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Use of Bomb Next to my House Last Night and Starving of my Son (Annette Sandberg and FBI)

Someone set off some kind of a bomb (I will explain) next to my house last night and made a comment near the house from outside first.  It was the voice of an older man and it was a few feet from my house close enough by my window.  There is a path there that cuts through the woods and possibly that's where they were.  It was at around close to midnight and I was lying in bed and some man outside my house said, "NO" and then a bomb was set off.

Scientists, military, and engineers will know what kind of bomb I'm describing. 

It was one of the compression kinds of bombs the U.S. has had developed for a long time.  One was used next to my house on Methow when I lived there with my son but it was so strong, after the release of pressure to our heads quit flexing, we were throwing up both of us, suddenly and instantly and when I went to the hospital with my son they were giving us high does of iodine for the treatment and potassium, whatever it is they use for nuke bomb victims or nuclear harm prevention.  There were also about 4 other people there vomiting and with the same problem and I said is flu going around? and it wasn't flu season and my son and I didn't have flu.  It was a reaction to being targeted and we were not sick before or after that specific moment in our house.

Last night the same thing was done except not at higher levels, but some man outside with a creepy voice said no and actually, the same thing happened in the 80s with some man getting close to my house one day and saying this out loud and it was also at the same location in Coquille.

After he said this, last night, there was a sudden feeling like a bomb exploding or how you would feel if you were in a plane at very high altitudes or somewhere where the compression changed suddenly, and then after a quick expansion of the entire body including affecting my heart and head, it had an effect of sucking in the skin around my face where bone structure didn't hold it out as much.  The skin around the sides of my nose and forehead and other places sucked in and then slowly released and one of my pets had the same thing happen because they woke up and they were close by.  It took several minutes for the skin and tissue on my face to quit being sucked in and then released back out to normal slowly, and my heart was acting up.

Not only that there were a bunch of government employees in town yesterday and I did something while walking in scratching my nose and then pushing it back and forth side to side sort of, and then after this the U.S. targeted me with an assault by one of their energy bombs, had some man next to my house saying "No" in a freaky voice, and this is after the U.S. targeted my stomach for 2 weeks after I did an IVF, and they did this to abort any pregnancy.  Which is murder if I'm not the one choosing the abortion.

The U.S. has also had Avilas and someone around them starving my son and he's not at all where he would be or should be in weight and height for his statistics.  Kids' developmental rates do not change that drastically after established by age 2, unless there is a major illness.  You can predict a kid's growth and approximate size as an adult by age 1 1/2 and Dr. Stuart Freeh actually, even agreed and said he should be very tall based on his foot size for his age and other developmental markers which were at the top percentiles for his age.

I know CPS was bringing my son in to me, throwing up all the time, and he was thowing up blue colored, like smurf blue colored substances.  When I was a kid, my mother Dicksie had me throwing up orange substances for months.  I also know he had torture marks all over his body at CPS visits and of course, Anne Crane, Barak Obama's friend, and Sue (the dog cager of kids) were visitation monitors.

I know Robert and Dicksie began to torture me at extreme levels when I was sent back from England one time after some of the royals and Diana Spencer had had two different child guests over.  Me, and then they had another kid over.  What was unusual that time was first they bathed me when I got there and I was older as a kid and they made me stand naked in the tub and inspected me all over, commenting about my skin, my legs, my hair, and all of my body features and then saying how tall did they say I might be eventually?  There were several women there, all checking me over and talking and I felt humiliated because I was old enough to feel embarrassed by having to stand naked in front of  a group of women as they talked about my body. 

So then I was dressed in a nighgown and sent to bed and I slept a long time because I had been given some kind of drug (sedative or tranquilizer) on the way over.  I slept for a long time and then was up and visited and then they said they were going to clean the house for the other kid that was coming over because they heard they might have allergies.

Then what happened was I overheard Robert and Dicksie getting upset and distressed about the treatment of the other kid, and they were saying the kid was not fed any food and they were depriving this kid of food.  They acted like they were trying not to cry over it.  So then they said to me, as if I had power to do something, that wasn't it terrible they weren't letting this kid eat any food?  and I said something like, "So?  They did x and x to ME, so I don't see what the difference is."  I couldn't understand why they had nothing to say about torture or repressions of me, but they were distressed about some other kid and I thought, obviously if I can "handle it" that other kid, I was sure, could "handle it" and look who was whining.  No one gave me parameters for how long some kid was without food or if they had reduced portions or something.  I assumed it was just for the trip over there or something.

