Friday, February 28, 2014

3rd Time ASUS Has Me Give Them My Computer Information

I was forced to get another computer because the U.S. turned my other one off.  It wasn't surged and it wasn't plugged in.  It was powered off deliberately.  When I went to the store and got this one I got home and it did the same thing ASUS has done to 3 times I've bought brand new computers from them.

They have been working with FBI.  I would not recommend ASUS to anyone who does not want the U.S. government or Europe, in their business.  Every single time, I've gone home and they refuse to start my computer with my password and say it's an incorrect one when it's not, and start halfway showing the "welcome" part and then disconnecting to say "incorrect password".  They have done this with 3 different ASUS computers I've gotten from them.  One was in the late 1980s, one was over a year ago, and then this time.  That's 3 times they've forced me to call their technical support and force me to give them both my computer's serial number and my name and want a record kept of the exact laptop I have in their files.

Then they start burning me using the computer I'm using after I reset the machine, according to their directions.  I wasn't being burned with anyone tapping into laptop technology until I gave the serial number and my name, but this can be done from Satellite and doesn't require the serial number, and it can be done from someone in the neighborhood too.

I'm not going to recommend ASUS when they have forced me to give away private information to them, that was unnecessary, from the start, and when every single time they are forcing me to restart my computer.

In the 1980s they didn't have the same system technical specifics and what they did was deliberately shut down my computer even though I had been using it for awhile.  Then when I called they asked for all of my personal information and they did this when I was looking up government information.  Then when I had a Lenova computer and tried it instead, they shut down my computer and when I called them they said they weren't going to allow me to use their computer if I was using it to access government sites.  I said you can't do that, but because I was a pre-teen and they figured they could take advantage of little kids, they said yes, they could do whatever they wanted and they had a right to give my information to law enforcement when it was requested.  So basically, the FBI had told Lenova which computer I used and got them to block me from being able to go online and find assistance from victim's support, or for political asylum, or about torture and they shut off my computer completely, and I wasn't able to use the computer at all, even when I was in the middle of online classes at OSU.  I went through 3 different computers in one and a 1/4 term.

That is pretty incredible, when you have FBI powering off your laptops and communications just because they don't want you making reports about them and their criminal employees.  They got Lenova to go along with them 100%, and they said they were shutting down my Lenova computer because they did not authorize use of my looking up government sites and they were contacted by federal authorities so they had the right to power-off my computer and shut it down so I couldn't use it.  It's not like I was "hacking" into government sites, I was looking up sites for things like victim's assistance, lawyers, and other information.  Obviously, because I was a victim, so I tried to access courts and other government resources and the FBI literally had my entire laptop "powered off".  I said "You can't do that--that's illegal"  and Lenova told me they could do whatever they wanted when they had a federal request.  For example, I was trying to find police stations online and make reports about crimes against me--that kind of thing. 

So the United States was blocking me, as a victim when I was a pre-teen, from communications that any other citizen, child or adult, had a right to access.  They also did this 3 different times to obstruct my college classes which I was working at, and knowing that shutting down my computers was going to cause me to miss assignments and labs worth large amounts of credit.

With ASUS, they possibly shut down my computer as well.  I believe they did because another one was powered-off and ASUS didn't tell me it was for going to government sites, they just said they need my name, laptop serial number, my social security number, and a bunch of other personal ID information because they said, "We have to validate your identity".  The other computer I used, one of them, was a desk top and it was at the apartment in Portland and it was also powered off.  First the one in Portland was powered off, then in Coquille when we moved to a house there instead, 2 different laptops were powered off.  There was no power surge or any kind of electrical problem--in all three cases, I was working as a student, and I was a victim of crimes committed by the U.S. government, and they U.S. was not only engaging in anti-competitive behavior against me, they were blocking my access to courts, lawyers, and police stations, and political asylum assistance.  I had gone to 3 different organizations with reports of human trafficking done against me and the FBI was just shutting my computers down.

They got entire computer companies to go along with what they wanted.

I guessed it wasn't actually the computer companies that did it, but the military or something, but what Lenova told me was they did it and at the request of the FBI.

So once again, so far, in the last 2 years or less, I've had 3 different laptops powered off to force me to buy a new one.   There is no possible way it is not FBI and the Department of Justice.

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