Sunday, February 16, 2014

UPDATED 2/18/14: Barak Obama Was Not Born In The U.S. (testimony)

UPDATED 2/18/14. I mentioned being in a Pentagon conference room and asked about being trained to be a presidential candidate.  Prior to this, Barry Soetero (Barak Obama) already knew about the same talk with him and he said to me, being older than I was when I was just a kid, "Maybe I'll be President and you can be V.P."  I said back to him, "Maybe I'LL be President and you can be my doorman."  He flipped out.  He went into an instant furious rage with his face contorted and practically spitting flames and said, "You think because I'm BLACK I'm going to be your doorman?"  That wasn't what I'd said at all and all the doormen I'd known had been white.  His idea that my comment was racist when it wasn't, was a reflection of his own racism and ultra-sensitive ego which has been the major fault of several recent Presidents and is partly why the U.S. is in the extreme bad shape it's in.  It further proves Obama raped me with hate crime incentives and motives, and yes, the FBI assisted him in setting it up because they assisted him with every other illegal "cover" like a fake birth certificate when he is not even eligible to be President of the U.S. and has been a walking fraud.  It's like the mica gold standard walking around pretending to be gold.  That's how utterly DESPERATE the U.S. is?  I mean seriously.  So they did ask me about being President and I said I thought I'd rather not and be a Mom and wife instead and have a more normal life and they put a fraud like Obama into place, along with some others, and that's what "you get". 

They had me around Obama since I was a kid and the government tracked everything so it's not like they didn't plan to have him rape me.  I even went to one of his Muslim schools with him for a short time and prayed in the Muslim prayers.  The U.S. people around me got freaked out because I actually prayed along with the Muslim kids and I "told on" Obama saying, "He wasn't praying, he was just playing."  I got in trouble for daring to pray with the Muslims and being sincere about it, and for repeating, "God is Great".  I was there for maybe a month or so.  The U.S. and Jews from the U.S. decided they liked "Barry" even more for not praying and Levi too, because he was playing and not praying, but they didn't like me because I was actually praying.  They took it out on me later.

I know firsthand Barak Obama was not born in the U.S.

It's come up again because of a political science class I have, which I actually like and have not been able to spend as much time studying and reading for as I've wanted to.  I've had my computer shut down, power turned off many times, and several things occur which have interfered with this term.  However, it brought up some recollections I have which are genuine.

I know Donald Trump remembers me and what I told him, because when I met him as a kid, I was one to tell him about visiting Barak Obama and Stanley.  He had made a slight comment about him in passing and I piped up with, "Oh no, he can't be President because he wasn't born in the U.S."  Trump said how do you know that?  and I said, "I was there at his house and they all said he wasn't born in the U.S."  His grandmother and everyone else knew it and one had piped up and said, when asked how do you know he wasn't born in the U.S., said "I was there".  Well, I know for a fact he wasn't born in the U.S. because the U.S. sent a CIA "team" to his house in Indonesia.

It is one of my earliest memories of him, before he became a royal drug-smuggler.

We were flown into Jakarta, Indonesia and I can't be positive how, because sometimes I was drugged first, but I remember it being military-driven. 

I asked why he had a weird mannerism with his thumbs and he got mad at me.  I said it out loud to him, "Why are you doing that with your thumbs?"  and the other adults got mad at me for commenting so they tied my hands up with twine so that I was forced to use my thumb the same way he did and then they had me visit his Indonesian school later too.  He helped tie my hands up and then they stationed him there at one point to "watch the hostage".  The U.S. went in to pressure Stanley Ann to move back to the U.S. with him and told her they wanted to "sponsor him" for future presidency.  They said, "As a contender".  She said no, she did want to go back to the U.S. and she didn't agree with some things they were doing and they said, "If your son goes there and you go with him you can CHANGE it."  The other thing that was happening to Barak was he was being tortured somehow in Jakarta, Indonesia so they felt they were 'rescuing' him and gave her that option.

