Friday, February 21, 2014

Other Early Memories of U.S. Military Torture (with assistance)

The U.S. military put me in a hospital at a military base when I was just old enough to stand and they forced me to stand on a grate that was large and square, in a concrete floor, with all the walls white and floor white and bright lights and they put a bunch of jelly all over my feet and the floor, like the kind of jelly used on pregnant women's stomachs for ultrasound.  There was a ton of it.  It was all over my feet and all around me and they forced me to stand on top of a grate and then electrocuted me while my feet were wet with this jelly solution.  It was clear and slimy and goopy, exactly like the stuff they use on the stomach for ultrasound.  The United States tortured me this way, and forced me to stand there over the grate as I cried and screamed in terror and they had wires connecting to my feet with electrodes on my feet and were sending some kind of electrical current to my feet which was worse because of the jelly and the grate I was forced to stand on.  They made me stand that way for hours.  If I began to fall or collapse they would electrocute me more and shout and yell at me, "STAND UP".    They did this to me until I passed out unconscious and I remember hitting the concrete ground with my head.  Repeatedly they would say the same thing:  "STAND UP" and "STAND ON THE GRATE".    It was in a hospital for the main location.  All white around me, as I said, white floor, bright bright light like spotlight on me, and hospital technology and military people around as they tortured me and then they had some other person in a chair supposedly "testifying" but a few of the times, no one was around and they were just torturing me.  Pamp Maiers was one of the persons present watching and making fun of me as I was tortured.

This country has no excuse for existence.

When I was older, an older kid, we'd go to the beach and if there was a jellyfish out on the beach I was told, "Don't go near the jellyfish, they sting" and later, some relatives didn't want me to remember anything about grates or being forced to stand on one so they would try to steer me away from one before I 'remembered' anything. 

All that the U.S. has ever done to me, is torture me.  There is no good that the United States can claim they ever did and they are assaulting my son the same way.

From torturing me when I was only about 2-4 years old and forced to stand on a grate, the U.S. then brought around "Stanley" Dunham to torture and rape me.

No one should EVER work for the U.S. government because there is no possible way to change it or make a difference.  The U.S. also proved to the entire world that they'll lead people like Usama bin ladin, who they coached and instructed, to do them favors and tell everyone "The Americans are our Friends" and then kill him.  Some friend.  (It makes you wonder, when Prince Charles is saying of Camilla, "We've been good friends for years" about their marriage, if he's as delusional as Usama is.  Maybe Camilla will plot his assassination so her FBI friend Katie can get ahead for the Bushes and the U.S.)  No one should ever trust the U.S. or work for the U.S. or try to turn over evidence to them.  What needs to happen is people need to bring out evidence that shows the world just how bad the U.S. is.

The U.S. was also trying to make predictions and plots against me since I was a baby, and did things to try to get points with the DOD and Pentagon.  They went so far as to have me "attach" to different colored "blankies" and then would do weird things to each to each of them and then take them away from me.  They had sour milk, throw up, and poop all over my blue blankie;  then they took a screwdriver to my pink blankie and tore holes into it all over; then they cut up my yellow blankie.  They did this to my blankies when I was only a year old or a little over a year.  I guess I was a little older because it was done after they'd murdered my supporters.  I had a white one too but I don't know what happened to it.  Robin Bechtold's mafia activities, government mafia activities, of tearing holes into my clothes was like some kind of government "nod" to their plans for having me live a miserable life.

The U.S. has had one goal:  Hate Crime.

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