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West Point Rape Case Ignored

I made a report of sexual assault when I was at West Point and they said they were handling my report and then they fired me from West Point instead.

After I reported being sodomized while I slept, the entire room of soldiers jumped me and punched me in the stomach and said, "This is for STANLEY ANNE".

I wasn't even 13 years old.  I had no period yet but the military wanted me having an "exam" like everyone else, prior to my being admitted there or upon admission.  They wouldn't give me my own bunk bed.  I was there like every other solider, 24-7, and I was the only one they didn't have an assigned bed for and they were telling me I had to sleep with one of the soldiers in the twin beds they had, which were bunk beds.  When I was assaulted, I reported it and then the entire room attacked me.  They then said they were putting me in "isolation" and had me in a room by myself where they tortured me with radiation technology for over a month.  I was told, "You can put out, or get out", meaning, either let the U.S. employees rape me, or be tortured with military technology instead.  They also played loud music and did other things to force me to be tired and not feel good.  When I was sick throwing up they said if you didn't make the run, you're too weak and not cut out for the military.  I threw up while trying to run because the U.S. tortured me that badly.

They not only tortured me and sexually assaulted me at West Point, they later put a hit on my unborn baby and murdered it, and targeted me with military technology while I was within view of the Pentagon in Arlington, VA.

The first superior would process my assault report so then I was told I had to see a JAG lawyer, which is a military lawyer.  The woman was a bitch who mocked me and she was hostile saying why were you sleeping with the men in the first place, and "Why were you going from bed to bed?" and I said it was because I had to because they wouldn't let me stay in the same bed, and they were forcing me around the whole room.  I told her they wouldn't give me an assigned bed and she refused to write that part down.  She started accusing me of being slutty and I was a pre-teen, who hadn't even had her first period yet, who wanted to sleep in her own bed, and who was making a report of sexual assault.  She said, "I don't see your name on the assignment list" and I said, "Yeah, like I said, I don't have an assigned bed."

It was a men's military.  When I was first there,  I did have an assigned bed and I told her this.  "I had an assigned bed when I got here and then they forced me out of it saying some other guy needed it so I was going to have to share a bed until they got another assigned bed for me and "It might take awhile."

Then West Point refused to litigate or prosecute my case and they refused to give me a rape examination.  I was still eating in their mess hall with everyone else, and had a 'room' in isolation where I was being tortured, and they tortured me so badly and for so long, I got sick and I was weak.  I was also not given the same amount of food and for one week, they gave me no food at all, handing me some crackers and saying that's all they had.  There were runs every day or every week, a test, and if you didn't make your run, you got in trouble or were kicked out.  I made all of the physical exercises and the intellectual ones as well but they didn't want to admit it because they were raping me and torturing me.  I was doing better than many of them, and beating them, until they started raping me.  Then the minute I reported it, they tortured me to claim I wasn't intellectually prepared, I wasn't physically prepared, and they were better than I was.

I was ahead of most of them , and they couldn't handle the blow to their egoes  when they got "beat by a girl" and they used it against each other, to make each other mad.  They would tease other guys saying "You let HER BEAT YOU?"  "You got beat by a GIRL?"

They even got mad at me when they'd say they were getting ready to train to fly a XXXXXX and I wanted to make conversation and be social and have something in common so I'd perk up and say, "Oh yeah, I like those, but the next one is even tougher.  Just remember to xxx when you're in it because that one is TOTALLY different from the XXXX."

They couldn't take it.  I was trying to give them advice and it made them mad to think I had ever flown planes before.  I usually didn't  tell anyone I had already flown, to keep it a secret and not make anyone jealous.  I was told, "They might get jealous".  Finally, I had nothing to talk about so I tried to make small-talk with them and sure enough, they were furiously jealous.  I'm sure not all of them, but the ones who were made sure to tell others and they started sexually assaulting me.  That was their way of "getting back" at me. 

