Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Barak Obama's Rape Attempts In Coos Bay, Oregon at Hamilton Apartments

I noticed why my Uncle Howard mentioned something about "Hamilton" and Barak Obama together at the same time, right before Obama and Karl Rove put a hit on my Uncle and killed him.  He was being targeted with military technology that took him out after he brought up some past evidence against Barak Obama.

Barak did not just rape me in Seattle, Washington, he hunted me down in Coos Bay, Oregon and was assisted by cops there, and CIA, to physically and sexually molest me in an apartment at a complex called "Hamilton Apartments".

He was not the only black man there.  It was 2 black men and a white German man.  The German man had distinctly Germanic features and was blond and the 2 black men was one who couldn't have been Larry Bryce, but maybe it was, or another black man named Frank.  Barak Obama was the other black one.  There was an older one and a younger one.

Also, I remembered today when I was in Coos Bay, Oregon, that the Coos Police knew all about it.  They had deliberately set me up to be forced to spend time with this woman they knew, who still lives there and I reported her and her 1/2 Japanese friend for torturing me to police.

At the time they had a Robert drop me off in Coquille to be on my own, but only after they'd set me up with seriously bad people, after I was having to be a middle man for drug and money swaps between Barak Obama and others, as a kid, and being tortured by these women who knew Alicia Nakata and the Middletons (Middletons were friends with Nakatas in Wenatchee, WA and Nakata was friends with the Asian woman who assaulted me along with the female who worked with cops and called me "honey" all the time faking tears).

I thought Robert Garrett jr. was having an affair with her.  He blew up at me and was defensive of her when I was being tortured by her and then her friend who knew Nakata jumped me one day.  They were tying me up into torture positions and leaving me there for long periods of time, stretching my muscles out of joint, hanging me upside down, and they were using all kinds of hooks in the wall attached to ropes and wires to do it.  The only reason I know the Asian woman knows Nakata is because she was talking to the other woman about Nakata and used her name directly.

They got paranoid because they knew I was trying to report things.  I kept trying and I wasn't giving up and the fact they had people in Coos Bay that were connecting to Wenatchee, WA and Seattle criminals who were in the government, along with other places I'd been flown to with the CIA, and the fact the Middletons were also implicated at every juncture, was not good for them.  It was also leading to several of the British royals and some French.

This one woman was so bad, who was torturing me, I could sense something really bad was about to happen.

Also, while these guys were forcing me to hang out with them while they did drug deals, I was wondering where Robert Garrett jr. was.  He showed up a couple of weeks later, and had lost about 40 lbs.

Believe me, Barak Obama has a "French" connection because I saw him in France with my own eyes, just as I saw him in England, and in the U.S.  I did NOT see him in Kenya, Africa, but instead I DID meet his half-brothers and family there.  His pants that had fit before were just hanging on him like 10 sizes too large.  He was emaciated.  Not skeletal, but he looked anorexic actually.  It was that bad.
I said what happened to you and he said he was raped.  I said, "You can't rape a man.  That's impossible."  I was a kid, of course, so I thought of rape as raping a woman vaginally.

That entire conversation took place in Coos Bay, Oregon before several hits were coordinated against me by the U.S., UK, and others connected to France and Mossad.

He looked extremely hurt and then mad and I couldn't understand why there was this pain in his eyes, and then rage I was unsympathetic, but that is what happened.  He also blew up when I said something about this woman who was torturing me and I said, "Why are you DEFENDING her?"  I would tell him, "I can't STAND her.  She tortures me and then she acts like she did nothing wrong and cries or gets tears in her eyes and she's always calling me "honey".  Honey this and Honey that." He said, "She's just trying to be nice" and I said, "No she's not.  She knows it annoys me so she does it more and she is TORTURING me."

She and her Asian friend tortured me for so long and so repetitiously, they get off on the fact that it affects me to this day.  They forced me to bite on a stick and do all of these different things and then one day on the bus the driver got mad at me and hog-tied me with ropes he had there, to the grate in the back and had cops come onto the bus and kick me (after everyone else was gone).  The cops were in uniform and they were wearing Sheriff's colors, sort of tan mostly.  I think one of them had blue and black uniform because I remember blue and black.

She and the Asian woman were also worried I was going to blow the cover off of Katie Middleton.

These cops also let Katie Middleton, who was a little girl, help them hog tie me and stand over me after they'd done the first part and this was a Coquille bus driver.

I was also taken from the police station in Coos Bay, to a small restaurant next to it, right across the street where several of them sexually molested me and assaulted me.  They had a district attorney go in there and assault me, a cop, and some city officials, but mostly people from the justice department.  It was sort of like they were agreeing to participate in government hate crimes against me and willing to blackmail themselves into it.

The French people who I will mention next, I've mentioned before, but they were pedophiles. I was invited to stay at their nice house with the pretense it was to give me a place to stay when the entire thing was coordinated between them and other pedophiles who wanted to attempt to frame me and get blackmail on ME to cover up for what they were doing to me, which was extreme torture and sexual assault. I later had people get mad at me over following instructions to take some things from them, but why should they have been mad at ME?  I went to their police first and reported crimes against me.

I reported it to the police myself, and did not do anything back to them.  It was French police there.  I was not lying, and I made myself very clear, and I told them about the harm and pedophilia and how he was threatening me (and his wife as well, who was a socialite).  I even had evidence and I showed the police some of the evidence and they said so what, he had a mistress, and they were "busy".  I think the entire thing was pre-planned and coordinated by royals and CIA and military and anyone who was a pedophile, to try to withhold justice from me and then attempt to frame me.  Then, after that, ever since they've been stealing everything I own, ALL of those collective pedophiles, to get back at me, and really, they are the disgusting adults who were repeatedly assaulting me when I was only 10 years old.  That's how old I was when I stayed with the French people.  I mean, this one family in particular that someone plotted for me to stay with.

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