI and tried to blame me for things; she was setting me up to create false evidence that made me look like a pedophile to her sons and like I'd punched her (which resulted in sodomy against me and constant punching of me in the stomach); and I am not positive but she may have been at FBI offices when I was being electrocuted there and it was a form of electrocution she had also used on me in the UK.

That's in addition to going to my house and to other sites. 

I know for a fact that it is impossible that Katie Middleton is where she is today without Robert and Dicksies help.  It is also impossible that my life would have turned out this way if it were not for Robert and Dicksie.  They trafficked me, raped me, had others rape me, tortured me, exchanged me with strangers, drugged me...secretly videotaped me, send videos of me to people, sent photos of me to people, worked with the military porn industry of kid porn, paid off people in huge bribes, lied about me for the FBI, colluded to have my son kidnapped from me, tried to kill me, isolated me so I had no friends outside of their government circle, targeted me to get hurt, wanted to degrade me into looking like a hooker, ...It was bad and then it got a little better for me as a kid and then all of sudden, overnight almost, I became a full-time victim again.

I saw Alvaro in more than one setting.  I saw him operating on me with hatred; I saw him in Colombia; I saw him in Wenatchee during a face-off over drugs and mention of Sterling (Joy, who was some kind of commando); and I saw someone who looked like him in the Middle East.

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