Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oliver Endangered With Criminals Holly and Pablo Avila

Holly and Pablo Avila are criminals.  The United States knowingly kidnapped my son Oliver from me and placed him with people their own agents already knew were criminals and who the military already knew was involved in pedophilia.  The only person, out of officials I met or "re-met", whether or not I knew who they were at first or remembered prior contact, who tried to keep my son Oliver AWAY from the Avilas was a Canadian man.

I disputed it at the time, because I was not thinking about the past and being traumatized in the jail, I was only thinking of my son and resorting back to forced "bonds" with family that are not healthy or normal.  I did not remember any of the things the Avilas had done in the past, and aside from them being openly hostile and hateful to me, and refusing to even visit my son when I invited them, I did not have any of Pablo's crimes of murder and abuse come to mind and I did not have any of Holly's crimes of murder and abuse come to mind.  They are murderers, child abusers, child traffickers for pedophiles, work for a drug organization and are blackmailed by the CIA and military and local cops.  They have ZERO power to make any good decisions for my son's life because of this.

Holly and Pablo already knew Alvaro Pardo before I was set up to be around him again in D.C.  I know they know him because he was seen by me at their orchard in the past, at my Grandparent's house where he assaulted me, and I also saw him out in the woods with a gang of Judges, lawyers, and Raul Bujanda when I was hiding inside of the carcass of a moose to spy on them and find out what they were doing.  When they began assaulting one of the Dicksies, I didn't want to be hidden anymore and ran out to try to attack them, and I did attack them, to the best of my ability.

Obviously, innocent children are no match for the corrupt FBI.

The reason I kept saying I wanted him to go to relatives was because I was too afraid to imagine where else he would be and what kind of strangers they would be.  I think people like Barak Obama would love to try to have my son removed and let his daughter "Sasha" "pick the next house".  He's over-eager to see my son in worse circumstances, however, nothing is wrong than Wenatchee.

Or England royals actually, or the U.S. military and CIA corrupts.  I think from now on, instead of calling anyone new for them a 'recruit' people should call them a 'corrupt'.  "Are you the new corrupt?"

Out of all of the individuals who are corrupt and who knew that putting my son with Avilas would be endangering his life and safety, the only one who objected was Ross, with Canada immigration. I don't like him, and I think he's a criminal, and I think he's the one who was in the helicopter with Valerie Plame and others when they tried to murder me rock-climbing.  I also know he obstructed my petition for political asylum for me and my son and put me under a false arrest to force me out, which is basically kidnapping.  I didn't like his idea of having my son go to someone else because I thought maybe he just wants Oliver raised in some family I would never want him raised in, or to make it even harder for me to have my son returned to me.  I did not expect it would be as hard with relatives, but I wasn't thinking about how they work for the corrupt government and are blackmailed.

Then, as time went on, I was even more shocked to see that while my son was being abused, obviously, their daughters were making fun of me and encouraging my son to laugh at me and make fun of me, which is exactly what Pablo Avila did to Edward Howard.  It was not even just Edward Howard.  I don't know what his problem was, but he did it around one of the Robert Garrett jr.s too and Robert Garrett looked freaked out.  At that time, he was attempting to split from my Mom.  I don't know why but I remember they were somewhat separated and he wanted to take me and went to a court or some person in an office about it.  They basically told him too bad and the Bairds could blacklist him and blackmail him.  So he was told he had no choice but to leave me with the Bairds and/or stay married.  It was something like that.  I went along.  One of them was trying to get me out of there because of the torture and corruption.  So when they were threatened, it was Valentine once in a truck and then Pablo, a few times, bragging in his face and then I was taken to some Mexican group that assaulted me and beat me with sticks.

If my son Oliver was returned to me, I can guarantee he would never be allowed around family member unless I was physically present and because they didn't like that idea when I invited them, it would probably be a rare occasion.  However, no one can be expected to provide for Oliver or to protect him like I would.  What I am able to do, is keep him away from the Avilas and others like them.

