Sunday, February 23, 2014

UPDATED: Yulia Tymoshenko (Works for MI5) and William's "Call for Destruction of Ivory"

It would be interesting to see her in Ukraine politics, given the fact she works for MI5.  I know Yulia Tymoshenko works for MI5 because I saw her at their offices all the time in London when I was a kid and everyone at MI5 knows she's MI5.

Mike Middleton worked with her and Robert Garrett jr. knows she works for MI5.  She is a Middleton supporter and is an MI5 employee and both Robert Garrett jr. and Mike Middleton were at the MI5 offices when they tried to accuse me of snooping.  She was in and out of MI5 all the time and took files and brought in files and was a regular employee there.

I am very glad for her and her nice looking daughter that she got out of prison or detention.  I also think she's very feminine and a nice face for politics.  However, she works for MI5 so if Ukraine wants MI5 running their country,  vote for her.

I also happened to see a title line for William of Wales calling for the "destruction of ivory" last week.  I really don't understand that logic.  Why not destroy all paintings with lead paint too?  It's one thing to not perpetuate a practice but I can't see the good in destroying works of art just because they are no longer "pc" (politically correct).  I would never make that kind of call.  Why not get rid of all of Buckingham's leather furniture too?  And all bear hides?  and animal wraps and furs? 

This is why I babysat him.

I don't know which baby it was either, because it was maybe him or maybe it was Mike Tanzer, and I'm not sure, but when one of them was a newborn baby their bassinet was next to my bed and I was the one the nursemaid brought a warm bottle to, and I fed them in my bed.  It wasn't the mother who gave the baby the bottle, and it wasn't the mother who got up early and warmed the bottle because it was a maid.  I was so tired I would take the baby out of the bassinet and put him in my bed with me and then lie next to him or hold him and give him the bottle.  I didn't have to get out of bed to prepare it, but I was the one who stayed awake to feed him.  That's a true story.  Then later, instead of the maid showing up I was surprised to one day find the father there with the bottle.  I wasn't sure why he was bringing the bottle and not too long after that, I was given a different task and he wasn't sleeping by my bed every night.  No one else was in our room--just us.  If it was William, and it may have been, I didn't see him again until later when I was sleeping in Diana's bed and then he was brought in to us but he never stayed in the room and I thought he would have been happier if he hadn't been sent back to his crib who-knows-where. 

Diana once asked my opinion about what some were advising which was destruction of ivory and I gave my opinion about why not.

Anyway, Diana Spencer later, after trying to set me up to look like I'd sexually assaulted her son or something (not just her idea but others were involved) took what she said was my "file" and it had all of this personal information about me in it and walked it to the FBI offices in the U.S.  The U.S. FBI was torturing me and raping me after she did this because whatever it was incited hatred against me.  I have only a couple of theories and one is that either she was actually a pretty bad person, who used me and then wanted me tortured; or, she was doubling.  If she was doubling and for some reason did all these bad things and witnessed all these activities against me and then was wanting to speak up for me, that would be reason for someone to kill her.  However, I'm not going to say that's something she thought about doing and I can only go by what I know and experienced.

Another thing was when I saw her at CIA offices (not saying she worked there but she was there one time), the CIA had asked me questions about royals (it was after they'd hired me) and I wasn't giving out much detail or information.  I really did keep my mouth shut except to say someone had been stealing from me and I wasn't sure who or why, and when they asked about Diana I did say a couple of small things but nothing bad, embarrassing or scandalous or betrayer-like.  I said something like I was married to Charles first and I knew Diana, and that was about it.  It was like 2-3 sentences total and no more.  Then, however, I thought it was strange because the CIA opened the door to have me face-to-face with Diana.  I thought, "So the CIA positioned Diana to be at the door as they questioned me about her???"  I had thought, "Well thank goodness I didn't say very much" but still, I knew they had been trying to ruin me.

However they could, they've tried.