The only way those men felt better about themselves was if they were sexually humiliating me or degrading me.

There was a black man there who would say out loud to the other guys, at night, "It's hot."  He wasn't talking about weather.  The room was the same temperature every night.  He was saying this and started using other code language around them.  I started thinking these guys are just using me as their surveillance gadget again, where they give signals and say code around me knowing someone else was picking it up.  One of them said what do mean and he said "Stolen goods" and then said something one time about "It's not his kid" and "She's not a U.S. citizen".  Basically, one person there was saying I had been kidnapped and someone would get in trouble if they did anything to me because my parents weren't my real parents.  Another time one of them told the other one, "She married Usama."  No one said anything about Charles, it was Usama this and Usama that.  I got tired of them talking about Usama.

They were completely accepting of the idea I was being trafficked.  One said, "They do that in other countries, marry young."  I was asked how old I was.  "Twelve".  One of them said, "You're not married now are you?"  I mentioned I was married to Charles first and then Usama and I didn't know.  Then they wanted to assault me.  They said Charles who and I said "In England. Prince Charles."  No one laughed or said it wasn't true because they already knew it was true.  It was after that though, and my comments about flying planes, that they started sexually assaulting me.  When they jumped me they said it was for "Stanley anne".  The other thing is one of the guys asked if I could drive planes and I told him yes, and then he said "cars" and I said "Yes" and that is when he got a mean face and walked away and talked to some people and I realized, they think they have evidence on me for something just because I said I could drive cars.

So then West Point decided they were going to make my assault all about "Stanley Anne" and the accusation from Obama that I killed his Dad.  They also knew Leon Panetta because they talked about him there.

They refused to prosecute the West Point rape case and instead told me and a Robert who was there, "She isn't able to keep up" and they tried to say, "Maybe she needs to go on medication."  They also had me in their hospital for awhile first.  They did a bunch of blood draws to test how their radiation experiment of me was going.  They didn't even hide the fact they had used me for that.  They discussed their experimentation of me in front of student doctors there.

They didn't want me to train to do anything.  They hated my guts.

They also sought to undermine and discredit all prior and former training I'd ever had, or intelligence assessments.  They had one objective and it was to ruin my life and try to rape me or sexually assault as many times as they could with U.S., UK, or Canadian employees.

They also lied and claimed I had a "brain tumor" when I didn't.  They used the lie about 'brain tumor' as their cover-up for torturing me and trying to justify radiation experimentation of me which was painful.  They had no way of explaining why they were torturing me and using me for human experimentation in a room which made me sick, so to be able to "talk" about "the patient" (The English Patient), they had to say things like "This one had a brain tumor and we radiated using ... and ..... and these are what the blood results look like."

They were basically seeing how badly they could harm me and then wanted to disguise the identity of the torture victim as a "patient".

UPDATED:  2/3/14
They started referring to me as "the English patient" "with the brain tumor" who received "radiation treatment" and some other "energy-directed treatments".  That was at West Point hospital.  They did a spinal tap of me and it was either there or at one of the NASA centers (a main one) they did an open-brain operation.  Some kind of surgery was done in England when I got whacked on the head, but I am not sure it was that one.  I left West Point with a bandage around my head.  At NASA they also were experimenting on me, and torturing me, and probing the top of my head and sides of it with various instruments, and using what they were calling "remote sensors" and technology to cause pain and distortion to my head and then see how bad it was for me and how long I could last until I passed out.