That is saying a lot, actually.  For one thing, it is obvious that the Avilas remembered making fun of Edward Howard as Pablo drove past him, smirking, on the way to have me assaulted, with Edward walking down the sidewalk and then seeing me and looking panicked.  Why was he panicked?  Because Edward Howard worked for the CIA and he knew other people as well, and he knew Pablo Avila is a murderer and a child abuser.  Seeing me in his truck was no "comfort".  Valentine is also an abuser, like the rest of them, but Pablo is actually even more violent than Valentine is.   He kills people for the U.S. and that's his "side job" next to being an orchard worker.  He uses a long rifle for killing, not a gun.  Basically, a hunting rifle, but he hunts men, and deer are secondary to human hunting.  I was taken out with him as a kid to go "hunting" and it wasn't deer they were killing, though once someone shot a deer too, the last time I went with them, to try to have me only remember the deer and deer cleaning and not the human killing.  So basically, he's a hitman.  He's a very good shot too, anyone will tell you.  If they want a sniper, they got Pablo.  I've seen him with a rifle and a sniper-rifle. 

He is in no position to raise my son with Holly.  When he's killed people like that, even if he wasn't a pedophile himself, or his wife didn't physically abuse Oliver, he has a few people who know what he's done who work for the government and can easily hold it over his head to force him to let them do whatever they want with my son Oliver.  These people who get blackmailed have as much power as  little babies.  They're not in control of their own lifes, or anyone else's life, and who they protect anymore is contingent on who their "boss" is.  If the CIA says, "We need to use Oliver today" or "We want him to be babysat by XXXXX", even if Pablo didn't want to send Oliver off to be hypnotized and sodomized, or even if he knows the Russian babysitter is telling the Mexican one to keep him strapped into his car seat all day long, he can't say, "No, I can't do that."

He has zero authority over Oliver and Holly has no authority because they are blackmailed.  They enjoy some of what they do or they wouldn't have made fun of me when I was leaving a CPS building, the same way Pablo made fun of me in front of Edward Howard when he was trying to visit me.  However, some of it ends up getting out of control because if they don't follow orders, they get threats like this:  "I can put you in prison instead if you want" or "How would you like one of your daughters to be raped instead?"

Sniper-man has no say.

This is exactly what the U.S. wanted.  They kidnapped my son so I couldn't raise him because they wanted to molest him and torture him the way they did to me, and what better family to control and keep in their clutches, and Oliver easily accessible than the Avilas?  Anyone in the Baird family would have been fine for their purposes because they control all of them.

I am the only one who doesn't work for the shits.  I am the only one who is not blackmailed.  There is NO ONE in my family, that has not been blackmailed except for me.

Does Pablo Avila work for the government?  Yes.  He has a job as an orchardist for a regular job and he also works for the U.S. government.  They were having me go around to watch him for a period of time once and I saw some of what they did. 

He is also a pedophile and I know this because he did that to me.  He committed pedophilia with me in Holly's house, with Holly present, knowing, and watching on occasion.  She washed his dirty sheets for him just like one of the Dicksies washed dirty sheets for one of the Robert Garrett jrs.  Pablo's sheets were being washed first.  They were also inviting his co-workers to sexually assault me in Holly's room, and washing the sheets for them as well.

They sexually humiliated me after they took me out "hunting" and told me not to tell anyone.  Raul was one of the individuals invited to humiliate me, and Alvaro showed up to humiliate me, and Rick Baken showed up to humiliate unless it was his Dad because it was definitely a Baken.  I think it was his Dad actually unless one time it was also maybe Rick.  I met his Dad "hunting".  What group is that?  FBI.  Frosty the Fucking Snowman.  I remember Baken because of the frost in his eyebrows.  They were multi-colored.  I called him Frosty.

