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License Plates of Stalkers, Climate Paper, and Rape of Oliver Garrett

This neighbor who has been getting into my house (one of them) and specifically alerting people to let them know when I've left the house, is living at 1510 Ivy (cross street of 15th).  He got a new vehicle sometime around June-October 2014.  He is older and military.  All of his vehicles before were older 1990s ones and then there was this brand new SUV parked outside his house which stood out because as long as I've known him, he is not the type who would be buying brand new vehicles and keeping the old ones too.

A woman who works for the CIA was parked near my house with another man as this other one came outside, and drives a white SUV with plates 622 CMV and he drives a red truck with plates CPHANY.

I have a list of some others who were recently around as well which I haven't added here but will do so. 

I turned in an assignment for a Climate class where the instructor said her parents were military and CIA last night and I think the ones sitting outside today had something to do with that, just wanting to be around and in the middle of the road on both sides.  I will copy and paste that below:

Also, I was tortured last night while trying to study and had more lines made into my face, in the same place, but the U.S. is repeating the same marks to try to have it last and not go away.  They are permanently wanting to ruin my face, and there are no natural lines on my face yet, actually.  Everything that has been added has been since I brought up being cut up by the CIA and military so they could use me as a body-map for sending their messages back and forth to each other.  They didn't just cut into me, they were using me to pass messages between them my entire life, including Tanzer, and then trying to flip it around and call ME "User". 

The CIA and military forced me to go all over the place as an excuse to make contact with their assets in various countries. Not all were assets, but some were, and they were also using me to try to get me to persuade them to join the CIA.  Basically, the U.S. was torturing me, and then they wanted me to look like nothing was wrong and go around encouraging people to be in the CIA and FBI and that was before I was 11 years old.  They were recruiting for both, with CIA and for FBI counter-intelligence.  If I said anything bad about the CIA or FBI, I was sometimes finding out they were already CIA and FBI and then tortured me in retaliation so they forced me to the point of not saying the CIA and FBI were doing anything wrong.

None of these U.S. agencies ever paid me anything, for any of the work they forced me into.  They also kept me from making money from anyone else, though any kind of normal work.

I also noticed National Geographic put out an entire magazine one month dedicated with photos and articles that represented all of the criminal triumphs against me by the Middletons, and paying a tribute to Katie Middleton,  2011.  Then in 2013, for the October issue of NG, they had a photo one that has several focuses on places I was sent to and visited all around the world where photos were taken of me, and they have photos and articles that represent some of what happened to me, from a more "sympathetic" view because the magazine from 2011 was not sympathetic, it was jubilant about what had been done to me.  I have gone through dozens of NG since 2012 again.  I wasn't reading it in 2011 and didn't have access to it so whatever was printed was not expected to be found or noticed by me.

Cameo L. Garrett

ATS Article Review

Winter 2014

Glacier Melt


                I chose the article by Robert Kunzig for climate change interest reasons and mnemonic reasons.  The mnemonics of it, for me, are that most of his story alludes to an event that involved me, James Cartright (also known as “The Hess” by military after this incident), some friends of Barak Obama and others who assaulted me in Switzerland one year when I was a pre-teen.   The reason for choosing a story with mnemonics and to share with others, is how it enhances the ability to retain information about topics.  If I am then writing about an aspect of global warming, what better way to be reminded of it than to choose an article with so many corollaries that affected me personally?  No pun intended on the word “corollaries”.  I will make a list of the actual mnemonics in addition to the description of this article for your reference, and it is found on page 75 of the National Geographic October 13, 2013.

                This is a short article and has several sections to it, one about how they breathe, they move, they rule(d), and they struggle.  The topic is about glaciers and how they are moving and growing bodies or declining bodies of ice as opposed to ones which are stagnant.

                The two areas described to be glacial are the Rhone Glacier and the Montana’s Glacier National Park.  What was thought of glaciers in the past was that they were stagnant bodies of ice and it is said they were feared for “eating whole villages” or taking them over.  Then by the 19th century they were tourist attractions and they are to this day and remain as “beasts” which Kunzig says “we have begun creating a world may one day have no room for.”