It was no different, what the U.S. did to me, than what they ardently claim to have opposed and was a motive for "liberating prisoners from the Nazis".  The U.S. is guilty of the worst war crimes of the century against me.  What they did to me, is actually 10x worse than they did to almost all of the Nazi's prisoners, because they did not just torture me once and leave it alone, or for a few years and then quit, they tortured me and got as many people as they could involved to torture me, for almost 40 years now.  I know of zero "Jewish" or "other" prisoners who suffered what I have for 40 years.  No Nazi singled out a "Jew" for 40 years of repeated assault, cutting with knives and razors, forced isolation, sodomy by groups of people when they were kids, murder of the unborn, torture of the same person's unborn, torture of the same person by "brain surgery" they used for microchip experiments, torture by having wires run through ears and under skin to the same person, kidnapping of the child of the same person, harassment of the same person, vaginal rape of virginity against the same person, false imprisonment repeatedly against the same person, electrocution in several forms for hours, and days, months, and years to the same person, chaining the same person to beds,...

No one has suffered what I have in the United States as a "citizen".  If I am a citizen, the U.S. is guilty of treason.  They are also guilty of war crimes whether I am or not.  If I am not, they used that as their excuse for torturing me which is what I was told, at the time, they were doing.

Some "instructor" who works for OSU out of Virginia wrote a textbook claiming sovereignty means your country can kill you.  That was his emphasis.  That's not what that is about.  Of course, since he's in Virginia, where the CIA kisses Kate Middleton's ass and wants her to be "sovereign" for them, he wants to go by an English idea of rulership.  Living in a sovereign democracy means no citizen is killed by their country--it means they have the right to kill non-citizens who intrude or invade or commit crimes.  This man's slick idea of claiming it means the U.S. can kill their citizens is a deliberate attempt to cover up for the fact that the CIA used the opposite excuse for justifying assassination attempts against me.  They did not say, "She's a U.S. citizen and we can torture her", they said, "She is NOT a U.S. citizen so she is "Fair Game"" (in Valerie Plame's words, and that is what she used that term for when she was talking to me.  When I said, "I'm not a U.S. citizen" she then said, "So you're fair game then.")

Regardless of my citizenship, whether I am (or was) a U.S. citizen or not, the U.S. is guilty of war crimes. 

When I was attacked by a bunch of soldiers at West Point, I was then in a private room where I was tortured and where I developed a huge bump on my head.  They referred to it as a "tumor" and they knew it was not a tumor.  I was hit on the head by what looked like a piece of round pipe, and it was Dicksie, one of the Dicksies, who came into the room and did it.  I was shocked that a Dicksie was on the other side of the door, ready to jump in and whack me on the head, when I was the one being attacked by West Point.  I ran to the door, opened it, said "Help" and fell down unconscious.  No one thought I saw her but I did.  She wasn't the only person who came through the door because I think there was also a Robert Garrett and/or another man.  But I saw her and that she was the one holding the pipe and she had a very bad look on her face.  Maybe she gave it to someone at the last minute, but what I noticed was she whacked me on the head with a heavy steel pipe.  I thought why do Robert( or ?) and Dicksie want the soldiers at West Point to know they are against me and have no problem harming me?

She did this just as I was about to say something about Israel and what they did there.

I ended up with a serious huge bump on my head and they called it a "brain tumor" because they weren't admitting I was attacked there, by aggravated assault in addition to sexual assault.  They had also kidnapped me to send me there to start with. 

I believe they did the experimental torture procedure there with open-brain surgery.  I walked out with a head wrapped up and some of the soldiers who saw me looked scared and some of them looked glad, the ones who were jealous of me.  They said, "Now she's a rag-head" and said was I going back to Usama now?
After this I was at another doctor clinic and it was closed-in, not a hospital.  If they didn't do the surgery at West Point, they did it at the next place but it was a different kind of room because it was smaller and there were only a couple of doctors there.  Then after that I was taken to NASA where they experimented with torture to my head, to whatever they had surgically placed in my head.  From there I was sent to Virginia CIA and a lawyer was given to me and I was told someone made a complaint to the UN about me.  They confirmed I had dual citizenship in England and Russia.  I said I also had U.S. and they told me I had to drop one of them because I couldn't have 3 and I said, "I already dropped the U.S. then because I didn't drop England and I added Russia."  I said, "I would have either English and Russian" or "English and U.S." and I don't know why Canada is being brought up.  I had French and Canadian brought up before.  Actually they were pressuring me to take the Russian citizenship and leave so it's possible they knew the other dual citizenships did not include Russia.  I'm not sure.   What they wanted me to do was drop English.  They were still freaked out over my having married Charles.  They thought if I wasn't an English citizen anymore and renounced England, they had nothing to worry about.  I refused to do anything and then when I told Plame, at a hunting excursion with Avilas later that I wasn't a U.S. citizen is when she said, "Oh?  Good.  Then you're fair game."

