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UPDATED:Murders of My Past Contacts Since Kate Middleton and Obama in "Position"

I believe "Chappo", the Mexican drug man, was targeted by Katie Middleton.  The reason I think this is because he was allegedly a CIA drug man, one the CIA was close to, and several former CIA professionals have been murdered or put in prison since Katie Middleton married a royal and got more access to files, and since Barak Obama has been President, and now there is James Comey, and ALL of them were seen together by me as a kid many times.

I believe Barak Obama and Katie Middleton, both knowing I know they are criminals, and both of them hating me for trying to expose it, are using their positions to direct hits against all former contacts that I had.

Chappo, from Mexico, was a man I met and knew.  I also met and knew Ghadafi as a kid.  I also knew, and was "married to" Usama bin Ladin. 

They are deliberately picking off anyone they find in a file who ever knew me, who has any money.  They murdered Usama the day after Katie's wedding and she'd been plotting this for months ahead of time.  They murdered Ghadafi at the time of her conception plans for her first kid.  They used a criminal, Alvaro Pardo, to try to validate themselves using me when I didn't remember he was a criminal that had tortured me, and who was working for FBI.  They put Chappo in prison when he was one of the larger monied men in drug trafficking, when for decades the CIA worked with him (like Usama), and Katie didn't show up for church until that was finished.  I am as positive she was working on putting Chappo in prison as I am she was involved in murdering Usama.  She worked to get Julia Tymoshenko out of detention as well, which isn't something I mind, that she's out of detention at all, but Katie wanted to have her in position working for her from Ukraine.

This is actually very serious, because they are attempting to put hits on people and just rearrange others to their own liking, and what I'm noticing is they are really going after mostly people they're digging up in my files as being connected to me in some way, any way, like they're trying to exterminate anyone who may have supported me in the past.  Not only that, they're going through the CIA and killing and imprisoning who they want.

I think it's troubling that all of these people are being targeted and then I'm noticing who they're wanting promoted and it's getting circled to be all about them.  They are not looking for the best interests of a country, but for their own personal interests and vendettas and hate crimes. 

I'm not even saying they've had anything to do with me later or that they've been on my side or decent all the time.  What I'm saying, is someone is systematically going through my files and trying to eliminate and exterminate anyone and everything they even slightly suspect may have supported me in any way.  That is extreme obsession.
I've named other people I knew and you can figure out which ones are in jail or prison or dead.  So it's a lot of picking off of people who someone is clearly worried may have supported me or if they did in the past, is a concern to someone who is attempting to control their new power trip.

Another person Robert Garrett Jr. used (one of the Roberts) to target me with was a Ukrainian guy named Jason who got a free ride into the U.S.  He got a free ride when Robert wanted to use him as some kind of FBI witness against me and I remember the circumstances because I was being framed and set up again.  He was always saying about me, "There she be" and "That's the one" to point me out constantly and have me targeted.  So from there, they chased me around and then gave him a permanent visa into the U.S. for being a spy or informant and they tortured me over him and over others.  I wouldn't say just him at all, but they used him to try to validate what others lied about, when getting FBI to plot raping me and gang-raping me and torturing me with electrocution and Haldol.

I know Robert got a bunch of money after this and used it to pay a lot of people to not testify about me and he dragged me along so they would know which kid they were taking money over not supporting or testifying for.  He gave a lot of the money, a huge windfall, to Katie Middleton.

I also ran into someone in Coos Bay again who is at least honest in some ways, maybe not everything (I'm not sure) but I know that he was at least honest enough to say yes, he saw Barak Obama in Coos Bay too.  He remembers me and I met him when he was a very young kid, because I was only a pre-teen and he was born in 1981.  He was a small kid and quiet because he was very observant.  He was black (is black) and I actually didn't know he had some of the problems he's had.  He may be tortured possibly even now and I have a reason for wondering.  His Dad introduced me to him, and his Dad was Keith Louis and his son's name is Rakeem.  His Dad wanted me to pray for him and once when Barak Obama was there.  I saw an exchange of a briefcase full of money from people in the Coos County community and including cops and everything.  It happened when they thought I had my eyes closed to pray but I was looking.  And his son remembers me and remembers Barak and remembers cops and people beating me up.  He and his Dad also beat me up (I mean, I fully remember), but it was also around cops so this is possibly cops mostly.  Really bad ones.  At that time they used EMT people to jump me, Coos cops, and some other guy and it was in a basement of a house.  The drug dealing-money trade was in an apartment complex called The Hamilton. I got involved somehow when someone said they wanted someone undercover for this and to pretend to be a prostitute to find some guys.  I said okay and then they twisted it around on me and had me banned from a bunch of community places, called a hooker, and I was tortured and degraded as well.  I was turned down from a bank that called police and said, "She's the one" and the cops came, who already knew me and tried to say I was a hooker when I wasn't.  It was a woman with the last name "Davis" and she still works there or was there with someone who worked there. I was also tortured and forced into horrendous positions in restraints in odd positions for long periods of time and they interrogated a man in a building at one place on 2nd, in Coos Bay downtown, while they tortured me, right across the street from "Little Italy's".  The entire area is locked-down to Obama and Middleton drug trafficking.  Goldsmith showed up in town in person too.   The kid and cops told me "We're making Katie the Boss" (of their drug business).  I was also being told "Middleton has to share HALF of it and then Middleton's people were turning around and saying Katie Middleton got 100% of it" (all the drug money).  They all knew Middleton and still know them because they were totally involved in trying to take full control of the entire drug territory and the cops were helping them out however they could.  It also proves Barak Obama was 100% connected to Katie Middleton by drugs.  A cop that got in trouble, who I think I had been asked to report on, was someone I later may have found was trying to defend me but as soon as he was gone, the U.S. and Middleton people (UK, Camilla, all of them) and CIA tried to murder me with several different attempts, notably the rock-climbing incident.  His name was Rodney (or Randy) Omer (R.O.).  This is the cop who got "in trouble" for "taking money".  Well he wasn't the only one.  I witnessed hundreds of people accepting money as bribes and pay-offs, and I can finger most of them out from FBI, police departments, and other groups.  Then after they took Rodney (Randy) in, they started beating me up.  Cops did.  I mean they made a pretense of being about the law and then were beating up little kids everywhere. 

