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UPDATED 2/21/14: Military Continues Tortue and Triggers Seizure

UPDATED p.m. 2/21/14.  I am being burned with laser while attempting to go online again for my college studies.  This has been going on since 5 p.m. and the burning with laser direct is to my heart and stomach and no other location.  My chin is also being targeted with ionic energy but it's not a burning technology and that is entirely targeted around my heart, ribcage, and stomach.  It is most likely because of the torture from military surgery that was performed on me in both England and in the U.S. at military hospitals to my ribcage and then whatever they did to me during surgery in Maryland, in 2009, at 7th Day Adventist Hospital, which was by a military doctor and where my fiancé was directly connected to Barak Obama and military.  Barak Obama, by the way, was part of massive drug transports involving semi-truck and airplane shipments in the 1980s and I know this because I was there.  The U.S. had their military and FBI punks like Barak Obama involved in huge drug transportation deals and then were trying to rat on some of the people.  I was given a CB and told to schedule shipments and find out when they were coming and going and it was U.S. military and Middleton's men who were involved in trying to have me screw up or not do my job correctly so they could take over instead.  They were trying to pass over a huge shipment over to Barak Obama's control and I was saying no and they got mad about it so the military started targeting me and harassing me, and cutting off and jamming my CB because I was the ONLY effective "controller".  I wouldn't let anyone go until I checked their ID or cleared them and a Robert Garrett jr. and another guy connected to Middleton kept pushing me to give the okay on a shipment that wasn't cleared and then I said, "Wait" and held it because I suspected something was wrong.  As it turned out the FBI was all around and that's what I picked up on.  I was being pressured to hand over a huge order to Barak Obama on another end of the line and I refused and they got pissed off.  That's how I knew Barak Obama was involved in massive drug transportation, not just some cocaine in a backpack, diamond smuggling, money laundering for the FBI, and rape of children with FBI coordination.  They got in trouble over it and I didn't.  I got a promotion and then the underlings got mad about it and started jamming my CB to force me out and it was just THICK with fucking cops.   Not to mention my own "Dad" was trying to get me to screw up and pushing me to give the okay when it wasn't cleared and I had orders to clear every move.  I was the one calling the shots, not them, and they got mad I wouldn't disobey my orders and take their sideline advice.  The FBI hated my guts over it and wanted to murder me because Raul Bujanda and Robert Garrett jr. were told to "kneel" and/or I was asked if I thought they were rats or not by the Colombian boss.  I wouldn't go against orders and then I was told by someone, someone found out the person I felt suspicious about was found out to have been an FBI agent.  If I had gone ahead with it, even with cops and FBI or military involved, they would have tried to set me up or it would have been a bust and instead, the FBI agent got caught.  So it was another reason the FBI hated my guts and wanted to torture my brains out.  Honestly, from what I saw of the FBI, they had probably wanted that shipment handled by them to begin with, because it was going to be part of their slab of meat and "get rich quick plan", because they were using that kind of money to bribe off cops and international people to turn against me and not assist me in reports I made of pedophilia, human trafficking, and torture.   It was also a way to try to make me look unprofessional and that is what they aimed to do in every single business I tried to work at.  It didn't matter what it was, and there are maybe a couple of times I was "forced" out and it was to my advantage and benefit because I didn't know what I was getting into (as a kid), but other times, it was just deliberately trying to have me fail at everything I did because of jealous or to get an advantage over me. 