I also didn't know if she was standing there looking at me with wide eyes, sort of quiet and alert and maybe afraid but wide-eyed, because she was just visiting and the CIA was trying to trap me to gossip about her and then get in trouble, or if she was working for the CIA and both crossed my mind. I figured she was just there because she was visiting.  When she went to FBI offices, however, I had thought we were going there as friends for some reason and then I realized she must have taken something to them in a file about me to get me tortured or something.  It was around the time she was getting mad about Charles and had offered summers to me, but also, she'd helped set me up to sound like a devious kid who did something to her son and who punched her in the stomach, you know...why???

Maybe if she wanted to take it all to the FBI and then turn against the FBI, that would be acting as a double but I can't see how if she actually cared about my welfare she would try to endanger me and be involved in the things she was involved in against me and then suddenly have an about-face.  It's maybe possible.  I tend to think she is alive and got witness protection.

I also remember, not from her accident in France, but some kind of accident where I saw a woman take out one of her earrings and she reached forward and put it on the dash or into a compartment in the dash.  There are no photos like this from the Paris accident.  So it was some other accident I was part of where I saw the woman do this.  I was sitting next to her.  My field of vision (actual, not psychic) was of sitting to her right.  She was on my left and I was to the right.  She leaned forward and put an earring forward and it was with a sudden movement and with her right hand and arm.  I don't remember anything else, just those circumstances and I am not sure who the woman was.  It looked like Diana one of the times and I don't know why she'd do that, and then what I remember is several other women (I think) repeated and did the same thing.  This is aside from having some women burning me with their earrings.  This was more of a demonstration of putting an earring onto the dash of the front of a car for some reason.  Where? I  can't be sure.  Where a pull-out box was for the ash tray?  where the radio was for the car?  Where there was an open space like a shelf?  I think it was close to the radio.  I don't think any of them ever told me why they did this. 

I really think the odds are that Diana is not dead and she is alive in the U.S. and working for the U.S. and since the UK knows about some of the work, they've supported it.  She was definitely a "spy" in every sense of the word.  It's one thing for a kid to snoop around corners and another for a grown woman to be delivering secret files to another country with the intent to have harm done.  I think what it came down to was her concern about her son's "standing".
I also think William of Wales' "timing" of calling for a "destruction of ivory" last week, which was right before the U.S. assaulted and targeted me with technology to lose a pregnancy, is odd.  For one thing, William and others in the U.S. already knew that in the past when Diana brought it up she also used it to allude to babies. At least to me she did.  So where he is then making a public statement to "call for the destruction of ivory" when "Cameo's" are made of ivory (typically), right after I purchased IVF and had used it, is strange timing.  It is further strange because a Katie Middleton supporter who is also Barak Obama's ex-lover and hooker and a spy for Middletons, passed me on the sidewalk and having no other comment to me at all, stared me in the eye outside and said "NOW".    After she said this, I went home and was assaulted by military technology at extreme levels to my stomach and I'm sure I was pregnant.  So to have the U.S. military unleashing massive amounts of torture and technology aimed at my stomach and pelvis, in addition to Leanne making some kind of "order" or "command" outside to say loudly at me "NOW" (right after I had bought calcium because the local doctor here said be sure to have calcium for a baby), and having this after Prince William, who made England's greatest mistake ever of marrying Katie Middleton calls for the "destruction of ivory" with supporters saying "It's good they can destroy their own"...I think it sounds like a planned hit against me to prevent or abort my IVF from resulting in a pregnancy.

Middleton would do it and so would the U.S. because the U.S. Army funded that wench.

It's not a stretch of the imagination.  I saw, myself, and witnessed, Leanne talking to Katie Middleton when Katie was a little girl and Mike Middleton brought her over to the drug trafficking operation.  She was gushing over the Middletons.  She was also giving prescriptions to the Sterling-Tancer family whenever they wanted drugs or sedatives and tranquilizers.  What I saw, in complete detail, with Leanne and Katie Middleton, was that after I already knew she was hooking for Barak Obama, and after I'd already caught her in a room making Dictaphone documentations about people (reports), and after I'd given her a thumbs down and she knew it, she went over to a car Middletons were standing next to and started talking to Katie like they already knew each other, and then she was gushing over Mike and Carol, seriously gushing, the same way the Ericksons did with Carol and Scanlon did with Carol, like she was some kind of celebrity already, and then Leanne made a point to look back at me and glare at me and wanted to be sure that I saw her with Katie, giving her compliments and acting like she was one of her babysitters and fans.  It was her way of getting back at me for my saying I thought there was something devious and wrong with her.

