Thursday, February 27, 2014

Robert Garrett Jr. (Dicksie?) Is a Spy For Katie Middleton or She Spies For CIA

Robert is a spy for Middleton.  That's supposedly my "Dad", "Bob", and he's not my Dad.  He raped me and let me know it was over her and did many other things to me with name mentioned.

He is still actively spying for her.

One of the Dicksies, several months ago, was not upset and was actually relieved I was thinking of having a baby and doing an IVF that month, which was about 3 months ago.  That's what she said but who knows.  Then all of a sudden Katie decided to get pregnant.

I just found out she's supposedly pregnant, and God curse her and the child, when I was forced downtown to get a computer when I didn't want to, just so Robert Garrett, Middleton, and the U.S. could show off about their "predictions" and how torture works to fulfill predictions.

I had to get a laptop and walked it over and then went to a pregnancy place where Robert Garrett Jr. dropped off a briefcase-full of money for Katie Middleton and told the women it was for her.  It is the pregnancy center in Coos Bay, and you walk in the saying they have on their wall is "Everyday is a Miracle" or something like that.  Well, when I was a pre-teen, while he was sexually assaulting me for Mossad and U.S. Jews, and Middleton, and inciting others to rape me, he was walking me around taking me to points to show off and have people notice so later they would remember how important he was and how he was significant for being able to torture me.

He was spying for MI5, because he was in their offices when I was.  Mike Middleton flipped out and got mad once and then he and Robert assaulted me in an MI5 office together.  Then I think both of them may be actually more connected to Mossad because they are all Jewish and support nationalistic Israeli and Jewish causes.  They used Mossad to encourage others, of other religions, to assault me.

On the day I'm speaking of, in Coos Bay, he walked me over to the pregnancy center in Coos Bay, carrying a briefcase full of money in one hand and handed it to them, saying it was for Katie Middleton and was Carol there or someone, to pick it up?  They took it and then took me to their back offices and degraded me and forced me to kneel down in their offices, "to Katie", which they had represented in some way, with a photo or sign or something.

This was before the assassination attempt of me by almost all Jewish-American CIA and military.  Then after giving them the briefcase, he forced me to walk all the way down an alley with him to Bi-Mart and said to pick out some candy and then he did and that was it.  He made some kind of conversation with someone there, to walk everything, and then that was it.

So today I got the laptop because I was forced to when the U.S. shut down my computer, and then I walked to the pregnancy center to see if they had pregnancy tests for take-home and also because I remembered them.  Then I walked to the Bi-Mart and saw the magazine with "It's a Girl" on it about Katie Middleton being pregnant.

I have several ways for proving Robert Garrett Jr. is a spy for Katie Middleton and is still actively spying for her and advising her.

Given what horrific things have been done to me, and then the fact the U.S. targeted me to abort any pregnancy I had recently with an IVF, I know Robert Garrett Jr. is still working with Barak Obama and Middleton.  Robert Garrett has always been connected to Presidents of the U.S.  I met all of them through my "parents".

When I say he worked for MI5, I should say, I wouldn't assume he is a spy for Kate Middleton when it is possible the reverse is true, that she spies for the U.S. CIA.  This is highly likely and actually more likely than the reverse, simply because of the amount of U.S. employee interest in her, from FBI to cops and military to CIA.  So it's actually possible that even if I worked for MI5 for a short time as a kid, it was through another man and that actually Katie has been a CIA recruit from the start.  Which would also explain why she's getting tips from Bob and Dicksie.

I can add one thing that I remember when I was a young kid, about the time Dicksie was having me take chemicals to stunt my growth.  Diana Spencer showed up in the doctor appointment where he wanted me to sign to give them permission to make a report about it.  It was Diana Spencer and DIcksie Garrett, and a doctor, and me.  Diana stood by and listened to everything and I didn't know why she was even there.  I am 100% positive it was her.  The doctor then said to me, as I was signing something about chemicals stunting my growth--"This is your MOTHER?" and Dicksie looked grim faced and silently mad he was trying to say, from his tone, he couldn't believe she was my mother for me to be taking these chemicals.  Diana was right there.  Diana was either sincere or had wide eyes as part of an act, because she was shaking her head to me "No" as in, don't sign. She looked horrified, however most of them acted a lot.

They were all liars and spies.

