Sunday, March 2, 2014

Barbara Maiers (forced me to take poisons and throw up); and Camilla Parker-Bowles

I remembered today, while watching a video by a man with a British accent, and when I was around some poodles like hers, that Barbara Maiers used to do horrible things to me as a kid.

Later, when I was older and didn't instantly remember, she was nice to me.  But I had forgotten she used to force me to sit on her lap or near her, and forced me to ingest chemicals and then held a bowl in front of my face to throw up into so I wouldn't get it on her furniture or carpet and she called me "Honey".  Well, she was calling either me "Honey" or her dog honey, I wasn't sure.

The video I watched was one for a Clarins product and showed a dropper full going into a bowl and I am not sure why it triggered my memory but I was also around poodles lately and there may be a reason the English accent helps me remember this was done to me.  I am pretty sure there was a man with a British accent there sometimes when Barbara did this to me.

I am not kidding.  And no, I don't have any personal animosity towards her at all, I'm just saying this is the truth and it makes more sense now that Stephanie at least, also knew about plans to try to have me kill myself.

It also proves they were involved in trying to ruin my psychic abilities and my development and growth and it's possible they are involved in drugging or harming my son.

They get federal government contracts.  Much later, one day out of the blue, at a construction site (I think they work with Gary Goldsmith who was in construction, like Josh Gatov, Chris Rozollo, and some of the others including Alvaro Pardo), Barbara was trying to put me on display to look stupid and like I was dumber than I am.

This was done much later after she forced me to take chemicals and had me throwing up and YES, it was a British man there.  He made sure I was completely brain dead and sick from it and then he left.  It was more than one time though, but one time, the heaviest dose of something, was only done when an English citizen, from the UK, with a British accent, was watching the entire thing.  She called him "Jack".  There was a lawyer with him who did not have an accent and it was "Richard", I believe Richard Whittemore.  Jack Richard almost sounds like Jack Reacher doesn't it Tom?  Even if "Jack" and "Richard" were not the only ones and it was to cover for another name, the British man who showed up was friends with England's royals.  He was middle-aged at that time, from 35-60 maybe and a couple of younger ones were around in the background and the car.  Like Tom Parker Bowles.  This was when Barbara was forcing me to throw up into a bowl after taking a chemical poison from them.  Then later, her daughter Christina had the perfume "Poison" in her room, with some other ones, and one day, I almost never went to her room but someone asked me to find something, like Stephanie did or something and I went in and I looked for Christina to ask her if I could try the perfume and she wasn't around and I figured she would not mind because I did with Stephanie all the time.  So then I told them, "I tried your Poison" and they froze in their tracks.  They looked extremely scared--Stephanie, Barbara, and Christina.  I had wanted to let her know so she didn't think I was sneaking or something, and I was about to add, "I tried looking for you everywhere and I knew you wouldn't care but I wanted to tell you why I was in your room" .  I was going to add the rest and then I only got as far as "I tried your Poison" and they looked like they were thieves, criminals, and torturers who suddenly got confronted off-guard and didn't know whether to run or scream.  It was such a pronounced reaction and I didn't even think about how Barbara had poisoned me.  I was just commenting on the perfume.  They got spooked enough it was the last time I was at their house. I think they thought I knew or remembered and was trying to make a point about it while acting like that's not what I was doing.  They were petrified.  I threw up vomit and I also threw up blood at different times, all into a bowl there at their house in Moses Lake, WA.

Barbara knew him personally.  This was done to me before I again met Stephanie Maiers and didn't remember and they wanted me to be friends with her.

The U.S. was deliberately isolating me and forcing me to only be around people that were criminals for the U.S. government who were willing to torture me and then later lie about me in the future.  It meant I had zero friends, zero references, and no defense.

Also, I had something very serious done to my sternum near my collarbone during the surgery by Barak Obama's friends at the Maryland hospital with Alvaro attending.  When I woke up, it wasn't just my D&C that I felt pain from, my sternum hurt badly and I couldn't figure out why my sternum would be hurting at all.  Right away, it swelled up and when I left the hospital I had a protruding large knob, sticking out to the left.  I remember noticing Alvaro seeing it and looking and having this gulping, quiet, and guilty look about him, and I knew he saw what I saw and I know he saw something was different.  I had no kind of a knob or bone that was larger or stood out in my upper chest, near my sternum and collarbone until I was in that hospital.

They also not only did something to cause a huge bony protrusion to the left of my sternum, they had moved my cervix around so it was not the same.  They did something so that it was all the way off to the right. 

So basically, it's like the U.S. military did another disgusting theme of deliberately harming my body and then trying to make a sick symbolic "asymmetrical" or "symmetry" joke out of it, by forcing my cervix, which is round, to the left of my body and then going up to my sternum and doing something to torture me while I was under anaesthesia to create a round bony protrusion to the right, which was never there before.  I know my own body and I checked my cervix after my pregnancy and saw how my body looked and I knew they did something malicious to me, more than one thing, at that hospital.

I also noticed Kate Middleton has two bony round protrusions in her sternum but it's natural bone structure for her and shows up when she's thin.  What they did to me is not natural and was a deliberate manipulation and torture of my body.

