Saturday, February 8, 2014

Corrections to previous posts and FBI Paid For Bestiality Against Children

I remembered a few more things.  Another "Ben" I knew was one who is now in the Coquille area and he was an extremist with regard to Kate Middleton--he liked her and tried making predictions about me that the Mossad group then attempted to make sure happened.

It was like scientists who decide they have a theory and they are going to "prove" it no matter what facts argue against them.  It wasn't "God", or prophecy, or actually correct predictions from the U.S. and Mossad, it was a collective effort to pay any amount of money, no matter how much it took, and harm whoever got in the way, just "to be right" and try to prove their own theory.  So that's pretty much bad science.  Not to mention the level of torture that went into causing my suffering.

I had written it was a military man who paid my Dad or asked questions about Mitchell and Hamilton, who worked for the NSA and who they were involved in, along with people like Michelle Erickson's relatives (Navy) in bestiality acts against children (using animals to force children to have sexual acts with animals or with adults sexually assaulting them and bringing animals into it as well).

Robert Garrett jr. went to an FBI "psych eval" is what it was.  All of them were plotting my murder anyway, so they didn't care what I overheard at that point.  The FBI took money from Robert Garrett jr. which was always delivered in a briefcase, and then they were laundering that money to Middletons.  The CIA was involved because they were mentioned, and they had an Army guy there in the office at one point, and Robert was asked questions about the military and what they were doing about things.  But the group that was subjecting me to assault with use of animals and torture, and which I literally saw exchanging and discussing money, was FBI in Seattle.

They hated me too.  I wasn't sure why they hated me, but they really hated me and would sneer when they saw me.  They asked questions about the bestiality and once actually brought some animals into the office too, around me when I was there.  They would ask Robert things like, "How much do you need?" and "How much is this?" and "Who is this from" regarding the exchanges of money.

They went from bringing animals into their offices, to terrify me with and trigger panic attacks, to then bringing them in like they were just nice office dogs or something, and it was all normal and no one ever used animals for assaulting me, or during sexual assault by them.

The FBI did not just "allow" bestiality against me, they paid for it.

This is a reason they were hoping to entrap me into having something to do with Alvaro, because of the extent of their own liability.

They are doing the same thing with torture of my son Oliver.  For the same reason they hated my guts, they hate my son.

Howard Garrett, who died, when I was a kid, told me Robert was a "cop", just like the guy who was just executed from Texas (the greyhound station) told me he was a cop.

One person they'd have in common would be Raul Bujanda.  Obviously if Robert worked for the FBI and then I'm finding out Raul worked for the FBI, they've both known each other in mafia as well as FBI circles and both contributed to torture of me for Middleton. 

I also saw either Laura Laughlin or Julia Thornton at Howard's house in Spokane, WA once, when I was being tortured with animals.  She was there with Barak Obama and another black man who I didn't recognize.  It is very possible his name was Frank because they were making fun of me while I was there and it was prior to my being raped in a Seattle house.  I am 100% positive it was either Laura or Julie.  There is no doubt at all and the only reason I'm unsure is because I was around both of them and they look similar.
There were different times and levels of being tortured and sexually assaulted.
The other thing Howard Garrett did was when my parents said they were taking me and leaving, he first burned me with a cigarette, to make a dot and that was possibly a sign to me that DOD was involved (Department of Defense).  After he did this and I said out loud I knew why he did and what Howard told me, my parents (Robert and Dicksie) assaulted me and I was burned repeatedly all over my body and then the impression I had was they were going to make medical doctors think Howard did it so they had more blackmail on him.

A Robert Garrett also took photos of Howard naked holding me for blackmail and one time he cried when I was much younger and a group of people including Middletons showed up at my parents house in Moses Lake, Washington, when I was a toddler, and they were gang-assaulting me.

Pamp and Barbara Maiers and a number of people there showed up one day and took turns sexually assaulting me, one at a time and then they swore each other to secrecy over it.  I remember Barbara standing there watching Pamp assault me.  The women were as bad as the men.  The Maiers of course, ended up getting a lot of federal contracts for construction work.

Basically, I can remember back to when I was still wearing diapers and the times I had to have Desitin (diaper ointment or zinc oxide) put on my bottom.  I was out of diapers pretty early for a kid, maybe by age 1 1/2 and I remember potty training as well.  However, I am very clear about what I remember from before age 2 about certain things.  I would say I have intact memories from age 6 months-1 1/2 (not a lot but a few) and then I have vague "fuzzy memories" of being inside the womb.  That would be before age 9 months, and those memories I'm not as certain or sure of, but I have a few vague kinds of memories of a few things.  Things like:  what it looked like inside the womb and how it changed with going one place to the next; being punched while I was in the womb--not poked or prodded but punched when I was an older fetus and I think it was more than one time but one time it was very bad and it hurt;  how it felt to hold onto the umbilical cord inside the womb because I was always holding onto it (I haven't seen any ultrasounds of myself doing this but I'm sure they would confirm it) and felt insecure if I didn't; I think the sound of dogs barking but they weren't just Shelties, bigger dogs too, like German Shepherd or police dog types; I recall how laughter sounded and that I laughed too when they did or felt a kind of drug rush from the laughter; I heard speaking from different languages but I'm not sure which; I think I liked grape juice for some reason and I don't know why I would think it was grape juice because when I was a kid I had different kinds and then didn't like it as much anymore, but in the womb I think I started kicking when I had grape juice--the only reason I might know is if I heard someone say "grape juice" and then tasted it and knew it was from that and I liked it;  I think one time I was punched after I had grape juice--that I had grape juice because my mother did and I noticed and then I felt the effects of being punched when someone punched her in the stomach and why would that be?  someone doesn't like the color purple? or wanted me to make some kind of point over it?  I noticed Robert Garrett signed his passport when he was younger with a purple marker.