Supposedly some instructor, leader, or kids or something were picking on him and torturing him and she was crying about it and the U.S. made it sound like they would be their savior if only she'd move back, get repatriated, and they would fund her son to be President so he could "change" things she said she now didn't like. 

What a joke.  Let's rape white girls and "change the world".  Like that's a new idea.
We were there for at least one full week.  For at least 3 of those days or longer, I was being tied up and had my hands tied with my thumbs to be forced to be like Barak Obamas.
They also wanted to change his name or asked about the name change of Barry Sotero and it had something to do with the idea that a Sotero was in some kind of drug business so they wanted to separate him from that idea.  He or a family member had gone to jail or something, and to avoid friction with press over that, they wanted to have that in the background.  It was also a way to make him sound more appealing to Muslims and the general public and not sound as "Jewish", with "Barry" being more commonly attributed to Jews than "Barak" which sounded more middle eastern and exotic.

It was a huge strategy game plan.  They laid it out in detail right in front of me.

I was present from top to bottom on the details of the U.S. plan for him, and then partly, only partly around to hear ideas about their big plans for Katie Middleton later.  I heard bits and pieces about the Katie Middleton plan but with Barak, they presented it like one would in a war room at the official Pentagon table.

They wanted me to be there for some reason.  I really don't know why.  I was very young, but old enough to have my hands bound up and old enough to notice that when they were discussing his birthplace, it was a main topic of consideration.  All kinds of papers were brought in for it and I witnessed her signing things too.  It was a small apartment and dark, dimly lit.  There was some kind of beaded curtain there and beadwork.

They were all sitting around her and asked her, and then looked at me and then asked her, "Was Barry born in the U.S.?"  She hesitated and wouldn't answer.  She looked over at me.  Everyone was "in on it" and I was the "unknown factor".   I was the unknown factor because I was a small child and no one knew how I'd turn out.  Besides which, the U.S. had already been torturing me, so the unknown factor might turn out against the U.S. if she realized how the U.S. made themselves her enemy and committed war crimes against humanity against her.  So she hesitated and looked at me.  One of the individuals there was Mormon so the Mormons have always known. The idea that "Mitt Romney" and "Barak Obama" had nothing to do with each other couldn't be farther from the truth.  She first looked like she was indicating no and then looked worried about what saying that out loud would mean and shook her head instead and then another woman spoke up saying, glibly, having no idea what the implications were at all, "No, he wasn't born in the U.S."  They looked mad she had spoken up and they said "How do you know?" and she said, "I was there when he was BORN!"  However, after she said this, she had a look on her face that was slightly underhanded like she had been coached to say maybe part of the truth.  True, he wasn't born in the U.S. and maybe an adjustment made as to where he was actually born and it was witnessed.  Stanley said no he wasn't.  So they brought out documents and said, "We can give him a cover".  They said they could create a U.S. birth certificate for him.  They worked on that and then presented it to her in a few days and when she signed papers she not only signed an agreement to repatriate to the U.S., but she signed up for a U.S. birth certificate for him because I don't think there was a paper document that existed at all except for maybe in Jakarta.  They had a "bundle" package for her.  I was being held because when she signed the papers I was looking down on her head and saw her hair, the top of her head, and witnessed her signature.    She bent her head over the papers and signed and she signed with her right hand.