It is also another reason they'd take full-body MRIs of me without my consent.

Kate had her wedding dress designed with two arrows in the lace next to the collarbone and sternum and one points out to the right and the other points out to the left.  It was done deliberately to me as another kind of hate crime against me and as some sort of token to Kate.  She knew all about it.  She is a full-blown criminal.  I know who almost all of her criminal supporters are.

And you notice, the U.S. police that took briefcases of money, are ignoring my reports even though I made them more than once, and it's documented by email and then they come back to me lying and saying they have no report in existence anywhere. 

They have been using the same dirty cops to take my reports that stole money from me when I was a kid and who took part in organizing rapes against me.

I know Robin Bechtold is involved in it. He not only worked for the Maiers, who were in construction and who knew Barak Obama and Alvaro, who took me to that hospital, they knew about what I'd said when I was a teen, and how I liked a perfume called Shalimar.  I remembered when I had told Robin this, that it was one of my favorite perfumes that I'd tried, he was acting bizarre about it and defensive like I couldn't like the perfume Shalimar and it was his job to twist the facts around.  I had liked it since I was younger and before I ever met him.  So when I met him and told him this, he was attempting to change the story and trying to convince me, "You like the black label of Shalimar".  I said "No I don't".  He got mad and I thought, why is he freaking out over what perfume I like or don't like?  And he said, "It's a black label" and I said "No, there was that one too and I didn't like it as much.  I liked the regular one and it was a clear bottle with a blue lid or something".  He acted extremely upset and said nothing and gritted his teeth.  He did a lot of things which were to try to make one thing look like another or to rearrange what my personal preferences were and that would only be if there were records or files or notes from someone that they wanted to change.

If you look at the box for Shalimar and the perfume design, it looks like a clavicle shape and there is a knob in the center.  If you look straight down on it, sort of like an arrow to the left and right with the bump in the center and the box has a line going from the middle of the box straight down and with a round circle on it.

For whatever NUTS reason, they tortured me and pushed my bone structure out of place and then Katie in her outward pointing arrow neckline, with the scallops as well, as a malicious hit and symbol off of the shape and design of Shalimar.  It's basically a plumline, I used to say, from the middle of the box to the center, is what I once said.  Looking at the cap now, it's a little different from the earlier design but it's still a sapphire blue clear round knob.  Not only that, if you went from the knob they deliberately created on my sternum to where they repositioned my cervix by surgical means, it is a diagonal line and then the line they slit on my neck is horizontal and if you traced them out it would make an upside down L.  Or actually, more like a check mark.  And the last thing Mike Tanzer said to me at a Mexican restaurant where they knew Alvaro, was "check please".   When I talked to Tanzer once I'd told him one of my favorite fragrances was Boucheron.  So Robin knew I liked Shalimar and Mike knew I liked Boucheron and both of them have round knob features, with Shalimar looking like a collarbone-clavicle with the knob, and the bottle for Boucheron looking like a cervix.

They are all 100% government hate crime criminals who used my body while I was unconscious.

And actually, if I take into consideration earlier marks made inside of my body with small dots made, it actually, if you drew a line, would be a X mark that was almost a V but slightly a cross.  So they made a diagonal sash-line with torture of me in Maryland, and before that, I had a straight line from inside of my mouth to my vagina from another form of torture and dots.  I have some kind of a bead shape under my tongue, which I've put a video on youtube about, and then inside of my vagina there is a hole that was made with a bump on the surface, so under my tongue in the lower part of my mouth and then inside of my vagina on the lower area. 

Robert Garrett Jr. used to place his penis on my chin, pointed at my chin, under my bottom lip, which was directly across from the bead under my tongue inside.

On the perfumes I liked, which are in bottles, one of them is a knob that sticks out (Shalimar) and the other is indented (Boucheron) and by the way, I didn't see George Bush jr. again until I told someone I liked Boucheron.  So basically, Robert was sticking his penis with the hole that's indented for peeing, on my chin, across from where it was known I had a small knob that protruded under my tongue.  Then the U.S. tortured me under anaesthesia and surgically re-arranged my cervix to be way off to the right (which is indented) and then did something horrendous to cause a bone development or round protrusion on my sternum which sticks out.  

The U.S. Pentagon is the group responsible for torturing me and my son.  It's the Department of Defense (DOD) and they don't have any excuse or defense--they're just sick in the head and torturing me because they hate me and have always hated me, even before I was born. They are not just accidentally torturing me, they're doing things sicker than anyone who was an actual Nazi scientist ever did.  They have not only been creating my suffering since I've been alive, they have been making games out of it with eachother, and inside jokes.  Then the same people who were trafficking me around and torturing me and sticking light bulbs inside of my rectum and exploding them, and others who raped me and electrocuted me, were trying to incite hate crimes from other innocent unknowing people.  They just wanted more people to be blackmailed into harming me and my son because they felt there was strength in numbers, so the more people they could convince I was terrible to, and give false documentation to, or deliberately provoke me or stage comments and actions to sound one way or another, the better they thought it was for them.  Then they sugar-coated their lies with cocaine and massive, massive amounts of money.  It is literally the reason why the U.S. is broke.  And if Ukraine is asked by Russia about their past due bills, I'm sure China could do the same to the U.S. or other countries, if they want to.