Anyway, I was a fetus in the womb, not a born baby and I recall this;  I know how it felt to be born and it was torture--they didn't just let me be born naturally, I was tortured and I'm not sure where I was born because one of the first groups I was around were not English-speakers.  I later met Granny, and at Granny's they had groups of people go over who didn't speak English too but the other place was another location and Granny didn't like me when I was a baby.  She said something, when I was a newborn baby at some point, that sounded like they were going to control me and had a really mean look and smirk.  They used to pinch my nose and stop my mouth so I couldn't breathe. 

When I was being born they also cut off my air supply.  They also held me upside down by my ankles for a long time after I was born and made someone plead and beg while I was crying and they were saying they might just "drop" me.  I had something cold and metal shoved into my vagina as an infant too.  Another time they forced me down on a cold table and put a metal rod of some kind into my vagina and turned on an electrical circuit so I was being electrocuted from the inside with some kind of medical or possibly automotive tool and it was connected to a wire.  They kept doing that to me until I was sweaty, in extreme pain, and about to pass out.  There were men putting their penises on my chin and mouth as well and sometimes just my chin and why they'd do that to my chin only, with the erect part of their penis against my chin, I don't know.  Maybe to aim at the metal object that was surgically placed under my tongue the same way they got off on ejaculating on my back after torturing me by branding me with a mason spade.

Someone who looked like Robert Garrett jr. was involved with putting cold metal objects in and I also saw someone who looked like Forrest Tanzer and I know Mike Middleton did this and when Mike did I believe it was in Canada.  Several times it was done in an office with white walls.  One time, at one point, in a doctor's office or hospital someone had guns and they said "We're taking your daughter."  At one point when I was slightly older as a kid, someone took me around to a couple of hospitals and held people up at gunpoint and said "We're taking your daughter" and then told me do you see that? and I said yes, and they said to me, well remember this because it is called 'kidnapping' and that's what happened to you."  Several babies were kidnapped, that were newborn, from hospitals that way.  It wasn't a regular person I knew who did it and they killed him from what I can recall, but he was taller, over 6' I think, and blond, and carried me around in his arms as he busted into newborn's room and took babies that had just been born, right out of their mother's hands.  And he told me to remember that because that was they did to me.

To confirm what I know about being age 1, I remember how the Desitin was applied.  Basically, everyone does it differently.  Proof--Dicksie didn't put that much on and applied to both sides and the middle and a Robert put a lot more on which felt better and would use the back of his hand and front.  There were others who changed me too and I remember how they did it.  So like I said, I was "listening" and paying attention as a baby, not just "coming-to" at about age 5.  Which is why I believe it's also possible I remember some things from being in the womb accurately as well.

This means I do recall a few times I was orally sexually assaulted and the manner in which it was done and some of the things that were said, even though I wasn't talking yet myself.  I remember men and women participating in abuse of me when I was a baby and a toddler.  It wasn't just strangers who became familiar faces.  It was also Robert and Dicksie.  One time a Robert assaulted me sexually with oral sex when I was a toddler and was saying things like how I was going to be nothing and Howard something or other, and calling me a 'cunt'.  He was furious too.  He was not acting like someone with a pedophile tendency but like someone who had a revenge motive and then another time, Dicksie was watching and participating.  Sometimes Dicksie would help facilitate the assault of me and be standing right there and that was when I was a toddler.  Robert then, much later, after I saw Gary Ridgway when I was older, used this coarse language again bc it's what Gary did.   Why would my own biological mother and father collectively sexually abuse me together, if they're my real parents?  To be standing there together doing that to me, with only mean looks for me, when I was only a toddler (???) does NOT suggest I was their relative. 

So we know the FBI is involved and then it was the FBI paying money to have me assaulted with bestiality of animals as well.

They knew all about Hamilton and Mitchell and those NSA men or they wouldn't have been practicing these things against me in their offices and discussing payments for out-of-office torture and traumatization of me.  At that FBI pscych eval office, he had a couple of K-9 cops come in too, when I was there with a Robert Garrett jr.  and they went there with their dogs.

My son Oliver, has been in a huge amount of danger and been exposed to criminals the FBI has been paying to be pedophiles and bestiality child abusers for decades, where they have also been directly involved in electrocution of these kids.  I am positive that when they expressed that much hatred of me, and tried so many times to falsely imprison me to lock me up so I couldn't talk, I know they're doing this to my son.

My son is not safe with the Avilas and the Avilas have been taking orders from the same people for decades, and torture kids.

I also know Katie Middleton is funded by Mossad, the Jewish intelligence agency that works with the U.S. military and FBI.