Was I right?  Or WAS I RIGHT.
I'm not always right, but as a kid, I was pretty darn close, which is why they tortured and electrocuted me because they didn't like the fact I could see through their crap.

Let's see.  I am pretty sure I can tell you what she was saying on the Dictaphone too, along with what Anne Crane was saying.  Both Leanne and Anne Crane knew Katie Middleton, by-the-way.  The U.S. brought in Anne Crane to be side-stepping over Leanne as a cover because she was the toasted hostess.  Leanne and Barak Obama, aside from going into private rooms together all the time, constantly were sitting next to each other and had their heads together close, and were always looking around, and whispering.  I mean, I never saw any pair look and act so "plotting".  They looked like they were cooking up schemes for decades to come.  All they did was exchange psychic intel together and make plots and plans about how to ruin my life and murder people in their way, and how to promote this girl Katie mostly for no other reason than they hated me so much they thought it would be a way to "get to me".

She probably wouldn't even be in the picture at all, had I never said I thought she wasn't very smart and was nothing extraordinary.  Part of her funding was just with the idea of "Well if that's what would make Cameo pissed off or show her up the most, LETS DO IT." 

She's nothing.  She's like a child's plaything.  I think it's hilarious she's trying to be a mother when she's not even the mother-type at all.  Her own mother tortures kids and babies and I was one of her victims.  She was shoving things up into my rectum and vagina when I was a baby and then passing me around to other spies and then electrocuting and ultrasounding me.  Not exactly a "mother" type.  Some of the objects she was shoving into my vagina and rectum included microfilm.  Real nice lady.  She was later, when I was older as a toddler, inserting light bulbs into my rectum and then blasting them inside of me.  I mean, seriously...who does that kind of thing except the most evil of the evil?  then her brother goes out and gets a tattoo with different colored "bubbles" bursting when really, it's a tribute to his sister exploding multi-colored Christmas light bulbs inside of my anus.  Seriously,  I am not lying.  THAT was her "idea" of a "rainbow".

Also, this one woman contacted me right before I was getting the IVF, the same time she did last time and she's a government employee.  She was trying to dissuade me from becoming pregnant myself by suggesting I could be a surrogate for her and it was just a delay tactic and attempt to get information about how I felt after the U.S. military blasted my head for a week with extreme laser and headache resulting to my head, for an entire week after I was looking up selections on IVF.  She contacted me prior to Katie Middleton getting pregnant herself with the first public baby.

I told her in my correspondence with her that yeah, I'd do a surrogacy but I might have a baby too and whichever one happened first so if she wasn't going ahead with it, I was going forward with my plans, and I wrote, "Whichever one is first so if you want to beat me to it let me know."  When she backed out again I said don't contact me again and target me when you're not serious.

So then the U.S. targeted me to my stomach after I got the IVF and they lasered me to the point that I had 3 circle dots over the size of a quarter on my lower stomach.  Leanne works on 3 E 1st and it was on 3 E 1st she gave some kind of order or command to someone to target me hard enough to abort any possible pregnancy.

So what's their game?  Katie is first?  They're going to keep aborting all of my unborn babies because they're so fucked up they want Katie inbreds? Anything coming from her is going to be a disaster and honestly, when so many criminals have made her some kind of pinnacle of their success at crime and torture of others, she doesn't deserve to have any children, ever.  She is also someone who actually, if she got what she deserved, and she never has because she's been spoiled and had everything handed to her, her entire life, she'd be in prison with a life sentence.  Flashing her ass around to seem "more common and human" and to get sympathy, is nothing but a strategy to her.  Obviously, her flashed ass is not why I think she would be in prison for life if she got what she deserved.  She is as bad as her parents.