 It's CIA and DOD and FBI.  All of them.  They all colluded to torture me my entire life.  None of these groups is good in any way.  England has also been involved in this or they wouldn't have British coming over to supervise poisoning of me and other torture.

They also forced me to go from one state in the U.S. to another and to other countries, as they introduced me to people who they were giving money to, to tell them, this is what she looks like and don't ever defend her or speak up for her, and that's why we're giving you this money.  I was beat up "jumped" by hundreds of people in different groups, all across the United States and in other countries as well.

When it looks like Robert Garrett jr. is my "Dad" and then you wonder why the U.S. keeps torturing me in symbolic ways to match what he's already done, and when it's been focused, some of it on Katie Middleton and being about her (though not entirely), you know they've kept a lot of people fooled for a long time.

The mark or scar that is inside of my vagina on the lower part before you get to the cervix, is the same shape as one of Gary Goldsmith's "popped bubbles" on the tattoo on his arm which he has with CG next to it.

And who took me to a back road to "pop" my cherry?  One of the Robert Garrett Jr.s with Dicksie showing up with a bunch of women after.  How is that "national interest".

One time I was so sick with throwing up from chemicals, I was forced to stay in a bathroom next to a toilet to throw up into and then I was forced to clean it.  I was made to stay in the bathroom on the floor, a hard linoleum floor, for one week while I was throwing up and then one day I passed out.  I threw up and couldn't get up from the ground again and was told, "STAND UP" and get up even though I was forced to stay in the bathroom and I tried and passed out unconscious.

The person they brought in when I was like this was Katie Middleton and said I had fallen in front of her, like I'd 'bowed' to her or something, and they were saying she was better than I was because she wasn't "drunk" however, that's not what I was throwing up over for that many days.  I was a pre-teen and she was just a young kid at the time.  The bathroom was not a private bathroom, like in a home.  It was a commercial place and what I remember, is it was a police department.  The police came in now and then and made fun of me, and they brought Katie in to make fun of me.  They also had military show up.  It was all cops and military.  And then Katie Middleton and me.  I mean, how obvious is it they pitted her against me my entire life.

The other thing is I've said before, when I remember Barbara poisoning me, which is also something Dicksie was doing, with Diana showing up at one of my doctor appointments, and the other woman there besides Dicksie and Diana was Anne Crane, I forgot to mention.  Why would ANNE CRANE, who was later the visitation monitor who lied about me and my son to keep my son from me so the U.S. could torture him, there at that doctor's appointment regarding forcing me to drink chemicals to stunt my growth?

ANOTHER woman who I have remembered, and written about in the past, who poisoned me was Camilla.  Just after I write that I don't really remember Camilla actually torturing me in any way, though she made a mean comment to me, I remember oh yeah, it wasn't just getting punched around her or her relatives beating me up, she forced me to drink poison and throw up into a bowl.  Now Raine, she had me drink grape juice and then I was sick but it wasn't that time.  Camilla tortured me with her own hands and then made sure I was humiliated.  Which is another reason the U.S. would try to kill me for her, because I think she's been working for them.  What happened, was first she made the nasty comment to me in the hall of MI5, where I worked a short time, about how she was the big dog and I was just nothing compared to her. 

It was either right before or right after this, she had me at her own house, and forced me to sit with her and drink something like "iced tea" or something and there was something wrong with it.  I started shaking and throwing up and she was mocking me as I threw up, I think, blood into a bowl.  Then, just as I said, "I'm telling Charles Camilla" because she had done a few other things and I said, "That's the last straw", right after I said this, Charles of Wales came around the corner looking quiet and mad and mean and he had a couple of men with him who went over to me and beat me up in front of him.

I was stunned, floored, in total shock.  All this time Charles had done this or that for me and paid extreme amounts of attention to me, he went to Camilla and was standing around the corner to back her up over torturing me.  I think I'd already reported him to police about pedophilia or something but I still went in and out of remembering everything chronologically or in the exact moment of time.  I don't have personality disorder like multiple personalities.  What the U.S. did was repeatedly torture me so that it was so extreme to the point I constantly wanted to commit suicide and die as a baby, the only way I could continue to live was to isolate the torture moments and then reframe the next moment and pretend torture never happened, because otherwise, they were leaving me locked up, tied up, chained, or imprisoned and without food or water, or friends, so that the only people I was forced to depend upon were the exact same ones who were torturing me to the point of almost death.  They did this repeatedly and if I ever brought up the torture and introduced it in my conversation in the next "non-torture" moments, they would torture me worse, beat me, and drug me.  So the U.S. forced me to "cope" by training me to accept constant torture and then when it quit, to forget the torture and not have time to think about it and instead be fed, clothed, and cared for and go on 'bonding' trips, with the same people.  So even though I remembered things long-term, I didn't always exactly recall them in the timeframe I would want to, because of this.

Mostly what I knew of Charles was to be decent aside from the other things.  And he said he liked me, he loved me he said, and he married me secretly, seriously.  To then be at Camilla's house with her torturing me, was like his way of saying, "I have set up Camilla above you and I am behind her all the way."

All the way to George Bush Jr.'s house I'll say.

