Saturday, February 22, 2014

UPDATED: U.S. Tortures Me During Pregnancy and Leanne, Barak Obama's Hooker

The U.S. just recently tortured me during a time they suspected I was pregnant.  Today, the day after they had quit blasting my stomach, and triggering seizures, they did basically nothing.

The United States increased torture of me several times over, after they knew I had purchased and picked up an IVF for becoming pregnant.

This is the third time, and actually more like the 4th time they have tortured me to try to harm my unborn or murder a baby or abort a pregnancy.  With my son they tortured me at a U.S. Army employees house who was there with a cop who was observing me, and CIA.  They tortured me to the point that I was in pre-term labor.  Then they tortured us in delivery and tortured us while we were together in their effort to drive me out of Washington state where I had grounds to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice.  They kidnapped my son while we in Canada requesting political asylum and tortured him more in my absence.

Then the U.S. deliberately sought to have me impregnated first and then targeted me to murder my baby after the U.S. Army confirmed the pregnancy and after they had first tortured me while I lived on the 7th floor (like the number 7 for the house Barak Obama raped me at in Seattle) of an apartment in Arlington, Virginia just a few miles from the Pentagon, with a full view of the Pentagon, and they had someone drive a U.S. Army helicopter up to my living room window that faced the Pentagon.  They did this to me while they were torturing me when I was pregnant over 2-3 months and it was confirmed at Planned Parenthood by blood test and they knew it.  The U.S. deliberately murdered my unborn children after they tortured my son.

The other time the U.S. deliberately attempted to torture me and obstruct a possible pregnancy was in Portland, Oregon when I thought I was possibly pregnant with an Iranian-American's child and his father worked for the U.S. federal government.  I was drugged with medications that caused severe cramping and I believe it was either a form of the early abortion pill or it was another chemical that di the same thing.

The U.S. then increased torture of me to my lower abdomen to the point I had marks, clearly marked round circles that were red along my lower pelvic region, by the pubic hair line, basically, to give an exact location of where they targeted me (not to be indiscreet or vulgar).  I had 3 round red circles in a basic line across my stomach, and why 3 round circles?  I don't know what their sick game is but they are fucking cowards to be afraid of my genes.  Talk about chicken.  I noticed the marks because I was taking a nap and lying on my back with stretch pants on and my lower stomach was being targeted and I got up and pulled down the waistband to look, and there were 3 round circles and then it was blue-colored under the red mark.  So basically, it made impressions into my first surfaces of skin and was red and then under this all of my veins or something caused it to appear blue.

That is an effect of oxygen disruption that is consistent with torture from laser by military means.

There was nothing over my stomach there that would have caused the marks or impressions.  I had nothing over me or pressing into me.  And I looked, because I was being constantly tortured to high extremes from the time I got the IVF and tried it.  The U.S. did not keep everything the same, they began deliberately targeting, specifically, my pelvic and lower abdomen region.  That's after I spent money for the IVF as well, which I believe, and they believed, had been successful or they wouldn't have done what they did.  They also did things to increase nausea when it wasn't normal nausea and they triggered seizures and were electrically shocking me at night, to the point that they were waking me up at about 3 a.m., the exact same time, every single morning, with a seizure.  So they did not just torture me with seizures at 3 a.m. every morning, they were targeting my lower stomach with laser to the point there were 3 red circles clearly seen on my stomach.  The only thing that has anything to do with 3 is mafia and the U.S. government.  Then they had some black man from Delta customer service harassing me with comments that sounded like Barak Obama and tortured me to the pelvis while I was on the phone.

Then I went to the pharmacy and got calcium and vitamin D and the woman there who checked it out to me, "Leanne", who was a bitch in the 80s and is still working as a bitch at the same location,  and she was making suggestive comments about pregnancy or kids and then she left the store and I walked out later and she was approaching me on the sidewalk and said, out of the blue and for no reason, "NOW."  Then I got home and was trying to go online to study and the U.S. targeted my stomach with burning to the point that my entire stomach swelled up. They basically decided to go full-force against me and directed all of their effort to my lower stomach and stomach to the point that my stomach ballooned up from the torture and what they were doing and there was nothing new I ate or drank.  It was from torture.  Then they tortured me with burning after that and then I didn't have the nausea anymore and I didn't have the increased sense of smell anymore either, which are signs of pregnancy.

When I went to the same pharmacy today, Leanne was making the exact same snotty side-comments she made when she knew I was listening, in the 80s, as a pre-teen.  She also has made the same stupid comments in the last couple of years about how she got back from Costa Rica or wherever (Puerto Vallarta) and had jet lag and needed to drink wine to sleep.  She made the same comment when I was a pre-teen, about the same trip, the same location, and the same stupid idea of 'knocking back wine" to get over jet lag.  The fact that she is remembering what she said then and repeating it, and that she's working at the same place, in this government town, is a strong indicator she is 100% federal employee (spy) as well as being a pharmacist.  Not like she doesn't take cocaine on occasion though.  So here she was, today, making a snotty comment at the same juncture as when I was being tortured as a pre-teen and trying to get through my online classes at OSU, and she was saying things like "You're all done.  That's it for you." and comments of that nature.  I am positive my instincts were correct as a pre-teen because she made the exact same comment today, when I am exactly the same place in my studies at OSU for a specific set of classes. 

She is a bitch.

Not only that, she's a mousy bitch who gets away with what she does because she tries to make it seem she's oblivious and just a normal plain jane.  She's obsessed with me, actually.  I don't know that many grown women who would make a point of trying to memorize exactly what mean things they said to me when I was a pre-teen and then make a point to repeat it again decades later.  No one does that unless they are obsessed and have a hate motive.  So then I said the same thing to her today in response, that I said then as a kid, and it was, "I hate to be a ball-buster, but are you ready?"

She remembered that I said that to her as a pre-teen, and what I said next to her as well.  So this time around, she wanted to have something to do with being a "ball buster" by trying to indicate to someone when to target me with torture the hardest to "bust eggs".  She knew exactly what she was doing and I would say, based on her "game", she's CIA, not FBI.  Why the CIA needs mousy pharmacists I have no idea.

I'm sure the people who drive Katie Middleton around with license plates 539 ALM need her to be their friend.  Are they related?  I wouldn't be surprised.  She also has something to do with Canada and I knew that as a kid as well.

So what she had said, in the 80s to me, when I said, "I hate to be a ball-buster, but are you ready?" (which is what Joy Sterling would say, whom Leanne-the-Bitch knows) was "You have to be patient if you want me to wait on you." I had said back, as a pre-teen, "No, I don't have to be patient."  She said, in a condescending tone, "If you want to be waited on you do" and I said, "Um no.  Your JOB is to wait on me."  And I left the store. 

That's how it went down in the 80s and she resented me for talking back to her mousy mean mouth.  She then wanted to have it appear I was just a brat, when she was the adult who deliberately sought to antagonize me by harassing me with comments about "You're Done.  That's IT for you."  She's very clever.  Like cake.

That is exactly what was said then and then she wanted to get back at me this time around, and was making comments regarding pregnancy in addition to "you're done" and all of that again, and I said the same thing back and she said the same things back in the same way, and I reminded her ONCE AGAIN, that if she is going to dare insult me by lecturing me to be "patient" I am going to remind her of what kind of job she has.  If she doesn't want to wait on me, and doesn't like my saying, "your job is to wait on me" she shouldn't be in customer service and should be in South America somewhere where she can get laid, snort cocaine, and chill out with her wine coolers.  I'm sure the CIA can use her there on a more permanent basis.