Some of the guys had nicknames.  One day Frosty asked me what nickname I'd want if I were a mobster.  We came up with ideas and all of us joked about it.  It was a fun idea and I picked some names for some of the guys but I don't know if I gave him one for myself.  I couldn't decide on one and that was with Raul Bujanda present with Frosty.  They're friends.  They were friends back then at least.  I think it was Frosty who was trying to get other FBI involved to threaten me and say I would "never be a doctor" and to harm me and Raul was already FBI then.  A Robert Garrett jr. also knew him.  I think one of the nicknames they said they were giving me was "Smiley".  I said I wasn't sure about it because one of the guys said, "I'm going to call you Smiley" and I didn't like it.  It wasn't what I picked for myself.  It was a U.S. Army man who said this, who was also a cop of some kind. 

They told Edward Howard to get out of town and tried to tell him they'd put me in jail if he didn't leave.  Then Pablo drove past him smirking.

I know some Canadians at that time had been coming across the border to torture me.  They started regularly coming over from Canada and screamed at me, called me "slut" repeatedly, forced me on my knees for "the Queen", forced me to give them blow-jobs, whacked me with sticks, had their dogs go after me, drugged me with heroin and massive drugs with needles, and were working with U.S. to ultra-sound me and use other forms of energy torture against me.   That was the end of the story for those Canadians. 

Let's remember of course, how the CIA and FBI and Canada were trying to kill me with a "Be Happy" note in my shirt when one of them had given me the nickname "Smiley".

So the others who were sexually assaulting me were FBI, cops, military and CIA.   They asked me to be a hitman for them.

Came right out, and asked.  First the CIA and military asked.  Then when I said no, they brought in the FBI to "take care of things".  They were saying they wanted to send me to a sniper school and could pay for everything and all of my training and that was if I agreed I would work for them as a hitman.  They promised me all kinds of things and I said I didn't want to.  They even had me shadow an actual sniper who wasn't my Uncle one day, but it wasn't the school or whatever.  They also took me to a military camp of some kind.  I never told them yes and instead, when I said no, they got paranoid.

Basically, the CIA and military don't take "no" for an answer.  If you say "no" that's an invitation to be raped or to killed.  It's basically like hearing about the mafia where once you're in you can't get out alive (typically).  That is how the CIA and military are.  They wanted me in, and I didn't want to be part of it, so the next person I was meeting was the FBI's "Baken".

Then to humiliate me, Frosty and the other guys took turns ejaculating all over my back in a bedroom at Holly and Pablo's house.  They wanted to ejaculate on me in a guest room they had and one of them said they also wanted to ejaculate on me with me on top of Holly's bed too.

Frosty the Snowman aka Agent Baken.

They had several men ejaculate all over me.  Local cops from Wenatchee, from Leavenworth, State police, city officials, lawyers, and military.

They had Joe Wilson and Alvaro Pardo and some others out there asking me about being a sniper and working with the CIA or Army.  They told me how long the training would take, salary expectations, and everything.  This was totally different from when I was in London or when I was actually at the CIA as a 'covert operative'.  This was when I was a little younger, but close to the same time.  Even if Valerie wasn't married to Joe Wilson, I still met him in connection with the CIA and Army so he's not just a diplomat.  The others were, at some point or another, James Cartright, and Tony Block (who lied about me with Michelle Erickson and filed a harassment complaint against me with Nakata when all of them worked for the same criminal group), and Gary Erickson, Michelle's Uncle unless it was her Dad--one of the Ericksons that also showed up at Granny and Grandpa's house all the time was also a rifleman.  Joe Sellen was somehow connected but I don't know how and I am not sure how they were mixing up the Joes.

The "bad frost" I heard commented about later always made me think of "Frosty", Frosty the Snowman aka Baken. I thought of him because he sexually assaulted me and pushed my face around and gripped me and held a gun to my head and said don't you ever talk about any of this.  BAD frosty.  He was a rapist FBI agent holding another gun to my head that was loaded.

My son Oliver is safe?

Right.  Fatty took care of it.
I don't remember all the names but there was a "Clown" and a "Yogi Bear" and then Raul didn't like the names I was making up because they didn't sound "tough enough".  He didn't like the name I gave him at all.  It was something like "Smurf".  That wasn't it, but something like it. 