                The innovations or discoveries are that glaciers are melting and are currently balancing snow on top of the ice in half-to-half proportions.  Half of the ice in the Alps has “melted in the past century, enough to fill all the lakes in Switzerland, with 80-90 percent of what’s left (Huss predicts) gone by 2100.  This article claims if there was not global warming there would be another ice age in the “next millennium” or two, and that sourcing energy underground would melt every last speck of ice on earth.

                I’ve already explained what I find interesting about this article, but to reiterate, it is a short article that explains global change with glaciers.  There was one similar to it printed in the 1980s on the same topic and this one has a few updates.

                My personal background as an English major would be to use the mnemonics in a way that explores the topic about the “demonic” glaciers.  A title would be:  “The Pentagon and Partners As Cause For Destruction of Modern-Day Glaciers.”



  1. Glaciers are wild beasts/I was called the “beast” by James Cartright and others, along with “Ironwolf”and “wild animal” prior to being tortured to stay still during torture.
  2. We feared them like wolves/James Cartright called me “Ironwolf”.
  3. Rhone Glacier and Hotel Belvedere/One of the locations of sexual gang assault by British, Canadian,  African,  and U.S. officials was Hotel Belvedere in Switzerland.
  4. Matthias Huss, glaciologist of University of Fribourg in Switzerland/James Cartright was nicknamed “The Hess” after assaulting me in a gang, and I was being yelled at during the assault in the snow as “frigid”.
  5. “They’re just losing mass.  It hurts.”/I was accused of being “better” than they were, frigid, and a “self-righteous religious bitch” that wouldn’t “put out” so they attacked me.
  6. The glacier breathes in in winter and out in summer/I was trafficked between Europe and the U.S. and to other global locations including Africa, Asia, and Russia by the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon.  Also, my “brother” Levi had his nose repeatedly broken and had multiple septium reconstructions because he couldn’t breathe.
  7. In August a quarter of the water flowing into the Rhone River comes from melting glaciers/money was being laundered by the FBI over selling me.  Also possibly regarding forced sexual acts by men.
  8. When enough ice weighs down on it ice cannot flow/Prior to being assaulted in Switzerland I was being repeatedly pinned down by U.S. government officials (30 or so U.S.  group occasions and constant one-on-one occasions in 1 season one year, for example, and that is an average, not the worst year or highest rate of incidence) and knifed, punched in the stomach, beat in the face, slapped, kicked, tied up like a calf, and had guns loaded and held to my head as their method of “conditioning” me not to ‘fight back’ or suffer worse. 
  9. Dan Fagre, pointing at a shriveled white patch in Montana/Others were being raped that were related and connected to me, from old to young and I was also assaulted at this site and forced to watch rape.  “Fags” were involved in carrying out some of the rapes, I was being tortured and they were tortured over being fags and/or insulting fags, and one of the individuals involved was Dan.
  10. There are 25 active glaciers in the park, but a century ago there were 150/Some of the individuals were murdered and accused of spying, “telling on” the U.S. government, and trying to escape.  Some of them also acted to stage the event for political reasons of framing others.
  11. Many disappeared before they could be put on a map/people ran.
  12. We know them by their moraines/one woman involved was Lorraine Rose, who was attempted revenge against me, another involved was a Dicksie Garrett, and several others.  Some who were there to frame were people who had forced me to starve while holding me hostage when I was a kid or who humiliated and tortured me when I was forced to live with them.  Others who were called Russian spies or communist spies were killed, if believed to be associated with me. 
  13. The piles of rubble they plowed up as they slid downhill/Dicksie was digging her nails into the ground and tearing it up as they dragged her away.  I was also repeatedly dragged around by my feet from the time I was a kid, to be clawing at the ground.
  14. In the 19th c. the remnants of this Ice Age surged a bit, at the end of what’s now called the Little Ice Age (and) the snout of the Rhone Glacier (shown in a daguerreotype) extending 1,700 vertical feet lower than it does now.  It fell down a steep escarpment/implying Jewish ancestry by remnant and snout changes or nose jobs.  Also implying lying.  Also, I was taken ice climbing with people in Alaska and on pick-ax climbing on waterfalls that turned to ice and in Alaska I fell down a shaft of a glacier with Joy Sterling and Forrest Tanzer and others and some of them wanted to kill me.  I also went with Sandbergs and CIA.
