Wednesday, February 26, 2014

U.S. Shut Down My Computer

The U.S. just shut down my computer.  It's not old, there was no prior problem, I had validated Microsoft use of all programs yesterday (at a prompt), and there was no electrical problem.  No power surge and nothing was plugged in and it was my own network.

They did this to me when I am taking classes online and have no intention of quitting and did not quit at any time in my courses, even though I was targeted with seizure for almost a week.

The U.S. also did this to fuck with me because in the 1980s I stopped at a business called "Donna's"in Coquille, and she was going out of business and I stopped in to see what she had.  She had some cubes I was going to make into a fence for a puppy and then I didn't see how it would work and she said "NO" and I wasn't sure who she was saying "NO" to because it wasn't about me.  She just said this out loud when I said I didn't know if the cubes would work but here was my email and let me know.

Right after she emailed me and I responded, my computer was shut down.  It was actually fried, not just shut down.

Yesterday I went to her business and she was "going out of business" again (I guess she goes in and out of business often or something because it's the second time in a few decades she's done this).  I found the same cubes and said I wanted them for my guinea pigs to be able to eat grass outside.  She took my email address again and this time did not say "NO" to me and instead said, "This is a disaster but things have a way of working out" and then I decided I wasn't going to open her email if she sent it, in case the same thing happened to my computer as last time and decided I'd go in person later.

I did not get an email from her at all.  Instead, the U.S. shut my computer down anyway, and they did it the same time of day that they did this to me in the late 1980s when I lived in Coquille, Oregon as a pre-teen and was taking classes online.  At that time, it forced me out of my second term completely and I had to withdraw from all courses even though I could have caught up.

Next, after doing this to my computer, the U.S. raped me.  I didn't know why it wasn't working at my house so I took it to the bar next door and thought possibly it would work.

I also had my house power turned off once, supposedly because of a windstorm and couldn't get online to my classes because of that so I went to the bar then as well.  I didn't have a computer back-up for internet with a battery system (instead of a phone controlled wifi) and it forced me to the bar.

So since the U.S. is repeating the exact same shut-down of my computer, and thinks it's funny to be repeating this cycle, to harass me and obstruct me from college, what is next?

What would be next, is that the U.S. gets a big group of their government assholes and gang-rapes and sodomizes me.

The U.S. has been repeating every single other step of what I what I went through in Coquille as a pre-teen, so why not RAPE?

If they want the whole funny idea of their cycle, are they going to get the fucking Rabbi Rose and his fucking wife Lorraine to "check out how much room there is" in my vagina?  Then am I going to be assaulted by an Asian karate guy with a bunch of other people there?  How about getting stuck in the back with a tranquilizer and being made fun of as dumb, and then am I going to be tied to a bridge and forced to stay there lying on top of a hard ladder they put under me, until a group of CIA and military and FBI FUCK OFFS show up with a UK asshole?

Then is the U.S. going to repeatedly rape me with sticks and will the Abbot of Mt. Angel Abbey be there with a priest to help out?

Oh wait.  I was weaker then because I was a little girl.

That's right.  The U.S. likes raping little girls better.

The reason the U.S. will not rape me this time, is because I am an adult and they know that I have more access to reporting and know where to go and would broadcast it to the world and I wouldn't be controlled by "parents" who work for the U.S. government.

The U.S. rapes little kids because they are too wimpy to go after adults their own size. The United States employees, men, with their serious bitch-wives, like it when little kids are sodomized repeatedly, and apparently so did the Mt Angel Abbey and their lawyers.  They even had the Jewish Rabbi setting it up first.

So they can't get over their personal problems and they are still the same people with the same midget egos that are only satisfied with repeated rape and assault of kids and then never quit.  Then these government employees go on to have kids of their own and nothing ever happens to their children.

The U.S. has shut down my communications several times in the last 3 years.  They have not just temporarily shut down and disrupted my power and communications, they've shut down 3 of my computers since 2012. That is basically since I enrolled in college again.

They first shut down my computer when I was enrolled at Eastern and then they shut down my computer when I was going to OSU and I'm not going to University of Oregon.

I'll tell you why.

The U.S. military and FBI forced me to be taken from one college to the next by Robert Garrett jr.   They were all Oregon colleges and at every single one they made jokes about how if I ever went to college it would be a few months at one college and then they agreed to an amount of time at another college, and to pass me around from one college to the next and find ways to obstruct my education.

I know University of Oregon received money for it.  They are one college whose campus I was taken to, that made fun of me, videotaped me when I was there briefly, and they took money that was brought in a suitcase with the agreement they'd allow me to go to their college and then they'd make sure I never had a degree and THEY would be "the end of the road".

This is the same college that Rabbi Rose's family and intermarried family went to.  The Schnitzers (Harold and Arlene) and Roses.  Both Scott Lewis (who is a Schnitzer) and Laura Rose went to University of Oregon and are alumni there and they are both Jews who have an art gallery there and have funded the UofO with a lot of money.  They are main donators.

I also know U of Oregon has been an experimental college that has been illegally collecting information from Washington State educators and military about my son Oliver.  They have a "program" where they supposedly take information from Dryden, WA schools and then assess kids and track them at University of Oregon and keep files on them and this is what they've done to my son.  They don't do this with all of the kids either--they pick which ones they want to track and stalk.  Then they send this kind of information to whoever has access to it or wants it, like their Jewish funders.  They basically take a kid who has been having the U.S. illegally kidnap them and make "visitation" documentation about them with the excuse of CPS, go through further documentation with horrendous teachers who continue to perpetuate the excuse of making reports of little kids by using "programs" to keep stalking them, torturing them and using mind control on them, and then using the classroom as an excuse for proximity so they can make reports about kids for the U.S. government so the government can have a "legitimate" reason to have files being made about kids they torture, rape, and try to control.

The U.S. is sick.

I also have this woman here at the library right now who is from California and she is the exact same woman who showed up in the 1980s after my computer was shut down and I was in the middle of trying to classes at OSU online. She is the same woman and she showed up here again.  I said I recognized her and it's only the second time I've seen her stalk me out like this, or possibly 3rd time, but no more than that.

She hated my guts in the 1980s and was extremely hateful and glad I had my computer shut down and was being pushed out of college.  She came in to watch me and observe me and I asked what she did and she said she was an educator.  So today I asked her in front of others and she said no she wasn't here in the 80s and she's only been here since a couple of days.  I said, "I remember you from the 80s".  She said oh and I said, "Are you an educator?" and she said "Yes".  Then she said she had family in the area and visited them sometimes.

So basically, this woman has been stalking me for decades, and is from California, the same way the U.S. is trying to stalk my son, ruin his life, and make hideous reports about him from school and from University of Oregon.

Real nice, especially when part of their education program is repeated rape of little kids, chaining them down, forcing them to take medications they don't need, and doing anything they can as adults and while they're "bigger" and able to have more control as adults over the children.

I hope all of them are cursed by God.

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