Also in the agreement, though unspoken, was the idea that I was going to be "done away with".  Her husband was living.  I wasn't aware of anyone from her family who had died so why they were telling her I was going to be "done away with" and it was made a kind of reassuring factor, I have NO idea.  What could I have done that was so awful, at that age, that they wanted to assure her if she repatriated, they'd make sure the world wasn't full of people like "HER" (they said, pointing to me).  They said they were planning to kill me.  They said it in a round-about way but in a way I understood even then because it had been used before to refer to that kind of thing.  The other people present was a Middleton, Diana Spencer, and Joy Sterling or Forrest Tancer.  It was several of the same people who were decades later trying to assassinate me and also present at a house in Seattle to have Barak Obama rape me.  Diana Spencer I'm slightly not sure of.  It seems she was there, and I know for a fact she was in Seattle, but possibly it was another blond woman like her in Jakarta but I knew they had something to do with British royals.  Both Middletons and the Sterling-Tanzers were present for the rape of me in Seattle and then at that house in Jakarta, it was Middletons, Sterling-Tanzer, I am positive Rick Baken or George Bechtold was there, and then some kind of Mormon secret service.  It was a heavily military-driven operation idea but the CIA was furnishing the false documents and the FBI was involved too.  I visited the Indonesian kids and their school and headmaster and they all wore uniforms and were pretty nice to me and then when I said something about Barak, one of them agreed with me and nodded secretly and another beat me-not bad but still.  The ones which agreed with me were Muslim because they knew the U.S. was up to no good.  One of them told me the U.S. military was planning to kill me.

It was the FBI that offered Barak a birth certificate "cover".  I am sure the CIA was involved, but when they brought up the birth certificate cover to Stanley, they said "The FBI" and it was the FBI mentioned who was supposedly going to be able to do that or who was offering.

So in some way the FBI was always involved with the Dunhams and Obamas.  Yes...One would THINK and assume it would be CIA that would make the cover offer for a birth certificate.  I would assume this and ever moreso because of the foreign connections and everything.  However, for that aspect, it was FBI.

Which, I guess, makes you wonder.

The other thing was that I noticed at the time I was there one of "Barry's" eyes was bulged out unlike the other one and they said it was from torture but who knows.  I know the technology used then was later used on my son and I.  I also know Barak had fits of rage as a kid.  I don't know if it was partly because he was tortured in some way and so he was in pain, or what, but he would be quiet, calm, polite, and intense or absentminded depending on what was going on and then all of a sudden, out of NOWHERE he could flip a switch and be in this violent rage.  It was like all his passive-aggressiveness got saved up for fits and he literally would fly off the handle.  He was that way as a kid when I knew him and exactly the same when he raped me and at other times when in a semi-private setting, he felt "challenged" or was worried he might get caught about something. 

The other thing is that "Barry" held intense grudges for no reason.  For example, I had questioned why he held his thumb weird as a kid and then decades later, he had never forgotten that and he made  a point to hold out his hand to count out, on his fingers and thumb, how old he was and I was.  My estimation is that he was never fit to be President and his own mother knew it.He was/is so tempermental it would never surprise me if I heard his mother said something he didn't like and he flew into a rage and did something to harm her.  He had zero control over his fits. 

So someone like, say, Detective Brian Gross, with his "wonderful" insights into human character, would call someone like him "too laid back" to be "violent".  Well then you tell me why a man in England with a backpack made a point of killing a man with a knife and gun in broad daylight, looking calm one moment and then in a violent rage the next?  I know why he did it.  He made a point about both Josh Gatov and "Barry" Barak Sotero.  When I saw the footage of that man, I saw on one side (one side front, other back) he resembled, in dress and style, Josh Gatov and then on the other Barak Obama and when he did what he did, how he did it, I could tell right away who he was imitating and making a point about.  He was making a point about how someone "calm" and looking "laid back" can be violent.

Detective Brian Gross was part of the cop team that decided any complaint I ever made about being raped in the future, was going to be covered up and ignored.   He was there, in the prison or jail area when cops and FBI made promises to a man that they were going to rape me with as many military and cops and men as they could find and no one was going to press charges or defend me.  Brian Gross was right there when those statements were made, he was involved, and sure enough, he covered up my being raped by Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold.

The fact that the FBI was the group responsible for giving "Barry" a birth certificate "cover" also emphasizes the fact they were also premeditating my being raped by him decades later, like I've said, and they provided a "cover" for that too.

I was already familiar with the "Sotero" name before I met Barak.  A man by the name of Sotero had violently assaulted me and was friends with a Robert Garrett jr.  It was part of the reason they wanted a name change for Barry because, I overheard someone saying, "She", meaning me, as they looked over at me, "Might remember some things about Sotero."