This one kid, who is now grown, is really smart.  He remembers things like I do--I mean, he apparently has a very good memory, or did as a kid, like me.  He is disabled in his legs with braces, which is what I prayed for.  I did sincerely pray but I had my eyes open too. 

The cops tried to discredit me when I reported something and said, "You said you were praying so you had your eyes closed.  You saw NUTHIN'."  I said, "No, I was praying but I had my eyes open because I didn't know who had guns" but the cops kept trying to talk over me so they didn't have to take a report and stared me down saying "You SAW NOTHING". 
Um pardon, but to the contrary sir.  I saw Keith (who I saw more than once but his son he only brought to the Hamilton one time when I was there and then I saw them at the house later), and Obama, and Goldsmith, Robert, (just a list of some people I saw going to the Hamilton), Daniel (Goldsmith's friend), Tom Parker-Bowles, John Kaempf, and a President of the United States (aside from Barak Obama who later became one of the Presidents).  James Middleton also showed up once, with other guys who were adults.  One of them stole my shoes on the way out.  Sometimes we took our shoes off at the door and someone picked up my shoes and walked out with them and it was when Daniel was there and possibly with John Kaempf.  There were a couple of cops.  Most of the cops were hardcore dirty and a few of them, maybe one, knew how bad it was and wanted to try to help in some way because they were aware of how badly I was being tortured and what danger I was in.  Mostly, it was huge amounts of money swapping, and "FBI laundering" over drugs, and then there was minor gun trading.  I never saw more than a couple of guns on a bed up for negotiation.  At least not there, specifically, at The Hamilton.

This man that they tortured, along with me, at the place across from Little Italy's, I believe was Edward Lee Howard.  I think they tortured him and interrogated him and another man was there too.  Robert Garrett Jr. had gone across the street and delivered a stuffed suitcase to Little Italy's and then they had the key to torture place, a building with an antique staircase across from them, which is now for lease.  When I say I was tortured there, I mean, they had me sit down and connected me to the electrocution box to be tortured with electrical currents going to my head from a thick titanium plate that went around my head, which was tightened at the sides where there was a bolt on either side.  Robert got the key from Little Italy's sort of like "Frank" the Italian guy was in Seattle to have me raped by Barak Obama and the key to that house was given to Robert by Joy Sterling.  Carol Middleton was in the house but then when I went back Joy got out and then when they were cleaning and locking up the house it was either Joy or Carol who had the key.  We went to Little Italy's more than once to deliver suitcases.  I was also taken into James Kornblatt's place, after I had made up the song about "I'm Still Here" and he was an audiologist on 2nd street and he tortured me there and I had things blown into my ears loudly, and also at the place across from Little Italy's and was made fun of about "Can you still HEAR?"  These people had been making fun of both my hearing, and what I saw "You saw nothing", and also about my voice and ability to speak or sing or not (if I couldn't because they tortured or drugged me they called me "dumb" and not smart like Katie).

One thing about this guy Rakeem, is I think he works with cops and people but I also think he's being tortured maybe.  For one thing, both times I've talked to him about things on the bus (this time we exchanged phone numbers and more information) his teeth and gums have suddenly started bleeding.  I have had this happen only after being targeted and tortured by military technology and my teeth start to bleed from it because it causes bleeding in the brain.  It's possible he is doing this or someone is doing it to make him seem sympathetic to me, but also, he's being pretty honest about what he remembers and almost no one is. 

There are hundreds of witnesses and people who know I'm telling the truth about how much torture I've gone through and some of the people involved, and no one says one single word.

They all told me they were making Katie Middleton the "Boss" of massive drug trafficking, in about 1985.