So this is just one example, of one woman, who has some 'issues' and needs to be on meds herself.  She had a problem with me when I was a kid, and she still does.  I mean, what kind of grown-up has issues to the point of carrying a grudge against a kid, a little girl, for decades?  Not to mention she was most likely hooking with Barak Obama.

Why do I think this?  Because I saw Leanne in another setting that wasn't the Safeway pharmacy and she's a fucking hooker and she knows Barak Obama and was around some of the drug trafficking shipments.

You wouldn't think it to look at her.  She's so-so.  She's not glamorous or pretty at all, just sort of ordinary with brown hair and a plain face and glasses and maybe she had a great body or something and that was her allure, but she was a U.S. government hooker and was friends with Barak Obama.  Not only that, she was trying to traffik kids (like me) sexually.

My comment to her about her job was to wait on me and I didn't need to be patient, was used to spout off to Barak Obama and get him to rape me for her after I wouldn't sleep with him as she tried to force me to do in her fucking drug hooking scheme.

She's a Middleton fucker.
One of the workers called her "Obama's fuck-buddy" and from what I saw of her, she was more like a hooker.  Then Barak asked me one day what I thought about her.  He said, "What do you think of Leanne?"  I looked over at her, from a distance, and then thought, "Seriously?"  The two of them were always whispering together and going behind closed doors and she sometimes sat on his lap.  I said what do you mean what do I think about her?  and he said for him romantically, or to marry.  I said, "Marriage?"  and then I said, "I don't know.  I don't think so.  There's something not right about her and I don't know what it is but I don't think she's a good person."  Then I offered, as a condolence, "She has nice legs though."  It was the only positive point I could see in her. 

When she found out, she hated my guts and her eyes narrowed and then she was trying to force me to lose my virginity to Barak Obama, and get "paid" for it as she said.  She was talking to Middleton and then I saw her with Barak and I surmised they had some goal of trying to "deflower" me for political reasons.  I thought maybe it was because some women were jealous of me and wanted me to look less "pure" and have some other person look "better" or, maybe it was a man who wanted his wife or daughter or someone to look "better".  I didn't understand why they were trying so hard.  They were trying to offer large amounts of money and saying to do it on a regular basis and I refused.  There was no amount of money that could bribe me to be a hooker like Leanne.  Obama was obviously involved with her.  They spent a LOT of time together and he had suggested himself, possibly MARRYING her.

So here she is, "The Bitch", working at the pharmacy for Safeway as her "day job" while no one in the U.S. really knows what a political slut she is.  She makes a lot of trips to South America so even if she's still "laying low" as Obama's 'ex' or confidante now or whatever, I'm sure she's putting money somewhere overseas or into assets in the U.S. as well.

And should visit the Safeway Pharmacy in Coquille, Oregon and have a look at you.  It will SHOCK your socks off.  She is like the very last person in the world you'd ever imagine Barak Obama paying for sexual services with, and then later thinking about marrying her.

She possibly thought she could be "First Lady".  Hahahahahahaaaaa.  What's even sicker, is that a pedophile rapist is the standing representative of the entire United States.  Hahhahaaaaaaa.

Boy.  You guys are reeeaaaally reelin' 'em in aren't you?

We have a lot to be proud about in the U.S.  (cough, cough, ahem.)

So yeah, if you want to have a look at who Obama almost married and considered marrying, come on over to check her out.  She's a pharmacist with nametag "Leanne", she's around 5'6" or so, chin-length bobbed brown hair, sometimes with little barettes in her hair.  She wears glasses.  You can't see her legs because they wear pants there, but I saw her in shorts, and I have no idea what her legs look like now.  Back then, I thought it was her only selling point.

She was hooking for Obama.  She worked in the drug shipping industry.  She illegally stuck me with syringes full of medications (tranquilizers).  She was a regular cornicopea of illegal pharmacy meds.  She had me drink wine once, to sedate me in addition to other drugs.  She tried to force me to service Barak Obama sexually (when I refused they all got so mad they decided he'd rape me later in Seattle).  She trafficks little kids.  She loves Katie Middleton and is a brown-noser to the Middletons.  I suspected she was devious, conniving, and dangerous under her "sweet" nice wholesome façade, and I am most likely 100% correct and she didn't expect me to be.  She is used to fooling people.  She has held a grudge against me for decades because she remembered the snotty comments she made to me when I was a pre-teen, to harass and provoke me, and she did the same thing again decades later.

Am I guessing about her?  am I positive?  am I mixing her up?  NO, I'm absolutely positive.  That's why it's the biggest showdown in the West to see what trash Obama rewards and how his trash tries to tell his mafia when to torture people.

She was also a huge brown-noser to the Middletons and to Joy Sterling.  I mean, total puppy dog sort of agreeable, nodding, smiling, slightly timid, sort of sloping shoulders posture, yes-woman kind of thing--wanting to laugh and laugh at all of their jokes, to be included, to feel special, and looking slightly vulnerable even while she did this, like it wasn't possible she was hard and mean at the core, or calculating.  Her demeanor with Barak Obama and me was 100% different from her "polite social face".  She acted like she was ready to kiss the ground they walked on.

I have no idea how much she was charging for sex.  All I know, is she was and is a slut. 

However, I am TELLING you.  You have to SEE her.  Or even see how she is, in public, and you would NEVER guess.  It is like you'd have a look and think, "No way.  Impossible."

So anyway, she has come up again because she wanted to be involved in trying to have me tortured more severely when it was possible I was pregnant.

Which means Obama uses her to put hits on people.  Since she is also a Middleton brown-noser, it is obvious she also does the same for Middleton. 

Also, Barak Obama had one of his black men friends move over to Coquille awhile ago, maybe a couple of years ago and work at The Black Horse, a computer company.  I took my computer there when I had photos on it and they sent all of my photos to the Obamas and to the Middletons and I knew both Barak Obama and Katie Middleton had gotten ahold of my photos.  The other employees there were white and Jewish, so it's possible it was them and they just used their new black employee to take blame, but then again, he was going across the street to visit Leanne too.  The Black Horse offices were almost directly across the street from The Pharmacy Hookers.

umm.. hahaha.  Yeah.  I guess that is sort of funny.

Here's the Safeway Pharmacy address that I'm talking about:

3 E 1st St
Coquille, OR 97423
(541) 396-2422

Get your meds for lower-mid price range from Leanne.

So like I said, the U.S. government is so full of shit, they tortured me to target my stomach and to eliminate any possible pregnancy.  They also started blasting me worse after I commented about Karen Van Neuven.

The license plates 539 ALM are from a couple who supported Katie Middleton and were involved in setting up gang-rape of me.  They are connected to East Coast thugs as well.  Another "possible" person (not positive but possibly) is 123 GAZ (or GAZ 123).  I also saw some people today who were involved in cutting me up and torturing me and attempting to do surgery on me inside of a van.  I am not sure about when I was a baby but when I was very young, at one time the U.S. tied me up inside of a van, on the floor, it was like a large van, a utility or VW van, and a few different persons came in and cut me, burned me, and tortured me and I was less than 4 years old.  Probably about 2-3.  They left me out there in the cold with rats running around by my head and in isolation except for the times someone came in to torture me.  I remember many of those who were involved.