  15. Twenty thousand years ago Switzerland was a sea of ice, only the high Alps protruded/prior to massive gang rape from all directions and under CIA, FBI, and Pentagon coordination I was assaulted by only British royals who I knew for some time, not strangers and by high-ranking officials in the U.S.
  16. It fell..and crept along the valley floor like a frozen amoeba/I was forced to crawl on my hands and knees and not allowed to walk upright for a long time, in private houses including in Wenatchee Valley, WA and other locations and IVF technology was new then and it is possible I was conceived by IVF .  I also saw others being conceived by IVF and the process being discussed at NASA.  Prince Philip also referred to himself as an amoeba and used to play with me on hands and knees prior to involvement in assaulting me.  One person who showed up at the Hotel Belvedere was Prince Philip and it looked like him and others called him that, another looked like Edward, another was like the author’s name Robert, and was Robert Schneider and there were others.  On the opposite page of this article is a photo of a child-bride marriage in Afghanistan in the Ghor region, which is where the U.S. Pentagon and CIA forced me to be married after I was married secretly and then by a priest to a British royal.
  17. An amoeba several stories high/I was trafficked and then accused of telling “tall tales” when I tried to report torture or when I talked about something I had done.  I started telling cousins and wrote letters sent by U.S. post to them and  my Aunt Locklyn told them I was lying.
  18. Daring to rub shoulders with such monsters during the Little ice ages…is what allowed Swiss scientists to realize from moraines and tracks high in the mountains, that big ice ages once happened/Robert Garrett jr. has a twin and one is “bigger” and the other one is “littler” and as a kid I knew them as big bob and little bob.  The Dicksies are also twins and I have thought and heard others say there are identical triplets, not just twins.   I was also told my biological parents had died when I was a kid and there was a double of me.
  19. If we weren’t changing it now ourselves, if nature were still in control, we’d be due for  another ice age in a millennium or two/when this article first was written, or one like it, and millennium mentioned, it was before the millennium.  I was also being compared as a pre-teen to Diana as being “natural” as opposed to “made up”.  Diana said why would anyone think I was attractive at all when I was just a scrappy kid and “ugly” and not meticulously groomed.
  20. Conversely, if we burn all the coal oil and gas still underground, we’ll melt every last speck of ice on Earth…we’re at an interesting fork in the road/eggs and sperm and reproductive samples have been stolen and forced from people who supported me and taken from my body.  I had a metal stent that is fork-shaped put into my body through the groin during a surgery for miscarriage after MRIs were taken of my entire body without my permission in 2009.  I was also burned with a hot poker through the groin at Mike and Carole Middleton or Gary Goldsmiths basement (underground) in London, England in the late 1980s and they called it my ruling staff and heated it up until the black iron was glowing orange, had me chained down to a bed and inserted it into my groin and said here is your royal staff.  This also makes this section about glaciers called “they rule(d)” easier to remember.  In addition to this I had a metal fork burned to my tongue by electrocution in the earlier 1980s.  I was also burned with hydrochloric acid, and with nitrogen, which melted my skin.  The CIA, FBI and Pentagon trafficked me to send messages back and forth when I was a baby, toddler, and younger child.
  21. They struggle, as the world warms, a glacier seeks balance: an altitude and a mass at which snow added above equals ice melted/The U.S. Pentagon and NASA were jointly torturing me with military technology from the time I reported Prince Charles as having “raped” me (in the early 1980s) which they feared would turn into more reports about others who were assaulting me and trafficking me.  The torture is by forms which heat the body and create pain.  Snow added above to equal ice melted is also suggestive of cocaine added in the UK as a “equal” to a glacier or ice that has been melted south.  One other term for ice is diamonds and it was a reason I was assaulted at the Hotel Belvedere.  I was accused of stealing one and I had nothing to do with it and I was told to put it inside the groin somehow and I wouldn’t because of my virginity and this was cause for further hatred of me. 
  22. It struggles to adapt but it’s not that easy, Huss says/I was assaulted with the “Hess”, James Cartright there and involved.