Basically, they did not just kill people and are not just exposing my son Oliver to people who murder others or who want kids to die young; they also mock the real parents with no respect for parental rights and kidnap kids to be CIA-military soldiers backed by a Frosty FBI.  My son was kidnapped.  They also tortured me with Avilas, using boxes that conducted energy and electrical shock and caged me inside their house.  They had Holly  electrocuting me with infrared and laser technology of some kind for a very long time and she used to start smirking while she did it.  She taped my mouth with silver duct tape and then would rip it off as a form of torture too, saying she was getting rid of my moustache.  I had a fake one I wore in England.  Holly is like a whacked-out serial criminal.  She's always obsessively cleaning and at the same time, she is unexpectedly vicious and you wouldn't ever see it coming.  She used to pull out drawers for me to run into and would move a chair so I'd trip.  She also hit me with a broom, beating me with it.  I was forced to stay out in their 'barn' once, with a bunch of animals in the cold, tied up, and another time I had a chain around my neck and was chained inside of there like a dog with dog pans for food and water on the ground.

That was Holly's house.

Nice, pretty house isn't it?  But isn't it nice to have tidy mothers around?  so much BETTER than Cameo, for example.
I was chained with a chain around my neck like a dog at Holly's until one day someone opened the barn door and cops came in to kick me along with some Italians.  I didn't even know why I was being beat up.  I figured it was for trying to run away or telling someone something.  So I was chained like a dog, and kicked repeatedly, and a bunch of Italians there, and then one of the individuals was Prince Philip or a man who looked just like him.  There was one who looked exactly like Charles Spencer, one like Philip, and one like Edward and they showed up to kick and beat me.  They had English accents.  Right after they did, then another group showed up to beat me and kick me, Italians and cops.  Then they had Canadians beat me calling me "Howard".  These people were yelling about Howard and Edward.  I was bleeding.  Then they put a dog in there next to me and said, "Dog Fight!" and made me fight against a dog.  I was screaming and sobbing.  They even brought over Mormons and Secret Service and they were ones who wanted to watch a "dog fight" and then they forced me on my knees, the Mormons did, and Secret Service, saying, "KNEEL" and "BOW".  One of them hit me over the head when I 'bowed' with a heavy utility garden-farm tool and I blacked out.

This was after forcing me to go without food or water and staying outside in the cold for a few days.  Then after that, they had some family members over to assault me and then they let me out and I was laid on a bed and when I woke up everyone in the house pretended nothing had ever happened.

That's the adoptive family.

Yeah.  Oliver is doing really good.  You can really tell by his malnourished and stunted growth, his terror in his eyes even when he smiles, his bow-legs that were never like that before, ears that were pulled out, and necked stretched out.  I could tell they were able to take REALLY GOOD CARE of him by how he looked at visits with discolored genitals, throwing up saying he was sick, and acting drugged and in shock.

Frosty is a really nice Snowman.  How many diamonds and snow go to the fucking Middleton bitch?

Not only did they do that to me in the barn, they had one group videotape everything with a camcorder while yelling at "Edward" and "Howard" and calling me a slut and bitch and saying they would make sure I was nothing.  They were making video tapes for intentional infliction of emotional distress and to send to William of Wales, whose family they give part of their money to, just as long as Katie stays in place.

They hated me.  All of them hated me then and they hate me now and they've taken it out on my son.

Mike and Carol Middleton also showed up there and while I was still tied to a chain, they went outside with some others and ate cake on paper plates with plastic forks and said "Are you HUNGRY???"  It was Valente who did this.

That was another thing they wanted on their videotape, before I was given cake and before I was beat up, they camcorded me after giving me a piece of cake saying, "Do you want it?" and then saying, "We gave you EXTRA frosting" and then wanting me to say how hungry I was.  I was asked, while being video taped, "How hungry are you?"  "Are you just sort of hungry?  How long has it been since you had any food?"

They did this to me after Barak Obama murdered one of the "doctors" that met me and was taking photo evidence of torture and crimes against me. 