The things that at least one of the Dicksies and Roberts have done to me while working as cops, are extremely serious in nature and because I remember how glad they and the FBI and Mossad were to do these things to me, I know they and the Avilas (who also know CIA because that's how I kept meeting some of them) are harming my son.

They are responsible for why he was kidnapped from me in the first place and they know it.

The entire world knows how bad the FBI is, and it's not going to be a reputation that improves, and not with "James Comey" for certain, when they continue holding my son hostage under false pretenses of a legal theft of my son and legal adoption when they have no legal rights except for what they've empowered themselves with.

They are puppets.  It means they are no legal authority anymore than hoodlums in Egypt would have legal authority except by how they give themselves their own authority.  So if hoodlums break all the laws and say now they're in charge, and if that is "legal authority", that is an accurate description of the FBI.

They are not following ANY laws.  They have instead destroyed the U.S. and if that is what they want to continue to do, they can keep my son.

They don't have any options.

The rock and the hard place are here and I'm not their "Malcolm in the Middle".  They can either suck it up and say "We were wrong" and return my son to me with the evidence they already have OR they can keep going downhill to their final destination.  So that's it.  They have NO choices but two, and what they've chosen so far is to drag the entire United States down with them.

They don't have the guts to do the correct thing.  They've been paying for bestiality of children and pedophilia and the 'rights' to electrocute kids too long.

And the U.S. military brags about it.  That photo I put up of the woman coming out of a U.S. Army "rescue"  helicopter, with a husky, is a mockery of what they had been doing to me.  One of the dogs they used in a basement to torture me with, while mocking me and with FBI there and Barak Obama, was a husky.  Another dog was some kind of lab or golden retriever that was owned by George Bechtold (who was involved in bestiality against kids).  .Another from another incident was an Australian shepherd blue merle.  There were other kinds, and other types of animals as well.

When I was a baby they mocked me and had dogs lick me instead of cleaning me themselves for diaper changers a few times. 

Other things the U.S. did to me when I was a baby and toddler was invasive surgery of me.  Aside from invasive surgery of me when I was a baby and toddler, the U.S. also had my veins slit and cut into sections under my armpits and by my wrists and inserted objects in and then they stitched it up so no one could tell and because I was so young, there were no scars.  They also used acid peels and skin whiteners to even out any kind of discoloration that ever occurred so there was basically no trace of what they did to me.  When they weren't doing surgeries and then covering it up, they were torturing me and then removing whatever traces of torture they thought might be noticeable to someone.

There was FBI around for it.

One time Dicksie did a "demo" for them to show them how easy it was to remove traces of torture so they had nothing to worry about.
They were trading lessons on how to get away with torturing kids in the U.S.
First it was with this idea or pretense of "reporting torture" and the FBI was watching so a Dicksie was demonstrating how something was done.  They said, "Can you show us how..." and wanted to know how a technique was done.  So I  had this impression it was to protect me and then I saw, by looking at them, "They're just taking tips on how to do it themselves.  They are not going to rescue me.  They're involved and standing around like FBI on a career training day."  I noticed and said this to them directly.  I said, "I think you are not here to help me; you're just here to learn how to do it yourselves, AREN'T YOU." And I stared icily at Laura.  This was when I was younger, before the FBI decided to electrocute me at their offices.  I was about age 9 or 10.  Then they took the Dicksie aside and she started crying like she was nervous and they were going to torture her but it seemed like it could have been an act to me.  They were also asking Dicksie to show them how she was cut with a knife.  So you know, having Mykal Holt and the Nigerian woman from D.C. later lie about me and claim I held a knife at them when I never did, is proof positive they are all government-women.

No one from the FBI was "helping" me when they were all bestiality people who loved torturing kids with sex and trying to get kids and animals to have sex together while they watched.  The FBI was also getting Dicksie to cover up their tracks for them.

Then they did their own surgery on me and I noticed the woman with the surgical doctor's mask on was a Dicksie and she was involved in a surgery of me.  I was totally shocked because I saw it was a Dicksie and then they brought in a Karen, Joy, and Carol all in medical masks at various times to help on a surgery to torture me with where they forced me to swallow things and made sure something was accessible for torture of me.

It was the women's side of torturing me surgically after the men had tortured me to my ribs at the military hospital and took turns wearing a mask-glasses that allowed them to see into my body so they knew where to target me.

They're bestiality-driven, pedophile, criminal, corrupt, vile sadists who are dragging everyone in the country down with them.

They are so bad they were desperate to try to put me in jail on any kind of charge if they weren't torturing me.  They had framed me and tried to set me up to be jailed in another country, in Italy, even, and prior to my departure from the U.S. for it, assisted by Secret Service that hated my guts, some gave parting words and "demonstrations" thinking they'd never have to see me again.  For example, all of a sudden, my brother, who never said much and acted like he never knew about any harm done to me, started rubbing in a bunch of comments about sexual assault of me and then was saying, "Do you want a cream pie?" and pulling things out of his backpack that looked like Barak Obama's drug smuggling backpack.  Dicksie was cold and hostile to me and called me "nuts" which she never did and I thought about it later and thought, "She said those things thinking I was never coming back from Italy."  Not to mention I think the FBI's Chris Dabney was involved.

