Monday, February 3, 2014

UPDATED 2/5/14: Repeated Torture to the Head by NASA-Military Today

UPDATED:  The U.S. started torturing me to the top of my head again about 20 minutes ago, starting at 7 p.m. They are targeting the top to the back of my head from about halfway up on my skull from my neck to as wide as the entire back of my head, to the top of the back of my head and then over a few inches across the very top of my head. 

They also fumigated my house somehow recently or I was exposed to anti-histamines in some way because I had the bad reaction from it yesterday and several days before off and on up to about a week.  It makes it impossible for me to concentrate and focus, and the U.S. has been using this as a drug against me since I was a kid, along with Haldol, for punitive ways to shut me up.

I am being repeatedly tortured to the top of my head and then other locations on my head today.  The U.S. has been doing this all day yesterday and all night and all day today and all night.  It is not a normal "migraine" or tension headache.  It's torture.  They are using some kind of a probe form of energy because it heats up that part of the surface of my head that they target and not the skin around it.  I've found red circle marks under my hair at the areas which they target.  While they may have something inside of my head which they target (which I think is the case--a round magnet on either side), they are also using infrared technology to locate me and then are targeting me with satellite technology because that would be the only way to explain surface effects to the skin on my head where they've targeted me.

I really don't know why someone can't blow them off the face of the earth.

I would take out every single NASA site.  It's also doctor-sites that are operating this control, and military, which is why NASA gave huge amounts of money to the doctors and sites where they implanted me to be tortured.

I am totally tired of around-the-clock torture by a God-damned nation that has no right to make the claims it makes.

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