I thought, "I can't believe it".  I figured maybe he just did it once but she wasn't that important, however he worked with Diana too but not in the same room typically.  I never saw him jumping to her defense as she was electrocuting me, for example...he wasn't around.  They were together at other kinds of places, and then while he'd set me up to look bad one way, she'd be outside with my parents and not around me.  Then she'd set me up and I knew my parents were in the middle of it but they weren't present at the time. 

One of the other men who beat me when Charles was around the corner was, I think, her actual husband, so it was clear Camilla's husband Bowles knew about everything.  Another man was a Jewish lawyer. Another was Mike Middleton.

Mike Middleton once put a bunch of wire into my belly button in a secret operation of me.  They went in through the navel with a bunch of thin wire.  It's not that someone told me--I clearly remember this and always have.  I had a surgery done using my navel more than one time.  I remember that time and then another time I was in Moses Lake, WA and had stitches around my belly button under a bandage and I couldn't even remember why I had a bandage there and why there was something wrong with my belly button.  What was happening, was it was bleeding.  Someone didn't close it up correctly and it was constantly leaking and would tear or leak blood.  I had a scab there from it, often, and then finally they took me in to have it stitched up and then when it was healing I was told I could pull the stitches out or they'd dissolve or something and I pulled out something that was not a stitch at all and said, "Why was there a piece of thread inside of my belly button?"  They said, "I don't know what you're talking about" and I said, "IT WAS A BLUE THREAD INSIDE OF MY BELLY BUTTON."

Is there a special reason why Katie Middleton had a blue thread sewn into the underside of her wedding dress?  Tribute perhaps?  to the U.S. CIA and military?  You know her family is involved.

When I said this to my Mom, she sometimes acknowledged things I said as true like no big deal and then later she'd have a cover after someone "hob-nobbed" and decided how they were going to try to make a cover for the last criminal action they'd taken against me.  Other times, she would deny it as if I was just talking to myself or to no one in particular.  There was no way to miss it, and I had it in my hand and showed it to her.  It's wasn't very long, like not all wound up inside of my stomach,  but it was a blue thread.  It was not mixed up in a hardened scab or anything, I pulled it out from my actual belly button. All the stitches were clear-white in color.  They were not blue colored stitches.  Someone had literally put a blue piece of thread inside of my belly button.

And that's years after Mike Middleton inserted a bunch of wire into my belly button.  My belly button was constantly rupturing from it.  I also had a couple of men cut me with knives there in my belly button, taking quick stabs at me.  He is medically trained in some way.  I also was wide awake when they did it.  I don't remember them giving me any painkillers at all--they just wanted me to suffer.  I was so much younger then, it's hard to know if I had painkillers for sure or not, even if I was wide awake but I remember feeling the pain and hearing Mike say I didn't need any and then someone gave me some cocaine saying you can't do that, so they had cocaine around, powder form, and dipped a finger in it and had me suck their fingers with cocaine all over them.  I only remember one finger really so they didn't give me much cocaine either.

Another person who gave me cocaine this way but not present with the wiring of my belly button (not that I recall I should say, at this moment), was Queen Elizabeth II.  It looked like her and sounded like her and I thought it was her.  I was sitting on her lap and she showed me a Guerlain (I think) compact, and I thought maybe she didn't like me anymore because she was saying "Do you think I should give this to you?" and then she snapped it shut and said "NO."  She had me look in the mirror first, in the mirror of the compact.  Then she was trying to have me develop a taste for cocaine I think because she dipped her finger in cocaine and had me lick it and she had a dog of hers around and I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or the dog all the time.  She had a couple of men come in who ejaculated into a bowl and then I was forced to drink it.  That part, about being forced to drink it, was actually with Camilla Parker-Bowles, because I remembered thinking how could Charles allow me to be humiliated this way.  It is possible another memory is of two men coming in to do the same for Queen Elizabeth II.  I think one was Robert Garrett Jr. and the other was Mike Middleton but I am not 100% positive but I think so.

Another time that was surreal, and almost unbelievable which was denied from the start, from the moment the assassination attempt failed, was a "Jet Pack" assassination attempt.  It was not an accident.  It was an actual assassination attempt and one of the Dicksies was right next to me and involved at the time.  She and another woman there using the name "Jenny", calling each other "Jenny" when their names were not Jenny.  They had me experimenting or trying out an experiment from NASA and military that was a "jet pack" which you could strap onto your back like a back pack and it was fueled and would lift up and you could fly around with it.  I am not kidding--they had such a thing then and most people didn't know about it.   So at first, it was introduced to me as all "fun and games" and boy isn't NASA NICE.  What incredibly NICE people these NASA and Pentagon workers were, to let me have SO MUCH FUN.  I said so to them and thought this.  Robert Garrett Jr. had one, Dicksie had one, and I had one and we were having fun flying around together with this really cool gadgets.  I mean, this was beyond was almost any kid's dream.