The entire "visit" to the FBI occurred after I wasn't imprisoned.  The FBI kept losing.  They did the worst of the very worst to me and then kept trying to have me arrested or discredited somehow because they didn't want others to know how they'd kidnapped me, tortured me, and sexually assaulted me, how they used me illegally without my permission for their spying, forced me to work for them for no wages, took photos of me for pedophilia, and assaulted me with animals in bestiality.  Mossad, on the other hand, loved it.  They didn't care what happened to me because I wasn't a Jew, and since I was a gentile, to them I was fair game and anything to make me look bad, made them look "clean" where "cleanliness" was of utmost importance.

And committing pedophilia against me by Robert and Dicksie, when I was a toddler (not to mention the others), doesn't really suggest they were wanting to create a family bond or cared about me.  It's what government people do when they want revenge over something.  It wasn't because I did something wrong, because there was nothing I could "done wrong" at age 2, 3, and 4, or whatever.  This group had it all planned out against me from the start.

The FBI's entire "arsenal" of attempts to lay blame on me, for anything, has been from the time I was born, by trying to dismiss their criminal actions against me and justify themselves, incite hatred against me so they don't have to deal with me, and call me mentally ill and torture me to sound that way to discredit my testimony.

My son was kidnapped by them.  Between them and the DOD.  If one set-up against me didn't work out, it was a new one.  If someone thought I was telling too many people I was being electrocuted, it was another set-up planned to get rid of me.  If that didn't work, another one.

They kidnapped my son out of hate motives, not national interest.  Any kind of genuine national interests promotes kids, doesn't torture them to be under their abilities.  One motive for kidnapping him is DOD and Mossad and their attempts to make "predictions" they hope certain royals will like.  They had Ben there, trying to predict things about me and saying I'd have a baby and it was a girl, no a boy, and no a girl, no a boy.  One of the men said to him, while he was rubbing his fingers together the way Theo Keyes does, whose family was involved, "Well which is it?"

Theo Keyes was there and his family involved, and he knows Michelle Erickson because her family is involved in pedophilia and bestiality against kids.  He was a kid, but he was there.  So then Ben said, "They won't let you keep it."  I said, "What are you saying? I'm going to have a baby and the government is going to take it?"

Yes, that's what he was saying, because all of them worked for the government and loved nothing more than to punish kids like me that they hated.  Then he looked at me sharply and said with a smirk, "And Katie is going to be Queen." (meaning Kate Middleton).

I'm sure, come Hell or High Water, they'll spend even more money if necessary to make their "Predictions" come true.  Ben is part of the Jewish crew and then Barak Obama and Laura Laughlin were around, Diana at one point to see me humiliated but not at that time, and one of them knew Josh Gatov who raped me because Josh was constantly making fun of me at PCC when I worked with him saying about me, "Here come Marilyn Monroe.  Poop, poop, E-doo"  and that is how he always said it.  Poop poop; E doo."  He was there, Josh Gatov was, as a kid, with some older relative and I had forgotten that's what their last name was and I don't remember his older relative.

I was forced to stay at his house once, for awhile, with his wife too, at Ben's house.  All he cared about was Katie Middleton and making sure she married a royal.  He forced me to stay at his house for a few days while he "sized" me up for his own interests.

The other individuals who showed up at that basement where I was being kept for awhile, with animals being brought to me and sexually molested by them, and by adults who were already involved in it, were the Nakata's Japanese friend, some male relative who was younger and tied me up, stretched out my muscles and put me in torture restraint positions, and who was physically there and present when Barak Obama, Frank, and the FBI's Laura Laughlin (unless it was Julia) was there. 

All of these people were involved in kidnapping my son from me.

So like I said, they decided they wanted certain things to happen they wanted and they wanted revenge.

Since they were assaulting me before I was even a toddler, that revenge had nothing to do with "bad things Cameo did".  They hated me more later, but they always had a plot to steal my child from me.

Who was plotting?  The government "psychics" who were getting paid to do psychic work and be pedophiles and torturers of children with use of electricity, military technology, and bestiality.  Why else sit there, forcing me to be chained up when they had no reason to force me to be living down there, other than to try to score points with the government? over their "predictive" abilities and then attempts to force their predictions to come true?

Also, another person who was around when I was assaulted in Switzerland near the Hotel Belvedere, with that group, was Tom Parker, Camilla Parker-Bowles son.  He was standing in the background with a couple others.

I also can recall some other odd things the FBI did to try to deflect attention from themselves.  One time they made me practice punching a pregnant woman.  They had one of the women wear a dummy belly that was under clothing and I said,  "How come you want to wear that?" and then they said we were going to practice something.  I also went around with some woman once who was wearing the dummy belly.  There was a period of several months I was being taken around with a woman who was applying a dummy belly under her clothes every day.  I would ask about it and no one would tell me why...I think it was one of the Dicksies, why she was wearing a dummy belly under her clothes every day.  There was one other woman who did the same thing.  I watched Dicksie put on the dummy belly everyday for awhile, and thought it was normal.  It was a 6-8 months pregnant type of one.  Then one day, someone wanted me to "practice punching the dummy belly" and they kept telling me to hit harder, until I was able to punch as hard as I could at the "fake pregnant belly". 

