Saturday, February 15, 2014

Disfiguration of Entire Family and Debbie Burt

Even though I know Bob and Dicksie tortured me while I was growing up, the U.S. government was directing a lot of that.

I saw one of the Dicksies yesterday and one of the Bobs, and there was some carpenter man out there that was from OSU I believe, who was out there in the late 80s and he came out to adjudicate whether I was going to college or not, said no, and then beat me up.  His name is Bill and I get a horrible feeling whenever I see him.  I think he has something to do with George Bechtold.  He drives the same truck, white, with Oregon plates VDT 400.

As for the Dicksie and Bob and myself, ever since I said something about Shawn, this local cop, saying marks of torture on them were just because "they're old", I've been targeted with U.S. military technology that has been disfiguring my face.

Not only that, since I was assaulted in my own house a few months ago, with chemicals applied to my chin and my pants pulled down and a razor cut onto my rear end, I have not been able to sleep at night.  It is the second time the U.S. military did this to me, and they had to break into my house to do it.  The only way to keep me from waking would have been to chloroform me before I woke up, if someone used a key and snuck in, or to fumigate my house with chemicals overnight somehow first.  I have witnessed so much use of chloroform, I would guess it was that.

This entire term I've been tortured while trying to do college work online, mostly ONLY tortured if I work on college studies and not if I blog or do anything else, and my power has been shut off repeatedly and my computer internet and computer shut down with nothing inherently wrong with my computer.  When the military has shut down my computer, they've done it about 6-9 times this terms, they've shut it down so it's not working at all, for at least 12 hours.  It's been done before lab due dates I was studying for, tests, and also has happened the most when I was studying the most, reading online or doing work and then my computer was getting turned off or frozen and wouldn't restart, but then starts up fine 12 hours later after I've lost time on it and have to work on something else.  So it's been constant obstructive interference and interruption of all of my online work.

They've also jammed my door to my house about 20 times or more this term, making it impossible for me to get into my own house.  When I say "jammed" I mean somehow they use some form of technology to make the lever frozen like it's locked so it won't move at all, not even with jiggling it around or locking and unlocking and jigging it around with a key.  It's not rusty and it's not something that has to be oiled or greased either.  They've done this to me mostly when it's raining and while there is an electrical current from a power source under the trailer, so I am getting shocked every time I try to open my door because of metal zippers and fixtures on my jacket that get the electric current in the rain when the place isn't grounded.  I am not kidding or exaggerating about how many times they've been jamming my house door. 

I saw Bob and Dicksie, one set of them, and their faces are all scarred from technology being used on them to disfigure their faces.  It's also being done to me and I don't know about others.  No one did anything like this to me until I made a comment out loud once about how Granny had beautiful skin and looked so young and always wore a hat or sunscreen, and the only part that had any line at all was a little on her chin.  So then all of a sudden, someone was either targeting her chin to be worse than normal, or something because it got 10x worse and no other part of her face did, and then the military used the idea that she had lines on her chin as an excuse for where to torture Dicksie on her face, to then claim it's just age and "runs in the family".

Basically, like the mafia government does with illnesses, when they murder people by "suicide" and say, "Depression runs in the family" as their alibi.  Which may be true in some cases and there isn't anything wrong with noting when something runs in a family, even for mental illness.  However, what the U.S. military has been doing, is torturing us to make us "look older" or uglier, and mostly it's being done in ways they think they can blame on family heredity.  They also put a crease into the tip of my nose when I don't even have one, when I was writing about Edward Lee Howard, and he has one, but someone thought since I said I was related to him, they'd use that idea for torturing me and putting a crease into my nose, to look like Bob's nose, or Edward Howard's nose, so they could then blame it on heredity.  I've never had any kind of natural crease in my nose and no one "ages" with overnight dents into their cartilage because the cartilage is suddenly sunken in from U.S. weapon technology.

So since someone thought they could use Granny's chin as a template for how "the Bairds look when they're old" they started doing this to one of the Dicksies chins and lower face.  They started that over a year ago, maybe like 2 years ago but it kept getting worse about a year ago to the point it was red and looked like someone had had her in a dentist office chair with her mouth open, stretching it unnaturally for hours every day.