I just looked up Sotero and he's different from the man I remember beating me up, though I think he did too.  Barak's grandfather, Stanley Dunham, Anne's father, beat me up when I was just a toddler.  He was the one Robert Garrett jr. was friends with, and I don't know how much he knew Soetero.  I do know, that I remember Soetero beating me up when I was little and then later telling me he was sorry when he saw me later and he said about Barak Obama, shaking his head, "He's bad."  It's not a surprise to me that Soetero died young, at age 52, after telling me this, because the U.S. already had plans to promote Barak and his grandfather had him on t.v. early and everything for it.

When I saw Barak in Indonesia he must have been visiting his Mom because supposedly he didn't live there at the time.  But he was there and she was there in a house and it was in Indonesia and she had to sign papers for something and it is when she changed his name or it was 'discussed' and then the offer of a "cover" birth certificate was brought up.  His step-father Soetero was not kidding around when he told me Barak was "bad" and it may have been why they were divorcing.  I told him information no one gave him.  When I told him what no one else was telling him, he said to me he was a bad kid.  I said to him, "Well they told Stanley Ann it was better to divorce you because you're Muslim and the FBI wants to have him as a 'candidate'."  Basically, he was saying to me, "I tried to discipline him and he was out of control and Anne didn't like it.  She wouldn't let me discipline him and he's wild."  I said to him, something like, "Well don't feel bad.  The U.S. wanted her to divorce you anyway because you're Muslim."  He leaned forward with a grin  and said, "Oh yeah?" and I said, "Yeah." He was shocked, totally shocked and said "You remember that?"and I said, "Yeah, I remember a lot of things."  He was extremely impressed by it.  So then he leaned back and thought for a moment and looked to the side off in the distance and then said, "I will tell you something.  He is bad."  He then said we'd be secret friends.  I never told anyone about it.  I also remember someone thought he was going to shoot me and kill me, Soetero and they expected him to and when they showed up again and saw me alive he said to them, "I' not going to do it" even though he'd held a gun at me for a few moments and then dropped it. Someone said something to him about how he wasn't going to get the money then or give back the money. So someone approached him and they started beating him up for not killing me.  He was screaming like a man screams and I don't know everything they did or didn't do, because they took him around a corner out of my sight. One of the men had a British accent and England, someone from there was definitely involved.  They wanted to use Soetero as a hit man for them.  He (Soetero) suddenly came down with cancer and died within years of our tete-a-tete.   The people who ambushed Soetero included a British man, and a couple of other men and one of them mentioned Goldsmith's name.  I am pretty sure that in addition to beating him they forced him to drink something. I was deliberately lured to sit alone with him to give him a chance to kill me and instead I talked about what was happening and he didn't want to kill me anymore, instead, confiding in me with this look of severe terror and horror, that "Barry" was bad.  He looked very, very afraid, like seeing a horror movie.  He said to stay away from him because he would hurt me.  I thought maybe he was having a psychic insight because of the way he looked when he said it, like suddenly he saw into the future or like he knew something already.  They forced him to drink a dark green drink I think. I don't know what was in it and one of them had it in hand I think.  I think it looked sort of solid dark green, opaque.  Stanley Annes father, Stanley, Barry's grandfather, didn't like Soetero.  He used to make comments about his being Muslim because from my understanding, Stanley was a Jew.

I saw him with these people in a similiar setting and where they all wore the same types of clothing as is shown here.  If this was taken after I was born, when I was alive, I was there and remember it.  I know Soetero was so shocked at my ability to remember things from when I was even a baby, all of them got scared.  Everyone was scared because they couldn't believe I was able to articulate memories of serious events most kids wouldn't remember.  So it scared some of them because I'd been around some scenes and they didn't know how much I knew, whose names I had, and what details I had.  When I was introduced to Maya I said hi and then her grandfather was in a quiet rage over me and got me into a private area, somehow to their hotel room, and he beat me, tied me up, yelled at me and said I'd never be anything and he'd see to it, and he did some weird things like forcing me to do things that were submissive and degrading.  He hated my guts and then he was also, oddly, some kind of bodyguard to one of the Robert Garrett jr.s.  He acted like he was beating me up to avenge Robert of being humiliated by me in some way.  So then Robert Garrett jr. wanted to support "Barry".  