Also, all of the hair I've lost, in huge clumps, is after using medicines I purchased at this Safeway pharmacy I'm talking about, the one that Obama's hooker works at.  He knew who was responsible.

Robert Garrett jr. is not my Dad.  He may be Kate Middleton's Dad or "godfather" or U.S. government contact for her but he's not my Dad.

He was trying to get me to be a hooker too, for Obama and he got mad at me and threatening and furious when  I refused.  He was also telling a Dicksie to be a hooker but I thought it was possibly just using her to try to persuade me as if it wasn't a big deal.

There is a serious reason my son looks scared in photos where he is with Levi Garrett or Robert Garrett is taking a photo and it's because they're pedophiles who will do anything for money as long as it appeals to their egos.  My son is in danger because of this country and this country has a pedophile rapist for President and the FBI knowing all about it.  That's the kind of representative citizens have to the world, for what the U.S. "stands for".  Rape and pedophilia and torture.  Real nice.

I was tortured in a van as a 2-3 yr old and then when I was slightly older and Robert Garrett jr went into a furious rage when I wouldn't sell my sex services to Barak Obama or degrade myself so Katie Middleton or some other bitches could look "better" than they were.  He took me from my house or location and drove me in the car and then said he was "taking a turn" and turned down some isolated road in the woods where there was a fucking U.S. government van set up and he raped me.  He said you think you're too good for everyone don't you?  and threw cherry pie at me.  When he raped me he said there, now you're not better than anyone else.  Katie Middleton is better than you are.  He made a specific point to say how Katie Middleton was superior to me now that he'd raped me and they'd done what they were wanting to do.  It was a full size cherry pie on the counter.  The song they used to sing to me when I was a toddler was "Can she bake a cherry pie, billy boy billy boy".

He threw a rat onto me while I was tied down and called me a "rat" as well, which has nothing to do with being a rat to cops because HE works for cops and the federal government.  He called me a rat just to degrade me and because the U.S. had tortured me and made a "Victor" mousetrap design on my back, legs and rear when I was younger. 

No "father" would hate his daughter like that.  It is 100% impossible I am related to him or that he is my biological father. 

I was then drugged with a vial of poison.  I was told it would make me sterile and unable to have kids.  It was Robert Garrett jr who gave it to me and was forcing me to drink it, who poured it down my throat.  When that happened there was maybe one other person around.  I forced myself to get up after they left and I was going into unconsciousness because they'd injected me too.  I was bleeding because they cut me to also bleed to death, which doesn't make the sterility make sense, but that's what they did. I had blood gushing from an arm.  I forced myself to get up and then made myself throw up.  The only reason I knew how to make myself throw up was because I'd watched Diana Spencer do it.  The other thing that Robert did before I was cut and drugged, was electrocute me with the metal band bolted down onto my forehead. It was done when he was in horrendous rage--sheer hatred fueled him and it was repeated day after day.
  There were other men who went out to harm me and who were involved.  Stanley Dunham was one of them; Edward Lee Howard showed up; and there were a couple of others.  I remember when I was younger too.
Robert Garrett has somehow got a line from me to the royals as well, through a microchip or some implant they did of me because they've been using me to send their messages to Middletons for a long time.  So it's either that it's a telecommunication going to CIA or Pentagon and then to Middletons and/or a royal or it's going straight to them.  They've made odd comments around me since I was a pre-teen, where I knew they were not really talking to me but just using me as an excuse for saying something out loud to get their message out through a tap or bug.  Both he and Dicksie  or one of the sets have been doing this.

After Robert was one of the rapists, it was no big deal to bring in Obama to rape me when I had refused to sell myself to him.

Part of throwing a rat on me was also because I had refused to release a shipment of drugs and weapons (massive arms) because I thought there was a "rat'.  It turned out there was.  And actually, there were a bunch of them.  Supposedly some FBI agent either got killed or harmed (I didn't see it) because someone looked into it.

Well Barak Obama and Katie Middleton's entire group, is nothing but a bunch of low-lifes.  They traffick children and torture kids and try to force kids into being hookers.  They're low-lifes.  Basically, you got the bottom of the barrel representing the U.S. and England.

When Robert Garrett jr. turned down the rural road to take me to some VW bus or van where I was held hostage, I was left there without any heat on in the middle of snow-winter.  They had just been trying to force me to be a government hooker for Barak Obama and I refused and then I was saying, "Turn or Burn" which was sort of a quip because "Granny" had given me some religious Archie comic books that talked about them in the 70s or something, with the catch phrase:  "Turn or Burn" which was "turn to God or burn in Hell".  So basically, Robert and Dicksie were imposters, claiming to be Christians when they weren't, trying to sell me and abusing me for the U.S. government.  I'm not saying maybe one of the twins didn't at some point have a belief of God in some way, but they just used whatever they thought was convenient for a cover about torturing me.  I had unexpectedly (to them I think) ended up being very sincerely religious and believing in God and they didn't like it because it worked against their gross plans for me.   Like I've said, Robert told me he was atheist and Dicksie said she was agnostic until I became obviously Christian and so-so Christian is no big deal but sincere Christianity was a major threat.  They didn't like my sincerity.  I never got any religious instruction from them at home except, I did say in one post that I was upset to find Dicksie teaching Katie Middleton jewish prayers and having never included me in anything personal, but I forgot to mention that when I became Catholic, Dicksie tried to show me prayers to recite on my beads (rosary).    I didn't think she really wanted to and I guessed someone had instructed her to do it, but she did try to teach me some prayers that are recited with a rosary. There was one other woman around who was sort of frosty in manner but was there at one time in my room helping coach with the prayers.  Not frosty--slightly formal and cool blond type.   There were about 4-5 of them or so that I was being taught and then I said I didn't want to recite repetition prayers because I just liked talking to God and praying naturally.  So I didn't want to learn them and then she was actually very disappointed and shook her head like that was a really bad idea to have said that.  I did recite some of my prayers with Diana Spencer.  She was the only person I recited the rosary together with aside from Dicksie showing me more prayers.  I am not sure who else Diana recited her rosary with but I don't think very many if anyone besides me.  I didn't know any other woman who did.  There was some kind of religious woman I did this with and I was at a nunnery for a couple of days once and wasn't cut out to be a nun they said.  I had a Mother Superior there and a room mate.  From what I recall, that was in Europe somewhere, not the U.S. ?  When I was at Mt. Angel later it was always bad things, nothing good so I don't think I did the short-term nun thing there.  The Mother Superior was nice enough and my room mate I thought didn't like me or didn't want me to be a nun.  I did pray in my room and didn't realize she was possibly reporting what I did to someone and she seemed very shocked by my sincerity but one of them was suspicious in some way too and I can't remember why.  I think what happened is someone started being mean or frightening.  I can't remember it exactly and I think I scaled a wall to run away.    It wasn't that I was bored or not doing what they said, someone was deliberately wanting me out of there and it worked because I was then trying to escape.   I was getting tortured and made fun of.  It was some kind of laser in the room or directed energy (seriously, because it was the same heating up and torture they used on me in isolation at West Point) so I couldn't stay in my room and pray or study like normal and then there was one woman commissioned to be really hostile to me to the point that between physical torture and harassment, I realized someone was chasing me out of the nunnery.  It wasn't my choice actually.  When Fr. Joachim years later said to me, about my being a nun, "You'd be climbing the walls" and I didn't even remember how I had literally scaled a wall to get out when I was younger.  Basically, if the military wants to force you out of something, they can target you at any location and they did.  I've been told many of them are ex-military themselves as well.  The only idea the U.S. government liked was trying to pimp me out.   There was also a sort of grim woman always in dark clothes in Europe who observed my rosary and lessons and she was sort of harsh.  Even though I didn't continue learning recited prayers I wore or kept the rosary with me and held it or recited something I knew at times.  Then someone stole it from me and I don't know who and I don't know where it went.  It  was maybe a Dicksie but she would have given it to someone else and not keep it.  Possibly it was a Maiers even though I don't know why a Maiers would want a rosary.  It's possible they then passed it on to yet another person.  I met Mother Theresa too.  I'm really not sure what the Vatican has on me but I know they were interested enough to take my DNA and I would like to know why all of these agencies took my blood and DNA and Vatican too but no one gives me a straight answer.  I've heard a lot of things.  From there, too, I was taken to a French monastery, a small remote one that was dedicated to Mary Magdalene and actually, maybe one or two Vatican priests believed she had a kid with Jesus.  It was the whole "secret of the rood" thing and that wasn't the official stance at all but that's what a couple thought.  I got tortured at that place though, when I was there.  It was like a secret X marks the spot place.  I can't remember everything that happened and I wasn't sexually assaulted that I recall but physically assaulted and there was a cellar I was locked in.