So Robert and Dicksie flipped out on me and hardened their looks and started torturing me worse.  They chained me up, gave me less food or had me throwing up, and electrocuted me more and I knew it was their way of retaliating against me and against whoever was making "the other kid" "feel hungry".  Doctors had said, consistently, year after year,  I would be about 5'7" when I went in for check-ups, before I was being deprived of food and tortured and forced to throw up. I have no way of knowing if it stunted my growth but it's possible.  I know for sure, my son's growth has been deliberately stunted because of what has been done to him.  What is odd is that I remember one time their prediction of my having height bothered one of the Dicksies.  As a kid, I thought, that is really strange--why would she care if I'm tall or not?  And I had been commenting to her, chatting about how I was glad I'd be taller and everything and then when we got home, she gave me something and I threw up.  Then someone came to our house and said it prevented growth or something like that, and that was given to me.  Whatever it was, I was given a dose of it for some time.  It wasn't a one-time thing.  I was given some kind of medication or substance, that was supposedly a growth inhibitor of some kind, for at least 3 months, like an entire summer, and possibly it was a full year.  It was for a long time.  Then, as it turned out, I ended up being about 5'5" but that was after my growth was stunted so I wasn't 5'7".  I know they did something to stunt my growth because the next time I went to the doctor's appointment, the doctor said I had fallen back to lower percentiles and I hadn't changed much from last time which was odd.  I never forgot that because I remembered how excited I had been at the idea of being tall and then what was done to me at my house to stunt my growth and then the evidence was in the next doctor's appointment.  They had literally stunted my development deliberately.  It was a huge thing to me as a kid, that I thought about off and on, thinking "I can't believe they did that to me and why did it matter so much to them?" 

I think that this has been used against my son Oliver, and they decided to channel all of their efforts on torturing and abusing and starving my son, and stealing things from him, so they could carry out another U.S. hate crime and ruin his entire life.

Robert and Dicksie seemed to be torturing me sometimes in an attempt to control what someone else was doing to some other kid somewhere.  It was like I wasn't their kid and was just raised by them, and their real kid was being raised by someone else.

It wasn't just my physical development that they went out of their way to stunt and try to find ways to minimize and under-develop--they were also attacking my organization and cleaning habits and trying to restructure me into being a slob and disorganized, and they were obstructing my scholastics.

I know this one Dicksie was involved in wanting to stunt my growth because of how she acted on the way back from the doctor appointment and then the other person showed up later.  But she wanted to stunt my growth and was 100% involved in that, willingly.  She wasn't acting like a mother who is proud to see their kid growing, she acted like I was a threat.  I don't know if it was so much the idea I was going to be tall, as the idea that I said I was glad about it and she just wanted to attack anything that she thought might make me happy.  I remember the doctor I went to see was not acting happy about it.  He acted like he felt extreme pity for me that I was living with Robert and Dicksie Garrett and when I showed up at under the percentiles, he looked troubled and upset and guilty.  He acknowledged the military had used chemicals to "experiment" on growth stunting on me.  It was a plain and clear admission.

I think when the U.S. has already been "experimenting" with their chemicals and torture so long, they never needed me for their "growth stunting experiment" nor did they need me for fission bomb experiments or anything else.  The fact that the U.S. is perpetuating starvation and mistreatment of my son along with toxic chemicals, is proof and evidence of hate crime by families that want to control me and my son.

The idea that an Italian man in New York was handing Robert Garrett a shoe horn, had to do with my feet (indicators of height) being squished into shoes too tight for me and about my height being stunted.  This man even commented about my height, sneering at me and saying, "She's not going to be tall enough."  By that time, I thought, "Whoa.  These adults are NUTS.  I have adults THAT whacko about how tall I am or not tall I am?  YOU PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY NUTS."

Also, the doctor brought up the experimental stunting drugs after they'd already used them on me.  So I was medicated first, and it looked like hate crime to me, and some kind of weird competition crime, and then after my growth was stunted and they'd already medicated me non-consensually, they tried to come at it from another angle and asked me if I'd agree to let them experiment on me.  Basically, Dicksie knew I knew or had an idea they'd been medicating me with toxic chemicals to stunt my growth.  They did this without my permission and knowing I wanted to be tall.  Then after they had successfully stunted my growth, then they tried to cover up what they'd done to me.  I was a minor, and any consent I gave for them to torture me or harm me was not true consent.  However, since they knew Dicksie and Robert had been consenting to my being tortured, and they realized I was "onto them", they then had me go to the doctor and agree that I would allow them to keep experimenting on me or to take statistics or make a report for "patriotic purposes" to "help science" and "The American People" 

(can I throw up now????)

and they would use the reports for military planning.  So first they targeted me with hate crime, and then they tried to turn it around to sound like I was a kid who said "okay" to having my growth stunting chemicals documented.

