Thursday, February 13, 2014

Susan L. Burke and Pentagon Rapes

I am filing a complaint of rape against West Point.

I found this woman through looking up sexual assault by military online and her name is Susan L. Burke.  If she is able to be of assistance, that's great.  I did have to ask her if she's related to a guy named Aaron Burke because he was involved in the U.S. military use of dogs against me for degradation and bestiality attempts.  He wasn't directly involved in bestiality but was present, along with Ryan Ivory, to show up for one of the times I was being degraded and held hostage in a basement with dogs on me, and forced to tolerate mockery of me with Barak Obama and Nakata and military people around.  I had been shocked to see him because I didn't think he had anything to do with the military because the last time I'd seen him was in grade school at Moses Lake elementary school and I didn't have a problem with him.

So I am checking to be sure this Susan Burke is not related to him because I am not sure, if they are related, what he was doing at a military and FBI sponsored function to humiliate me.  ? He didn't seem so bad--possibly shocked himself.  Ryan Ivory was not great.  I really don't know what his issues were but he had a weird problem with me and I had had a crush on him in 5th grade.  I never really saw him after being in Mr. Anderson's class together.

If he's just someone who has evidence against the military (Aaron Burke), that would work in my favor.  If she's sort of working with the military and selecting some cases but ignoring other cases, that would be more concerning which is why I want to know. 

Ryan Ivory, Mitch Heaps, and Aaron Burke were all showing up, possibly not Aaron and Mitch at the same time, and saw what was done to me.   I am pretty sure one of them told me he had a relative who was a lawyer and I should talk to her and I tried to and then I found out she was protecting the U.S. Pentagon.
Yes.  It's her.  I met her and she is the exact same lawyer who came out to a basement location where I was being held hostage. She has the same face, the same name (she didn't disguise her name then), the right age, she was a lawyer, she was involved with military, and I witnessed her taking money and making threats about what she could or couldn't do.

She was already a lawyer and newly started or in law school.  She knew Barak Obama and she was friends with the Bechtolds (George and Janet).  She knew Middletons, Nakatas (including Alicia Nakata), Chris Dabney, and possibly she knew Edward Howard because she mentioned him and Mary Howard and she went to the same Georgetown University he went to.  The fact she is in Baltimore where Dabney frequents is slightly odd.

It looks to me then, like she made some money on the side taking bribes and then the Pentagon and FBI wanted to have her in a position of collecting evidence and discovery and giving it over to them.  She's not on the side of the victims, she is on the side of the government.  So basically, here she is picking up sex assault cases from military victims and it's very questionable what her motives are.  For one thing, with her conflicts of interest, she isn't really representing 'the truth'.  If she had wanted to fight for a victim, she knew very well what was done to me and she did nothing. She said to me, "If you EVER need a lawyer in the future, remember me and I'll help you" and then I saw her smirk over at the others and they gave her  a briefcase full of money.  My heart sank because I saw what she did and I realized, she just wants me to think she's on my side so she can attach to me later and screw me over for them.

The people she was smirking at were pedophiles, electrocutionists, dirty FBI, and people who laundered money professionally off of child porn.

She may be taking some cases, but she's either doing a lackluster job and hoping to make deals that benefit the government, or she's taking some of them just to keep the revelations from other lawyers, or she's making herself publicly known with Pentagon help, to lure other fish to her hook.  That's what they want.  They want victims to think, "Oh!  HERE'S someone who is fighting for abused military veterans!  She'll fight for me and my family I'm sure!" and really she's like the hooker that is burying men under her house after inviting them in to her silk sheets.  You know, the one from Proverbs with "bones in her backyard".

Has anyone ever noticed a concrete mixer by the side of her house too?

I'm sure.

So sure enough.  The Pentagon and FBI set her up to have a nice plum role.  Also, when she is from VA and D.C., you know, if she was raised over there on the East Coast, why exactly was she so interested in making a trip all the way to the Pacific NW?

Not to mention what Alvaro did.  Why would he tell me the only place I could stay was his bed, when I was promised by him there was an empty room, when that is what West Point did to me?  And then he wanted me to have a "honeymoon" with him in New York?  That's really interesting.  It basically means he worked for West Point.

When I was at West Point, it wasn't like someone said to show up in the dorm and then there was no bed for me and I was told to stay there I had to share one.  They actually gave me an assigned bed with a number on it.  I had my own bunk assignment.  It was a top bunk against the back wall.  Then they put some guy there and said "We're in transition and don't have enough bunks and if you want to stay here you'll have to temporarily share with one of the guys until we get another one for you."

That's what the West Point fuckers told me.  It was made to sound like no big deal and I was a kid, so I didn't like it but I didn't think anyone would rape me.  West Point knew differently.  They deliberately set me up to be raped.  I ate in the mess hall with all the rest of the cadets and it wasn't like they didn't see me there.  What are they all doing?  Lying to the entire world?  I wasn't in an isolated private cafeteria.  I ate with the men and no one could eat until someone said we could eat. 

So basically, the U.S. Pentagon quit torturing me just long enough to see if they could resolve their fucking liability issues by having me with Alvaro Pardo.  If I didn't want to stay with him, the FBI and Pentagon were fine with torturing me because they didn't have me under their thumb.

Anyway, don't trust this Susan "Burke".  She lied and said she wasn't related to the Aaron Burke I knew too, and she is, because it was Ryan Ivory, Mitch Heaps, or Aaron Burke who supposedly called her up but possibly they just lied for an excuse about why another adult wanted her there in the first place.

She's a bribe-taking government asset.  It looks like she's been getting publicity because the Pentagon and FBI wanted her to get the limelight so others could get snared to her trap.

All she had to do was make a call to the Senate when she knew what was being done to me, and what did she do?  Nothing.  She did nothing but take money for herself.

She was an editor for the Catholic review too and I remember she talked about her editorial work.  If I am correct, she knew Anne Crane.  I know she was going to do editorial work for the Catholic review or had already started because she brought it up.  She asked me if I was Catholic.  She did a big interrogation of me over Catholicism.  Then she accused me of being a "fraud" or not catholic enough, and she started blackmailing my Uncle Howard and Robert Garrett jr. there.  She said she wanted more money "or else".

Susan L. Burke had some choices to make in the face of child torture and pedophilia.  She could have exposed crimes and chosen to protect children.  Is that the choice she made?  No it is not.  Instead, Susan decided she had some "evidence" that she would use to her own profit and damn the kids, she was going to get RICH. 

She was also someone who would set up Edward Howard and kill him, she wasn't on anyone's side but her own.  She was looking over at Barak Obama and talking about Stanley Ann and then also talking about Edward Howard like she hated his guts.  She made it sound as if she was there to see me at his request but like she double-timing him and not really on his side.  She wasn't on my side anyhow because she did nothing to protect me and instead was talking about Stanley Ann, money, and arguing there after she thought I wasn't really "Catholic".  She was a huge liar.  She lied to try to lure me to say things.  For example, she told me she was Wiccan when she wasn't, because she wanted to see if I'd agree with her or say I was.  I didn't, but she went through one thing after another like that, lying and saying something and hoping I'd agree with her just to be agreeable.

Why is her name the only one that comes up in any kind of search online for "Rape, and Pentagon"?  Is that how bad the internet is now, that the Pentagon controls all of the search information too?

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