Monday, February 3, 2014

Assault Against Me In Israel by Mossad

I was hit on the head with a pipe by Dicksie and another man while West Point soldiers were already attacking me, after I reported being sexually assaulted there. 

They were still going off of some revenge idea that I had told some NASA employees to go ahead and rape my Mom, when I was a very young kid, who then took turns going into a bunk bed with her on the top bunk.  Someone had asked me and I said "I don't care" and they documented this for excuses to torture me to "avenge" one of the Dicksies.  Well it was a set-up because I didn't know what it was and because they always acted out things half the time, I didn't know if they were even serious or not.  Then they did something by having my Mom, or one of the Dicksies drugged or appearing to be, at an animal shelter place and a bunch of black cops and a Jewish one from Lee County in Georgia tried to repeat the same thing, but that time, asking about a code,  to create an excuse to justify hate crimes against me.

What the U.S. "failed" to mention was they had been torturing me since I was a baby.  OH OOOOOPPPPS!


They just-so happened to "forget" that I was being trafficked around and tortured from the time I was a baby in their "guardianship", and that Dicksie herself had sliced and diced me (one of them at least) when I was extremely young. 

Torturing me in front of others, to use ME (their daughter?) as a method for extracting 'confessions' from others who supposedly worked for the PLO (Palestinians), was not exactly a "bonding" experience.  They also forced me to give blow jobs to people as a toddler and thought I didn't remember any of it.

So when someone later asked that question and I thought they can't be serious, I really did think they can't be serious. 

England had already been creating very horrific false information about me that would make any of their royal kids hate my guts.  I mean, the way they staged the entire soundbite thing to make me sound like I had assaulted William, or wanted to, or that any cry elicited from him was because of ME, is as bad and as low-level as it gets.

They all knew I hadn't actually done anything wrong but they kept it "for later" whenever they decided they wanted to incite someone to harm me, or probably thought, "This will be excellent baiting for William."  If I had really done anything, I would not have been a very sought-after babysitter and nanny for decades, mostly with government, and I really loved babies and children.  If I could have legally "adopted" William when I was a pre-teen, I would have.  I know my mind then and it isn't completely different from how I think now and I would have been happy if Diana had said one day, "If you want to adopt him you can."  I wanted to be his FT nanny at least and had I been made the offer I probably would have said yes.

So to then create some horrible false evidence of gruesome crimes against him, was one of several set-ups I was able to piece together as a set-up.  I believe there were other set-ups made against me to keep the FBI and people hating me too, and for their own cover for crimes they committed against me.

I even kept looking when I was standing there at the NASA place (inside a shuttle actually) not because I was sick but I wasn't sure if they were acting or if it was serious or what it was and what they were really even doing.  So this one Dicksie was saying "Don't look" but because I thought it was maybe just an act or something and I wasn't sure what it was, I looked over several times.  I saw her smirk with one of them so I thought it was an act.  Then, maybe it wasn't, because some of it didn't seem that way and her expression changed but I didn't know and then someone hauled me off or beat me.  They wanted an excuse to make me look horrible and I already knew they'd set me up before so I later thought maybe that's all it was--an act to set me up, or maybe it was real and I didn't realize it was as bad as it was.  I don't have a way of knowing.  I know I felt like I hated them for torturing me, at that time, but I also wasn't completely hard-hearted and, I was a kid.

I do know that at least one of the Dicksies and/Roberts used it against me as an excuse to get "revenge" against me, even themselves, as if I wasn't related to them or they were all just part of some military-CIA-FBI group.

The attempts to start creating set-ups started from the same age they assumed I might be able to articulate reports against them.  I was tortured earlier, but not really set up in crafted attempts because you can't blame it on a kid's conscience or have a motive when they're a baby, toddler, or younger kid.  It's when they become a slightly older kid, around age 7, and older, they get worried, and think now is the time to gradually create documentation that backfires.  They started trying to blame me and make me a scapegoat that young.