The entire title of "Fast and Furious" is basically like a depiction of the style of rape and casing a joint that Barak Obama was involved in.  They would get a group to go in, commit a crime, and then rapidly walk out or clean it up and walk out.  They were always full of hate and rage (furious) and moving fast to not get caught.  So they'd go in with a half-pipe against me at a bunker at West Point, and hit me over the head with it, and then speed right on out as if nothing happened.  Or they'd jump me and beat me up, or steal something and walk out, or commit some kind of crime.  I was literally "jumped", as in, suddenly surrounded by adults and kicked and punched, almost once a week as a kid, for years, by United States government employees.  I was being jumped so often, and by feds and state and local people, in groups, so often, it was routine to the point that I was in a constant state of shock.  None of them was ever going to make reports of crimes against me because of how many of them were involved and took bribe money from the FBI's own privately run bureaucratic drug industry.   Many of them beat me physically, not sexually as well, but even the ones who physically jumped me were not later sticking up for me when I tried to make rape reports.  I was not just jumped at my own house or in England at private residences--I was being taken to gun ranges and training facilities that cops used; to Quantico, VA around FBI; to West Point; to the insides of major state pennitenitaries where they rape people and feel completely immune to ever being held accountable (like warden K. Johnson); to NASA stations and headquarters (there are several, not just two main ones in the U.S.); to military camps; military hospitals; police stations; FBI offices; and medical universitieis that are involved in torture of people; and courthouses, to name just a few places.  I was also held at the concentration camp in Cuba where terrorists are held and I was tortured there.  That's not to mention locations in England and Canada which were involved, or the fact the U.S. transported me out of the country to many different countries to pay off a bunch of people to keep them from ever thinking of defending me if I tried to go to the United Nations or attempted to escape to another country.  The U.S. was also deliberately trying to endanger my life by showing some of these people "documents" and photos and video or audio footage where I was made to sound bad because I had been framed by the FBI.  The documentation they were spreading around was bad enough that it was very clear their intention was to incite hatred against me from some other country, to see if they'd kill me and do the U.S. cops and CIA-DOD criminals a favor.  One example of someone attempting to avert consequences is Angelina Jolie.  She didn't have a double-mastectomy as a "preventative" measure for health reasons alone.  She knows her risks are greater than "inheritable breast cancer genes" because she has not only worked for the U.S. government, she's tortured people (me, for example, because I remember her as a kid and what she did to me) and she tried to incite hatred against me, deliberately endangered me knowing it would put my life at risk and tortured me in her own private house with knives, rope, and chloroform and sexual assault,  and I'm sure she'd go against others she thinks might get in her way.  The only reason she's paranoid about getting breast cancer is not just because her Mom got it.  She's  been working for the CIA for umm, how long now?  Her own Dad was telling me about her, right before he kicked the bucket.  She knows the Sterling-Tanzer family and the Middletons as well, and Brad Pitt happens to not only be someone who ambushed me in a field and punched someone and wanted blood sucked out of a slit throat, he was involved in attempting to shoot me on Martha's Vineyard (Coney Island, specifically, or we talked about going there and it was while I was standing next to a cotton candy-hot dog stand vendor with balloons around and a Dicksie interchangeable was there as well.  They had one man aim and then hand off a gun to a Dicksie and run) when James Comey and Barak Obama were sharing a house I was staying at with parents.  Before he was really known in any movies, he was working as a double for the U.S. government.  By double, I mean, someone who tries to take the place and appearance of another government employee so they can commit crimes and be interchangeable.  So, for example, one guy shows up in a crowd with a gun and then moves out of sight as another similar or almost identical man takes his place.  Sometimes they'll use 3 different men (or women) who are similar in appearance as doubles.  It's a way to confuse the crowd and the public and allow one to get away if another is getting caught. Another actor who wasn't known by anyone as an actor at the time of his involvement in government corruption was Matt Damon.  He was present in a group to beat me up and intimidate me from answering honestly to the United Nations when someone made a report on my behalf and he was there with a bunch of military.  I saw him later in movies and instantly recognized his face and name because they said his name out loud.  I don't remember meeting him before then and I didn't forget him because I had wondered why he was filled with hate for me.  What had I done to this "Matt Damon" person?  He beat me up viciously, with fists and kicking and he did almost more than military did to me and really hated me.  