So I had been saying I wasn't going to be a hooker and why had HE been trying to get me to do that?  So then I was saying to him, "Turn or Burn".  He got furious.  First of all, I was supposed to be some kind of slut or hooker which would degrade me and make me into one of the "iron whores" they were hoping I'd become to get revenge against someone with.  Secondly, the FBI hated my guts because they were criminals who were not following the law or protecting children, and I was spotting out their agents.  It wasn't my fault, because I was the kid, and I wasn't the one who put myself in those positions--they did.  So they could pretty much eat dead meat of their agents all day long for all I cared.  They were responsible for everything.  The FBI did NOT ever do their duty, as they are paid for.  The CIA and Pentagon tortured me and used cops and FBI to help them.  So then Robert was also mad that I had not released a shipment to go through because I thought there was something wrong and wanted to clear everything.  He flipped out, and suddenly jerked the car to a sharp left turn from the main road and said out loud to me, "I'm going to TURN right here."  His tone was snotty and sarcastic and I knew he was making fun of me for telling him to "turn or burn".  I didn't know his idea of revenge against me and hate crimes, was going to be to torture me with a bunch of FBI and cops and CIA in the middle of nowhere.  He pretty much wasn't very good before, but after Katie Middleton was born, he was worse than ever and so was one of the Dicksies.  He used Katie and knowing about my dislike of her, as a template for all of his hatred against me as well.  He didn't just try to torture me for her and promote her for ridiculous government mafia, he used her as an excuse to focus his hate on me, just as some of the other military and cops who were jealous of me did.  They didn't think of me as a woman or a little girl--they thought of me as the worst kind of man possible in the world and put all of their hatred onto me over and part of it was over their ideas of being macho and having their egos intact and hating feminists who ever did anything better than they did or who weren't shy and demure enough to make them feel "protective and manly".  Anything a man could do, almost anything, aside from having the same level of muscle strength, I could do and I did it better than many of them.  This caused them to view me as some kind of frightening collosal.

So Robert Garrett was so "Christian" he raped me and said Katie Middleton was better than me now and that I thought I was too good for everyone and better than they were and he talked about popping my cherry before raping me.  He said, "Do you know what it is to have a cherry popped?"  while I was tied down on my back on the floor.  Then he raped me and said, "That's what it is".  I'm not sure what he used because I didn't have a good way of assessing that.  It was maybe not a private part but something else but it was vaginal rape regardless.  Then a military cop brought over a cherry pie and set it on the counter and it was the only food in the entire place. They made jokes around me, saying "It's not a cherry turnover so I got a pie".   So they were still making comments to connect the idea and make fun of me, about "popping my cherry" and how that was their response to my comment to them to "turn or burn".  So they were joking about cherry turnovers while raping and torturing me.  Just a cherry pie and the cops and FBI assholes who went in, were going in and having a look at me being tortured on the floor and were taking handfuls or plates of cherry pie and eating it while staring at me.  The U.S. and England and Canadians involved were doing this thing of eating pie or cake on events where they premeditated torturing or gang-raping me.  They were making a habit of bringing up Katie Middleton's name all the time too.  In some ways they thought they were rubbing something in but other times, they didn't want me to know exactly which U.S. agencies were working with her.  They wanted it to look like it was just a group and people rubbing things in and maybe they were just a few mafia persons.  The truth was, she was a government bitch for hire.  They had already "chosen" her to fund her with U.S. welfare and then train her with U.S. employees to be their own asset. I still don't think she's worth it or very smart.  My opinion is the same.  Torturing me to prevent me from being able to even do homework, and stealing my homework, and traumatizing me with repeated assault does not make me dumber than I am--it blocks my potential.  Tutoring her since infancy and not torturing Katie is going to obviously have a different result in scholastics.  Anyone who is tortured, even an A student, could get Fs because of torture.  Someone who is so-so, or just a little above average intellectually, is going to seem much more advanced if they are not tutored, not tortured, and are given privileges and entry into certain avenues that another kid is not getting.  I don't think anyone ever proved their point, if that point was to torture me in a rage just because I made ONE comment as a little girl about my honest opinion of her.  I guess they hoped I'd lie, or maybe they just hoped I was wrong.  I think it hurt someone's ego to hear me say I didn't think she was really "all that".  And at the time I said it, I wasn't jealous of her at all.  It was my opinion like the opinions I gave others about other people too--it was honestly what I really thought, and not an effort to knock her down in any way.  Of course later, to see all this focus on her and rubbed in against me, made it seem even more annoying to me, but that was later, and it did not affect my first intuitive impressions of her.  She's average.  Why should that make anyone mad if she's average and middle of the field like most people?  What was horrific, was that the U.S. was taking one single comment from me, about anyone or any group and blowing it up to be "the biggest and worst thing ever in history".  I mean, they brought up Katie and "how smart" she was, and beat me up and you'd have thought I had shot a bullet through her head the way they treated me for one opinion I gave as a kid.  Then, for example, they flipped out when I said I thought of the Bush's seemed "wimpy" he goes crazy in wanting to prove I'm 'wrong' (possibly to eliminate psychic competition and credibility) and gets involved in gang-rape of me.  That just sort of proves me point that he's wimpy because no real man rapes little girls or organizes their rape.