I never gave them an "okay" when they were doing this to me for 3 months to an entire year.  Dicksie didn't care about "medical results"--she just didn't want me to be tall for some reason and looked threatened by the idea.  Robert didn't want me to be tall either and he was going over to some Italian mobster-tailor in New York who was smirking and mocking me over how I wasn't "going to be tall enough" like they'd won something.  He wasn't a military man, so what exactly did he think I wasn't going to be "tall enough" for?  He was just glad I had my growth stunted and he had nothing to do with "patriotism".

They forced me and coerced me to say I agreed to reports made, when I was a kid, after they'd already done it.

The U.S., 30 years later, is still SO STUPID they don't know how their fucking "growth stunting chemicals" work?

So they FUCKING use them on my son????

FUCK the United States of America and God Damn every single individual involved in hate crimes against me and my son.

First they kidnapped my son and traumatized him to the point of losing almost half of his weight  when CPS and their fucking FBI and military regime took my son hostage, and then they start bringing him into visits to show me how messed up they making his life because they're so insecure with themselves, they think what will make them feel happier is torturing my son.

Obviously, 30 years later, the U.S. does not need to torture my son with chemicals.  They are guilty of hate crimes.

It wasn't just Dicksie, it was both Bob and Dicksie.  Both of them had some weird problem with my being tall, and also had problems with wanting to interfere with whatever it was they thought I wanted or that I thought would make me happy.

Dicksie and Bob were not the only ones using those chemicals on me.  Locklyn Guzman and Valentine Guzman also used those chemicals on me, and that's the Mexican contribution side of it.  I was sent to go visit for a summer and Locklyn picked up the same thing and carried out what Dicksie was doing to keep me medicated on some chemical and throwing up all the time.  Just having me throw up my food all the time was going to inhibit my growth but I think it was worse than that.  It was a military woman who came to our house with the chemicals to dose me with.  One was military and one was FBI and both of them were women.  Then after they were there and I was already throwing up, Annette Sandberg, who was by then some kind of police officer, came over in her policewoman uniform and it was black.  I think black with some blue.  She made sure to rub in the fact I wasn't going to get as tall as I hoped.  She did not go over with the other 2 women, she showed up after they were there but she knew all about it.   She had her full police uniform on, and her gun on her hip and her hands were next to her gun the entire time I was there in the kitchen where she was.  She stood or walked around, with both of her hands on her hips, and one hand right on the handle of the gun.  She was fully complicit in having me medicated with toxic chemicals to stunt my growth.  She ended up as Chief of Police for the entire state of Washington and then went to D.C. and worked with all ex-FBI in transportation.  She then picked up a new house to live near a shooting range where they torture kids, which is next to Donna Titleman's house, and she got that as soon as the "deal was finalized" with Katie married publicly to William of Wales (who knows who his secret lover is, because I'm sure he has one).  It is one example and maybe the only time I saw Annette Sandberg directly complicit in torture or crimes against me in any way.  Other times she'd show up in her police car or SUV and then threaten arrest or she had me do something to try to frame me and videotaped it, but that was about it, and before she was trying to frame me, she was making sure I was taking toxic chemicals that she knew would cause me to throw up and which were stunting my growth.  She is also responsible for what is being done to my son Oliver.  I am not sure unless I think about it, which woman was military and brought the chemicals.  She was sort of taller and thin, like Leanne who is pharmacist in Coquille, Oregon, or Anne.  The other woman was FBI because it was either Laura Laughlin or Julia Thornton and I'm not sure which because they look a lot alike and both were involved in showing up to jump me and do weird things.  I know her position was mentioned as well, as FBI because brought it up.  I am not sure about money or if anything was exchanged besides medications/chemicals to harm me with.  I know they opened the trunk of the car before leaving and did something.  Now I sort of remember but I'm not sure if this was the same trip they made or not.  They opened the trunk of their car and had a picture of Katie Middleton inside.  While I stood there behind the car, because they forced me to, one of them grabbed my arms behind my back, twisted them and had a hand-cuff hold on me and I think real cuffs, and then pushed me over to bend over the open trunk and pushed my head down in front of Kate Middleton's photo and said "Kneel".  They did that to me, I am almost positive, after dropping off chemicals to stunt my growth and cause me to throw up.  They pushed my head all the way down until it was touching the floor of the trunk of the car.  That was FBI.  I think it was the same time after dropping off chemicals because they didn't show up a lot.  I think then, they thought they were pretty hot stuff to force me to a federal detention center in Knoxville, TN and twist my arms up, strip me naked in front of a two way window and then tell me to kneel as they had me on false arrest when they were guilty themselves of torturing me.  I know Annette Sandberg was involved even if she wasn't involved in that specific act, (it was a sedan, by the way) because she was later involved in opening the hatch to the back of her cop SUV and then trying to frame me.  She also went from being respectful to me to suddenly, like some of the others, almost overnight, feeling they had come into some sense of massive power that enabled them to do whatever they wanted to me, crime or not, and where they had been afraid of touching me before, or doing much, they suddenly lost all fear and decided they were all jumping me.  I mean, seriously disturbed people.  Annette Sandberg also asked me to be a drug dealer and I refused.  They dropped off the chemicals to stunt my growth and I was throwing up all the time and then Annette showed up and said, "You want to make some money?" and I said "Yeah" and this is after a lot of money I had from somewhere was gone because the U.S. government was using it to fund the airfare all over to meet their agents.  They funded everything off of me, and never paid me a dime.  So I was getting tortured worse and had no money left (so I was told but they never let me see my own accounts either) and Annette asked me this.  She told me she needed a drug runner and asked if I would be interested in it.  I said what's that and she said you drop off drug orders with people and give people information about where to pick drugs up.  I said, "No I don't think I want to do that".   When I did the routing for shipments and trucks, it wasn't as a "drug runner"--I was told it was a shipment job and I didn't know what was in the trucks.  I later found out some had drugs and some had guns and I'm not sure what was in all of them. I knew I had a CB and orders, and I followed my orders exactly, not breaking the rules for anyone, not even as a kid with a "parent" trying to coerce me to.  I had to organize them, watch the time, clear everything, check drivers, and I was the only one in charge of releasing a shipment.  I know Homeland Security was involved (border patrol) because they were some of the men who were saying they wanted to go out and get laid by some of the foreigners.