Her parents did not just put microfilm into my vagina or lightbulbs in my rear end.  One of the times someone had a chemical used for explosives in liquid form in bottles or containers and they were using me to traffick those kinds of substances, never caring if they leaked and I was exposed to toxic waste.  It wasn't heroin or liquid drugs, though I am sure someone occasionally shoved that inside of me too, because I remember some of it.  They were trafficking shit like plutonium and using me to carry it around for them, in addition to their microfilm from their fucking Spy Games.  One time, I'm not saying it was plutonium this time, but one time, they did not secure it well enough or something and they were checking to see if it had leaked and then flushing me out so they could keep their packing dog looking good.

FUCK YOU MIDDLETON and God damn your children.
They were taking me to secret hospitals and I was literally in a hospital room a couple of times when they thought they had "an accident".

Carol Middleton's catch phrase of "waste of space" is an inside joke about how they used my vagina and anus to insert objects into.  She used to check and say "We can get more in here" and made comments about how there was room for more and it was a "waste of space".  She was cold, calculating, and cruel.  They were passing me between Robert and Dicksie Garrett and Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer.

When Barak Obama's "step-father" Soetero assaulted me with a bunch of people from this group around, his comments, while stretching out my vagina with an instrument, were "We're making MORE ROOM."   So that's another of Middleton's consorts--Barak's fuckers, who abused me and then they're going around lying about me and whining saying I "killed Obama's dad" when I did nothing to him.

Carol used to "receive" me from one group of people, and get me into her house, look into my vagina and say things about "what a waste of space".

Fuck you BITCH.  May God curse you, your family and your future progeny from another who is biologically related to you.  I hope everything you did to me returns onto the heads of your children and eats at their bone marrow.  You lying, fucking child molestors and rapists who try to promote yourselves as normal decent English people.  The other woman who constantly said my vagina was a "waste of space" was Joy Fucking Sterling.  FUCK YOU.  I remember you and your words bitch and it's why you colluded to try to murder me and pay off all of these people.

Another woman I remember inserting objects and things into my vagina was Locklyn Guzman.  Locklyn also called me, to my face, "a waste of space".  "OH, what a WASTE of space" she'd say, like Carol, but for her, it was drugs.  She used me to insert quantities of cocaine and other compressed items.  I believe she also put money inside of my vagina into small containers.  She and Valentin did this to me.  Another woman and man, obviously, who were involved were Robert and Dicksie Garrett and of course they knew because I was in their custody and they were passing me back and forth that way.

So, like I really want my son Oliver raised by those government assholes.

It wasn't just like a couple of drug involved persons used me a "mule" to transport a few drugs.  It was fucking UK assholes who were involved in trafficking me with the U.S. fucking Army and damaging me to "make room" for their rolls of fucking spy microfilm and liquid toxic chemicals.  I wrote "plutonium" because that is one chemical I remember they mentioned however it was whatever the rarest one is that is hardest to get is what they were putting inside of me.  It was rare enough that the U.S. military didn't even have a lot of access to it because they were involved in it.  They endangered my life since I was a baby and to reward them for cruel and unusual torture of me, the U.S. made sure Katie Middleton had money, got to keep her kids, and got positions for work when all they did was try to destroy my life since I was a baby.

She's a U.S. government bitch.  Her family has been sending microfilm to the U.S. fucking Army and FBI.


Really.  I have the worst shit on you bitches.  You child molesting, child destroying, torturers, jealous, conniving, sadistic, sick, cruel, greedy-greedy-greedy bitches.

You are the ultimates in what every baby is afraid of.  Are you shoving microfilm into little "Prince George's" ass?  How about explosives?    How many lightbulbs were exploded inside of Katie Middleton's ass, or does she just think it's funny to flash her ass instead.  You certaintly had kids around for shoving objects into vaginas and asses, but you chose ME.

How lucky I've been to be controlled by bitches as a baby.  Yeah, there were "big plans" for me, I can see that.   Meanwhile, men are putting tattoos on their bodies to celebrate destroying my life from Gary with his lightbulbs bursting tattoo to Chris Dabney with his Rock and Roll tattoo after I was raped by a group of kids and teens.

You're going down.  For one thing, I'm not the only one who knows what you did to me and to my son Oliver.

