Tuesday, March 4, 2014

U.S. Rape and Drugging; Torture (and Middleton's "Adoption" Plan)

The U.S. military broke into my house again.  I had to secure my house the last three nights because before that, someone was breaking in, in the middle of the night and drugging me 2 nights in a row.  I was sodomized in some way because there was an obvious sign of it, even if I wasn't bleeding.  It was from something else maybe.

I know I'm being chloroformed and I also know they've been using chemicals in my house because everything in my entire house was starting to turn yellow from a chemical stain.  I have a plastic clock with white plastic around the frame and it's turned almost yellow, and is dark cream at the bottom and then is a little less color of yellow at the sides and the top of it is the whitest part.  So to me this indicates they are blowing in fumes and chemicals from below and the chemicals are rising and this is why my clock is discoloring this way.  I know hard plastic can turn yellow from heat or sun, but I keep all the blinds drawn and it's changed color over the last 6 months.  There is also no heat source where it is, like from an oven or heater.  Some of the discoloration  , a large part of it, I would say is from the last 3 months but beginning about 6 months ago.  6 months ago is about the time I had my house broken into the day after my birthday and was cut on the rear end with a razor and I didn't remember or know.  They had some guy who looked like the man I had to stay with in Wenatchee, who is military and Canadian, drive past me laughing just a day or two before they did this to me, which is something he did.  Also, he made a point to take me to a church on the day a Jewish man was preaching--a Jewish man from a synagogue as  a guest speaker, and he made fun of me and then I had to meet a bunch of military who all wanted to see the "victim".

In addition to seeing Carol Middleton at CIA offices, and with Mossad, I never saw her at MI5 or any intelligence agency for England.  Not that I recall.  I do know she is intimately connected to the U.S. Pentagon.  Think about it.  Why else would the U.S. Pentagon and DOD have used Middletons for all of their spy contact?   It's not like MI5 has a big interest in sending maps to the Pentagon, or military strategies.  And HOW interesting the U.S. Army was right there next to them in Jordan.  It was like their air traffic hat and uniform and stewardess uniform for airlines was some kind of trade-off for Navy uniforms.  And then why else would someone like Michelle Erickson know who they are and why would her mother know them when Michelle was a little girl?  Well, her entire family is U.S. Navy.  I had a "family photo" taken with them once, or people who looked just like them, and I had to wear a Navy uniform for a little girl.  Why would I have a family photo with them, in uniform, as if I was part of their family, when I wasn't?  They babysat me, but maybe the other people weren't them.  What I remember is it was them.  I also remember they were talking about "adopting" me.  Seriously.  They made a whole discussion over it, and this is while they tortured me and then they said no, they changed their minds, and then sent me to Bob and Dicksie, with mutual plans I'd be tortured excessively to show me how it felt to "not be adopted".  They went through a whole huge thing about adopting me, and then really, it wasn't like they honestly chose not to--they were deliberately trying to get my hopes up as if they were nice people and then crashing down on me.  They did this to me before anyone else I remember did.  However, it was like torturing me and then trying to attach a false bond, because I remembered being tortured.  It is almost like Bob and Dicksie did worse.  Bob even wrested me from Mike one time, saying he wasn't doing the "job" right and he was the only one they could trust to torture me.  So one of the Robert Garrett jr.s made sure to make his point to the U.S. that he was "the controller" who was going to torture me to almost death, and some Dicksie went right along with it.  It was almost like  Bob was more furious over Katie and everything, or hated me, more than a lot of people.  He acted, and Dicksie acted (in a more hidden way), horrific to me, and how do you get that kind of venom without having a personal stake and interest in the person?  There is no way they are not related to her or that it's not a religious base.  As for me with th Middletons, I stayed at Althorp a long time as well, but I never thought I was their daughter.  I knew I was there and he asked me to call him Dad, but I knew I wasn't related. With Middletons, I really thought I was their daughter for a short time.  Which makes no sense because they were harming me.  I thought I had a Navy family, and whatever their uniforms were, I thought they were Navy.

The only reason I wouldn't remember someone coming into my house recently would be chemical exposure.  I know the guinea pigs were all acting abnormal the next day, the day after the night I was tortured and drugged.  They are usually active and they slept almost all day.

There have been some times they've acted like this.  One day I woke up and they weren't acting normal and I had blue lint like from a clothes dryer all over my hair.  I brushed my hair out and it was a grey and blue lint covering my brush and that's when I was, of course, washing my hair.  The only way I'd have pale blue lint like from denim jeans in the lint trap, after I woke up, is if someone came into my house.  No one would do that unless they just wanted to degrade me by humiliating me and then laughing about how I didn't know who did it, to the entire town here.  They all know.  I'm sure they know who is doing this too.

In addition to the U.S. using chemicals in my house, which also were beginning to stain my floors yellow, with a yellow grime all over they have repeatedly, with emphasis, been targeting me with torture to cause cramping and pain in my lower stomach.  There have been over 5 incidences.  They are going WAY out of their way to maliciously attack me to make sure they kill off any pregnancy.  They targeted me while I was outside today and I got in and looked at my lower back and I had a bright red mark from a laser on my lower back, where I had felt it go through to my lower stomach and cause cramping and pain. They targeted me at Safeway again and ultrasounded the heck out of me and did the same thing along with something to my ear, and the same people around for that kind of torture against me last time were the ones who were there showing up on schedule again. 

I also know someone drugged me with medications in addition to chemically fumigating my house because the hair on my body quit growing again, and I slept and was tired all the time and had the horrible rash on my body and wasn't "with it".  This country is STILL drugging me.  Every single time my energy level goes up and I feel like normal, and my thoughts clear up, they panick and drug me to be sedentary.

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