One person who knew Keith and Rakeem is dead in a grave.  Someone I knew that I think was friends with them (I don't think it was their fault, I don't think).  I remember pretty much everything I was told and that we talked about and Rakeem was about 4 and had some braces on.  I did at one time in my life too and I thought maybe his would be temporary.

I wasn't sleeping with any man at The Hamilton.  It was a place where business dealings were done but a couple of times there were sexual overtures.  When Kaempf and Daniel were there (one was Catholic, one was Jewish) I wasn't sure which one of them stole my shoes.  Daniel had been at Sandhurst when I had my shoes and clothing taken from me.  The other possibility was Robert Garrett Jr.  I know he did one of the times.  I remembered Kaempf because I'd met a guy with sort of facial scars at Staples and his name was John.  When I saw him again recently I said, "I remember you" and he said "I've only been here for a few months" and I said, "No you worked at Staples before because I remember it all."  He said "I just moved up here from California" and I said, "Yeah.  A second time."  He looked at me staring the same way I looked at him staring and then he didn't argue.  He knew I knew.  I also thought his Dad was in the Navy a second time and then I realized I think I remember him from either U.S. Navy in Seattle or from West Point.  I was around him in a military setting once.  There are few people who can stare down as we did.  Both of us unblinking.  It was a military exercise.

They were trying to set me up there too, as a knife wacko when I wasn't.  Josh Gatov was involved in the whole thing and I had two knives with me once and I think it's why Josh later raped me using intimidation against me with 2 different knives.  Even with Jason (the guy from Russia or Ukraine, whose name Jason is also aka Josh), I was getting set up to look like I was attacking his hand or cutting off his fingers when I wasn't.  He was already missing fingers and they did some weird slight-of-hand trick and were videotaping it. I think video, not photos.  I was told it was "acting" and then I found out someone was trying to frame me with it.  The FBI was torturing me inside of the their private offices and everything.

It was at The Hamilton that I was forced to give a cultured pearl necklace I had been given as a birthday present, to Middleton.  It wasn't a fake strand--they were real and it was truly a present for me, not for her.  It was a short length string of white cultured pearls given to me by James Cartright (who worked for the U.S. military).  They had me take it off and give it to Katie Middleton.

I had 3 sets of pearls stolen from me--a long strand in Russia, not sure the value; a short string from James Cartright; and one from another man in Paris, France (I think) and I had to give them to Robert Garrett jr. (I think it was) at a restaurant in Europe where I used to meet a man like my Dad or Edward Howard for a glass of wine.  The one from James was a Japanese brand that started with an M. 
The other thing this kid Rakeem did that reminded me of something Robert Garrett jr. used to do, is he held a box to the side of his head by an ear first and then clicked something and then his teeth were bleeding.  My teeth would sometimes bleed when I was electrocuted with the aluminum band that was around my head.  I think I said titanium but I was told it was aluminum and it looked like aluminum actually and I've seen titanium before.  My teeth did not always bleed from this though and then Robert Garrett Jr. started holding up a box next to one of my ears, like a small hand-hand box and I could hear it click, and then my teeth and gums would bleed all over and he would make fun of me saying "You should brush your teeth more" or "Why are your teeth bleeding?"  He held this box up to my head and did something with an object that caused instant bleeding in my brain and he was getting off of it, like a power trip, at the time, and was comparing it to a gun.  To holding a gun to my head.  He was constantly doing this for awhile, in our house in Moses Lake, and saying things like did that scare you and oh, I didn't mean to scare you--why are your teeth bleeding?  I know Rakeem knows he did this to me or he wouldn't have done it on the bus to himself so that I remembered.  A lot of Robert and Dicksies torturing control group or strategists are Jews who paid others off and I'm not comfortable, for obvious reasons, with the U.S. having kidnapped my son to be controlled by them.  Basically, he (Robert) acted like he hated me and was full of fury and rage against me and he was going around, doing these crazy things to me.  He's doing the same to my son Oliver and I don't trust Dicksie either because I know what she and her family did to me as well.  They'd punch me in the mouth just to have a tooth fall out.

When I was a kid talking to a reporter about crimes against me and CIA and military and human trafficking, I told him someone told me the groups or countries that went to the UN to petition for my release were Ireland and Israel, and I was told this and believed it and told the reporter, however, I think the guy may have been trying to tell me the reverse--who my enemies were and where they were coming from.  It is possible he was trying to tell me these were countries that were NOT on my side and were on Kate Middleton's side.  For one thing, I was being intimidated not to tell the truth about how horrific my torture was, to the UN, by U.S.-Jews who were beating me up.

Another woman who I saw right before Kate Middleton's magazine cover came out about being pregnant was Sheila.  She was behind me and stalking me again and did not have a good look on her face at all and then when I turned and she saw I looked at her she instantly changed her expression to sudden softness and nice-church-lady-who-looks-worried look where she was looking like almost a completely different person a few seconds before.  She and her husband have been huge Kate Middleton supporters and it was at their house I had to stay once.  It was all about Katie strategies.  Katie this and Katie that.

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