Not everyone likes the idea of Middletons being so "tight" with the U.S. Army.

How funny it must have been to all of you to have Alvaro Pardo walking around with a roll of architecture paper around me, knowing how you were shoving rolls of microfilm, 1-2 rolls, inside of my vagina when I was a baby.  Now that's classy.

As for other objects, I never heard of anything else.  I saw some horrendous movie that I hated which tried to skew things and portrayed me wrongly and it was some kind of Obama-Katie tribute and then had a black woman finding a diamond and stealing it and then looking in a diaper as if she found something there. 

I don't know about diamonds except for one when I was much older and it was given to me, not stolen and I didn't steal it either.  As for other objects, all of it was the FUCKING UNITED STATES HOS and JOES of AMERICA.  And they were using UK and Canadian people to torture me as well and to pass their spy secrets between.

Does this make the U.S. my "friend"?  Which country was I a citizen of when they were destroying my body and tearing out my anus and vagina to insert microfilm and liquid explosives?

The U.S. even made fun of me as a kid, calling me the Panama Canal while they tortured me.  Some of their "problems" that they ran into, was when they jammed so many things inside of my vagina and rectum, they had to take me to a hospital to have the objects removed because they were STUCK.

I hope when this nation falls, someone remembers I said it's going down.

The U.S. did not see me in their hospital surgery rooms just once or twice.  They were constantly jamming things into me that got stuck, and sometimes they wanted to be the receiving end instead of anyone else.  They also had a leak once when it was some kind of fluid or thought so.  They all talked about me like I wasn't a human being, just an object.  One time Joy and Forrest stood there by my bed with their arms crossed, waiting to see what the doctors took out and that was when I was slightly older as a toddler or young kid.  Everything the Middletons sent over was going to U.S. Army.  It was going to other groups too, that worked together, but it was military that was in the hospital when they were extracting objects from me.  Locklyn Guzman sent money over to Katie Middleton one day..

She told me to my face, when I was just a toddler, that it was my money and it was going to Katie and then she put it in my diaper and something inside of my vagina and I was shipped off to the Middletons who took a huge amount of money.  She was saying things to me like, "What are YOU going to do with money Cameo?  You don't really need money, do you?" and then when someone asked her, "Lockyn, what are you doing??" (I think it was Valentine) she snapped back she was sending it to Katie and don't interfere.  There was a man who thought she was a real witch.  She was taking some kind of money that had been given to me in an inheritance or will of some kind and instead of putting it in a bank account or trust for me, she was sending the entire load over to Katie Middleton.  I say "diaper" because she forced me to put on a diaper even though I was an older kid by then.  I didn't want to wear a diaper but I was forced to and that is how one sum of money was sent to Katie after Katie was born, when I was older, like 7 or 8 or so.  Aside from that, when I was  a baby, it was other things.  Locklyn also put beads into my diaper for her.  It was a long string of red beads.  Someone was calling Locklyn "Jenny" sometimes for some reason.  I don't remember why anymore.  She got mad at me one day but I don't know why and then that's when she decided to send money to Katie.  Dicksie did the same thing one time and a Robert said "What are you doing?" and it was a Dicksie who said "I'm sending it to Katie."  Both Locklyn and a Dicksie used me and took a bunch of money that belonged to me and sent the entire load over to Katie.  Locklyn included a red bead necklace and Dicksie included something else.  Holly Avila used her house to let men assault me but I don't remember her packaging me up to have things shipped to Kate Middleton.  She could have done it though and I just don't remember.  I think they had Holly, or Holly's part was sending a doll to Katie that was mine.

Some of the things they used me for when they trafficked me was routes, spy information, maps on microfilm (taken by cameras), and a bunch of things military would use for strategy and war.  One of the "war plans" or strategies they were making involved literally taking over the Panama Canal and who was involved in the whole Panama Canal matter.  That was only ONE of many plots and spy things they were doing with me.

They've all used me and none of them have ever paid me what I deserved for what they did to me and then my son.

I don't think I am related to them. It is possible I am related to someone closely connected as a relative, or that I was just stolen and swapped somewhere because from the very first, they didn't treat me like a member of the family--they were harming me.