When the Secret Service came out to my house after I reported Barak Obama, which is a report all of the cops have been ignoring, refusing to even give me a case number for, Mark said to me, "Can I take your photo?"  and I said, "No."  He said why not and I said you already have some of me.  He was another U.S. mother fucker of a Secret Service Presidential Fuck Up who was harassing me over the same thing--the time someone was trying to document evidence of cuts, scars, bruising, and my wrists encircled in scars from being tied up.  He wanted a photo of my face that day, as some Jewish woman came down the driveway and then drove back out, smirking at him and him smirking back at her.

I have made repeated requests to either have my report of being raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama transferred to someone without a conflict of interest, and for a case number I can refer to and they've been communicating with me and then lying to me, and then saying no report was ever received by them, and then yes it was and then no it wasn't and no report made and no record.

This is the shape the United States is in.  Look at Barak.  And the last ones, and the FBI.  These are little shits with maggots crawling around to take their orders.

The United States put hits on, and murdered some Canadians around me, and they also murdered Americans.  They cut up the bodies and took them away. 

They have tortured me my entire life and never, ever, allowed me to have a normal life or a job with any stability and stalked me with rapists my entire life.  My son Oliver has no future in the U.S. and the reason is because it is this country that kidnapped him and because they kidnapped him and tortured him, the way they did me, they know he will never sincerely care about them or want to work for any of them, so their plot is to torture him, use him, and kill him.

You can already tell they've planned to kill him because of the torture they'd done to him and how they've hindered him from his intellectual abilities, sports, and even growing like normal.  They've traumatized him to keep him from learning as well.  You can see they have been sexually assaulting him to induce panic the same way they did to me, by forcing my feet to be together, one on top of the other, because of the way my son stands now, that way, when upset or nervous or reminded of someone who does this to him.  The reason they do this is not just sexual rape and torture but to have the feet crossing over in panic situations while driving so they kill themselves in car accidents when someone triggers panic.

They were calling me "Aurora" in Cashmere and Wenatchee, like the woman in the fairytale who "falls asleep" until her 16th birthday when awakened with a 'kiss' but it was the reverse.  They forced all of these U.S. government men on me and to kiss them and then wanted to kill me.

My son Oliver deserves much better than this.

(If this country does not return my son, it proves every single point I've ever made.

I am also being tortured all day today to the right top part of my head and the back part.  It's been the same thing and it's not a migraine and it's not at anytime I'd have one.  It's coinciding with homework that is due and that is it and I'm not stressed more because of it so there is nothing else going on.  The only thing that is the same as last time this term, is a woman at the store said she had a headache the same way she did the same time last year, and expecting me to say "me too" which I didn't do this time.  The only reason this town would even know this is because this entire town is CIA and military.  Just try to move here if you're not.  They won't even let you live here unless you're an employee or they're experimenting on you.  Their entire school is a bunch of government psychics in-training--all of the kids here are hand-picked to go to this school for that reason, to be around other kid gov. employees and psychics.  Also, last night I was tortured while sleeping to the corners of my mouth to have lines going down (like a sad face) on either side and then today Obama made this 'sad face' to be photographed like that.  I washed my face this morning and it was stinging at the corners because what they were doing, which was bad enough it went past my skin surface so it's like a cut and stings, and on top of this, my chin was targeted all day. 

Bill O'Reilly was also on one of the "hunting expeditions".  I just knew him as "Bill".  I want to say possibly Laura Ingraham was too, but I don't remember for sure.  I think there was a woman out there, I know there was, but not positive which one because she stayed out of sight most of the time.  It wasn't a woman cajoling me exactly, like Valerie, it was a woman I sensed was setting me up for something very bad.  I didn't have that impression with Valerie on the one occasion from her.  This other woman had a dark expression and was really mad about something and kept it inside.  Valerie was there, but she kept to herself more, along with a Dicksie and they were wearing these baseball hats, and then there was a dark-haired woman.  I found out one of the dark-haired women worked for the FBI because then I saw her at FBI offices when I was being tortured by electrocution to my head.

