Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why The U.S. Will Be Split Up Into New Countries

The U.S. is going to be partitioned off.  I don't know when it will happen, but it is going to happen.  The problem is that none of them can be expected to be any different and that is because there is no power to normal people and the right to arms or to form militias will never compete against the 'invisible' technologies the U.S. uses and holds over the citizen's heads.

So basically, the entire "model" for "Global Warming" is like code for the countdown to the split-up of the U.S. and the fact that better people, like myself, will have nothing to do with is because of the exponential and uncontrollable growth of U.S. federal power that is run by a plutocracy.  That is the "global warming".

It is exponential, uncontrollable amassing of weapons and power by the U.S. federal government that is so out of balance from equal powers and power of the normal people, that there is no way for normal people to catch up or amass this on their own.

The U.S. is corrupt, and military totalitarian.  It is operating 100% on the power and commands of the military and tortures citizens in violation of the law and has corrupt CIA, FBI, and state organizations covering for them and using them to their own advantage.  The intelligence agencies and officials with greater power themselves are the plutocracy and what makes it a plutocracy.  It's not run by the people or by equal distribution of powers, it's run by an elite group that calls the shots and then uses military totalinarians to control things for them.

The only thing the U.S. federal government had more than the regular people, in the past, weapon-to-weapon equations, is cannons around the time of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  So while the normal people wouldn't have cannons, everyone had a gun.  While they wouldn't have powers and money from taxes to form large armies, under federal control, they still had power to form citizen militias that were government-run.  It was with what weapons knowledge they had at the time, the principle was based and established to limit federal power and decrease potential for corruption and give citizens a chance to fight back.  The principles that still exist, and the intent of the law, was to give citizens leverage against the government, which means right now, the federal government has exponential growth in power and the citizen has none.  In addition to amassing increased powers with government weapons not allowed to citizens, the U.S. has idiots trying to take even guns away from citizens.  However, guns at this time, are not equal distribution of powers where the weaponry is different from that of the time of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This is why there is no democracy anymore, or capitalism.  It is impossible.  You cannot have exponential and uncontrolled federal-state government growth and democracy and capitalism at the same time. 

So where the people have their rights stripped down to nothing, and a plutocracy that owns the military controls everything, the way the U.S. will be split into other countries is by another country.  As long as the U.S. blackmails other countries and befriends assets in other countries or bribes officials, the plutocracy thinks it will never happen.

However, should another country dismantle the weapons and energy structures of the U.S., by bombing sites and making them ineffective or taking down satellites, the citizens would have a chance to fight back with guns.

Which is why there are people who are still scared of citizens with guns.

It's highly unlikely that the U.S. could be split up by citizens with guns, even if all other powers were dismantled, however, that's the problem with electric locks and seatbelts that are not electric but which can be controlled with electric or energy means to jam--if it goes underwater or the electricity shorts out, or someone takes down the energy,


Do you even know how incredibly easy it would be for another country to invade and take over the U.S.?  PIECE OF CAKE.  Isn't that what the FBI, UK, and the rest of them were eating while they raped me in my own country and electrocuted me in FBI offices?  Do you know how the cake idea came up?  It was to make fun of me when someone said to me, in the words of the French aristocracy, "Let them eat cake".    So the government criminals started snacking on cake around me whenever I came by, as they slandered me, electrocuted me, raped me, and pretended to take reports of pedophilia.  They snacked on cake at the London station Mike Middleton worked with; they snacked on cake while torturing me inside of FBI offices; they snacked on cake while torturing my son; they snacked on cake at Stanley Dunhams house while they raped me; at military functions; when I was being forced to do oral sex as a young child; and they even started bringing whole cakes to events where they were torturing me or where they wanted to celebrate the idea of defaming me or ruining my reputation in some way, in the future.  It was their reminder to me, "We are going to eat cake while we watch you suffer."  Why?  Because they were jealous. 

The United States has no hope.  There is zero chance of "recovery" because the exponential growth of their powers has already surpassed any point of return to democracy.

The only way the U.S. will see equality again is through invasion by another country or group of countries.  They don't have God's blessing, this is not a country under "God", and it's not a country the people anymore, OR for democracy or even for capitalism.  Strangely enough, you can't have capitalism where there is a plutocracy.  Or military dictatorship or totalinarian state. 

You MUST get out of your brainwashed thinking.  You cannot be an informed citizen and keep thinking this cycle of U.S. misinformation and brainwashing and claims about what America is, and the democracy, and capitalism, and equality are all parts of the U.S.

As a citizen you cannot accept that garbage.
That's not going to change the U.S. however, because it's already ruined. 

It's just that if the U.S. gets leveled down, by another country, and someone wants to remember or think about what a democratic or healthy capitalist society is, you can't take your tainted brainwashed ideas into a new zone.

Maybe it will come down to elite in the plutocracy dividing off the land but they're unlikely to split from each other unless they're going to war and who is going to take control of U.S. military powers?

There's really no point to the CIA or FBI anymore.  They've become nothing more than functions and soldiers for the plutocracy.  They've implemented one President and FBI director after the other that assaulted me and told me since I was a kid, "You're nothing and we'll make sure you never make money or amount to ANYTHING".  That's in the U.S. and that's not a clear example of abuse of federal and state powers?

When the government starts to tell a citizen how they are going to ruin and control their entire life as long as they live, it is pretty obvious there is no democracy.

This is the kind of thing that shows intolerance and leads to wars that end up dividing nations and creating new countries.  Look at how Europe is split into so many different countries.  You really don't think that could happen to the U.S.?

The U.S. supposedly fought to keep the "union" together and to abolish slavery and then we have another kind of group imposing conditions of slavery on those they just "don't like".  It would be healthier for the U.S. to be conquered by another country or for it to be split up.

I, for one, want to live somewhere my son and I are not tortured and are free to be the best we can be and make a living for ourselves. 

I'm not a terrorist, but I've even had the U.S. closing my bank accounts illegally.

Why is that?  Because I'm a bad person?  Or is it not a FACT the FBI was threatening me and promising, with the U.S. military, to ruin my life since I was a  kindergartner?

If the U.S. thinks they can just torture some of their citizens, it's necessary for those citizens to have their own country and formation of a place where they can have their own army, government, and ability to sustain their own lives.  That way if the U.S. wants to declare "war" they can do so in an appropriate manner.  The other country has a right to ensure safety of their citizens.  The U.S. can't expect to be taken seriously when they claim to provide certain rights to citizens and then treat them like hostages.  That is grounds for establishment of new countries for the protection of those who are persecuted.  If you have a beef with ME? then you take it up like a normal country would.  You don't like some of your people being killed?  Well, as a country I have the right to say you had no business killing MY people.

You can't go around puffing yourself up as a "country" that respects its citizens and then entrap and try to entrap your own citizens because you're jealous of them. 

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