Robert Garrett used to taunt me even when I was an older baby, not just with torture or use or sexual things but he would psychologically try to ruin me or make me mad.  His entire theme was provoking me.  He was vicious, mean, and jealous of me even when I was a baby.  He acted like I had one over on him when I was only one year old.  For example, one time, he got a Christmas bow and stuck it to my pants.  They were diaper cover ups and he put the bow on my bottom.  So that was no big deal but then he started harassing me and making fun of me, saying you think you're so special don't you, you little brat.  I mean, I was one? and he was harassing me like that, just seething hatred and animosity and even though I was a baby I knew he was making fun of me and harassing me.  So then he was sticking it on my forehead so I couldn't see and I would take it off and he'd still put it back on my forehead to where I couldn't see again and I kept taking it off and he kept putting it back on and making fun of me.  So then I took it off, stared at him, threw it on the ground, stamped my foot and said, "NO!" and he flew into a rage, ran after me and I was running and he was shouting, "You'd better RUN you little BRAT." and "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?" and then picked me up and beat me.

He accused me of thinking I was "special" and I don't think he'd act like that if I was his own kid.  I remember exactly how I looked at him, not crying, and completely defiant and I stared him in the eye and said "NO!" and he couldn't handle it.

When he found out this had provoked me or bothered me, he kept doing it later, at different times, just to specifically harass me and he used to make comments, with the bow on my rear end, about how that would be someone's Christmas present.  By rear end.  He taunted me saying, "You're a star!" when it was stuck on my forehead and then said, "You can't see anything can you?" One time, someone who was there said, "Leave her alone".
On targeting my pregnancy, which I do believe was a pregnancy, I think some people knew William of Wales and some others were going to attempt to send a message to see if someone would abort my child.

I think the public statement about destruction of ivory was for that reason and I also think something someone suggested to me, about an impending hit against me was another indication.

Then today I walked downtown, and there were many workers in this town who went out of their way to smirk at me and/or make comments about lost pregnancy to me, or made indications without saying anything and doing something instead. 

The U.S. spent over 5 days targeting me with seizures every single night at around 3 a.m. in the morning, approximately 3 days or so after I had the IVF.  It didn't have anything to do with anything I was eating.  They were triggering them by starting some kind of vibration and torture to the stent in my heart, which UK knows about because Alvaro Pardo is on their payroll.  I know this is what they used to trigger the seizures because after I was woken up several nights and couldn't determine the cause, it was done to me while I was taking a nap but not asleep and I felt it.  It was the only thing occurring to my body which was preceding a sense of nausea and seizure so that is how I know.  It had nothing to do with what I was eating, nothing to do with targeting spots on my head, and they were instead directly utilizing the metal and implants they put near my ribcage and under my sternum.  How would that trigger seizures?  I don't know but I'm sure heart people and those who deal with the nervous system know.

So fuck the U.S. and fuck the UK too.  I never had an implant or stent to my heart prior to surgery in Maryland with Alvaro attending and Barak's friend.  I know Barak is involved.

I also know Alvaro is a criminal medical practitioner and the FBI lied to me and set me up with someone who tortured me in the past.  He didn't tell me he was FBI until later, or that he worked with them, and intentionally and deliberately deceived me and committed fraud when he was guilty of serious medical crimes against me.

I know Barak is involved in a number of things, including that.  Out of all the people in the entire world, Barak Obama had an obsession over me.  He was obsessed and is still obsessed and has used his position to torture me.  The other person who tortured me with military under his administration was George Bush jr. the term I did not vote for him.  I think my not voting suddenly scared him and his Dad into thinking possibly I was remembering things they did to me as a kid.  I didn't have much of a problem the first term.  The second one, I did.  I think it was based on fear of "what did she remember and why didn't she vote for me this time?"