I am not sure right now, though it may come to me, which country the man who was murdered said I was born in, but it wasn't the U.S.  I was supposedly born earlier and then trafficked to Wenatchee.  If that's true, it would be either because Dicksie got me from someone else and they swapped kids, or I was kidnapped, or one of the Dicksie twins was in another country pregnant with a different twin in the other country (also pregnant?) and I was born somewhere else.

One of the reasons the U.S. kept moving me around to different federal sites, is because they didn't want me to be in one place too long to tell someone or try to escape outside of their federal government prison zones.

If they had just tied me up and left me in a cage for weeks and let me out, instead of leaving me alone as I tried to report it or find help, they would pick me up and throw me in the water and say "Start swimming".  Then they would torture me and threaten me for so long, every single day for months, I was too afraid to tell anyone at school and they used all of the sexual degradation to shame me and keep me from wanting to mention it.

Then when I was older, that's all they wanted mentioned.  By 2004, they didn't want me to be blogging and sounding "normal".  They wanted me to be as degraded, nuts-sounding and low-life as possible.

For example, after I was experimented on, instead of taking me back to the house where I could make phone calls or maybe tell people at church, they took me to the CIA which created a "diversion plan" for diverting me from reporting them and they tortured me to keep me from telling the truth.  When they had Barak Obama rape me, they didn't leave me alone to find someone to report it to, even though I tried on the first day--they took me out of the country and put me into dog cages for "quarantine" and then in the U.S. for "quarantine" in the same dog cages and tortured me. 

They would commit a major crime, and then torture me for months and isolate me from anyone who could assist and then suddenly throw me back into school and pretend nothing happened and push a bunch of busy-work on me to "have to do" instead of allowing me to try to figure who I should report it to or how to escape.  I never had access to call anyone who wasn't already government.  I was deprived of friends and forced not to have any except for during school hours and the few whose houses I went to, were more kids of government employees who were agreeable to participating in torture of me, experimentation of me, or other forms of planning to have me "have an accident".

Going to OSU at the time, was another government plan for 'diversion' of my reporting them and a way to have me on their own turf, at a military college with professors in a CIA and military funded "pilot program" which they wanted to use to ruin my credibility while torturing me with remote sensing.  It was also their "solution" to illegally blocking my transportation to actual flight training that I was in.

They blocked me from my scheduled flight, and then told me "You can be in a 'pilot program' for a college instead" as some kind of consolation prize.  Then when I was there, all they did was use it to ruin my records and credibility so they could attempt to justify their funding others instead of me, and how it wouldn't be a "loss" to just murder me next.

Every single time I attempted to report a U.S. employee for a new or old crime against me, I was tortured and had a plot organized against me to punish me by having someone go to my workplace to complain and have me fired; to have me fail classes I wouldn't fail if I was not being tortured; to obstruct my driving and leaving the U.S. or the state for training of any kind; to be falsely imprisoned to be unable to start a new job; to be targeted with severe torture to the head after reporting a rape to discourage me from continuing and reporting all of the others that knew they were next on the list; to find an excuse for kidnapping my son.

As soon as I had the U.S. military again operating on my head in 1995 was when they started torturing me to my head directly.  It is also when a lot of former enemies thought they could breathe a sigh of relief because they felt sure now I could be controlled all the time.  They started funneling in huge amounts of money to sponsor torture of me then.

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