One cop showed up and then alone, seemed to freak out and said I'm getting you out of here and then he tried to go to the door and a couple of huge blond FBI agents or secret service blocked his way.  They made him watch me being tortured and then said to me, "You thought you were getting help?" and shot him in front of me.  It's possible they were blanks and he faked and was in-on-it, but I don't think so.  They also yelled at me saying I was to blame for an FBI agent who was "killed" at the drug trafficking thing.  All the U.S. ever wanted, was excuses for being disgusting.  The other thing I had walked in on, was something else that seemed troublesome to Robert and Dicksie and it was Anne Crane.  The same fucking Anne Crane who lied about me in visitation with my son Oliver and who was present in FBI offices.

The U.S. brought Anne Crane into things with the drug trafficking circle Obama was in.  I thought it was to try to mix up her with Barak Obama's hooker Leanne.  The reason I thought this as a kid was because Leanne sounds like "Anne" and then Anne Crane showed up wearing shorts and attire like Leanne wore, and was also about the same height, sort of plain, brown hair, and same type of figure.  So right away I guessed, "The U.S. wants me to not remember Leanne is Obama's hooker and mix her up with this Anne woman".  Well, I "caught" Anne Crane in a compromised position and then as I was spying next to the door on her, I saw Robert Garrett jr. come around the corner staring at me and he said, "What are you doing?"  He didn't look happy.  I said, "Nothing".  He said, "Yes you are, you're spying."  I said, "No I'm not, I'm just standing by the door and was going to go in in a minute but didn't know if I should right away."  He knew I had been spying from the doorway.  By spying I don't mean officially in any capacity or for anyone, but out of my own personal curiosity.  The person who was a spy was Anne Crane.  So basically, I figured they had organized to assault me to try to traumatize me and have me forget about that too, out in the VW bus, however, they may have attempted to kill me because there wasn't another reason to cut my arm and drug me at the same time. I couldn't bandage my arm if I was drugged.  I'd bleed to death.  This was why I forced myself to get up and forced myself to vomit the minute they left and then I tied my arm in a tourniquet and then had to lie on the ground because I was still drugged.  One was a drug and the other was a sedative so I had the room spinning around me and was shaking and freezing cold while it wore off and I wouldn't close my eyes because I thought if I did, I might not wake up again.  It was the middle of winter, snow outside, and a very cold van-bus with a cold floor and no blankets.

The people who showed up next, to retrieve my body included a Dicksie and Anne Crane and another person.  Anne Crane, of course, showed up.

She is a liar who contributed to the kidnapping of my son Oliver on behalf of the FBI.  I don't think they expected me to be alive because they looked shocked and I think possibly the only reason I made it out of there was because I got ahold of one of the CBs.  I will have to think about how it happened exactly but either I saw one was on at the door when someone came in and I shouted for help and said their names or I grabbed it when they were standing over me and signaled for emergency help.  From what I remember, I attacked Annes legs and grabbed the CB which was attached as a clip to a belt in some way.  I think I cut her, which was why the U.S. military later physically attacked me and assaulted me, trying to "get me back" for cutting Anne to get to her CB and that was U.S. Army so it means Ms. Anne Crane is another military fucker as well as being a criminal spy.   Dicksie looked at me mean when she and Anne walked in with another.  They didn't look concerned or sympathetic.  They looked mad that I was alive.  I think the only tool I had with me was some kind of pocket knife and I didn't make a move until they were right over me and close enough.  It was either Dicksie or Anne's legs and CB I grabbed and from what I remember, I think it was Annes.  But regardless, they were there, spies and all.

Then they proceeded decades later, to use their proximity to rapist pedophiles to kidnap my son and Anne Crane got hired to observe me as they brought my son to visit me with signs of abuse and torture.  She also crafted the visitation notes into lies to make me sound nuts because of course, I caught her spying and then caught her again as she was walking in trying to 'recover a body'.

She is a criminal.

It was after this they took me to FBI offices later and tortured me inside Seattle offices.  They wanted to try to get something on me about knives too when the only thing I'd done was defend my life because there was no way they were trustworthy and there to "rescue" me.

Also, I'll tell you who the FBI tried to get me to spy on for them, which I refused to do.  When I refused to be flown overseas by the FBI to get a "DNA" sample of someone for them, they accused me of being a Russian spy and tortured me more.

They wanted a Chinese official's DNA.  They weren't asking me to collect a DNA from a Russian person but a Chinese man.  This is on top of the fact that they were so audacious to even ask me to begin with when all the U.S. did was torture me and try to incite others to torture me.  When I asked if they had a warrant, they got extremely mad at me, and then because I said I wasn't going to go to China to collect a secretive DNA for them, they accused me of being a Russian spy.  ?  China and Russia?  they obviously thought the two were connected.  I said how are you wanting me to get a DNA sample?  And they said there were many ways, hair sample or saliva sample and other methods.  I felt suspicious about their request.  For one thing, they hated me.  So now they wanted to fly me to China to get a "DNA" sample?  How was I flying back?  In a zip-lock bag?

The other woman who showed up with Dicksie and Anne Crane was Joy Sterling or Carol Middleton. What was odd was that after I was tortured so long, some man left the pocketknife with me and that was how I got out of being tied and got up to throw up and bandage my arms.  When the women came in, they had gloves on.  I don't know if they were expecting to take away a dead body or just thought I'd still be sedated and they could move me.

When I saw Anne Crane, when I spied around the door at her, she was talking into something that looked like a doctor's dictaphone.  It wasn't a CB and it wasn't a phone, it was like she was making recordings onto some kind of equipment that you could record and save and play later or give to someone.  She also was on the phone at one point.  When she was recording documentation onto some sort of dictaphone, it was all about me.  I wasn't in any kind of "CPS hearing" or visit at that time, I was out in a totally different environment and she was secretly watching me and then going to her room and making reports about me.  Her making of reports about me is basically along the same lines as getting hired by CPS to do illegal and non-consensual documentation of torture of a child, my son, for the same purposes.  However, with him, she was making documentation of our interactions and how government trauma was affecting both of us and then lying and making statements to have me sound mentally ill and unstable, which was only to further her desire to be a lying U.S. government lackey.  The U.S. did not just torture my son, they kidnapped him from me and then trafficked him to the U.S. and then started up all their same shit again with the same shitty agents. The other person who was a spy was Leanne.  She was on the phone and also in person, passing out prescriptions and facilitating prescription drugs for the drug trafficking group.  She was basically taking orders for them and it was no big deal.  There was no doctor around, she was just writing up whatever she wanted.

One of the things they said was "They don't carry the other one". 

Anne Crane was not the only person making secretive dictaphone documents--Leanne did as well, which is part of why I think the U.S. wanted to mix them up together.  One thing is certain, I did not ever see Anne Crane sexually involved or seeming to be romantically involved with Barak Obama--it was Leanne.  Anne Crane was around more of an older white man kind of person. 

Actually, one of the women who showed up there with Anne and Dicksie was Laura Ingraham.  And now I remember the legs I went at were the ones where it was the shortest reach to the CB and it was Dicksie I believe.  Basically I just wanted the CB to dial 911 because THEY were not 'rescuers'.  They wouldn't have shown up there if they hadn't already been involved in the plot.