As to Soetero, (2/17/14) I do recall he assaulted me violently when I was a baby.  How I was brought into proximity with him I'm not sure but he assaulted me.  It was the reason, I thought at the time, he pulled out a gun when he found out I remembered things from when I was a baby and toddler, such as Stanley Ann signing documents to agree with the FBI to accept a "cover" for Barry Soetero, i.e., Barak Obama.  So when he said "You remember that?" I said yes and then he pulled a gun out, however he decided not to shoot. Again, since he was mostly a Jakarta, Indonesia person, I am not sure why I'd have been around him or at what location I saw him when I was that much younger.  Possibly it was during the same trip to Jakarta, Indonesia where Dunham signed, or possibly just before.  What I remember of it, was that it was not just a physical assault but a sexual assault, because he jammed something up into me when he assaulted me, some kind of object.  There was also a Robert Garrett jr. somewhere in the room.  This was then, another example of some odd revenge "generational gang-rape" plan of me that the U.S. was on, because they used not only Soetero to sexually assault me, but his "step-son" Barak Obama.  I don't have a memory of the other man, Obama, from Kenya, doing this, but he may have, and I do of Soetero.  It was another reason they wanted to change his name.  However, when I was older and met Soetero again and he was supposed to kill me, he didn't.  I had told him what the U.S. plan was for Obama and why he was being divorced.  He also asked me if I thought he should divorce her and I said usually no, but maybe if he felt she wasn't allowing him to discipline Obama or take any part in parenting, that wasn't fair to him.  I told him, "They want her to get divorced because you're a Muslim."  He said what do you think of Muslims?  I said, "I don't mind them."  So when a couple of men came out to take him around a corner I don't know what happened.  Maybe it was acting.  Maybe they were tricking me for some reason. Or maybe they thought he'd done something wrong so they did something.  I wasn't anywhere near or around him after they moved to another room.  Even though I didn't instantly remember Soetero sexually assaulting me until later, I do remember thinking maybe she was divorcing him partly because of what he'd done to me, but probably not.  
Then, it was his grandfather assaulting me, and he punched me in the stomach until I couldn't move.  He hated me and was vicious and punched me a long time and then put something in my rear end to humiliate me and it was just him and then a Robert Garrett jr. there and after that, Robert acted like he felt he was on top again, because Stanley had knocked me down, and said he wanted to promote his grandson Barak into a larger position.  It was like favor-for-favor and all centered around beating me up.

It is absolutely true that Barak was not born in the U.S.  The idea that he's Muslim comes from the idea I think of a what if he was actually Soetero's biological son and not Obamas.

When I saw them at a t.v. set, I remember Stanley Ann glaring at me from a distance.  They also set up two different stages, one with the real ones and then later, a same or similiar location with actors or the same people, wearing the same things but older, sort of trying to trick the dates and times to possibly make it seem like I had never really been there or in the hope I confused years or that people would assume my memory was wrong and I was mistaken.  I was not mistaken.