It was definitely like they wanted to "get something" on me if I didn't want to work for them or the CIA.  Prior to all of that, someone had said what it would be like to be a hitman for the CIA.  I asked and they gave me an idea.  That was after, of course, they brought it up.  They said, "It would mean you're contracted with us."  I said what does that mean and they said, "You wouldn't be a regular employee of the CIA, but you would be like an independent consultant who has a contract with us.  So you do the job for us and we pay you."  I said why wouldn't I be a regular employee and they said, "If word got out, we don't want it tracked back to us."  I said, "So what if something happened to me? or someone tried to do something to me?"  They said, "If you get caught, you're on your own.  We have to pretend like we don't know you exist."  I said, "Oh."  It didn't sound very good to me.  I said, "So why would anyone want to do that?" and they said, "It's a lot of money." 

They were doing other things with me around that time.  They had me chained up with a metal chain by the ankle to a Dicksie one time and we were on a bus and had to escape and the driver ran into another vehicle and we got out and ran with keys.  We were always being kidnapped.  Another time they chained me to a black man and had both of us working on a railroad pounding ties.  Then another time I had to jump off of a bus chained to a Robert and we had to go to someone's house and find someone to saw it off.  Another time I was in a tank, like a military tank and I was finally getting away and then these Jews jumped it and got inside and beat me and they hated my guts.  One was a Josh and one was a Ben and he actually looked like Ben Affleck but I don't know why he'd have been there.

I didn't sign up to be a hitman though, although I did ask about the training for snipers because I liked target practice and I know they were looking for another excuse to target me and have me fail at something and then the FBI tried to twist it into an interpretation that I wanted to be "a hitman" when I told them clearly, no, I don't, but I wouldn't mind learning the sniper practice.

Valerie Plame was there because I do remember she wasn't in a very good mood to talk to me.  I figured it was because she heard I didn't want to talk to her.  Anne Crane was one of the dark-haired women who was there and she is a gun-shooter and tortured me in FBI offices so why she was trying to steal my son from me, I am not sure.   Anne had a lot of control in that situation because all she had to do was write decent visitation reports and it was a basis for having my son returned.  Instead, she lied and did the opposite and used the time to make observations and threats.

She targeted my son basically, and wrote reports lying about me to make me sound crazy and she was one of the individuals who went out "hunting humans".  Then she was inside of the FBI offices torturing the daylights out of me.  The other women there once or twice included another woman who worked for the FBI, Laura Laughlin.  She asked me to help her strip a deer or watched while I was outside helping someone strip a deer and she stood there in her vest and hunting gear. Julie was FBI but on that occasion, I think it was Laura.  Laura knew Frosty.

Also, like I said, Holly Avila is not a nice woman.  She was torturing me inside of her house and pulling things out to have me run into them.  One of the royal women also did this so I'd run into things like I was clumsy and a few times I caught a Robert Garrett jr. doing the same thing to me and he always had a mean expression when he did it.  When Holly electrocuted me it wasn't with the regular smaller box with the metal band that went around the head.  She was using a larger box like a generator or carburetor was brought into the house, and then wires were going from that to me and I was getting tortured.  I had a headband on of some kind but it wasn't the same thing and it was more like electrodes with sticky sides that you get at the hospital.   She was doing to me what Carol Middleton had done to me, and a Dicksie had done it before too.  They would put sticky suction cup type electrodes on several parts of my torso, like my chest and ribcage area and back and turn on a generator and I would get electrocuted.  Once it wasn't Holly, it was another woman.  There was a Mexican woman involved in it, and a Russian woman.  The Mexican woman was one of Pablo's relatives and the Russian woman I'm not sure.  Anne was also someone who was present and she, a Dicksie, and a Holly all did this to me together one time.  It was in the kitchen on hardwood floors and I had to sit in a chair.  Sometimes if they were torturing me and they didn't want me to make noise, they duct-taped my mouth.  They duct-taped my mouth for some of the sexual assault too, because I was screaming and trying to get help and they didn't want anyone to hear me.  I started to be glad about the duct-tape because I thought at least they're not going to do anything with my mouth because it's covered up.