Then, I believe what they did, is they brought a real pregnant woman around and were taping the event and wanted me to punch the belly.  So I did.  It may have been a "on-cue" without words kind of idea because they were training me to look enraged and mad and then punch the dummy belly at their cue.

So most likely, it was another on-cue thing, and then what I remember is that I thought, "Why is someone standing there with a camera?"  I was pretty young then, but it's a very early time I remembered thinking, why would someone do that? and when I was slightly older I thought about it and realized, "I think they were trying to set me up" because then I got "in trouble".

I don't know who got the "camera" work or why it was done, but that is just another example of what the FBI was doing to incite hatred against me.

As to the dummy belly a Dicksie wore for some time, it wasn't for a short time.  It was for a few months.  It was like someone who got up and put on their fake leg every morning and every single morning, this is what Dicksie did.  There was another woman who made sure she did this every morning.  The only reason to do this would be if Dicksie had a twin or triplet sisters.  The other woman who did this, who wore the fake dummy belly, was Diana Spencer.  I never thought she had a twin but maybe she had a double.  She put it on too, but I think I mostly saw her with it at the house and in a car.  I am not sure if I went out in public with her like that.  She also told me to practice punching her fake dummy belly.  It is possible the woman whose real pregnant belly I punched was Diana's after she got pregnant for real.  I remember a bunch of Irish got mad at me.  They definitely had access to fake pregnant bellies.  They were like strap-ons--they had straps and I had to help put them on and they couldn't move--had to be securely fitted.  When a Dicksie wore one around Moses Lake for awhile, then one day she said over the phone to someone, "I lost it" like she'd lost the baby.  People wanted to know why the Dicksie wasn't pregnant anymore but had no baby and I was sworn to secrecy not to tell or explain to anyone and I didn't.  So she told people she lost the baby and then didn't wear the fake belly anymore.

Now you tell me:

Am I mentally ill?  Or is the FBI a conspiring pack of liars.

The only babies being born around that time, that I was aware of, were William and Kate Middleton.  I thought, at the time, it was to explain how someone could have a double or twin and both of them appear to be pregnant when only one was and then switch them around to different locations.

The other thing I was told by Howard, and I think it was Howard but I believe Edward Howard also visited at one point there around that time.  He told me, "Your name is Mary Katherine".  I said, "No it's not, it's Cameo" and he said, "I named you Mary Katherine".  I'm absolutely positive this is what he said.  The other thing that's odd is Howard Garrett went so far as to literally "marry" a woman named Katherine.  Maybe he was sending a reminder.  Then again, maybe he was implicating MK as in MK Ultra.  I'm not positive if it was Katherine with a K or a C that he said but whatever it meant, that is what he said one time.  Some kind of document I was told to sign once had the name Mary Katherine on it too.  Mary Catherine or Mary Katherine.  It was supposedly a paper signing my right away.  It's the only other time I remember that name or mention of it.  I didn't have a signature so they said, "You can sign with an X".  I maybe signed the name but I know before I could sign my name I was being told to sign documents already and it was always with an X.  Oh, and when I broke my arm when I was 8, I was told to sign with an X but I broke my left arm so why would that matter to my right hand?  They didn't say "Sign next to the "x" here".  They would say, "You can sign with an X".

If my name was M.K.  and K.M. was for Katie Middleton, that's interesting, not to mention CEM being like Cam.

One time, I am not sure why but the Bairds locked up one of the Robert Garrett jr.s for a short time.  There was a hand that I could see underneath a vent and I kept saying, "There's a hand under the vent Granny" and I was told not to say anything.  I couldn't figure out why I could see the hand.  It was moving and reaching up like someone was down below.    I kept saying maybe someone needed help.  And then after that, I was told not to go near the grate again (the vent) and they didn't like having me stand around one or over it.  I used to check now and then, wondering if I was going to see another hand.

Which reminds me, at one point I was given a title of Duchess for some reason.  Then they took it away but for a while someone either gave me a formal title of Duchess of something or some of the  royals called me that for awhile as a nickname.  I then noticed they were calling Diana "Dutch" sometimes and thought "Why are they calling her Dutch when they gave me a title of Duchess?"  And I thought, "We're both Duchesses?"  It was before Diana was given a title of "Lady" and the only other title I ever heard for Val, was Princess Michael.  It was only Princess.  Others called her Countess or something I guess but I called her Princess because I didn't know what a Countess was.  They started explaining all of the titles and I got them confused one day.  It was too much.  However, I remember the day of instruction on all the titles, I was also feeling ultrasounded, to my lower back and I couldn't study or focus on what was being said.  So then the tutor or instructor said it was too much for me and I was upset because I knew I could learn and I knew there was some kind of "energy" related problem.  They asked me if I would like to be a Countess and I said maybe I liked the sound of Duchess better and they looked disappointed and said why and I said "Countess sounds like someone always counting" (what I thought of as a kid).  However, Countess is exotic and sort of vampire-like now that I think about it and I like it more now.  To me as a kid, I preferred Duchess.  One time a man told me what idea he had for a title for me and it started with Countess but I don't remember the rest of it right now.  It was Charles' idea and he is more exotic than some think. He preferred Countess over Duchess.  I knew some of the other court people, not just direct-royals.  There was some blond woman I knew.  I don't remember that much about her but she was tall, nice, and soft-spoken and gentle in her gestures.  However, I liked her and then I think I found out she didn't really like me, just pretending. 