They all later tried to punish me, torture me, and rape me more when I was the kid and they were all guilty of trafficking of children.  Well, actually, it was Anne Crane's CB and I went for her but then all of a sudden Dicksie was there and I got her by mistake from what I remember, either because she moved forward or was pushed forward.  But it was Anne's CB.
When I say one man was named Steve, it was Steven Spielberg.  I didn't know him as a movie star or director, just as some guy who called Robert about "Barry" a lot.  He didn't want me hearing things either.  He was intensely involved in wanting to organize over Barak Obama so it's an indication of pretty serious power and money from entertainment as well as government.  Also, I am pretty sure it was Mark Shaw who I heard a few times on the topic but it is remotely possible it was Troy Shaw.  I saw Mark Shaw with Barak in a hotel room once, a totally different occasion, but over the phone it's slightly possible it was Troy.  When it comes to Don, I'm not sure if it was Don Pryzbyla, or Don Anaker.  Don Anaker worked at Western Kraft and it's very possible it was him.  Ron was a guy who was connected to Western Kraft (I think) and Larry.  Ron was maybe ? a police officer at some point?  I am thinking Bruce weighed in on Obama and then Forrest was occasionally on the phone. I stood around when Forrest was on the phone.  Forrest Tancer.  He was definitely involved in getting Barak his job because I heard him talking about it.  And as you can see, now that Obama is President, cops are ignoring both my complaint and report of rape by Barak as well as sexual assault and rape by Forrest Tancer and Sterlings.  Forrest was actually harsh-sounding over the phone about discussion of Obama.  Some of the guys sounded casual in a way and others sounded paranoid.  (I.e, "Who's there?"  "Why is she there?"  "I don't want her around when I'm talking")  I think Joe was another one, briefly, like Joe Sellen maybe, from Sellen Construction, and someone named John.  Steve called a lot.  It wasn't like he called the house once or twice, for awhile he was constantly calling the house.  Our phone was ringing off the hook.  It was like Grand Central. I remember him calling right after I was chained up to my bed and tortured.  He seemed to call a lot around my being tortured.  I thought, "Either he knows I'm being tortured and is slightly concerned or he's waiting until after I'm tortured to deal business because he wants to be sure I'm good and tortured before he'll trust Robert Garrett jr."  I actually had the more pessimistic view of it. I figured he was part of wanting me to be tortured and then sometimes I could tell he was waiting to see if I'd say anything or shout out a cry for help over the phone or keep my mouth shut.  He always had this tone sort of like consdescending satisfied mirth like he was feeling pretty solid about my being tortured.  One time he had a shaky sound to his voice, once, and I don't know what it over but I spooked him somehow.

I think they all hated me to have been promoting Barak Obama.

Steven (Steve) also visited our house in Moses Lake, in person.  I think I developed part of my impression or assessment of what he thought of me from that visit because I felt he was sort of mocking me like he knew I was being tortured and was glad about it.  He was smug over it.  He was also saying negative things about me.  So then later when I heard him on the phone, and it was constantly him calling around the time I was tortured, I figured, he's checking in to let me know he's in control.  "They're" in control of my life and there is nothing I can do about it so he calls up to rub it in.

I had no money at all by that time.  He made comments about that to me too.  At least one time he made a comment to remind me about how I had no money and was trapped.  So all of it together, sounded to me like he wanted me to be tortured.  He is also someone who showed up and mentioned Katie Middleton when he visited at the house.  So he didn't show up (that I remember) until after she was born.

He said he was a movie producer and I asked him a few questions and he talked and then after listening awhile I said, "I'd like to try that sometime--learn how to film movies".  He stopped, stared at me with a sneer and then look of hate, sort of hard and cold, and said, "NO."

I thought, who is HE to stand there and tell me "NO" I couldn't learn to film movies?  He also acted mad that I interjected the comment when he wanted to go on and on and on and talk about himself.  He didn't like a woman (or little girl) who was sort of talking "with" him, he wanted to be heard and have a silent audience.  I could have played a violin for him if I'd had one for his mime.  One would think that someone who was famous (I didn't know it) would find it nice to have a girl who was just natural and not gawking or fawning over him but I think he was used to having women and kids fawn over him.  So of course, Katie was a shoe-in.  These macho men liked Katie because she never challenged them.  She was more like a typical girl or women--something more familiar to them and not so "exotic" and "frightening".  I think she had about an ounce of the testosterone and fight in her that I had.  It's a miracle she even had a boy.  She was quiet and the men wanted to be listened to and admired.  But then they liked a woman who was not objectionable to pleasing men so where I would have NEVER wanted to dress as a playboy bunny for a Halloween party, she did.  They wanted some kind of old-fashioned "woman in the kitchen, kitten in the bedroom" idea where she allowed men to do all the talking and then threw in some anti-feminism to show men "Look.  I am just a bunny.  See?"  That's how some men want their girls and women.  Degraded and subservient to men but willingly so.  A quiet doesn't challenge them or make them feel threatened and neither does a playboy bunny.  It says "I serve men so now you can protect me because I am weak and needy."