The only reason the U.S. military has been assaulting me to my chin in a circle shape is because they, military men, used to force me have their penises next to my chin and would tell me to "look at it" and then masturbate.  The U.S. military had a whole bus load of men drive to my house once, or at a house I was at, and they all got out and they were all given turns and told to humiliate me and make fun of me.  It was an entire platoon or whatever, like from one man's command, and all of them got out to assault me sexually in a gang-coordinated event which was being paid for by taxpayers money and sponsored by the U.S. government.   Then when I was in Tennessee and working at Mike's Jersey Subs for a week, with a FEMA federal employee and military man who hired me, a section of military all got out one day and approached the counter and I remembered all of what was done to me in the past and they smirked, some of them, and ordered subs, "foot-long" ones.  After this the FEMA guy fired me when I realized something wasn't right there and I was getting tortured and someone was just observing, and I started filling out my FAFSA to go back to college and my computer was disrupted and the military was blocking me from the page.  Those military were all U.S. Navy and West Point.  The ones who sexually assaulted me were all U.S. Army.  When I was at West Point or the U.S. boot camp, before they put me into isolation, they were forcing me to sleep with a different man every night, in the bed next to them, which was as wide as a twin bed and they were bunk beds.  They didn't do anything to me that I remembered, or for the most part I didn't remember but I know the U.S. was forcing me to sleep in one bed after the other, in a nightgown.  One day I woke up and it felt like something wasn't the same with my rear end and it was slimy, and someone had cut me with a razor kind of cut across the rear as well. 
That wasn't mafia.  That was the United States federal government, using taxpayers money to commit pedophilia.  First they had me staying in a bunch of different beds there, and then after I reported what was done to me, the next night the entire room of men jumped me and beat me up, punching me in the stomach, holding me down, and calling me a "fucking cunt".  It was over 20 soldiers, including some blacks who reported to Barak Obama.  When they gang-beat me they said, 'THIS IS FOR STANLEY ANN" and I had no idea why the hell they kept saying "Stanley Anne".
 I was mocked and then when I said I wanted to talk to the superior, they put me in an isolation room and began targeting me with radiation, and other forms of energy torture, telling me, "If you don't want to serve our men, you're going to be tortured.  So you decide."  They told me "Either you put out, or you get out."  So I was in this isolation room refusing to quit the military and they tortured me there instead and it was so bad when someone showed up and said, "Do you still want to make your report?" I hesitated, but I said yes.  I never dropped my report, ever.  They told me I was fired.  They never gave me my wages, never made the report or processed it, and I never dropped it.  Every time the U.S. government said they were hiring me for a job, they were promising me wages and pay like everyone else was entitled to, and then lying about it and saying they owed me nothing; when they weren't stealing wages from me and assaulting me, they forced me to work for them and were writing checks out to someone else and I never saw any of the money.  The U.S. federal government forced me into slave labor for them and made money off of me my entire life.

The Navy was mad I wouldn't marry Alvaro later,who had sexually assaulted me when I was a kid and who had gone on to do other things that were almost as bad.  It was a great idea to them, to pretend I had done something wrong and they were all innocent people.

I tried to go to FBI in another state and they arranged for doctors to be there who held me hostage and took me a mental ward for "interrogation" and assaulted me with an overdose of Haldol through the U.S. Army man who was on duty.  So basically, from military harassment, to having my college application blocked, not just there but at colleges and the library.  The library computers I was going on were blocking that page and then when I went to the colleges in the town, all of them said they didn't have any more paper forms and no computer for me to use and no one could print one out for me.  From there I was overdosed and drugged, the same way I was tortured and drugged with the same thing in the past as an attempt to punish me whenever someone was mad at me, and to try to ruin my mind so I wasn't psychic.

I am sure they did this to my son because he wasn't himself anymore.  Russia and other countries wouldn't use it on political prisoners if doctors didn't already know it ruins your mind.  My "family" or the federal "guardians" appointed to me, used it to harm me just as others did and that was when there was no "prescription" and I wasn't seeing a doctor, they were just using it as a method of punishment and torture.