The other thing that Soetero liked to do, which I remember from when I was a baby, was he was into mechanics.  Like cars.  In Barak Obama's book, Dreams of my Father, according to wikipedia (accessed 2/17/14) he writes:  He described his stepfather as following "a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths.
His comment about how he had a brand of Islam that could "make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths" stands out to me because I was being caged up and treated like an animal at the time, and Soetero was "making room" inside of my vagina by violently thrusting some kind of hard object into me when I was just a baby-older toddler.  His face was right over me and it was Soetero.  Soetero's name was also mentioned out loud there, and the face and name matched.  I think it was a hard object and possibly not his penis because I was up a little higher, like on a counter or something I think, for him to be more eye level to me and I was held down by one man, another 2nd man watching it all, and Soetero was allowed to rape me with some object that caused bleeding and he was pushing it around and talking about how they needed "more room". This is what he kept saying repeatedly, that he'd make sure there was "more room".   There were about 5 people there total, all men.  There was a Jewish guy there, Soetero, Forrest Tanzer or Mike Middleton or Mike the cop (not sure which), 2 military men, and Robert Garrett jr.   I believe Edward Lee Howard may have been around in some way.  Soetero acted like he hated me.  He talked the entire time he did this to me.  After he did this to me someone had a chicken around and they put a chicken on top of my head, above me, you know, like a live rooster kind of chicken.  It was a rooster and not a hen.  It was possibly another man who did this to me because he brushed it out of the way and said, "What are you doing?  No."  He acted like he was contributing something by putting a rooster on top of my head and he was one of the military and was blond-lt. brown hair.  He said, "It's a King Rooster."   They were in some kind of garage or greenhouse of some type.  Obviously, for them to have done that to me when I was only a baby or toddler, I had not done anything wrong myself, and the U.S. was taking a perfectly innocent baby, me, and torturing me from the start of my life with zero justification.

After Barak Obama raped me, with the FBI setting it up, the next time he came around me he was wearing a all new clothes like he got some money, and a panama hat.  They were calling me the "Panama Canal" when I was younger, because the United States was sexually assaulting me to the vagina and trying to use me for transporting objects inside of my vagina as a baby and toddler and then passing me around.  Obama obviously knew this or he wouldn't have then come back around me, to taunt me, which caused me to have panic attacks, and wearing a Panama hat.

Later, Josh Gatov did the same thing, wanting to hover around me after I was raped and trying to stay away from him.
The other thing was someone showed me a photo of Obama looking hung over wearing a sports jersey and shorts and the number on his shirt was "25", the sum of which is "7" and I was told to add it up and said, "It's 7" and then the house number in Seattle where he raped me had the sum of "7" as well.

Some of these men used to trigger seizures in me and while I was convulsing on the ground, they would pee on me.  

There were two different events made to imitate the main one where Soetero assaulted me.  One was with Mike Middleton and it was Mike because he had his English accent, and his breath smelled like coffee, and James Comey was with him, and Gary Goldsmith.  The only possible mix-up would be if it was Forrest Tanzer but there was a distinct accent to the voice.  I'd have to hear both of their voices to know.  The next one was with a bunch of military and Robert Garrett jr.  Edward Lee Howard was present for at least one of them.  And Raul Bujanda was present for one of them.  I mean, one of the violent sexual assaults of me where they tried to "make room" inside of my vagina as a kid.  They used references to Mike Tyson later, with Barak Obama posing in a photo like Mike Tyson as a joke, after what Soetero did to me, and Middleton and Comey.  One of the times was when I was a toddler and another time I was a slightly older kid and they had me back-down on a high counter of some kind to do what they did to me, or like a tall cart and there was a coffee pot going at the time.

The assault against me by Soetero and the persons involved was so bad, that was what they discussed before having Barry change his name. They also sexually assaulted me with Goldsmith and James Comey.  James Comey went at me on his own and assaulted me in the vagina.  It was partly why one of the military guys later put a rooster with a comb its head, over my head.   They took turns punching me and assaulting me sexually.  One after the other.  I looked over at one point and saw Edward Lee Howard against the wall looking white and wondered what was getting to him because he seemed to be involved and was there too.  I heard the entire discussion about why they should have him change his name, before he changed it.  They discussed this with Stanley Dunham, his grandfather, Jim Sandberg, "Mike" (either Canadian cop Mike or Middleton), and a guy named Don. I might remember another name.   It was over the telephone and I was in the room when Robert Garrett jr. was on the phone and I could hear the voice on the other line.  They masterminded everything about Barak Obama and the FBI was 100% involved in torturing me.  The FBI's idea of giving Barak a "cover" for his birth certificate was either because he just wasn't born in the U.S. or because of two reasons, that he wasn't born in the U.S. AND possibly his biological parents were not the ones told to the public.  Another person I remember Robert talking to about Barry Soetero all the time was "Steve".  There was a man named Steve who was prominently involved.  Other guys around that time, not maybe connected directly to this, but otherwise was "Jack".  Jack was always around and someone others knew needed to be caught.