You combine that, with Rani Guzman's jealousy over my son's development compared to her son's as a baby, and you have a family that wants to stunt my son's growth and ruin his life.  Locklyn is extremely possessive over her kids and turns her back on me in a minute if she so much as thinks I split one of their hairs.  She tortured me and she would definitely be involved, along with Rani and the rest of them (they're all government mafia) in harming my son Oliver just to have her grandson "Austin" turn out looking like he was developmentally ahead of my son Oliver.  Rani had my son tortured in her own house and was documenting it.  She did this after we had discussed development and Locklyn and Rani got upset to hear me talking about what Oliver could do when they knew Austin wasn't even talking yet and wasn't even trying to walk.  Not to mention the fact they chose to call him "Austin"???  Like Texas?  That's sort of odd considering I had a lot of torture occur to me by people who live there, like their mafia friends.

I am sure many of his toys are going to Austin and are being stolen from him.

I am also positive Katie Middleton is related to them in some way.  I'm not sure which one of them is the connection but she's related.  I actually had it cross my mind once as a kid as well, not just because of the letters sent from her to our house in Moses Lake, but I always looked at my mother's lips and thought, "She has such thin English lips and they're not like mine at all.  They're like Katies".  Locklyn's are the same and so are Holly's.  I used to think it was possible the relation was on Bob's side as well because he was the one moving back and forth from her house and mine.  I think it was their house (Middletons) .  He used to get back and say, "It's so much quieter over there" and would say, "You know, I'm really getting to where I would just rather stay over there.  There's peace and quiet."  He would say it was nice and calm and he didn't like coming back to "onry" and "the brat" and "all of the bickering".  I think it was Katie's house because he mentioned her name and would get soft in the eye when he said, "She is really a cute little girl".  He was emotionally attached to her like she was a nice sweet smart girl and he preferred to be visiting there than in M.L. with "the brat".

Well it must have been nicer wherever he was part of the time, because probably he wasn't chaining kids up over there the way he was in Moses Lake and that can definitely have an impact on mental health and the idea of "peace and quiet".  Maybe Bob and Dicksie didn't like listening to me rattle the chains around on the bed in my room.

The other people I know have something to do with Middleton are Lynda Carter and Phoenix, AZ people.  Having a group from Phoenix, AZ call Bob and Dicksie to say they were "moving it forward" when my raspberry plants were stolen was really comforting. 

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