I couldn't figure out why it was so important to him to assault me, intimidate me to lie to the UN and say I wasn't tortured, and why he was trying to pull favors for British royals as well.  I would never want to be his girlfriend.  He'd beat up any woman and was beating me up when I was a kid.  He was really furious that I had English citizenship too.  Just seriously upset.  I remembered him because I thought, "His last name is like Demon.  Matt Demon."  Later, as it turned out, he got parts in movies produced out of Portland, Oregon, where many of my abusers were already living and where the FBI had assaulted me in their offices.  I thought maybe he had a relative or something, who he thought I'd offended?  I didn't know, just that he was vicious.  There was a Jew there too, who seemed to know him, some military, an Oregon State person, and a royal.  I also thought maybe he was just trying to impress a royal by beating me.  I saw them all get money too.  They got a briefcase full of it.  I was pretty sure he worked for the FBI.  He assaulted me bad enough that I remember what his massive thighs were like because he was doing some kind of bodybuilding or weight lifting.  They were like Raul Bujandas and they must share work-out ideas.  The reason I remember his thighs is because I was getting punched and kicked and reaching out to hold onto something I grabbed his thighs, so I know.  They were exactly like Bujandas.  Total FBI work-out.  They probably shared Jenny Craig too.
I just looked him up on wiki and yeah, he married some Argentinian woman?  It's because he can't stand feminists and needed a 'traditional' mommy-type.  He beats up little girls for a living and then he went on to get the title of "Best Ass-kicker" in 2008.  Which is really interesting now that I think about it, because supposedly he's also good friends with Ben Affleck, a Jew, and is a Jew himself.
Maybe that's why he was with a Jew when they were beating me up and trying to keep me from reporting their "people" to the UN.  Not to mention, the woman from Argentina whose husband assaulted me at their house with military technology, was "Olga" and both Olga and Matt Damon's wife from Argentina are most likely related.  It's makes the movie title "Argo" sort of hilarious.  They're criminal Jews who torture and beat up on little kids:  me and my son Oliver.  So obviously whatever Damon's problem was of me at the time he beat me and tried to intimidate me, was connected to Jews for Middleton as well, i.e., Katie Middleton and others and probably a Robert Garrett jr. because he is also a Jew (technically) and they all were torturing me and sexually assaulting me or having others do this to degrade me so they could feel Jew Pride.  So Matt Damon, who assaulted me in the 80s and went on to produce a military movie next ("Saving Private Ryan"), and whose first main movie part was "Mystic Pizza" and then "Good Will Hunting" is a fucking con and child beater.  He is also most likely very connected to Olga and Russ Strong because Ben Affleck was stalking me and he showed up to assault me and take money for it at the UN occasion and already knew Ben and then got hooked up with the Argentina woman who worked in Miami, which is Raul Bujanda's favorite FBI location.  He also made a point to make hand and feet prints in 2007 after my son Oliver was kidnapped from me, and this is after his friends assaulted me at the BBQ at Olga and Russ Strong's house.  His idea of assaulting me and trying to have my English citizenship removed was most likely some kind of head-in-William-of-Wales crotch move.  He could have said it was for Diana but that would be a lie.  Mossad wanted Kate Middleton in William's pants.  Matt Damon also showed up at my grandmother and grandfather's house in Cashmere, Washington more than one time.   He would show up and pick something up or deliver something and I saw him at the house more than I saw Ben Affleck.  Later, much later, he decided to "import" a lookalike named "Ryan" to fill in for him in Wenatchee, WA but it was never Ryan who was showing up at the house (who is also, by the way, from the same town Matt was born in), it was Matt Damon.  From what I remember, if I am correct, based on one thing I once saw, Matt Damon is a closet homosexual or bi at least.   This has sometimes been a motivating factor for hate crimes when they are defending pedophile military or other groups.  I didn't see him "all the time" but at least 2 times there and then beating me up at the UN thing.  They also wanted to remove any idea or threat to his 'standing' in the line-up and I guess since the Jews knew I had married Charles, it made it even more "real" to them and frightening to have me around so they took to beating me up and raping me.  I know Mossad murdered a bunch of people who were supporters of me when I was very very young and then they were about to murder me and someone said, "She's the only one left?" and the others said yes and to kill me too and one said, "She's young.  She won't say anything."  So it was some Mossad group that murdered a group of people in front of me, was about to kill me off for good measure, and then decided not to.  I remember the whole thing and they've instead tortured me and used me ever since, and lied about me.  I think they were supporters of me because they were crying and screaming for me and my name when they were being murdered.  Maybe someone was blond but I remember mostly brunettes, white people with brown hair.