Supposedly, she was just "going to work" (with Debbie Burt).  Debbie Burt is the woman who said to me did I want to join the FBI but I think she's CIA.  She isn't an FBI type and her idea of trying to get me to say I'd work for them was more like an effort to see what I'd do after I'd turned the CIA down for a specific kind of work.  Debbie Burt was also showing up at the house making preparations for when I was going to get sodomized on a bridge in Coquille, Oregon as a pre-teen and she launders money to Kate Middleton.  She's part of the whole "Phoenix, Arizona" and Alburquerque, NM group and she is also friends with Justin Collier who I only saw in my youth at military functions where I was tortured.  If she's military, it's secretive and not in the open, but she does shoot a rifle and I know she does and have seen her with one.  I can't remember why it is I know she shoots a rifle, but she does.  I've seen her with a rifle, and a handgun.  I don't remember being on outings with her in the field anywhere so I can't place the rifle business but it's true.  It's possible I visited her house when I was a pre-teen, because I remember that too and a big rifle collection held by her ex.  At one point, I was taken to her house and a few other women were there and it was this deal negotiating thing.  I was held hostage there but I would have to remember why and what it was over.  Justin Collier was present there. I do remember, that was another place I saw him around her.  Which is really odd because he's from Wenatchee, WA and why would he have been in Coquille, OR?   She was personally friends with him, like someone who's best friend's kid is known or like he was her own son type of thing.    He got a job inside of a small building that has only 2 other businesses:  an insurance company and the Attorney General offices for the lawyers in Wenatchee which includes Mary Ann McIntosh, who was involved in drug trafficking and human trafficking.  All of them are connected to rape and trafficking of kids.  Mary Ann's family's background is career-military and she was raised as a military brat.

 I know all of a sudden her printing machines weren't "working" whenever I was trying to print something to appeal for my son or regarding Judge Alicia Nakata and Michelle Erickson's fraudulent charges of harassment against me when they were both involved in pedophilia and human trafficking of me and got money for it when I was a kid.

There were people in Coos Bay, Oregon who knew them, this woman who assaulted me and tied me up with a Japanese woman in Coos Bay, so there is obviously a criminal government thread that runs from Wenatchee, WA to Coquille and Coos Bay.

The only way to prevent scarring and marks chiseled onto my skin by sitting in front of my computer (which is somehow acting as a window or reflection for the military to be able to target specific parts of my face with technology that makes lines and creases and destroys the surface skin cells and underlying collagen and makes red marks) is to put paper over the part of my face and tape.  Dicksie isn't going to be doing that at her office when she has to work so when this is done to her, she has no choice but to sit there while her face is re-arranged.  Why is Debbie's face not being affected?

Why is the U.S. military choosing to target me and then some of the others and not everyone else around them?  Bob also has marks on his face that are permanent and from this, with a big oval shaped mark that looks like a new skin pad under one of his eyes, and his eyeballs were indented with compression into his head and red and circles underneath.

When they were torturing me themselves, Bob and Dicksie, you have to wonder who would have a motive to not only torture me and want to disfigure me, but why they would do this to Bob and Dicksie or others when Bob and Dicksie were part of their schemes to begin with. 

And then why are people like Debbie Burt and others never being targeted with anything like this, while they sit right next to others who are?  The government criminals "like" Debbie Burt for some reason?

What reason is that?

The U.S. is also tampering with my food and drink and they are doing this knowing I am wanting to be pregnant and have another baby.  There was something wrong with water I bought yesterday and I bought a kind I had bought the last time and this time it caused problems with my stomach   immediately.  I drank tap water and it stopped and when I was drinking a Safeway bottled water brand, I had cramping or some kind of weird stomach effect immediately and then, since I drank that water, my hormone levels have changed from it.  It's not like it's not possible they tampered with my water before I bought it because they were tampering with another kind before, when I bought that kind, and it had something wrong with it.  I also had a change in my urine after I drank this one water, and there is no other reason for that to have changed when I was eating the same things. Basically, debris in the urine where it was clear before.  An obvious difference.  There was no reason for there to be slight tissue in the toilet or extremely cloudy debris like you get from UTIs (urinary tract infections) when I don't have a UTI.

The U.S. really needs to deal with their issues or their hostile takeover is going to happen sooner than they think.  I do not believe it can or will be prevented.  I just hope that whichever county it is, they will be better to us than the U.S. government has been.

The other thing about stomach pain, is possibly not water but the technology the U.S. military has directed on my stomach.  It was the same pain I had while drinking something with another kind of water and while I was drinking the tea, I had online ads being displayed on my computer about how I should question the safety of tea.  So basically, I was being tortured to my stomach and someone in the U.S. military wanted me to think it was the tea brand or that something was wrong with the tea, or the water, when really, it was U.S. military torturing me.

They murdered my unborn babies deliberately and they first tortured them when they were 2-3 months old.  I was right across from the Pentagon when they did it, and they started torturing me when I told the biological father he was going to have to pay child support.  Basically, the U.S. military thinks they can kill and assassinate or torture any unborn they want to, as some way of getting revenge.   The U.S. is torturing living people, who are born, like my son, and they have made it obvious they don't mind torturing and murdering unborn babies.  If Dabney didn't know about it, he wouldn't have had me fired while I was pregnant, or his mother show up to make comments with her next-door neighbor about the titanic going down, or had other people making comments about the future, my future, as they wanted to construe it. 