I was asked about being a presidential candidate myself as a kid.  It was after I had already been asked if I would like to be Queen, by Queen Elizabeth II.  When someone from the U.S. got me back to the U.S. they thought they'd ask me about the other thing and I said what do they do and I said maybe I'd think about it and then said no.  Barak then once said to me, when he was younger, maybe one of us would be president and the other one would be VP and I said I don't think so.  Then he got offended and said why, you don't want to be with a black man?  I said I didn't think I wanted to be part of the presidency.  So then some woman told me one-on-one, if I didn't want to be part of the presidency or a candidate then that meant it might go to someone else who wasn't very good.  I shrugged and said, "So?" and something like what was I supposed to do about it.  I said, "I don't want to be President."  Then they got mad at me for not wanting to be "trained" to be a presidential candidate.  I said, "I want to be a wife and a mom and maybe have a different kind of career."  They said "You can be a wife and a mom as a president" and I said, "Not really" and they got mad again.  I also said, "What if I wanted to have a kid but not be married?" and they said, "Why would you want to do that?" and I said "Because if I married someone they might try to influence or control me but a kid wouldn't."  I was around 6-9 when I was asked about considering being trained to be President, and that was after I'd already been asked about being Queen.  They had the same questions posed to Barak Obama so it wasn't a joke.

I am also being tortured since I started working on college online as well, I am adding.  It wasn't done during my blogging but when I logged online to my classes that are online and I started getting lasered and burned.  This is the kind of "all or nothing" attitude the U.S. has.  Either you do exactly what they want, which is not a democracy or freedom, or they think it's fine to torture you.  I guess it was also started after I mentioned Raul Bujanda being involved and present for sexual assault of me as a kid and he is the one who had a saint prayer card in his car, decades later, of a burning heart, and no one was targeting my heart for anything until after that and after I reported those details to the FBI.
The persons asking me about being trained to be a presidential candidate were not Robert and Dicksie.  I was in the Pentagon strategic room and CIA, FBI, and Pentagon officials were all present and introduced.   It was a conference.

I glanced at an article just now which had content that reminded me of another thing. I was forced to be put on display in Virginia, with a huge group of doctors and scientists and military watching as they put an object into my vagina.  I was old enough to know I was being humiliated and they did that to me, not in someone's garage or house but at a federal building in Virginia and I believe it was Quantico.  I was at both Quantico and CIA offices so I'm not positive which one, but I think it was CIA doctors who showed up at Quantico for this.  They degraded me in every way you can imagine.  That was done to me before I was ever electrocuted in FBI offices in Seattle and Portland so I think the FBI figured if they were going to do that to me at Quantico, with some FBI and military men looking on, they felt sure they would have no legal problems with anyone, torturing me inside of FBI offices.  When they looked at me, it wasn't in a disinterested way, most of the men, I can't say all of them, and some were women, but many of them looked at me with hatred and a mean vindictive look.  I remembered this when I came across the account by Candy Jones, an actual woman who was used by the CIA in the 60s, who says she was taken to a CIA auditorium and forced to have a lit candle inserted into her vagina with 26 doctors watching.  This is the kind of thing they did to me as well and it was at Quantico.

Do you really think I want my son Oliver working and living in the U.S.?  They kidnapped him the same way they kidnapped me, multiple times when I was a kid.  The U.S. has a real problem with their obsession of me.

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