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UPDATED 2/17/14: Bill Gates Being Tortured? Tells Me My Parents Are Dead

UPDATED 2/17/14. I remembered another thing last night.  One of the Robert Garrett jr.s used to take me to a grave all the time and said my parents were buried there.  I don't know about "parents" exactly, but the idea given to me was that my 'mother' was buried there and it was some woman I was supposed to care about.  We took flowers to her grave every single week.  I laid flowers on her grave and so did he and he cried sometimes.  I have no idea what that was about but at the time, it was supposedly my "mom"?  Then, there was another scene I barely remember where some couple that was supposedly my parents were in a place where someone was interrogated and they were shot and killed and they had been my parents supposedly and then it was said, by those around me, about me, "Now she's the only one."  I wondered at that time, "The only one what?" because they made it sound like now I was the only one in the way or of a line or who was a problem and they could handle me.  It wasn't like "she's the only one" as in they eliminated my competition.  It was like, I was the only one, because some kind of network I had was being killed off.

Based on a photo I saw Bill Gates is possibly being tortured.  I don't excuse what he's done but also, I am wondering about a few things too.

And, I know he has extremely high potential to be blackmailed so if someone wanted to torture him until he did whatever he thought they wanted, it's possible.

AND I don't approve of torture for anyone really.  I think if someone is that bad, they should go to prison or be killed.

I am not one of the "sadists" who enjoy human suffering.  I advocate for justice and prison terms, however long it may be, or short it may be to start as a warning, and for the case that can't be remedied, I advocate death.  Not like death sentences, but war.

I don't take back anything I've said about them, except for possibly one single time when I was assaulted I wonder if I possibly got one other man mixed up with him for one thing.  I need to look at photos again but I do think it was him.  It didn't look like him in a dark haired younger photo but it looks like him in an older looking photo where he has glasses on.

The thing is, Brian Thebault was also a factor at that time, and I met Warren Buffett too.  I don't remember Warren Buffett ever sponsoring me for anything, but I met him and he was pretty rude to me.  And he is extremely powerful if you just look at money, not including intangible influence which money has not as much to do with it.

I think it was him though.  I do think it was Bill Gates.  He threatened me and said he could make sure the media made my life Hell, but like I said, Buffett was around and Thebault, and I met Steven Bing before he was in the internet business too, or as well known.

The reason I think he was possibly tortured is maybe because of something to his chin which doesn't look like normal line scarring and then his eyes are sunken in more than normal like they're doing the suction of his head thing.

Maybe it's a ploy because it's possible to get one photo.  I definitely don't buy the "one eye bigger than the other" photos of Barak Obama or Katie Middleton because it's obviously something that can be done once for sympathy and goes away and not recurring.  I guess if he had a car accident to explain his chin lines, that would be it.  Otherwise, he's maybe being tortured.

Also, I am positive about everything else I've ever written, because it was their apartment lease or loan and I was assaulted there sexually and his wife was right there.  HE wasn't, but SHE was.  She also did electrocute me with electrical stuff to my feet, and I AM positive he stood on my neck in a plane Obama was in, but he was not the only one that did.

Warren Buffett is possibly pretty bad.  I could have been unconscious but I do not remember being forced to give Bill Gates any sexual favors at least.  However, I think I'm not remembering everything with Bill Gates.  I think a lot further back I saw him do some computer stuff.  I did meet him when he was younger and single.

I would have to think about it because, for example, I totally forgot about Joe Biden.  Then when I saw his younger photo after remembering something he did later, I remembered him.  I was seeing Joe Biden a LOT for awhile and it's confusing to me because he was doing sexual things or petting and that kind of thing and then asking what I thought of his fianc√© and I usually thought it was okay but with her for some reason, his second wife, I said, "I don't know about her."  I was like 3 or 4 or something.  I remember I asked him what happened to his other wife.  He said she died in a car wreck and I said, "I don't know, are you sure someone didn't kill her on purpose?"  He said "What do you mean?  Like I did?"  I said, "No I didn't say that.  Let me think for a minute."  He said "Okay" and then I said, "Were you already kissing the next wife when you were with the first one?"  He said, "You mean like having an affair?" and I said "What's an affair?" and he said "Well you said kissing" and I said yes, maybe one of them got jealous, maybe it has something to do with that and then all of a sudden, she came around the corner glaring at me and his expression also darkened and changed and I thought, "Oh no they did not like that and she is REALLY mad".  They weren't even married yet. 

But the other thing is he said, which is confusing to me now, is would I mind and she would be like a new mother and did I want a new Mom and was it okay to have a new Mom since the other one died?  Then I said I didn't know and then Robert Garrett jr. showed up and said, "You can't keep her.  I'm taking your daughter."  They kept using this line of "I'm taking your daughter" and I am SURE I'm not Joe Biden's daughter.

Different people said it.  I remember exactly which ones.  The men who said would I call them Dad or could I have a new Mom or something or anything like that, were Edward Spencer, Joe Biden, Robert Garrett jr. and some man who was held hostage with a woman and Robert and Dicksie said they were taking his daughter but I don't know who it was for sure.  It is possible Joe Biden wanted to reframe pedophilia as "fatherly affection" by mentioning the father-daughter, new Mom stuff.  But I do remember some man crying one time and asking me if it would be okay if I had a new Mom.  I mean, age 3 or younger.  I was a very young toddler and I kept crying and screaming for my Mom.  I was screaming and crying so much finally a Robert Garrett jr. said to me, "She died" and I said what's died and he said "She's never coming back."  Then Dicksie showed up one day.  He said what do you think about Dicksie?  and I said I like her but I like my Mom more.  I said "She's nice, but she's not the same as my Mom" so he asked what did your Mom do different and I told him the things my Mom did that Dicksie didn't do.  So then Dicksie started doing these things and he said "Is that better?" and I said, "It's better but it's not the same way."  Dicksie then started looking concerned because I was saying this.