  23. Eighty to 90 percent of what’s left (of glaciers), Huss predicts, will be gone by 2100/This is suggesting complete extinction within 90 years.  
  24. …you have to snowshoe up a mountain.  From there, as crows circle above and snow swirls around you, the beast will be at your feet: an undulating white serpent, hauntingly quiet.  But also breathing hard/I was taken from the Hotel Belvedere up a mountain where elevation is high and it’s harder to breathe.  I was told beforehand, whatever you do, do not react or say anything or try to fight and I didn’t know what I was being led to.  Once there, it was a man, Prince Philip and then Edward, who was first on me,  and while not rape, other molestation and photos were being taken.  Then a group of men came out, said I was a traitor, and assaulted me together and they tore my clothes, took my coat, and sexually assaulted me taking turns and beat me with sticks and the black men all hovered over me and said “We’re the black crows and you’re nothing but a dead piece of rotting meat.”  I was not “undulating” I was trying to get them off of me but I had been told not to fight them ahead of time or I would be dead.  There were photographers photographing this forced “non-resistance”.    I was saying “That hurts” and then they threatened me with guns.  They talked about how I stole diamonds, I thought I was too good for them, too good for sex, my precious virginity, and how I was frigid and, over and over, “a piece of rotting meat”,  and they said my skin was white like snow and joked “She’s melting” as they each assaulted me.  Then they had Philip and another go over and pee on me. 
  25. Glacier Park will still be beautiful without the glaciers, Fagre says.  Switzerland too, says Huss, but adds, For me, it hurts to see at the end of the summer that all the snow has melted and they’re just losing mass.  It hurts.”/I was also going to mass services at that time until I was being assaulted at the services because someone didn’t want me to appear “good” or “religious” in anyway and take from their justification to torture me and sexually abuse me.  I wanted to bring someone to go with me instead of go alone and then I assaulted first.  Just losing mass is also weight I lost from abuse and starvation (in Switz), others were assaulted at Glacier and then I was as well, and I also grabbed the dirt and dug my nails in because Dan was dragging me around to be physically beat up and Dicksie helped him tie me later, after something was first done to them, and a Robert Garrett jr. lost weight and then said it was because he was raped (late 1980s), and my son who is 7 years old has been targeted for the same abuse and it’s his extinction being plotted.  He went from being at the top of all height and growth charts (which doesn’t change as a child gets older, unless there is illness) to being forced to starve, tortured, and malnourished and stolen from.  The Pentagon was also targeting his genitals with military technology and most likely plotted sterilization and infertility.  I saw that evidence myself because he was showing me at visits where the U.S. wanted me to see he was tortured and be powerless to do anything and they were dark purple and blue.  My son was kidnapped from me so the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, some royals, some Canadians, Mexicans, Mossad and other internationals could torture him and sexually assault him the way they have with me.    

As you can see there are many ways to bring this article into a topic of global warming that appeals to a non-global warming interested group.
I heard Diana call me ugly when Charles once told me to hide under the bed when she was going into the room and she was yelling at him.

I was peed on by more than one man at different times.  They said turn around and peed on my back.  This is separate from the times I was being ejaculated on, on my back.

Joy Sterling and Forrest Tanzer pretended not to want me to die while I was ice-climbing with them and my parents, but they were involved in trying to assassinate me with Camilla, Plame, and others and Joy was on the helicopter with them and then ran to the bathroom to hide with someone.  Since there was a baby carseat there, and Mike and Katie were already born I'm not sure who the baby was.  Camilla was also in the bathroom.  After Joy ran to the bathroom to hide, Carol Middleton did the same thing at the house in Seattle when I was raped by Barak Obama.  I wouldn't have said "Where's Joy?" if I hadn't known I just saw her at the helicopter entrance.

My son Oliver is being raped and has been raped since the U.S. kidnapped him from me for the purpose of raping him the way they did me.  I had more than one person confirm to me he was being raped then and he looks worse now and shows more signs of being terrorized now than he did before he was adopted.

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