Cut-throat world.

There was something said, after Countess of something or other, Rochester.  Something about Rochester.  On Rochester there is a game called the "corn exchange" where one person gives an ear of corn to another person.  Well, I was made fun, to make a long story short. 

I was getting targeted with military technology by then already, and I knew it, and then I was picking up on subtle cues of ridicule of me.  A Robert took me there and gave an ear of corn traded with Mike Middleton and some Irish man.  One minute it was a fun traditional game and then the next minute, it wasn't just corn, but bags of dough.  The Irish man sneered at me like I was an insignificant sprat he could gnash and he looked exactly like Seamus Heany who later assaulted me in Moses Lake.

I was taken to the same "Corn Row" cobblestone walk, for the "corn exchange" twice.  Once with Mike Middleton and once with Robert Garrett.  Once I saw Edward around there, and then another time Valerie (somewhere) and then when it was the Irish guys, after we went into a doorway, I was beat up by some Irish and an Italian man.  There was also a black man there.  It was extremely depressing.  Basically, it was the Fall of Rome kind of feeling.  All positive energy was getting traded.  I sensed that was a turning point for me, for my life.  I am not sure how and what crap they negotiated, but it was against me.  Some of them wanted to kill me too.  They were about to murder me.  But it was this horrible, horrible, depressing energy there.  I was around threats all the time, and didn't sense it but it was so dark and dismal.  No hope.  I thought someone in the world is really crying right now.
 At one point there was something to do with William too but I'm not sure what.  Either he was there and crying and someone thought about killing him or I held him or asked to, or something.  I took a bullet for him on a bus in England once, because I was sitting next to him and someone shot at me and they got my arm.  I was scared to stay seated on buses after that because I couldn't turn around as fast if needed because what I was used to doing was defending myself.  They wouldn't let us go on a bus again.  I turned around wondering who did that and James Comey was on that bus.  You know, the current FBI Director for the U.S.  He was on the same bus in England, and then there were a couple of royals and then public.  I don't know why we took the bus because it was unusual to be in public with William but we did.  I was in public sort of to the side of them occasionally but not "out in public" with William.  If we went outside even, that was "public".  We did go on a bus a couple of times.  I told him to put his head down and I got in trouble for it.  When I got shot, I grabbed him and said put your head down and forced his head down.  So I was accused of "Making William bow to you".  I am not kidding.  The smallest thing I did, that was actually even a good thing, was always being twisted into some bizarre ulterior motive.  I was taught to put MY head down in emergencies, when needed to get out of the way, or if a vehicle was going to roll.  I was taught, "Put your head down" so that is what I did to William to protect him or to try I guess, and I was shot in the back of the arm. Maybe it was deliberately to miss my head, but I had a strange feeling maybe not because I moved at the last minute.  I was afraid of being on the bus with a kid after that and thought maybe they should have their head on my shoulder, in front of my shoulder, because I said, "What if someone aims for their head?"  So I said my shoulder and back would block it.  That was around the time they said I couldn't guard him anymore.  They said, "So you'd die for him?" and I said, "Yes." and they said, "Get out of here" and I was fired.  I had been telling them, "He's a sitting duck" and they didn't like it.  I also told them, "If you would let me have a gun I could protect him better."
  They said "Oh yeah right.  What are you going to do with a gun?" and I said, "Well, I could shoot someone who tried to shoot or hurt him."  Otherwise, I wanted him practically sitting on my lap with his head in front of me so no one could blast out the back.  We were usually sitting in front so I was always wondering about the people behind us.  I said, "I NEED a GUN" and they said no you don't, you're fired.  I said I didn't think he should ride the bus so they said so you don't think he's safe in public and I said, "Not really".  I had all this nervous tension over it.  I wasn't like that with everyone but I felt nervous, like this presence of "minds" was all about.  It was like 10 different pick-ups from reading the minds of others all at once suddenly.  It was odd.  There was an energy that made me nervous and then the mind-conversations from a bunch of people, all talking at once, that made me nervous (it's possible to read more than one mind at once as a psychic).

I went from that to being electrocuted severely and non-stop in the U.S.  They didn't want any of my "psychic ability".  They just wanted someone they could try to stereo-control with remote control devices like I was an unthinking robot, acting on their programmed subliminal cues alone.  They didn't care if I was a genius, or what I could accomplish--they wanted a blank toy plane to run around in circles and then say of themselves, "We are the controllers".

For a short time, before firing me, I was told they were "thinking about" letting me carry a concealed weapon.  I said "What's the point if I don't have one?" and then they laughed with each other saying she'd shoot up the whole bus and said I was too young and I was a girl and would be emotional and I said, "No I'm not."  I said I would only use it if there was a present physical threat. 

What freaked them out was when I told them I was picking up on the mind activity of several people.  They wanted to say I was "nuts" and I think it scared them.  They tried to say I was schizophrenic then and I did notice one man disappointed I'd said or revealed any psychic ability because it laid me open to be attacked.  However, many of them were psychics and weren't attacked, so why were all the "world nations" against just me?  Anyone could be psychic but me?  why was that exactly.

