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Scalloped Neckline for Scalloped Ribs Kate Middleton

 There's nothing like having a scalloped neckline for a wedding dress to match an enemies scalloped ribs, is there?  Or escallops for a new "ensign".  How clever dear.

Who gave you such an idea?

You notice the Middletons didn't present a coat of arms right away?  There is a reason for that.

All of the men who forced me to give them oral sex in the living room at Granny and Grandpa's house, faced a coat of arms as they did so, and sometimes a flag. I was being sexually humiliated by a very large number of men who were giving money to the Middletons.

So basically, they were facing this coat of arms and sometimes a flag, as I was facing the other way having to give them oral sex.  The other thing they did was when I was forced to give them oral sex, one of the men, two others stood there next to him so there were 3 total and one of them crossed an arm overhead to make a triangle and the other one crossed an arm over to make a triangle.  ^ like that.

They made a bridge over my head when they assaulted me in a triangle shape above my head.  Kate Middleton chose to have a coat of arms with a ^ and 3 acorns (nuts) on it.

It is also similar to the shape of the Austrian flag, which I had told one of the English royals I liked when I was asked.  They said why do you like it and I said because it's breaking the chains.  So when there was not something else in the way, there were two hooks in the wall and I was chained to the hooks with chains, and then sexually assaulted at Granny and Grandpas, in the living room, that way.  Notice too, the 'scalloped' neckline of the feathers on the bird for that flag.

They had a different coat of arms on the wall when I was being assaulted than they do now, or put there later.

The flag they put there was a St. George flag which is the same sign as it is for Cambridge.  They didn't have that there all the time, but sometimes, and a man would look at it while assaulting me.  There was also a coat of arms for Briegenzer which was not the same one that is combined with Baird now, because there was never a Baird coat of arms on the wall, just, at one point a tartan.  The other coat of arms they had and removed were for the House of Howard and one of them had something French about it, I think the Briegenzer one.

When they assaulted me with a man on either side reaching up an arm and touching their fingers while the other man faced me to assault me (one time they had me sit on the couch holding a bowl and I was forced to sit there while they each ejaculated into the bowl and then they forced me to drink it) they mocked me with "London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down/London bridge is falling down, my fair lady/take the key and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up, take the key and lock her up, my fair lady."  I had been singing that song and when they put their arms up over my head they told me the bridge wasn't going to fall down.  I sang the song once, telling my parents I could put Princess Diana in jail if I wanted to because of how she'd tortured me and I remembered.  They said oh no you're not.  I said, "I didn't say I WOULD, but I COULD, and some others too".
  So they put their arms up in a bridge over my head and said to me, "Remember that song you were singing?" and I said yes, and they said, "It's not falling down, it's locked" and they said it was for Katie.  I didn't understand their meaning because I thought they were talking about Diana but instead they mentioned Katies name. (more information about this abuse on the last post with FBI in the title)

They put all of this symbolic meaning into it, with a Robert jr. on one side and then another man on the other side and then the one ejaculating in the center.  Mike Middleton was there one of the times.  That was their mockery of me, about my coat of arms as well.  They said you want a coat of arms?  Most of the people there that time were military.  Mostly U.S. Army but a Marine and a U.S. Navy person too.

When I was later in Moses Lake and the U.S. government and CIA had men go into my house to assault me after I tried to report torture to the UN and told them I had 3 citizenships, England, Russia, and the U.S., they electrocuted me while doing it.  They didn't electrocute me at Granny and Grandpas but they told me to drink it. 

My parents (who are probably not my real parents) were very relieved acting, and excited the day they got the electrocution machine.  They started using it on me right away.  The way they acted relieved was like someone who was glad to have a weapon to use on me, out of retaliation or to keep someone else from using a weapon on some other kid (that was obviously more important to them than I was).  I was not important to Robert and Dicksie except for how much money they made off of me.  They were concerned about some other kid and I don't even know if anything was being done to that other kid, and by whom, and why that would matter and not me, but that's how it was.  It was like they thought someone else had control of their kid, and since they were in control of someone else's kid, they used me to blackmail and get back at the other family, or tortured me to try to keep someone else from torturing the other kid they loved.  How could they love me if they were relieved to have something to torture me with?  So really, who is this other kid that was so important to them? or I guess, other adult possibly, but my understanding or insight was that they felt having a device to torture me with, put pressure on someone else not to torture THEIR kid as much.  Or they could punish me or something.  I know Robert kept saying he "needed" something to work with.  He was also around another woman at that time.  She was Russian.  Dicksie went along with all of it too, and at Granny and Grandpas and the Springers, but I saw Robert pick it up and how glad he was and the man who said, "Here.  This might give you some leverage."