I was tortured and assaulted in Israel too.  The U.S. did some kind of joint operation with Mossad one time  and I was involved with some of the flying. I was about age 8 and it was before I was targeted to have my arm broken.  Mossad cut me, and cut me, and cut me, and cut me more.

They had me flying with them, and used me to do things for them, and then tortured me and started thinking of ways to incite hatred against me.  The first plots against me were coming from them and their directorship.

I was held in an interrogation room with Mossad and one of the individuals there was Mike Middleton.  They did some of the interrogation over the British royals.  When I was being tortured someone at one point asked if I was Jewish and they were told "No" so they felt free to do whatever they wanted to me.  I don't know that this next part was about me, and maybe it was about someone else but someone said "She's Mormon" at one point.  I was the one sitting there but others were in the room asking all kinds of questions so I don't know who they were talking about, possibly, "Who are you seeing" to another man, or "Are you dating anyone currently?" because I was around those kinds of interrogations.  They asked all about the love lifes of everyone.  At one point, in fact, they asked several different adults about who they were dating or seeing and then they said to me, when I was 7 or 8 or whatever, "How about you."  I said, "Huh?"  They said "Who are you dating" and I said, "What's dating?"  They explained it to me and I said, "I guess Philip or Charles".  This specific interview may have been a little later, but possibly not. I said I didn't really go on any real dates, like being taken out places though and so then one of them started doing this, taking me out to a few places.  I was asked about Diana later and what I thought about her and if it was okay with me if she married Charles in a public ceremony. They asked my permission about it first, before they were even engaged.  They were also so-so and sort of smiled about Charles when I said his name and they looked grim and not happy with me or shocked when I said Philip.  I think that made them feel I was a threat to his wife Queen Elizabeth.  They had asked me, "Which one do you want?" and I said, "Philip." I was told, "Well you can't have him.  He's married." I said "What does that mean, why not him because he's married?" and they said, "You just CAN'T."  So they said, "Charles isn't married" and then later, in another interview they asked for my permission to have Diana marry him and that's after he'd married me already (secretly).  They had Diana go with me when they asked.

There was the plain, nice interrogation and then there was assault of me at some point.  I'm pretty sure they did some wiring of me by Mossad or at a Mossad facility and by the U.S.   I know Mossad did a surgery of me while a Robert and a Dicksie were there.  I don't completely remember Robert being there but a Dicksie was.  They said they were putting two different things in my body and then they were putting something else in another part of my body.

At a NASA site, I think it was, unless it was at the Mossad site, they have a Dicksie a rectangular device and it looked like a remote control.  They showed her how to use it and it was purposes of tapping into whatever they'd put inside of my head or body.

Later, after William was born, she and some Spencer sisters sat around and acted like they had a rectangular device for inducing seizure in William.  I wasn't sure who was doing it to him but I told them to quit and reported all of them because I didn't want them to hurt the baby. However, they possibly brought out this rectangular thing for me to associate with William rather than myself because I know something was done to me even before he was born.  Then even later after that, cops were attempting to distance me from that control device and William even, by tazering me, which was a different kind of device but caused me to have uncontrollable full-body seizures. 

I was having them all the time.  They used to put an object in my mouth to keep me from biting my tongue, at least that is what I heard them say it was for, "She'll bite her tongue, do you have a.."?   Also, they had both me and William having to fight with swatting our hands to hit someone in the same way because when guards attacked me at the English military place, they were not only making fun of me for seizures but because I was trying to defend myself from being jumped by them and hitting them with my hands and kicking with my feet and they said "It's like Willie" which means they were also forcing him (William) to fight off attacks with his hands and feet which would suggest he was also forced to fight off attack dogs.

At one point, I remember clearly that at Granny's house when a Dicksie was there with her, if I "sassed" or ever suggested "telling on" someone for harming me, they were pointing this device thing at me and I was falling down into a seizure.  Several of the Baird sisters took turns using it.  I kept trying to defend myself and they would have me collapse, disabled, into a heap on the floor in a seizure fit.  I was always wondering if it was Granny or one of the sisters because when it happened I was always standing next to Granny in the kitchen.