My life has been like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Maybe it's possible it's because the Dicksies were twins or something and were a little different from eachother, or triplets I mean, whatever, or maybe it was someone who wasn't a Dicksie because she was in jail or a hostage somewhere, but what Robert told me was she had died.

Then, like I said, on top of that, then I DO remember Joe Biden saying something but maybe to cover over for what Robert Garrett said.

I don't know why this always comes up when I write about Bill Gates or if he is tortured.  WHy should Bill Gates trigger that memory?  Maybe gates?  Maybe I lived somewhere with gates? like, that had security gates? 

I can remember a little more about the actual Bill Gates though.  I did know him when I was younger because he had sort of a haunted house thing going at his place.  He owned his own house while he was still young. I think I had a crush on him because he was so smart.  I remember I told him I liked how smart he was.  But it wasn't a "marriage" thing....OHMYGOSH.

DID I MARRY BILL GATES TOO?  I think it's possible there was a "Charles" cover maybe.  Yeah, he was definitely a nerd but an interesting nerd and he talked to me like an adult so I liked him.  He was like a mentor and the first person who ever used the word "mentor" around me.

Talk about the "mentor graphics".  Not to embarrass him, but yeah I do remember some of that.  It's still not an excuse to torture him or anyone.

Well, everyone that I was able to "spot" ended upu making a lot of money actually, or many of them did.  So why is it the U.S. kidnaps my son and forces me out of work my whole life?  What has the U.S. paid me for, out of all the work they made me do for them.  You'd think they could have put a little into an account for me at least as a form of appreciation and respect.  You know?  I mean, NOTHING.  This government took everything.

I still don't know why, though, I remember how I was told my Mom died when I think about if Bill Gates was or is tortured.

I know one day, later, after I got used to Dicksie, Robert said to me my  Mom had died. It was like, now he was saying Dicksie died.  So I screamed and cried and then Dicksie showed up in a little bit and I got extremely mad and said you got me upset and she's not dead!  So then I was laughing hysterically like a kid who had lost it because I thought I was going to go nuts as a kid.  However, get this--he wouldn't have "tricked me" by saying a Dicksie was dead and then not if he didn't know I had really already been told my other mother died and was never coming back.  It wasn't Locklyn either, it wasn't a Locklyn, it was a blond woman because when Dicksie showed up she looked like her sort of but she was different.  I remember Dicksie gradually changed her hair though so if she had dark hair or brown hair, maybe Dicksie graduated through hair colors and styles to try to have me forget and then look like her.

There was another person one time who told me, when I was older, "Yes, your mother died".  He said I wasn't supposed to tell anyone because it was a secret from me and he would get in trouble.

So with Robert I thought I had this new Mom and that I was competing with her and I was the step-daughter or something and I wanted him to remember me, and then later in my life I had someone tell me Robert wasn't my biological father and that it was "Howard" (I think they meant Edward Howard). 

UPDATED 2/5/14:  It was Bill Gates who told me that.  Then one day he had a group of people over, men, and they beat me up together.  Mostly computer types of nerds and lawyers. 

I was basically being taken into other people's houses, befriended, given small jobs or internship-like tasks and things to learn, I was asked my opinions about things they did, and then they were all either taking photos of me, sexually assaulting me, physically assaulting me, and then after a short to moderate amount of time, they were bringing in groups of people to attack me and then I was being taken to the next place. 

Bill Gates was not the only person because George Bechtold sat there and said he was "translating" a letter from the man who said he was a doctor and George was telling me the same thing.  This was when I was older though, not around the time I was 2 or 3 and Robert Garrett told me this.

I was later around a bunch of celebrities and some of them had plastic surgeries and I attended them as they were recovering.  After I was in California at one time doing that, then I was back at Moses Lake and a Dicksie or another blond had a nose job and came over during it to hide-out.  Then one of the Dicksies started wearing a bandage over her nose like she'd had a nose-job and she hadn't and I said, "Why are you pretending you had a nose job?"  There was nothing under it and later her nose was the same so I noticed one of the Dicksies had been made to pretend a nose job to be a cover for some other woman who really did have one and the U.S. wanted me to just think or remember later that it was a Dicksie.  The other woman wasn't really "hiding out" but in a way because she didn't want others to know so she planned a vacation and stayed at our house for about a week.

When Bill Gates took photos of me and then had a bunch of people over to assault me at his house (again, I did NOT see Melinda French then and if he was dating her I had no idea because at the time he was unmarried I think.  I never heard about any wife but he did have a house).  In his basement it was all finished off and not concrete walls and nothing else as most of the other basements were.  He had a lot of computer set-ups in the basement and different rooms and a rec room.

What happened with him, I'm not sure why he didn't hide this part from me at all--either he thought I was inconsequential because of how many officials were also involved in harming me, or he thought I was going to die and didn't care if I heard what he was doing before I died.

His "job" was to tell others I was not that smart.  When I say that was his "job", it is what he got paid for.  He was given a lot of money and I saw him receive the money and then after he had it in his possession he was then willing to say a bunch of things, to be documented, about how I wasn't a genius as some thought and he didn't think I was very smart.  It was the exact same response the FBI director Mueller...(remember Robert Mueller?) had when I was at his house and supposedly they were talking about witness protection for me until he decided to be one of the criminals too.  In that case, he and his wife acted nice and wouldn't lean one way or the other until I saw them receive money.  They counted it out and then they said out loud, they didn't think I really needed witness protection afterall.

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