So this is one thing that makes me think about Dicksie, and it's that one time, when I was a kid and thinking it was Bob all the time who was favoring Kate Middleton, one day he nodded to the side, to the kitchen when a Dicksie was and out of sight from me and he nodded over at her as if Katie had to do with HER and THEN he said, "Katie is really a cute little girl.  I'm sort of enjoying going over there" ..but the thing is, he had this weird look on his face this one time when he said it, like guilty and like vulnerable (maybe an act) or oppressed and he was indicating to me it was DICKSIE who had something to do with her, like he was complimenting Dicksie about Katie so DICKSIE wouldn't get mad.

I thought, "Either he's tipping me off to Dicksie because he knows something, or he's trying to throw me off-track."  His expression looked upset at the time and it was around the time I was having to throw up all the time.

It is also possible Dicksie told Katie to get pregnant to beat me to it for some reason because I told her I was going to do it, or thinking about it, in October, before my birthday.  According to what the news is, if she's over 3 months pregnant, she decided to start trying to conceive at that time or before that time and then had FBI go to my house and break in, and slice my rear-end with a razor the day after my birthday, which is when she would have already known she was pregnant.  She knew she was pregnant by the time of the christening of this other kid she's attributing to herself.

I also know, before that, Bob was saying things to me that were going straight to Katie Middleton and I knew he was saying these things out loud for her to hear.  So somehow, through a microchip in me that goes to the U.S. CIA (where else would it go, because at this point, it's not going to be a UK microchip when I've been operated on so many times in the U.S.).  One of the the things he said out loud around me, which I knew was for her, was "You'd better go ahead and try for another one NOW".  He said this out loud to me when I was looking at IVF options and thinking about doing it myself, so then for Bob to say "You'd better get another in NOW" and "You'd better try for another one NOW" sounded like an attempt by him to tell Kate Middleton to stack the conception attempts back to back to "beat Cameo to it".  WHAT is the big deal?  He obviously thinks there is a big deal if he cares about her having children in a line-up before I have any kids.  Bob was NOT telling ME to try to have another kid, it was an intuitive thing I knew he was communicating to someone besides me, but he'd only say it around me if he thought the message was going to someone who works with Katie Middleton.

So like I said, I would think it's possibly he is a spy for her, but then on the other hand, if I have implants and microchips in my body (and I do), as long as I've been in the U.S., and with as many MRIs, CT scans, and x-rays of my entire body, along with multiple surgeries in the U.S. and being under anaesthesia, I know these comments are most likely going to a U.S. intelligence group, and probably NOT a UK group.

For Katie to be receiving these messages, means it's a U.S. intelligence agency and she wouldn't be getting tips about when to try to conceive and advice about it "Do it now", and start trying again now, unless she was CIA.  The U.S. would not care about sending her communications about when to conceive if she worked for the UK.  They'd care about what she did, and share info, but they wouldn't be cluing her in to every single detail and trying to give her micromanagement advice about having children and when to try.

I also know that right before the U.S. started torturing me heavily to my stomach when I did an IVF recently, it was after Dicksie sent me an email (Kate Middleton was getting my emails and having them intercepted and was looking them up in real-time)saying something like I think this one is going to be a problem for me or some kind of msg around that idea, and if Katie was reading my email, she would take that as a tip that I was possibly pregnant and it might be a problem for her so, therefore, action could be taken to target me to get rid of any possible pregnancy.

Right after Dicksie sent this email, William made a public announcement to "Destroy all the ivory" and then the U.S. CIA and Military were targeting me for torture.

There is much more than these few comments that have ended up going to Kate Middleton.  It's just a couple of comments I've mentioned.

I can't say all of them (Bobs and Dicksies) are involved because the are sets of at least twins, both (2 Dicksies at least and 2 Bobs at least).  However, I know it's been impossible for her to get to where she is without them.

She has been 100% dependent on Bob and Dicksie for her success.  Her parents weren't making the money to send her to private schools or start a business or anything, Bob and Dicksie were giving her all kinds of FBI money.

It is highly insulting and morally wrong to have Mossad and the CIA supporting and funding her and then giving her advice about how to hurry and have kids ahead of me, when this country has targeted me to abort and murder my babies and then kidnapped my son.  To be rewarding her in any way, after what has been done to me, by using her name and saying it's for her, is wrong.

I also know she's a major drug dealer.  Maybe not now, but she was.  It's why the FBI told me to "kneel" to her when I refused to work for drug dealing for them, because they were trying to make me look low-level and dirty and then instead, they were promoting Kate Middleton.

I will give more examples about specific comments made to me, which I believe were transmitted to Katie through a U.S. intelligence agency, soon enough.  I've been targeted with a massive headache all day and all yesterday.

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