My son is safer with me than anyone in the U.S. and they already know this.  Barak is too excited to have him separated from me so he can call on his military whores to assault my son, and his friends in Mossad and who do favors for royals at NASA.

The other person I was assaulted by, I wrote about but haven't mentioned in awhile because I just remembered it and where it was.  It was Joe Biden, Barak Obama's VP.  I'm not kidding.  And he is EXTREMELY violent and dangerous.  I must have met him earlier than the time he punched me in the stomach.  I had to have and I am sure I'll remember what happened on that occasion.  However, what I remember most is he is full of seething hatred and has a major anger problem.  He carries himself off like he's a totally different person than he is.  He was standing next to Dick Whittemore and John Kaempf once, and I will have to think if that was when he did this to me or if it was another "wedding" we were at, or occasion, but there were some Jewish people around and he didn't say a word to me, just walked straight up to me, as someone had their hands on my shoulders to have me in one place and he yanked his sleeve up, and then punched me with extreme force as hard as he could.  I couldn't breathe and I fell on the ground.  I'm telling you, this is a man who could and would, kill his own wife in a heartbeat if he thought he'd get away with it.  She was really not good either.  She stood in the background and smirked.  It was a very shocking and seriously violent situation and what was bad is he had no problem at all doing it in front of a bunch of people, as long as he thought all of them were on his side.

Not all of them were.  I saw at least one shocked and then quickly disguised expression and someone else left the room. They also had my Uncle Tom there once, around him, but he ALSO (Joe Biden) knew Tom Parker-Bowles and I saw them together.  He was very good friends with Camilla's family, and I am positive he knew Rabbi Rose and Lorraine because of his friendship with John Kaempf, who was connected to them for some (?) reason I have never figured out.  I thought he was like Satan himself, because he had this Joker-fixed smile, perfect looking, and white-white, and then in one split second he could go from a huge smile that the whole world sees, to a grim but intense rage and pull a fast one so quickly you had no idea what just happened.  He didn't punch slow.  He wanted to get people off-guard.  His daughter supposedly married a Jewish man.  That is not surprising because he was yelling at me about Stanley Ann again (which it probably had nothing to do with) and about Camilla (?).  The Jews he would have known then, in that case, were Barak Obamas entire Jewish family from his Dad, in Africa, and Middletons (who worked with them), and then the Rose family.  His daughter is most likely married to a Jew whose family knows one of those families.  The other Jews around were?  I actually think the Ben Affleck guy was possibly there.  I'm not positive, but possibly.  Either that or it was Daniel, Gary Goldsmith's friend again.  There were a couple of other ones.  I believe Josh Gatov's father knew him.  There were some Hispanics who knew him that were around and glad to see him punch me, and I thought he was one of the most fake persons who could suddenly show how fake he was in an instant, I'd ever met.  I must have met him before in part of a group of sexual offenders because there isn't any other reason he'd have done that.  I will have to think about it because I'm not positive.  It may be he did something to his hair too. 

Yeah.  He's somehow connected to Josh Gatov.  I also looked at his photos from the 70s and yes, I've met him before.  His hair was dark and he almost looks like a totally different person.  He was violent back then too.  Not a good guy at all.  He beat up tiny kids.  I met him before anyone in the U.S. really knew who he was so he must have been part of some kind of Barak Obama package for a long time.  He was like the scary salesman.  I knew him and met him before he married his second wife.

He asked me what I thought about her.  Since he married her in 1977, and I was born sometime around 1974, I was around 3 years old, which is the same time the government claims to have had a records about me that was in government files and destroyed (1977).  I did not see him just a time or two.  I'm not sure why, but it was very frequent.  I am sure I'll remember why.
I do know he beat me until I was a bloody pulp, when I was just a toddler and I never completely forgot it.  He is a pedophile or he would not have said some of the things he did and then his fianc√© wouldn't have been jealous of me either, and she was. 

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