Which is exactly how the U.S. decided to permanently control me, through remote sensing and torture by technology.  The U.S. is a criminal corrupt nation that has been lying to the world and committing worse crimes than any Nazi.  Don't expect "Mossad" to do any "rescue missions" because they are part of it and it was partly their idea to begin with.  Mike Middleton was also involved in it.

Mike Middleton and Carol were on the Mossad "mission" they did with me there.  Israel, with the U.S. around, even asked me about being in Mossad, and then England was already asking me to be in MI5, and the U.S. was asking me to be in the CIA, and I'm sure I had an opportunity to be a spy in Russia, and who knows where else.  I think Mossad and the CIA and UK just wanted to come up with ideas for getting rid of me.  Mostly it was a knee-jerk response to my being around British royals, which I never asked for in the first place.  They started plotting against me when I was age 7, to have me look like a traitor to a bunch of people, or age 8.

On the Mossad mission, they not only assaulted me with Israeli soldiers, they said Robert Garrett jr.s "Army" or military squad could assault me and they did, one by one and then they invited Mike Middleton's "Army" or squad to assault me one by one and they did.  The first time I ever heard a Robert Garrett had his own soldiers under his command, was there, and then Mike had the same thing and all of them worked together.

That's pretty vicious to do that to a 7 year old.  It was definitely in Israel and the plane they flew there for the mission, the different kinds, was what I was about to excitedly talk about to the West Point soldiers in the room, and I was trying to report being assaulted when people came breaking through the door, once looking like Mike Middleton (or Forrest) and Dicksie and then like Carol (or Joy) and Robert Garrett jr., and they assaulted me, once I blacked out on the bed and the other time I ran to the door and then fell over unconscious.

When I say assault I mean, they had soldiers who forced me to kiss them and/or punched me in the stomach or tripped me or insulted me in some way.  Stanley Ann was involved in the Mossad mission.  She was there on one of the planes, like a main transportation plane.  There were fighter jets and then a larger plane for moving people around.  I was assaulted on the transportation plane.

It's been the same group moving me around and torturing me, all along.  They just wanted to get even more people involved so it never looked like just them but like all these other officials and nations hated me.

They had me marry some Israeli guy in Israel too, of all things, and their main prime minister or whoever their guys are...a few of them physically beat me up in person (like Ariel Sharon types) and at least one of them sexually assaulted me and one was a full blown Rabbi in Israel.

I looked at some diamonds at an official shop in Israel because that's what they did.  It wasn't the English store maybe Daniel was at, it was in Israel and they did stone cutting there.  I was being taken into a side room and sexually assaulted and then a Rabbi showed up to assault me there.  One of them was going to be "promised" to me (possibly a later time) and said, "I can't because you're not Jewish."  He said "Are you Jewish?" and I said "No, I'm a Christian."  He said, "You're Catholic."  I said, "Christian and Catholic are the same" and he said, "No, you're a Catholic."  I said, "How do  you know?" and he said, "You were confirmed in the Catholic church."  And then he said, "We have access to secret records like everyone else does."  I said, "Why can't Jews and Catholics marry?" and he said, "It's forbidden." 

It was while on this Mossad "mission" Katie Middleton's conception was discussed.  When I found out about Katie later and thought back to that time, I was able to recall conversations between all of them and I started wondering who had decided to sleep with whom.

Not to mention, the same Jews involved in the Mossad missions were also mostly the ones attempting to put hits on me, including Joy Sterling, Forrest Tanzer, Carol Middleton, Mike Middleton, Stanley Ann Dunham, Robert Garrett jr., Dicksie-dael Baird, Tom&Camilla Parker-Bowles, and then you notice a lot of them that attacked me in the U.S. later were CIA and FBI with Jewish connections like, for example, Valerie Plame (Jewish), Barak Obama (Jewish), and was Diana Spencer considering herself to be a Jew? 

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