You could zoom pretty fast with them too but they didn't have a super long battery.  I knew exactly how much time was on the battery or the fuel timer, and we were all instructed about this, about exactly how much time we had to avoid having a fatal accident.  Well one day I was with Dicksie (one of them) and another woman, and we went up in the air and NASA saw us off.  Then all of a sudden, Dicksie did something and I saw I was going to have a fatal accident, and I said, "I need you to help me! and they still had power and I kept screaming saying, "There's something wrong with it and I need you to hold onto me so I don't fall!!!"  Dicksie said to me, "Be Gone Nuts" from the air.  I was panicked, scared, and screaming and suddenly I was noticing they were staying as far away from me as possible, but watching me, and smirking.  My jet pack totally shut off and I was plummeting to the earth.  I was supposed to be dead.  The only reason I did NOT die, was because my clothes got caught on a tree branch and I was left there hanging by a tree branch.  I had no parachute.  I was literally somehow saved by a tree branch and my clothes snagging on it, and no parachute, and I was not even injured--no broken bones, even though I had some scratches and bruises.

I was tortured by NASA and the military because they knew I remembered what their parting words to me had been before I was up in the air.  They have tortured me ever since, because of their complicity in attempting to assassinate, murder me, as a kid in the U.S.  One of the Robert Garrett jr.s had a very mean look and said something like a last word and then "BYE".  He was standing there with others who also made comments and who hated me.

This happened before the rock-climbing assassination attempt. 

They were also calling me "Orion" around that time and comparing me to Katie Middleton, and talking about "The three Marys".  I was called "Onry" as in obnoxious, as a name at times, as a baby.  Then they were calling me "Orion" around the time of NASA trying to murder me.  Orion has a feature called "Barnard's Loop" and Katie's little doggie, which she received after my puppies were stolen from me, was named "Loupo".  It wasn't said a lot, more of a conversation about constellations one day and nicknames.  Diana was into constellations and so was Charles and my parents and I was surprised to find out they were.  The main ones I remembered were Big Dipper and Little Dipper and the Bear and sometimes the Twins.  NASA was calling me "Orion". 

When you think about it, Barnard is the name of a mouse from The Rescuers and the other movie with Mice is Cinderella, with one of them named Perla.
UPDATED: 3/3/14

After Mike Middleton inserted a bunch of wire into my belly button when I was flown back to the U.S., one of the Robert Garrett Jr.s pulled it out and when he did he was cursing someone and calling me horrible names and he hated me.  I was a very young child when that happened and I remember the shock of having this man who was watching me some of the time, my "Dad", do this to me.  He didn't pull it out slowly, he was tearing it out.  He was mad, vicious, and started saying some man or group "thought they could pull a fast one didn't they?"

He kept saying that, "You thought you could pull a fast one."   I didn't know what he was talking about because he wasn't even talking to me, he was talking out loud as if there was some enemy in the room he was speaking to directly or who he thought could hear him.  I also think he was talking for a camera because mostly they were videotaping what they did and then saving it for showing people who cared about me and who couldn't control what was happening to me.  So they'd falsely imprison someone and then bring out a bunch of terrifying videos showing real torture of a kid they cared about, and rub it in that they had no power to control them.

While Bob Garrett jr. was raging out loud over some other group "pulling a fast one" and was tearing this wire out of my stomach from the belly button, he was saying horrible things to me directly too, like I was a child of some other man, possibly this enemy he hated who thought was "pulling a fast one". 

While someone might assume Mike Middleton tried to pull a fast one, he and Robert worked together so it's more like Mike inserted the wire just to give Robert an excuse to torture me by tearing it out. 

When they had my belly button open for one of surgeries, they were implanting objects into my stomach.  Basically, after Robert tore out all of the wire, and I was awake and looking and could feel it (which is why my son is terrified of Bob Garrett and why I don't want my son to have Robert Guy in his name and tried to change it after he was born, which Bob freaked out about and then had my son taken away from me over), they then played a sick game and it was at a military clinic on a ship, possibly at the Navy base in Seattle or military base in Moses Lake.  It was a small office, but it was a medical military.  After they did this, and had my belly button open, they began inserting bizarre objects into my stomach, basically like the story "Mockingbird" where Scout puts a bunch of objects inside of a hole in a tree.  Hence, we have this great story by "Harper".  I remember some of the different objects they put inside of my stomach and guess what?

Katie Middleton, the criminal who works for the U.S., knows all about it too and has celebrated it.

The fact that she put a blue thread or lining on a part of her wedding dress, and then went to the U.S. to be present for the birth of a baby at Victoria Beckham's house, who they named "Harper", just 9 months after her engagement, is significant enough to show they were celebrating torture of me and how they felt now they had really risen to power.  Harper was the name of the baby because of what the U.S. and UK did to me by torturing me to put wire inside of my stomach and then tearing it out to in the U.S. at, I believe, Harborview medical (U.S. Navy where Michelle Erickson got a job) to then have several persons present to be handing over things to put inside of my stomach.  Chris Dabney was one of the persons there who hated my guts and was offering to have an object inserted into my stomach.  The other kid there was Kate Middleton and they called her Kate and said it was Middleton and the only other possibility is that they used Michelle Erickson, who looked like her, and was the same age, instead, to do this to me at Harborview.  If it was not Harborview it was in Seattle at the Naval station there.  It was them and a few adults and what Chris said he wanted them to insert into my stomach was a piece of a rat.  He really did have a dead rat.  I started screaming when I saw they were putting parts of a rat inside of my body.  They also used a piece of a cadaver, or of some persons hair and did some kind of graft into my stomach.  I also have a triangle shaped skin graft on my left leg on the side.  Dicksie said she wanted a bullet or magnet, some kind of thing, or a piece of a razor I think it was, and then Katie was going to put a pearl necklace in and they started putting it inside of the hole they had opened in my belly button and then tore it out and said "NO!" and then gave it back to her.  They tortured me when they did this, and they did videotape the entire thing because I remember this and how all of them were degrading me and calling me names while they tortured me.  They wanted to either have someone suffer watching it, or have it as one of their criminal keepsakes so they could look back on it together and laugh and feel triumphant.