The entire idea of fast and furious with drug dealing has to do with FBI and military so I hardly understand how a "panel" of people are reviewing some modern-day "Fast and Furious" when all of them are aware of what they were doing in the 80s and 90s and they never stood up for me then?  Why are these people attempting to transfer liability of one decade to another group in another decade?  It's almost like just another attempt to create a name cover for messing up the internal records and hoping no one finds out what the real one was about.

All that the U.S. military and FBI wanted (and Mike Middleton was right there, involved with it and working with them), was their own Barak-Obama drug cartel to proceed and to torture me.  It's why they set up raping me later too.  All of the individuals involved in the Seattle house rape of me were government persons who were part of the illegal DEA-sanctioned (illegal or not) government drug industry.  So basically, the U.S. government wants a cut of the meat--a NICE THICK SLAB.  If they don't get their cut of the meat, they kill people, rape kids, and torture kids, and then use the FBI to "investigate" their "competition" domestic and abroad and murder or frame their competition.  It's real nice, those FBI assholes.  They work 100% in collusion with the U.S. Pentagon and DOD because who else is going to cover their competition's back with semen and ejaculate, or rape them for the FBI, or torture kids for decades because they're pissed off men with wives that got pissed because they want hush money.  The group that jams the CBs and disrupts communications of the competition, and I mean drug competition, and no, it's not just the CIA that is involved in drug profits, it's the FBI and U.S. Army too.  They are NOT trying to 'crack down' on any drug shipments because that is their business, and they want their share of the meat.  Not one single deal or transaction occurred without FBI assholes around, and military.  What I am saying, is that FBI and military are 100% in the business and then the only time they "make a bust" is if they think they'll get caught or need to look "professional" suddenly, or want to divert attention away from another drug shipment they have going.  They are not "busting drug rings"--they are completely in the business, and NOT as "undercover guys".  They are making the money and then taking that same drug money, laundering it through the FBI offices, raping kids like myself, lying about it to others, and then promoting themselves and whoever they "choose" on the spot.  Barak Obama was working with the FBI in drugs and it is the FBI that has given him a "cover" for his illegal activities, lack of U.S. citizenship, and freebies like raping me in a coordinated and premeditated rape of me.  Who kept their mouths shut about it?  So far, it's cops and FBI that have been ignoring my report of rape and they're the same ones who took major amounts of money in front of me, thinking I was close to "good as dead" anyway.  Many ex-military go into the drug business because they are wanted for their technology expertise, and then they use this to get jobs working for FBI drug dealers.  They have been torturing me for two reasons:  to cover and punish me for attempts to report their disgusting pedophilia; and to punish me for being better at almost everything I did, as a kid, than they were.  Their wives and daughters are nothing but ho's. 
UPDATED 2/21/14.  I had another seizure that military was starting by targeting my stomach again.  I know it's military because I checked after the 2nd time it was done to me and I had round red marks on my lower stomach where some kind of laser target was and it was bruising there, more blueish under the skin.  They were all along my lower pelvic region to my stomach and this is exactly where the U.S. Pentagon was directing their aim.  They also did this to me when they have known I am planning a pregnancy.  In addition to this, my eyes were bright red yesterday because all night they were doing electrical shocks and then triggering seizures and my eyes were sunken in and bright red from it.  Then this morning when they targeted me it was to my head and one of my eyes was bulging out more than the other one. 