I was tortured for "leverage".

Which brings to mind something, about levelers, used in construction...they have grooves at the top, some of them. Well, after I had told an English royal, who was there with James Middleton, which coat of arms I liked best, the Austrian one with the scalloped shape of feathers, I was tortured at Sandhurt so, they said, "We're going to give you a nice scalloped neckline."  Aside from just forcing me to give back all of my letters and awards for flight school and my advancement, and letters from royals, they forced me to lie on a hospital table and tortured me with technology, while saying "you like that Austrian coat of arms right?"  "It's nice, like a bird" and "You can be a bird too!" and "Do you like seashells?"  "Well we'll give you a nice scalloped neckline".

They applied technology to my ribcage, from my sternum, talking about my heart, to the lower ribs, and it was excruciatingly painful.  The main person doing this was younger military.  He looked like the instructor at OSU for Remote Sensing, Matt.  However, I know Matt was at the airport that blocked me from traveling, but I believe it was another man, maybe Mark, or another, who did the surgical torture.  His jaw was square, he was not very tall, he was young in his very early 20s, and he had light brown thick wavy hair.  They had at least 3 men with similar features take turns putting a "notch" into my ribs by deforming me with torture.  One was Mike Middleton or Forrest Tanzer, one was a Robert Garrett Jr., and one was someone I didn't know but who had similar features.  I'm pretty sure it was George Bechtold and I say this because they said the name George and he was wearing shorts and the legs looked like his legs.  Another person who was around at some point was James Cartright.  Then there was a taller doctor who was mostly different because of height, adding them.  In addition to this at one point they had Gary Goldman's friend Daniel standing by the surgical table watching.  Another person who showed up at one point was John Kaempf because I remember his pock-marked face and how he looked, and he was at the surgical table like Daniel.  I didn't not see him again until I saw him with Emmanuel Rose and the group at the house in Coquille, prior to being assaulted on the bridge.  There was also a "Justin" there.   There were two different times I was tortured and once it was with Justin Collier there, who was only a kid, and the other time it was with Justin Timberlake there.   They blasted away parts of my ribs so that when they were done, I had indentations and grooves on one side and both sides and up and down.  While they did this to me, they had my arms chained with actual metal chains and mocked me saying, "Break the chains!"  "You're not trying hard enough!"  "PUSH!"  "Come on!  PULL!"  "Can you push harder?  Pull harder?  Keep TRYING!"

I passed out on their table several times.  They gave me no painkillers and there was no IV of fluids.  They were using some kind of overhead infrared to see into my skin or past my skin and to where my bones were.  One doctor or military person had something like a very thick headlamp on with weird optics glasses that went over it.

I would say it was in Germany this was done, at the U.S. Army site I was taken to, however, I remember Sandhurt was involved in taking my royal letters from me and then torturing me.  There were U.S. military there however, in uniform.

When they were done they had deformed my bone structure.  They made regular grooves, like a scalloped neckline, along the ^ shape of my ribcage.  From the point at the top, my sternum, down the both sides.  They had several military working on it, and having a look.  When one of them was timid about doing anything and I was screaming, another one took over and tortured me worse.

They used my comment about which coat of arms, and crest I liked best, to torture me with and mock me with a design out of it.

They also cut into my body.  They were saying, "I think I see some bugs!"  Then another said, "Oh, naw, her?  Cameo?  That's just a cockroach."

After they surgically tortured me, several of them laid across my naked body and made humping motions.  They did this in front of everyone there, which maybe wasn't a ton of men or medical military there at the time, in that room, but they had 2-4 of them do this to me and one of them was a royal.  Andrew was one of them.  Whittemore was another (they called him Richard and Whittemore), and the others were U.S. military, except for one who was Irish I believe.  One was also named Scotty and was not Scott Sandberg but I think the cop who worked for Mt. Angel police who I saw again later.  The one who asked for the information about which standard I liked was, I think, Prince Edward or Prince Philip who looked like him and then James was getting the information.  I wasn't sure if he meant Cartright or Middleton and then one time after I asked he had James Middleton, a kid, around.  He was possibly talking about relaying the information to either James Comey or James Cartright.  First Philip asked me and then Edward or a man who looked like him took me aside and asked the same things but he asked like a Horse & Hound reporter would.  I know that around that time one of the Horse and Hound reporters had asked me to give an interview and that was one of his questions.

I had already been around Horse and Hound at their offices when someone else was giving an interview so this was a separate instance.   I was coached on what to say and not to say to the press.

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