I told Diana I was scared for him and she said why and I also told her it was sort of like I felt I could pick up on a lot of things all at once, but I wasn't sure.  Most likely their government microwaved me and signaled a bunch of crap, which I've heard is possible and not just sci-fi, but I told her, "It was weird.  I could sort of hear different people talking".  Her eyes got big and she said like what and the problem was, I had thought maybe she would harm William too so I didn't know why I was telling her, but I did.  She said give me one of the minds you think you could read.  I said "Andrew".  I told I didn't read anyone saying they were going to hurt William but I could read the minds of many royals and realized it.  And then I was also picking up on some idea that something in the Universe in public wanted to kill William.  They freaked out that I said I could pick up on bits and pieces of what royals were thinking.  I was telling her, "I don't know why it is or why I suddenly noticed but I did."  She said can you read William's mind?  I said I thought so but I wasn't sure because I wasn't trying to read his mind, I just suddenly could pick up on several minds all at once (which sounds nuts). Like people talking on the bus but they're not talking, they're thinking and you can read their thoughts all at once.  When I divulged how I was able to "read royal minds" I was electrocuted within inches of my life and then next, assassination plots.  She said why royals, why not others and I said "I don't know".  I don't think I was very good anymore even by that time because I had already been electrocuted, drugged multiple times, and had other things done to ruin the ability and it definitely wasn't very good anymore.  So much  later, a Dicksie and a Diana were discussing me saying "It's Schizophrenia" and the other one was saying, "Maybe Schisandra?"  which perhaps was a way to suggest drugging me or that I was dangerous if "she's andra" like psychic when I said I thought one of the thoughts I could read were Andrews.  I told her, "I think some MI5 and royals".  I was able to pick up on the speaking voices of some of the royals as if they were not just thinking but talking out loud and yet the only way to distinguish them was by knowing their tone of voice.  She said again, "Why do you think the royals?" and I said "I don't know.  Maybe I'm connected to them in some way."  Well yeah.  And a few of them had even tortured me.  I even questioned myself wondering "Why am I sharing this with Diana, when she's taken part in electrocuting me herself?"

I didn't really think I should trust Diana, by that time, but I told her because I was worried about William's safety.  I didn't know who to trust really.  Almost everyone around me had me in chains.
  I also didn't understand why I saw some of them torture William too.  I also told her I thought some of William's guards wanted to harm him.  Like some of his police guard. 

This country has almost completely ruined my son Oliver.  The FBI is just disgusting.  They tortured me since I was a baby, to severe and cruel extremes and that's all they've ever done really.  But with my son, he wasn't raised like me, to be forced to sleep in a crib by himself and be punished or ignored.  He didn't go from isolation practices to torture, as the U.S. did to me.  He went from the best quality care and love a kid could ask for, to extreme cruelty and the difference is huge.  It means they ruined his life for good and knew that's what they were doing all along.  Taking a kid from Africa and moving them to South America is not much of a difference.  Taking a kid from the Equator to Antartica without both shoes, is going to kill them.  And that is what the United States did.  They deliberately killed Oliver. They don't care because to the FBI's sick psychologists, they hope maybe they can "split" and destroy the personality even more.  The more trauma, the better to them.  They are, once again, not interested in how smart he was.  That was a threat to them.  They want anyone challenging them.  They want to control people and to be nothing more than controllers.

That is not democracy.  I was told it was stupid to think I could try to "make it" in the U.S.  I didn't believe them.  I chose to think, "I'm sure if I work and have good ideas, I'll have a chance to try to be financially independent and successful like anyone else."  That was not true.  What has been true is that the United States government kidnapped me and surrounded me with hostage-takers my entire life.

They have treated my son as bad or worse than they treated me and what future does he have with that?  People who knew the U.S. would never let me succeed were Robert Garrett Sr. and Edward Lee Howard.  When they said what is your plan and what do you want to do?  I told them and was told to be in business is a matter of figuring out a strategy and then thinking about if the government and community, the country, are going to let you in to compete, or are they just wanting to hurt you?  I said I thought I could try to work in the U.S. and they just shook their heads slowly.


The U.S. really enjoyed their commentary because they're both dead now.  The other person who shook her head slowly and then disappeared somewhere was Diana Spencer.  "Oh, I think I'll have a career in the U.S. and try to make some money" and she shook her head slowly looking at me, to say, "No you won't."  So she was involved in many set ups against me, what would make her decide to disagree with me and let me know she did not believe I had a chance in the U.S.?

I told some people she didn't think the U.S. would give me a chance and she must "know something".  She's disappeared.

I haven't exactly had a "chance" in the U.S.  What was their "chance" for me?  To "put out" for West Point or the FBI?

They tried to degrade all of my abilities that made me powerful in my own right and wanted to sublimate me to being under a man's naked body, preferably one who worked for the U.S. government.  All they've done is rape me and then get off on how dirty it makes me sound so now, no one else will have anything to do with me.

They subjected me to bestiality with animals and pedophilia photos taken of me throughout my childhood which profited the FBI.  They were having me PUNCHED when I was still a fetus, unborn in the womb.  Deliberately.  They couldn't even wait for me to be born to assault me.  Why did they punch me as an unborn baby?  Why were there police dogs around me before I was born?  Why was I so desperate to hold onto the umbilical cord like it was my only lifeline?  Why was I hearing speaking that wasn't English?  Like Russian? and crying and screaming.