I was deliberately targeted and tortured while pregnant by the U.S. military.  The same U.S. military that raped me at West Point and then lied and tried to hide it and plotted ways to assassinate me and the same military that trafficked me around and assaulted me, and which got others to continue to target me later.

The U.S. also, recently, after I had made a plan to get pregnant again (not in a relationship or by sex), assaulted me to the head with not migraines, but torture, for several days while I was making plans for this.  As soon as I was looking things up online, they were torturing me and that's when they were torturing me every single time I went online to study.  I had over 4 days of severe torture to the head and headache from it and nowhere near my menstrual cycle or period or having anything to do with hormones and just torture to try to punish me over wanting to have a normal life and thinking about ways to go about it.

This Dicksie I saw today (2/15/14) has an arrow mark imprinted on her left cheek from torture technology and you can easily see it.  She also has a mark across the bridge of her nose that's from this and her eyes are sunken in.  So they're being tortured and I'm not sure why.

I don't know if it's to get my sympathy and have it appear they are in the same plight as me, or have the same enemies, and that can't be true because they've tried to kill me.  I also saw the Bob that has a dark mole on one side of his face today and not all of them do.  I don't know if maybe there are even 3 Bobs and not just 2 of them.  There is one Bob that's bigger and one that's smaller and this looked like the smaller one maybe but there was a mole and I don't think the big and small one have a mole.  I 'think' it was the smaller one.  What did the U.S. do?  Clone a bunch of them?  Also, his ears are different from the other small Bob because that small Bob has small ears and they fold back but are not sticking out or sort of wavy at the edges, and this Bob with the mole has small ears too but they are sort of wavy and sticking out more at the tops (unless someone has been pulling on them).

Today is the first day I thought there is a possibility there are 3 Bobs.  I've thought that of Dicksie for a very long time.  But with the Bobs I never have until today.

The one with the mole today said "I'm your Dad" and I said then why did Dicksie say you're not and he said he didn't know.  He wanted to give me a hug and I said I didn't want to and then asked him about being twins and he said he's never met another one and maybe, it's possible.  Then I said "If you're my Dad then why did you ejaculate all over my back when I was a kid?" and he said I don't think I did.  It was sort of the same thing that was said decades ago in the 80s before I was assaulted and assassination was plotted.  I 'think' the Bob that was driving the helicopter for the Valerie Plame-involved assassination attempt against me, where Dicksie cut my rope to have me fall down a cliff, was maybe a larger one because the face was slightly wider.  I would have to see photos altogether and would want to see some of Joe Wilson, Contreras, Forrest Tanzer, and James Cartright.

It was a Robert Garrett or lookalike and then when they went up, Forrest was at the wheel instead and a Robert (one of them and 2 of them could have been there) yelled to hold on from the doorway, and then was pushed back and when I got on I didn't see him and only heard him on the floor getting kicked as he yelled out names of people on the helicopter.  He was saying, "It's Scott, and ____, and ___ and ___" and then he got kicked by someone and told to shut up and I heard a punching noise like to the stomach and then a voice on the ground and that was from the oversize cockpit area which they didn't want me going to.  It was a huge Army helicopter--one of the biggest kinds.

A normal hospital "life-flight" helicopter is about 1/2 to even 1/3 the size of one of these other kinds.  I can't say it's true but I had a "feeling" maybe both Roberts were on the helicopter but I don't know where they'd put them all because they cleared out the middle section so that it was only me, Valerie Plame and Dicksie.  Some people were in a back section which had a hall and then a restroom and a large number were in the front cockpit area which was larger than a normal cockpit and then they'd all scattered to be left and right in the helicopter so that it was almost just me in the middle and then a group to the East end and a group West end.  Which is the same idea they had when having Barak Obama rape me by forcing me to be in the middle. 

The other place one of the Dicksies tried to kill me was on a stage in a theater and it was either Portland, East Coast, or in England.  It was a professional stage with a backstage and curtain and there was a trellis ladder to walk across on top by the lights and down below and wires and things and she also did something there that almost killed me and I somehow reached out and grabbed something and just barely, I mean barely, saved myself.  I would have otherwise been dead.  I did end up falling later but not as far of a distance and Dicksie was there and a couple of other men and they were doing this pretend 'Phantom of the Opera" idea.  It looked to me like Mike Middleton was there and Richard Whittemore but occasionally Whittemore and Snowden looked similar.  However, she and the others were calling him "Richard" and "Dick".  She was chasing me with a knife, a pocketknife in her hand, on top of very high ladders and weird bridges like ladders that were horizontal and I didn't know the terrain.

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