I actually had her stalk me out once when I was younger and she was already a teen and she was cold and calculating.  She had a quiet front but she had an evil eye.  She was not just calculating, she made fun of me and was snide and I thought for someone whose mother was shoving lightbulbs into little babies rectums, she is feeling unusually confident about herself.  I could tell she thought she had already won something over me and my impression of her when she was older, was that she was a very bad person.  She had a Mossad-kind of calculation about her and that's what I thought when I saw her--Mossad.  I think the only reason she'd target Usama is because she knew he knew how bad she was.  She came around me because she wanted to check me out and I could see her attempting to "read me" the way Leanne did, by observing me for a long time. I wasn't stalking her or observing her the way she was me, I just had my impressions and intuition about her.  I am not psychic but I believe my impressions were 100% on target.  Also, Usama wasn't indiscriminate.  He was thoughtful when he made decisions about if someone was really that bad or not or what effect an action might have.  I thought once he possibly tried to slightly set me up but I wasn't sure, however, he was one of only a few who, when the group tried to jump me and beat me, stepped in and said, "No, leave her alone."  Out of hundreds of similar groups of people who kicked me, punched me in the stomach and were invited to beat on me, he intervened.  He wasn't into harming innocent people.  I think by the time he thought Katie was bad, he had pretty good evidence to support his conclusion.  When I say once I wondered if he'd set me up, I thought maybe one time to do a favor for CIA he had known ahead of time of an impending event they were going to target me for and didn't tell me.  It doesn't make sense, and I am probably wrong, but I had it cross my mind he may have known they were setting me up to be gang-sodomized in the U.S. and he was telling me to go without a phone on my person to give them better access to me without my being able to call 911.  I saw him give a smirk to one of the U.S. men over it once and then after the U.S. raped me in Coquille, I thought back to that and thought, "Had he known?  or was he just trying to give advice and didn't know their full intent?"  Prior to the attack against me in Coquille, a bar I had to go to for checking my email when my power shut down, had some CIA lurking around watching me and the bar put on the song "Walk Like An Egyptian".  I never forgot it because I thought they were making fun of my connection to Usama (although he wasn't Egyptian, Ghadafi was and Ghadafi was a gentle kind man, to me, from what I remember right now, when I met him).  However, Usama had told me "Walk Alone" (without accompaniments) and that he liked to "walk without technology" because people can track you.  So he was teaching me not to carry a phone with me, no radio, nothing technology-like to avoid being tracked.  During this, U.S. military was smirking at him like exchanging secretive plotting looks and I thought, "Why are they interested, the U.S. in having him tell me not to carry a cell phone ever?".  So when I was at the bar, they put on "Walk Like An Egyptian" and I knew, based on other military and CIA hovering around me then, when I had just sent an email trying to contact him, that they were reading my online activities and remembered what he'd told me about not using a phone.  That way, when they jumped me, I couldn't call a public 911 and alert others.  However, I can't be sure he knew what they had planned and if that's true, it's possible later he felt more inclined to be on my side for some reason.  At the time, one of the men there was a man I already knew was best friends with "Barry Soetero" (Barak Obama) and I knew Usama knew who Barak was.  He said Barak's name and another black man at the base who was with the U.S. military knew who I was and was present when Usama was being told to teach me not to carry a cell phone as a tactic. He was smirking at me with hate when I was outside learning this.  I knew that black man who knew Barak Obama was plotting something against me.  I also saw a Robert Garrett jr. go along with telling me not to carry a phone after Usama instructed me and looks exchanged with U.S. military and Barak's friends.  They used my attachment to my "Dad" and my attachment and respect for Usama to teach me to do things for purposes of making me vulnerable to being sodomized in their premeditated plans of  massive gang-rape against me in the U.S.  People involved were Jews, Barak Obama's friends (UK and US), CIA and U.S. military. The Muslims who went along with it were ones Barak Obama and Middleton knew from living with Katie in Jordan and the Middle East and because of his contact with Barak Obama and his step-father.  I saw UK officials and military there watching me instructed to not carry a cell phone too, who were friends with the black man Muslim that Barak was friends with and knew.  This is how I know how much forethought and planning went into my being gang-sodomized by U.S. officials and government in the U.S. The U.S. and UK methodically plotted and premeditated how to harm me and how to "keep the coast clear" so they wouldn't get caught by anyone who would report it.  They passed around high levels of money, made sure the Supreme Court wouldn't do anything about it, brought in military to tell me to meet them out in the middle of nowhere and without my having my cell phone on me (as they'd instructed which was against my typical habit of carrying a form of calling for help around me, which is how I'd avoided being killed many times), and the person I was meeting was "Alan" and "Christopher", who was a younger teen or pre-teen around my age and I believe was Chris Dabney actually, and that's where they jumped me in Coquille, OR and then raped me.  He had deliberately lured me there, telling me it was an emergency and he had some documents to show me and make sure no one was following me.  He said make sure no one is following you to be sure I left my cell phone at home, knowing I had been told by people that people could track and follow a cell phone location just by the metal components or bugs in them and tracers.  So they knew ahead of time that it was a way to get me out there defenseless.  Chris then injected me with a tranquilizer that knocked me unconscious as he reached over. Basically putting his hand on my shoulder or something and then the next thing I knew I had something stuck in my back and I saw his gloating face for a moment, and Alan I think and I passed out.   Then they jumped me and all of this was at the end of a road where there was sort of T insersection, with a road that led up to a house that split and went right and left  and circled around the house.  It's the road I painted in blue as a Y.  After Chris stuck something in my back I was on the ground and couldn't move but I could see more faces showing up over me and they looked down on me.  Chris had said, right before injecting me, "You won't remember me."  Oh Hell I do.   When I was on the ground, some of the other men who showed up were Alan, a Robert Garrett jr., and it looked like possibly James Cartright, Alan Shay (different Alan), and Rabbi Rose.  There was also, it appeared to me, to be Charles Spencer.  Another was George.  I am pretty sure one of them was Gary Erickson as well and they were calling one of them "Gary".  They refered to at least one of the men as James.  There was another I'll mention later.  Then they lifted Katie Middleton up above my head while they were grouped around me and I was paralyzed, unable to move or speak on my back.  I tried to talk and only sounds would come out and I couldn't form any words.  So they lifted up Katie to look down on me and said, "You see that?  That's what scum looks like." They were all glaring at me with hatred.   Then they were mocking me saying, "You think you're SMART, don't you?"  I couldn't speak and they said, "She's DUMB", about me.  They even said something like "You think you're so smart and you're so stupid you didn't even bring a cell phone with you, did you?  You're STUPID."  They called me "dumb" and joked with each other because I was not able to speak so they were not just calling me stupid, they were saying I was mute as in "deaf & dumb".  They said, "Even a 6 year old is smarter than you are."  Meanwhile, holding Katie over my head.  Then they said, "Or 5 year old or 4 year or 3 year old."  They kept calling me stupid and scum and then I blacked out.  They then carried me further down the road to the end of the road onto a property that was already cleared by owners (who knew Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer) for use in assaulting me and they tied me to the bridge overnight until others arrived on time.    I know the owners were friends with Joy because I had to go there with my mother and they talked about Joy Sterling and that's why we were there and she was friends with them.  I went there before I was taken to that location to be sodomized, and after I was sodomized.  I also know Usama got viciously beat up by U.S. military first because they hauled him off when we were talking once, and beat him up.  Barak had a vendetta against me which wasn't justified, but it's possible he was trying to use Usama and then later if he thought Usama changed his mind and was on my side, he had him murdered.  Barak and Middletons were best friends and prior to her getting married, if Usama was known to have evidence about how bad Katie Middleton was and the crimes they'd committed, and Barak was aware of it, he'd off him and Usama had a lot of serious blackmail on Barak too.  He was able to describe which of Obama's friends were in Afghanistan having him coach me not to carry a cell phone on me so I could be gang-raped by the U.S., and some UK officials.  Obviously, Jews were also involved.  I also think Usama probably did not do some of the things he was blamed for and that he was set up to have hatred incited against him to make some feel better about killing him.  The lure from Chris was that there was an emergency and meet him and maybe my parents were in Mossad and something about Russia and "make sure no one is following you".  So he set me up to meet him so he could inject me in my back shoulder, as he told me first, "I'm moving out of the state."  I said "You are?" and he said "Yes." and then he said "You won't remember me" and I said "Yes I will" and then he put his hand on my shoulder and I felt the needle or something go in and then I saw his expression change.  He was my enemy and he worked for the U.S. and for Middletons.   He also did this to me when I was singing a song I had made up on the way over, which I called "Auraborealis"  (pronounced:  ORE-uh-BORE-ee-alice).  The other thing they said to me as I was on the ground paralyzed was he made a point of calling me a "Bore" and then others said "No, she's a WHORE".  So they called me stupid, dumb, scum, bore, whore, and a bunch of other names.  I still remember how my song goes because I'm the one who made it up.  It's just a chorus or refrain that I made up after being in Alaska and seeing what auraborealis was and having it talked about.  So when Katie Middleton is leaving the theater of "Alice in Wonderland" with the comments like "you won't remember me" as she's drinking a vial of chemicals, I know her game and I know many of her players.  I also know some of the others from the royal family looked pretty smug as well, when leaving that theater.  They like little reminders tucked in, to have them think about how they get away with everything.  It appeals to their egos.  I'm not psychic, at all.  But when I saw the photo of them leaving the theater, without knowing one single thing about the movie "Alice" (the modern one), I instantly knew something smug in their expressions was over me, Cameo Loree Garrett.  Queen Elizabeth II looked as smug as Katie did and they all felt priiiittty secure about their man Chris and Co.
When Usama picked me out, the U.S. thought it was a big deal but I didn't know why. I just thought he was nice for having stopped people from beating me up and he was prayerful.  We also had political discussions  about state rights and sovereignty when I was in Afghanistan.  I said I didn't think U.S. soldiers should be on his country's territory if it was their land and they wanted them to move.  He asked my opinion about it and I told him what I thought.  I said if they were there for awhile, that's fine, but it didn't sound like they had a right to stay there.  This conversation took place when he was being trained by CIA and U.S. military and they were all around us at the camp/base.
I feel sorry for her kid, whoever's DNA it really is, the public one.  Her mother tortured babies and kids and Diana tortured babies and kids including her own son, and she has most likely already tortured her own kid.  I even saw Charles waterboarding William once but he knew I was watching.  Also Diana knew I was watching when they tortured him to have seizures.