Later after I was born it was all blurry and then not long after I saw someone grab a blond woman's head by the back of the hair and slam it face-first into a wall.  She had shoulder-length thick, very blond hair and they took her by the back of the head, slammed her head into the wall and shouted, "WHERE'S THE MONEY??!!!"  If they didn't like her answer, they slammed her head into the wall again.  Then they would turn to me and start sexually assaulting as she cried.  That's how they've been getting "their money".  Any reason why cops and thugs would act like that?  Almost every week, they invaded with "WHERE'S THE MONEY???!!!!"  They couldn't keep their hands to themselves, and every time, they sexually assaulted me as well.  They weren't rescuing me or anything like that.  If they had been "rescuing" me I would have been left there.  They sometimes peed on me before leaving.  You know, peeing on a baby is always "normal".
I was taken to "psychologists" when I was a baby as well, so they could have a chance at me.

The woman with blond hair had hair as blond as Dicksies was but it was shoulder-length.  It wasn't long.  I think this was done to a Dicksie too because I remember it, and her face but it was a woman with a face like Dicksies and hair the same but shorter.

Someone also went through a house once and removed my photos from frames.  There was one in a double frame and they took me out of the picture.  All that was in this one man's room were photos of me and him and she didn't like it and she went through and removed me from all of them.  It was a nice bedroom with antique furniture and nice frames.  Maybe it was a daughter but from what I remember, he got remarried or something.  She didn't like seeing my photo everywhere and started getting rid of my face.  I think some kids did too because I know they went in to remove photos.  There were also old videotapes made of me, like family home movies and he kept them and someone got rid of them.  Even a Dicksie went in one time and removed one when she was picking me up and I was shocked to see she was helping the other kids and not me.  One man who had a photo of me that was in addition to this other man, was Forrest Tanzer.  This other man, however, had many photos of me and you could tell I was important to him in some way by all the photos of me and that I was the main one who stood out.  One was of me in a military uniform as well, as a small girl.  Prince Philip also had a photo of me and Betty didn't like having it there and got rid of it.  One time someone got a box of photos out and went through all of them, cutting a woman out of every photo she was ever in.  I also know the Spencer kids did the same thing to me.  Their Dad had a box of photos and many were of me and they got them out and took out scissors and started cutting me out of all of them.  They all did it together, sitting on the floor.  They cut me out and then they said to each other, "Should we cut out Raine?" and they decided, "We'd better leave her in some of them."

They also sorted through a bunch of photos and gave them to someone who took them away.  They gave a huge amount of photos away, along with the movie slide viewers, where you can see slides taken on small film, through eye glasses and by turning a wheel.  They had a bunch of those.
  Some of them were light porn.  They had light porn of women and various women, and some of me.  Charles once had me look at one.  Then someone got mad one day and decided to show me photos of Princess Anne taken in soft porn photos.  They acted like they were mad I was being humiliated all alone, so they showed me secret photos of another royal.  Anne.  Basically, they were from some safe or collection and had been snuck in and then snuck out and it was to show me some of them were in "embarrassing" photos.  I don't remember why Anne was shown to me.

Maybe because she took part in removing my photos from somewhere, or maybe because she put attack dogs on me once, I don't know.

The Vatican also has collections and files on people.  I was once taken to a bunch of their underground vaults and it's not like they showed me a bunch of things but I looked at some of their art and talked to people there and one of them told me they knew everything about me.  I'm not sure I remember exactly what they said.  I know they talked about Mary Magdalene but not necessarily about me.  I know someone possibly said I was the "President's" daughter and I am not sure why I have a vague memory of that and who it was supposed to be about.  They were very secretive.  They allowed me to put some things in their vaults for them.  It was strange because I helped one man lock up money every day for the Vatican, in their safe.  So I felt trusted.  Then one day someone came with a briefcase and documents and I think a monk or pope or priests got paid off or something.  They took money, looked down on me, beat me though not as bad as some, and we left.  It was like the same thing with many groups. They were getting briefcases of money and then deciding to agree to defame me or help out with ruining my life.  The man I knew most was their treasurer who was like their CFO man (financial man).  He was the one in charge of the money locked up.  He was really nice to me.  I think maybe it was Edward Lee Howard.  One man was working there for awhile and I assisted and it was someone like him or that Edward wanted me to stick with.  There was development potential in it and he wasn't hurting me.  I said, for some reason, I didn't want to work there and it was a bad decision because I not only offended him but I lost security from the job.  He was going to train me in doing stocks and bonds.  Stocks and bonds for the Vatican is a pretty big job.  So then something happened and he was disappointed about something and then someone got paid off and a couple of monk-priests beat me in an underground area.  All that anyone ever told me from there was that I was the "President's daughter".  They said because of it, "You are Top Secret."   I wasn't really sure if they meant President of the U.S., President of the British Monarchy, President of...?   I got the idea they were saying the highest ranking leader of some place but I wondered why they were telling me that and what I was supposed to do.  They said "that's why you have Secret Service".  They also mentioned Howard, but the part I don't get is the president's daughter part.  At that time, the President was Ronald Reagan.

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