The U.S. has turned into nothing more than a criminal organization that tries to claim it's a country.  This is the third time the U.S. has targeted me for torture during any time it is possible for me to be pregnant.  They tortured my son Oliver when he was 7 months old and then kidnapped him and torture him, and I saw evidence of this, and the U.S. military and NASA murdered my unborn in 2009 and directly targeted me for that, and then this is another time and this time they've been using laser and electrical shock and have been directly targeting my lower stomach and triggering seizures when I don't have seizures.  I think they hope I'll come up with a medical excuse for why I couldn't keep up with classes and they can do another MRI or have another excuse for their every-3-year head exam of me when they torture me and that's not going to happen.

Updated 2/20/14.  I woke up with another seizure this morning.  I had to get up and drool all over into the sink.  There isn't any explanation or reason for it because I don't have them regularly.  I have been taking vitamins but nothing outside of the standard ones and no herbs or tinctures or anything so it doesn't make sense to me.  The only thing I've added is a little more salt.  That's it. I basically suddenly have an extremely high sense of smell, and can smell things I don't usually and then I have to get up because I'm drooling and with seizure (not jerking around, just pre-seizure, mini-symptoms).  I am sure it's military in some way because I've never had them3- 4 consecutive mornings in a row this way.  The other reason I'm sure it's somehow military-induced is because I was having a dream on the second day in a row, with Queen Elizabeth saying to someone, "Oh no--we can't have another one of those" (epileptics) and then I woke up right after she said this (in my dream) and I was having a seizure onset, with the drooling and had to get up because I was drooling everywhere.  So why would I dream that before having one?  It's like military brain sending and their REM experimentation.

The U.S. military has continued torturing me this entire term I've been in college.  Yesterday and the day before I was being tortured while online studying, but not while blogging and the torture and technology was only if I tried to study for my chemistry class (etext is entirely online) or other courses.

The other thing the U.S. military has been doing for the last 3 days in a row is jam my door to my place so I can't get in after unlocking my door with my key, and they keep it jammed, regardless of how many times I turn the key, for between 5-10 minutes.  There is no swelling or weather condition that is doing this and since I blogged about it they've done it even more frequently, every day.

The United States, which is guilty of premeditating generations of rape against me since I was a baby, which deserved 9-11 in every way (you can thank my ex-husband for that dears) and which deserves to have something much larger than 9-11 occur, and which really needs to have this happen to ever have any chance of being "healthy" again, has also been waking me up at the same time in the early morning, exact same time each morning, to have a seizure which means I have to get out of bed because I'm drooling and having seizure.  They have done this by targeting my stomach while I am sleeping.

The United States really got what they deserved when 9-11 happened.  Incidentally, it was one of the few times the torture and harassment against me quit.  I didn't think about it then, but now that I remember who I was married to at one time, I am sure it's possible Usama and someone who knew what crimes the U.S. committed against me, backed it.  Afterall, it was done after I was raped by Jew Josh Gatov.

Don't think they won't do it again without him.

I also realize there is something really evil about Wall Street itself and people like Chris Dabney, to have come across a Wall Street Journal magazine (WSJ) left by someone, which has their entire issue for February celebrated my unborn being tortured by the U.S. Pentagon and murdered.

I had the most torture-free time of my life for several years after 9-11 and I guess someone in the Pentagon decided to hold off on "making them mad" by targeting me and chose to redirect their focus of obsession over me and their damage control for being one of the highest ranking corrupt nations in the world, with the most disgusting rate of state-sanctioned torture and pedophilia, to focus on other things.