After I had said I though George Bush sr was maybe kind of a "wimp", and noticed how he was always using his pointer finger for everything, he suddenly organized a gang to show how "non-wimpy" he was.  To him, being a man was having a little girl sodomized.  What was inspiring these hate crimes, was not sudden crimes by me or something I did.  It was hate crime against women who some men felt threatened by or whose egos were bruised.  What kind of a person organizes gang sodomy against a girl just because she says "I think he's kind of wimpy?"  I didn't say it to his face.  Robert Garrett jr. asked me what I thought of him and that's what I said and people reported it back to him.  So all of a sudden, he wanted to show everyone he wasn't a wimp by organizing an attack.  That's better.  ??  It wasn't just him but when I said this, Robert looked at me and cringed and said "noooo" like "oh nooo, you're in for it now".  They went to the Supreme Court first and made sure they would have his back and cover for the others so I could never prosecute them.  You see, after I was asked about Bush sr., I was later meeting Flint, who everyone knew was in a lawsuit that was going to end up at the Supreme Court.  What perfect timing.  It was where the Justices gave their "go ahead" and timeframe for how they had to assault me.

Obviously when the Supreme Court is paving the way for child gang rape, there is no hope for the U.S.  They told Robert they had "8 hours" to do it. when Reagan was going to go in for a surgery.  I think they picked "8 hours" because it was close enough to the old move "8 1/2 minutes" about the guy in the rodeo and the older one that prefaces it.  So the U.S. has been so malicious and hateful over me, they not only went to the Supreme Court to clear their way for them, they were also getting "bastions of trust" like FBI to torture me in their offices to show everyone how yeah, go ahead and rape Cameo and we'll stand behind you because we just tortured her here to show you we'll stand with you.

So I was born to have government documents rammed up my anus and into my vagina as a baby and then they wanted to lie about, foment hatred, and start ramming their penises, sticks, and other objects into me.  And it's Obama's family and friends who tortured ME, but everyone is supposed to think I "killed his Dad" and then he takes this idea to the presidency and abuses authority so he can focus on his obsession:  Harming me and my son.

While the U.S. and UK Middletons were ramming documents and microfilm up my anus and vagina as a baby, they thought it would be nice to give lots of money to some kids while they made promises about how they would make sure I never had work or a career anywhere.

It gets difficult to blame a baby for government crimes.  They wait until you're at least age 8 to start trying to frame you because they're all so guilty they'll burn before they ever make it to Hell.  They think it's fun to burn me now with technology and to torture me, but they've tortured me my entire life.  ENTIRE life.  So when the tables turn and I pray to God they do, they'll be burning, not me.

As for Alvaro Pardo, he severely tortured me when I was younger and it was with Barak's friends present.  Barak Obama knows Alvaro personally.  He and Larry Brice or the UK black guy and Alvaro and a few others were around and had me in a hospital room to torture me and I almost died.  Alvaro was cold, methodical, and cruel.  He had zero compassion for a little girl and no one there did.  He kept a face mask, a surgical mask on the lower half of his face for most of it.  Then he was interchanging with Louis Freeh.  Yep.

YEP YEP YEP.  Louis Freeh is correct.  Both Alvaro and Louis Freeh wore surgical masks at different points of torturing me.  They not only tortured me surgically there, Alvaro beat me with his fists.  Alvaro plus Louis Freeh pretty much makes it an FBI torture gig and then the FBI was wanting ME to marry HIM?

When I was electrocuted while standing on a grate in some kind of KY jelly type of slime, with electrodes on the tops of my feet and wires around my ankles that led to machines, I heard the name "Freeh" and I think possibly Dr. Stuart Freeh or Butler was involved.  However, when I was older, like a kid but just a slightly older elementary school kid, Louis Freeh and Alvaro Pardo worked together with Barak and friends to torture me.  A woman who was there was Diana Spencer and she was also wearing a surgical mask.  I knew she, Alvaro, and Louis Freeh all knew each other. I also remember Raul Bujanda and *possibly* Garza there.

They almost killed me.

They were inflicting extreme and severe medical torture on me and then a few feet from my hospital bed they were interrogating some man and having him know I was being tortured at the same time. 

So when Louis Freeh is suddenly picking up an Italian "citizenship" you can be sure it's "just in case" someone tries to prosecute him or goes after him and he needs to take a quick boat to Italy and hide out.

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