I am positive Victoria Beckham was a gestational surrogate (carrier) for a kid for Kate Middleton.  I don't have proof, but that is what I believe and I've thought this from the beginning and known the idea name idea was coming from them and was to make fun of me.  It was a way to mark their "success" in torturing me and to be a constant reminder of how they are "winning".  Middleton would want to give a token nod to the U.S. by having a kid in the U.S. because she wants to thank them and feels indebted to them because without the U.S., she'd be working for a department store the rest of her life.  She would want a kid as a spy for her in places where people wouldn't expect, and she doesn't want to "put all" her "eggs in one basket".

The royals have been doing this ever since IVF was around.  Instead of having hidden "pretenders" or trying to cover up pregnancies or concealing who is who, or having wife "swaps", they just go to technology to implant their kids wherever they want.  IVF has been around since the 1960s.  Intelligence and elites used it long before it was a commercial "news" idea.  It was mostly announced by England and the U.S., who were primary countries who wanted to exploit the possibilities.  If other countries were ahead of them, they didn't share that news.

These people have all been torturing my son Oliver after they illegally kidnapped him.  No one in this country ever had any justified reason to kidnap my son from me or to torture us.  Katie Middleton and the rest of them are criminals and they sold England to the U.S. basically. 

Later, after this was done to my stomach, I had a later surgery because my belly button was constantly rupturing and bleeding. I kept saying, "It's bleeding again".  It would bleed just a little, form a scab, and then heal or I'd pick it off and then it was bleeding again.  It wouldn't heal because of what the UK did and the U.S. did. 

The U.S. tried to make me think the UK or Mike Middleton was "pulling a fast one" when that's not who they were talking about.  Mike Middleton was never on my side.  He was inserting the wire just so the U.S. could tear it out of me and give them more chances to torture me.  It's also possible they wanted someone to think Mike and Bob were enemies or didn't work together when they did.

Then a year ago, or more, before Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy attempts, I was taken out by Dicksie to buy a pair of shoes and then I was taken to a store where she got a bottle of "Torani" and told me to get a bottle.  It was all token nods to having Kate get pregnant with a public pregnancy.  I wonder how England really feels about the fact Kate and William did not even choose their own country as the place for a first kid to live in or be birthed. 

Also, one correction is that I am mistaken and confused something about Orion.  That is what Robin Bechtold later tried to tell me they called me, or someone else, but it wasn't that.  That was for someone else.  There was a discussion about it but I wasn't the one called that.  Another person standing there to see me off to my death in assassination, next to Bob Garrett and other NASA was my cousin Rory Baird, who also sodomized me with a stick at Kyle Flick's house in his basement.  I had thought, "What is Rory doing here at NASA?"  He was also looking snide and I am positive he believed I was going to die.  There were a couple of others.  I couldn't figure out why Rory hated me and why he was a secret enemy who wanted me to die.  I hadn't ever done anything bad to him, and he both sodomized me out of the blue, and then was standing there waiting for me to die from the Jet Pack assassination attempt.  I couldn't understand what motive he would even have.  The other family there, to see me off to my death, was Granny, and I think possibly Grandpa Baird.  Everyone else was FBI, cops, and military if not NASA.  They all now have control over my son Oliver, and the U.S. already knows they're criminals who tortured me and wanted to murder me and that is why the U.S. made sure they have Oliver.  Dicksie and the other woman I was jet-packing with that day, told me how much fuel I had.  I asked how much time on it because I had to know in order to estimate how long I was safely in the air.  She lied to me.  She told me a longer time than it was and that I had more fuel than I did.  Then when I could tell I was getting low and about to fall, I asked for help and she and the other woman intentionally knew I was going down and they backed away from me and made nasty comments and smirked at me.  It was full-blown assassination attempt. NO ONE expected me to get hung up in a tree and be unharmed.  No one ever thought I would be hung up by clothing so quickly and breaking my fall and unharmed against other branches which could have broken bones, poked an eye out, done any kind of damage.  The fall itself was sure to kill me.

They (Bob Garrett jr. and others) also tortured me when I was even younger, by putting a kind of hook into my belly button and then pulling on it, to torture me to force someone else under interrogation to talk or "confess". 

I was a completely innocent baby and toddler and little kid when the U.S. was doing all of these things to me.  I also think, possibly, it happened in the UK too because I remember someone who looked like Charles of Wales doing this to me when I had a hook in my belly button.

I not only had spinal taps, where the U.S. deliberately tortured me by punching holes into my spinal cord and withdrawing fluid for their experiments, they also had inserted a magnet that could be attached to a hook once, and it was used on me. 