When I think about it now, and realize, having had no idea then it was a possible reaction to send a message to the U.S. about their crimes, about some who tried to protect, I think of it as excellent show.  God bless those who coordinated 9-11 and God bless their children for having courage and a moral backbone.  I hope those who were involved in planning 9-11 have unexpected funds and resources that end up getting to them despite the enemies attempts to block them and I hope their children grow to be brave, strong, and confident.  Most of all, I hope they have a sense of the Holy Spirit and feel a happiness that cannot be explained, regardless of their situations.

So I want to say thank you for avenging me, if any of you did, for the U.S. constantly raping me and having promised me as a kid, ahead of time, that they weren't going to press charges.  They have chosen to be a quagmire and to lose all of their credibility.  It is their choice.

I don't know of any kind of legitimate "country" that takes a bunch of FBI and police to a prison, with videotapes of my being tortured and raped, forces a man to watch them and promises him and me that the U.S. is going to find as many military and men as they can to rape me and then they promise not to press charges.

That is basically saying, "We have no law or justice and we punish children for imagined crimes or revenge over things no child can be held responsible for, and out of jealousy."

The United States has no right to exist as a nation.  They have committed fraud at every single possible level there is to commit fraud against its citizens.  I don't say this because I hate the U.S., and I definitely don't hate all Americans, but because it is true.  They have no democracy--it's lost and does not exist.  They have no justice--they buy favors for select few.  They have no protection for citizens--they target their own citizens for torture when that is not a right of a sovereign nation; the right of a sovereign nation is to protect its citizens from outside torture or to punish others, not to torture those living in their country.  The U.S. is pushing bills against trafficking of children while blocking my own testimony and access to court about it (which means they want an appearance of being good without any substance).  The  U.S. has given a "cover" for a criminal (President Barak Obama) knowing all along he's a criminal and that he is not a U.S. citizen.

I hope to God that some good country which has some fighting strength left, starts planning.

I am NOT saying I would do anything or ever have done anything because I've not and I was never involved in anything.  I am also connected to any odd groups at all.  What I'm saying, with my so-called right to free speech, is that this is the sounding horn on fraud.  The U.S. is not one bit what it claims to be.  I really don't think a nation that stands around plotting repeated government gang-rapes of kids by officials and which makes promises to hostages about raping children, has a right to a dime.

They have made their living off of me.  I mean if I seriously consider what groups the U.S. forced me to work for, and then tore me out of, just to have access to me, torture me, make promises about promoting me, and then having  jealous motives to try to dumb me down and pass me around everywhere, the U.S. owes me every single life they have.  They should be paying me taxes.  They've supported their entire industry off of torture of me and trafficking me around to others to the point that no other country has done.

For every life lost to me, and because of me, I am thankful to God.  Minus a few exceptions where possibly some who were on my side were lured only to be killed, I am thankful to God for the lives that have been lost as a point against the criminals who boast and flaunt their crimes who are adults or teens and who have no excuse of being children and innocent or unknowing to back them.

I know, without any doubt, that God has been happy about those who have died as a point of justice for the crimes against me and I hope to God that God gets his complete way on earth as in heaven.

That's another thing.  The U.S. never wanted me to have any faith or belief in God.  I know this because when they were torturing me as a baby and toddler, that wasn't their "plan" for me.  They didn't want anyone to defend me and believing in God made them nervous, either because they are cowards who can't really account for the power of God with all of their criminal technology and torture, or because they didn't want me to appear "righteous" to some of the religious people in any way and only sought incentives for harming me.  All I know, is that God is for me.

Do what you will and win whatever wars you want to win, and torture all you like, you'll never change it.  Listen to me:  God is for me and I am for God. 

It's Power.

I don't mean religion or the attempts of others to use religion to subdue someone is power, I mean God is Power.  It's also not Power you get by first trying to "get power" because you have a motive to have "power".  It is the incidence that naturally occurs when you believe in God.  I am very thankful to God and God knows that I am.  This is called "encouragement".  We encourage each other. 

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