I don't agree with all of those torture practices.  It's also a little bizarre they had me see all those things and then wanted to try to frame me as a pedophile which was not me at all.  And when they had William spread out naked on a bed, they were all trying to force me to do oral sex to him, when he was a baby.  They did this after I had made a comment about his private part one day, innocently, like a kid, and said, "He's happy!"  They said what? and I said his part went up and he must be happy to see me.  Well, it was a kid thing to say and all little boy babies have this happen constantly.  It's natural and normal.  But those people tried to turn it into something sick, as usual.

I also remember walking through the hall of MI5 once with a woman, and I believe it was MI5 and not CIA, when I was about 3-4 years old.  Around that young.  Possibly up to age 5.  I had always liked meeting her and she was formal and professional and a leading woman of authority.  She was very firm and stern but she was also nice to me and I think possibly she is who Robert Garrett Sr. meant was the "teacher" and how I was "teacher's pet" and that is why some were jealous of me.  She was promoting me and took reports of my progress and had one thing after the other planned for me until she was ambushed in her office.  She sort of looked like Judi Dench, kind of a prim English-looking person.  I was made fun of and taunted for thinking I was "special" because she liked me.  Then one day in her office, Robert and Dicksie and another couple ambushed her, and blackmailed her on the spot.  She was terrified and they all had guns pointed at her and said "What plans do you really think you have for her?" and then forced her to look at something in a manila envelope.  They hated my guts.  It was like Bob, Dicksie, and then Mike and Carol Middleton.  Something like that.  She put her hands to her face and I think she maybe cried because they told her I wasn't going to be promoted into anything and I wasn't going to be paid salary anymore either.  Then she was told the Pentagon of the U.S. was going to be in charge of me from then-on.  I liked her because she always had me learning new things and she said "You need to know French" and I was starting French lessons.

With the U.S. they've never encouraged me to learn anything or to study a language.  They've been pimps and nothing more.  Basically, pimps who tortured me and raped me when I didn't like their ideas for my life.

Katie Middleton hadn't even been born or conceived yet, I don't think, but some of them had plans for breeding her already.  I was more of a threat to Camilla Parker-Bowles than anyone else at that time and I saw her at MI5 offices too.  I'm sure she's had lots to discuss with the Bush family.  Isn't his ranch the first place she flew to with Charles after she got married to Charles in 2005 and my torture was again commenced?  And of course, she was on the Pentagon helicopter hoping I was getting assassinated.  I'm sure Camilla is quite the asset even without her womb.  She still had her Double D's after all.  If you notice, Bush married Big Boobs.  They're all Big Boob men.  I seriously wonder if one of the Bushes (Sr or Jr) had an affair with her.  Camilla was seen by me inside of MI5 hallways more than once.  I didn't work with her closely enough to see her pulling out files or anything but came and went and was around.  I wasn't ever mean to her and she generally didn't do anything mean to me, to my face except for possibly a comment once.  She was even more discreet than Diana when making a mean comment.  Diana could sound mean and bitter and she sort of wanted you to know and you could see it in her face sometimes.  She was a little more emotional so therefore, slightly more transparent.  Camilla was cool as ice cream when she was mean--reserved, aloof, discreet and uppity and very careful about when she was revealing her mean streak because she was not as emotional of a person.

I saw her at the Bush residence before she married Charles and then visited there with him.  I "told on" her.  I said to Dicksie, "Why is Camilla having an affair with Bush when she's already married?  and I thought she liked Charles or something?"  Dicksie got really mad at me and was defensive of Camilla.  I said "She was trying to tell me to have an affair and I don't agree with her".  Not only did I see she was involved with Bush, she was wanting me to lower myself and be degraded.  So Dicksie tightened her lips and got mad that I had said anything negative about Camilla because Dicksie, Bob, Camilla, and I think her husband Shand and the Bushes were all at the same Bush house together. I also said, "She's a spy for the U.S.?"

Oh yeah.  They really wanted to kill me.
I said to Dicksie, "I think she was trying to get me in trouble with Charles" and Dicksie sort of rolled her eyes and then I said, "Well, and she was trying to get me to be a mistress and I'm not going to be a mistress.  SHE can be a mistress but not me".  So Dicksie was getting even more irritated by me and looked irritated and I said, "You don't even CARE?"  I said, "You don't even care she was trying to get me to be a MISTRESS and be with some man?" and Dicksie sort of smirked and said nothing which made me mad so I said, "What.  Are YOU a mistress too?  Well YOU can be a mistress but not ME."  And then Dicksie looked mad again and wasn't smirking.  I had said something similar to Camilla like "YOU can be a mistress if you want to be but I'm not going to."

Her comment to me at MI5 hallways before the lead woman was dumped and I learned I was 'sold to the Pentagon" was she was the big dog.    In so many words, I mean.  Camilla would never say, to a little girl:  "I'm the big dog".  She said it in other words and knowing I was going to be tortured in the U.S. next.  Camilla never tortured me herself, from what I remember.  I don't remember her ever touching me to harm me, whereas Diana and some others did.  However, that is NOT to say she didn't harm by using others to hurt me instead of messing up her knuckles.  Her husband and George punched me there before I left.  Then later of course, before the Pentagon, Canada, FBI, and CIA and...Camilla tried to assassinate me on a rock-climbing venture, Dicksie had recorded a whole conversation about hypothetical sharing with Diana over Charles to make me sound like a mistress is what I they discussed, absent the fact I was "married" to him.  Of course, all of this conspiracy after I'd reported about pedophilia, child trafficking, and torture.

Barak Obama thought he'd go off of that template before the assassination attempt, with a bunch of people telling me I should be a hooker like Leanne and torturing me when I refused.

Oh yeah, and the U.S./Canada/UK tuition of Katie Middleton to torture me by cutting me with a knife or razor and by electrocution controls, was thought of as "endearing" because they always had a demonstration done when it was public that had her "hesitating" like she was a considerate kid or something, so a man could feel macho and "do it for her" like "men should do" because Katie was a cute "bunny".  Seriously.  However, in private, I never saw any hesitation so how they got her to look "unsure" or hesitant at age 3 with public group eyes on her, but not at all in private, is anyone's guess.

The person in the U.S. who made cherry pie all the time, along with Dicksie, who made pies, was Shirley Sandberg.  They knew my favorite kind of pie was cherry.  Possibly this was because it's what I liked when I was even younger and some other woman made the pies.  But I remember for whatever reason, Shirley Sandberg one day decided she didn't want me to like cherry pies best.  So they started telling me I liked another kind more and when I said, "No, I like cherry pie" she got mad about it.  Who cares what kind of pie I liked?

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