This is separate from having hooks in my back for temporary "suspension" which the FBI was all excited about, with CIA and military, because I was coerced to do this when I didn't want to, when I was older, always with promises from the U.S. about how they'd give me money or a high positions and all the U.S. did was lie to me, which is why I believe NO ONE should offer to work for the U.S.

In addition to the spinal tap and hook in my back, and being forced to do suspension in Portland, Oregon as an older kid, in addition to this and in addition to a group making fun of me by torturing me with putting objects inside of my belly button and pulling cords in and out of my stomach, they also put a hook in my belly button when I was younger, and I was mocked, made fun of, and they were putting a cord from the hook to their hand and pulling on it when they wanted to have me cry and scream and get someone else to testify about something.

God curses and damns the U.S. and hates the U.S.   I cannot believe it is any other way.  Bob Garrett jr. put a hook in my belly button and then threaded a cord through it and held it at both ends so they could tug on it and torture me.  Then Charles of Wales used to pull on it when it was in my belly button and someone else would say, "Like a pig with a gold ring in its snout, so is a woman without discretion."

It was their way of torturing me to be quiet about their crimes against me.  They repeated this over and over and then one day they had Katie Middleton over, when I was there, and this was when she was a little older and they repeated the same thing to me except I didn't have a ring in my belly button they were pulling on, and instead they said this comment to the point I had tears in my eyes and mocked me in front of Katie and then told Katie to put a pearl necklace on me and then they told her to take it off and keep it.  It was maybe a necklace I was already wearing and then Diana forced me to take it off and give it to her but it was maybe one she gave and told Katie to give me and then she took it back.  Something like that.  It was supposedly to punish me for talking and not keeping quiet when crimes were committed against me.  The only reason Katie is there is because she is not just a criminal who is harming children, she keeps her mouth shut to keep her money and favours.  If you ask me, that's sort of like being a prostitute, isn't it?  The difference is, I was being tortured, and tried to defend myself.  She was not being tortured, she has tortured others, including kids, as an adult.

The other thing about Guerlain, for whatever reason, is Queen Elizabeth II said something to me about the mirror compact she had.  I liked it a lot as a kid, it was a shiny thing, so, like a crow or a blackbird, I was drawn to it as toddlers are wont to be.  It is another reason they later used the idea of putting objects inside of my stomach by the way.  So she snapped it shut and said "No" and then when I was much older, a pre-teen, I was tortured, severely tortured by ultrasound when I was in a room with Diana.  It was extreme and severe and my back hurt and I almost passed out and it was done to me for hours.  After this, Diana brought out a Guerlain lipstick and said, "Can you open this?"  She said she just wanted to "test something".  I said okay, and she gave it to me and I was so dizzy and sick feeling, even though I didn't show it or say so, I couldn't think of how to open it and was just a different kind of a format for a lipstick opener. 

They used this to say I was "dumber than Katie" or "not very smart".  In reality, it was either experimentation Diana participated in for a government group, or it was a way to make me look dumb when I was smarter than that, and torture was used to do.  When I couldn't think of how to open it right away, Diana took it back from me and shook her head and said, "No".  Or maybe she didn't say no, but she shook her head back and forth and then looked over someone, a man in the room.  As I remember, it was a Bob Garrett jr. and he was nodding, like vindicated, as if to say, "See she's not as smart as Katie."

They were blasting me with ultrasound all the time during that juncture of my life.  They'd tell me to remember the different meanings of duchess, and countess, and to keep it straight in a lesson and torture me the whole time so I couldn't remember or think straight.

Supposedly, it was all to boost their own confidence about Middleton.   ??? pretty crazy if you ask me.

The other thing about her plots and plans included celebrating my being raped, with her wedding dress design.  Not only did she have the blue thread sewn into the dress and then went to see a baby being named "Harper" after what was done to me, she was also giving a nod to Mossad and Jews worldwide. 

Before I go into that, I should mention, when it was "one hour" of my being tortured and having different people put objects into my stomach, into the opening they made in my belly button, it was after a big discussion about perfumes.  Diana tortured me after showing me a bottle of perfume she said had newly arrived and showed me, by Annick Goutal:  "Le Heure Exquise".  She called it "the exquisite hour" but I thought it said "heir", the exquisite heir.  She asked me what I thought and I told her and then she proceeded to torture me with ultrasound and electrocution for an entire hour.  Some women came in and held me down on a couch and before that, she was doing it privately to me--not the electrocution but she had an ultrasound device with her and watched me while I was in extreme and severe pain.

I loved perfumes.  I was really, really, seriously into fragrances even as a little girl.  I don't think anyone told me to be or encouraged it to start--I was that way.  I had a nose for things and it was something I truly enjoyed, that always lifted my spirits, just smelling a new and nice scent.  So all of a sudden, in the midst of torture, perfumes and fragrances were being used to sort of highlight or emphasize things.  And I was being profiled about everything, down to the scents I liked best, and the perfumes I tended towards.  When they profiled me, it was like serious profiling and I think it wasn't just royal work, but government.  They wanted to nail me to a tree to be exact.  Down to the scent.  So one day they brought out a variety of perfumes, even just at one of the houses or apartments or something of the royals.  It was a royal residence, and Diana and royals around.  Women, all of them except one man.  They brought out an assortment and I would say yes I like this and no I don't like that and why.  Then I was asked to choose my favorite one of them and when I chose, a woman came up to me fiercely as all of them froze and I thought, "What?  my choice of perfume is shocking?"  So one of them came up to me and said, "NO, you like THIS one, don't you?  THIS is the one you like" and she started coming after me with the Guerlain Angelique Noir and I said, "No, I said I liked this other one best."  They kept wanting to pin me down to Angelique Noir.  Not that it was bad at all, for a perfume but I kept thinking why are they pushing me when I told them already which one I liked? 

They didn't have a huge selection, but of the ones they had me try I said what I liked.  I liked one that was Givenchy.  It wasn't exactly on the shelves yet--had been a secret stowaway for some time.  Then I also liked the house one when I tried it, and it was just the Givenchy name and I told my parents and then I found out it was by two different Daniels and I said, "I don't know, they sound like Jewish names and I maybe don't know if I want a perfume by them".  So Robert Garrett jr. flipped out and the Jews flipped out against me.  How dare I say I didn't want a perfume if it was by Jews.  Well, part of the reason was because I had been TORTURED by Jews and one of their names was Daniel.  They flipped out so bad over it they said "she's out" and "Katie is in".  It was like that. Instantaneous universal judgment against me by Jews who were responsible for blowing horns into my ears as a baby and kidnapping me and molesting me.  I had no idea how sensitive they were about it, but I think some of them had a guilty conscience and already hoped I didn't remember what they were doing.  It was not very long after that that they raped me, and brought in "Daniel", two of them, to take part in the planning.  And the symbol for Givenchy by the man who started it, is < 4 G > and she had this design in her dress too, though I'm not always positive about total intention, I do know that I was made fun of over the perfume and they had her sitting with another woman once, on a sailboat, holding it with the older woman laughing at me and mocking me like Katie could have Givenchy and I was only allowed "the night angel" or "Black Angel"...whatever.  They deliberately took me to see her in a sailboat like this, to rub it in after I was being mocked.  It was seriously out of hand.  The level of harassment, in addition to torture, was unbelievable.

From the one hour with Diana in torture after showing me a perfume, they then colluded to have an "hour" set aside for 'exquisite torture' as they called it, at a Navy hospital, where they went in and inserted sick objects into my stomach through a hole.  Chris Dabney, who later, in D.C., called me a "hole" was there and it was he who held up the rat to "stick inside of her". 

Diana did not hold it but she was right there next to him and looking exquisitely happy to see my look of terror.  She was saying, "Christopher, are you going to do it?"   They were not pretending to put things inside of my body.  It was happening.  I could see with my own eyes, I was awake, and I was strapped down with restraints to a medical table that was slightly raised so I could see it.  They had my legs strapped down and my arms strapped to the sides in restraints.  This "hour of exquisite torture" took place in the U.S., not in England, but they were there in person for it.  No lie.  I am not kidding.  I was already pretty used to torture and being chained up and cut and beat and all kinds of things and when they held up this rat to put inside of me and started doing this, I screamed so badly and passed out unconscious because of how traumatized I was.  I didn't pass out quickly like most people would.  The only times I passed out that I remember, from shock were when I saw 3 Dicksies all standing together at once and thought I'd maybe lost my mind, and they all held up knives, and then when Christopher and Diana were there with the rat, after, you know, my own parents were sticking things inside of me, at this military hospital that was making it a private show for them.  Part of the reason I was so scared was not just because of what they were already doing, but because they'd used rats in torture of me in the past.

This "hour" of torture was repeated twice but was called an "hour".  And then after that, the U.S. plotted "8 hours" of torture by U.S. officials and some UK persons, but mostly U.S., to gang rape and sodomize me in Coquille, Oregon.  They were told "You have 8 hours" and they set aside the time like it was a national holiday to them.  The description of this one perfume that I liked, which was not the first one but the other one I found, Givenchy, on one site, was described as "woody" so then I was being sodomized with wood sticks and "woody" was the name of a character in Toy Story which was based off of some things I told CIA about my toys, my dolls, being stolen from me.  I think it was also some kind of insinuation about when I'd noticed William of Wales, as a baby, had an erection during a diaper change and I had said, "Look, he must be happy" or something like that and then Diana and my parents were setting me up to sound, through planned programming of me and sound bites, like I had tried to put a wood stick inside of William's rectum when he was a baby.  I never did such a thing and I never would have done such a thing and didn't even think about it--I had no idea how it sounded until later because such an idea would never cross my mind.  They set me up in order to "justify" raping me and inciting hate crimes against me.

When the U.S. had my son Oliver "adopted" away from me, they had him wear a shirt with Woody on it.

This U.S. that kidnapped my son from me and is torturing him, was sticking rats and parts of cadavers and foreign objects, into my body, in addition to torturing me and using me as a human mule since I was a baby.  In this surgery where they moved my cervix further over, I have to say, it was already out of place because of torture, to some degree and because of the U.S. using me to transport communication materials back and forth between their spies.

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