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Torture of Oliver "Avila" (Garrett) and The Baby On The Doorstep

Cameo: This is a darling dog and it's a nice thought, but we are not getting another dog, not even as a gift. One day when one of the one's we have dies, we might get another. But two dogs and two cats are plenty for us right now.  Oliver is doing good. He's progressing really well in reading and math. We just had conferences.  Holly
I got this email from Holly Avila who my son was fraudulently adopted to.

I was looking at poodles and one this "Rescueme" organization, for the state of Columbus, Ohio they had the following ads which basically look like some kind of reminder of what is being done to my son Oliver and then a woman is posted who looks like Olga, the Argentinian woman who moved to the U.S. to marry a U.S. Army man, whose family is supposedly "royal".  Her husband is Russ Strong and he is a criminal and she may be worse.  I am positive they are connected to Katie Middleton and to other British royals who have harmed me and wanted to hurt my son.

    Teddybear has had a WONDERFUL poodle looking for a GREAT forever home with someone that can afford a poode ( grooming every four to six weeks) and be able to afford good food for him. Teddybear was in terrible shape when he came to me. He has progressed so well its amazing! He was a matted mess of a dog - emaciated and fleas... today a month later he is growing his hair back in - he is fully vetted and on a good quality food. He was no housebroken but doing fantastically well. I dont put the male wrap on him anymore. He does have to go out fairly often ( compared to my other dogs) but he is only about 7 lbs now. He is fully vetted - DHPP, ... (Read More)Bordetella and Rabies vaccines. He is neutered and microchipped. He is heartworm tested negative and on prevention Due to severe matting he had to have most his body shaved, but his hair is growing back in now -not a lot but it is. Teddy bear is looking for: A great forever home that understands he is a rescue dog and will take the time necessary to allow him adjust to a new home with a new schedule. He needs a loving person or persons to give him all the love he can stand! He is on a HIGH quality dog food ( grain free) and I prefer he stays on it or something similar. Please if you cant afford this do not ask about him. He has had a terrible start in his short life ( he is about two) and i want the best life for him. He is well worth it . He is starting to get out and meet people now. He is shy but not mean. He is becoming fully potty trainied in my house but moving to a new house he possibly would regress so if you want a fully housebroken dog dont ask about him. I want to make sure the person is ALLOWED to have a dog and lives in a stable home!!! Dogs are NOT toys and deserve GREAT forever homes. Please Email for an adoption application if you are interested in giving this well deserving pup a home. He will come with his crate and his toys . He loves to retrieve toys!!! he loves to play with his little rope toy. He is very smart. Teddybear is great with my dogs and loves my border collie- they love to play ! (Less)
 Adoption Fee: $250. Animal Location:
Cuyahoga County cleveland, OH MAP IT!

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Rescue Me ID: 14-01-02-00567Sofia (female)
Poodle Mix    Age: Young Adult
 Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
 Low Energy, Submissive 
 Spayed, Vaccinations Current 
    A huge welcome to princess Sofia who has arrived in the Kingdom! Sofia is a 4 to 6 year old Malti-poo who came to us from a breeder when she retired. Sofia is slow to to warm up, but, once she does, she is a doll who doesn't want to leave your lap! Sofia's foster Mom and Dad are working with her on her housebreaking and she is doing much better. She gets along good with other dogs and doesn't mind cats. She would do best in a home with children over the age of 5 years old. Sofia will be seeing our royal vet soon after the New Year, and will be available for adoption then! Sofia's adoption donation is $300.00 An application must be ... (Read More)completed, submitted and approved prior to meeting any of our Royal Prince and Princesses. A completed application does not guarantee adoption approval If interested in adopting into your family, please download an adoption application at our web site http://www.royaltydogrescue.com Office hours for phone calls with questions about our adoptable Royalty are: Mon, Fri: 1 pm- 7pm Tues, Wed, Thurs: 10 am - 7pm Sat: 9 am - 12 pm Closed for calls on Sunday. All of our Royalty Dogs are in foster homes, we are not a facility. Please take the time to research the breed that you are interested in and thank you for considering a rescue dog! (Less)
 Adoption Fee: $250.00 Animal Location:
Royalty Dog Rescue
828 N Walnut Street
Tuscarawas County Dover, OH 44622 MAP IT!
330-365-9911 Email:info@royaltydogrescue.com Fill out application: www.royaltydogrescue.com

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Under this ad was one for a dog named Neeko and there was someone named Nico in the area that I remember from when I was a kid a long time ago, from Wenatchee and it was pronounced nee-koh.  He basically looked like Alvaro and it may have been a nickname for him or one of his friends.  The Middletons were also friends with "Nico".

The next dog ad that was under these two (in descending order) was one of Neeko which was then of a poodle that looked like it had one black eye and my son was punched in the eye, and then there were a bunch of terrier mixes.

Olga looks like the woman in this photo and she is a Middleton fan because I found out while I was still working for her.  She's into the British royals and would torture my son for them and the CIA and military.  Not to mention, you notice the comment about how the other dog is now "7 lbs" when I kept accusing CPS of traumatizing my son to the point he'd lost 7 lbs as a baby when he was kidnapped from me in the U.S.  Then you can see this photo of the woman who looks like Olga with her arms out in a circle like the food tray that was surrounding her son when her Army husband came in to start making false accusations as I was heating up his kid's food.  His ARMY is the reason why my son was targeted and kidnapped in the first place, because the U.S. Army can't get their hands on enough "fresh meat".

Olga, the woman from Argentina; a local cop from Wenatchee; and Russ Strong (U.S. Army) were the ones to first assault my son and it was before he was born. The other thing that makes me suspicious of her is that she asked me to babysit her kid and I did and then her husband came rushing in one day like I'd done something to him or he was worried I would. Why would the U.S. Army man be worried about me with his kid unless he is a criminal and was concerned if I found out what he had done, I'd take it out on his kid? It's almost like they had me over to watch their kid after my son Oliver was assaulted, just to see if I suspected anything and took it out on their kid, and I am 100% positive they had a hidden camera there.  He also rushed in and accused me of making his son go "hungry" and started shoving food into his mouth with a spoon.  He is someone who would try to lie and say my own son should starve because his  military-Argentinian royal brat wasn't getting "fed" at lunch, when he WAS.  I had just fed him some food and then had put some finger food on the tray for him as well that he wouldn't choke on but was appropriate and then I went to the kitchen to get his bottle or something, with the kid still facing me, and within my sight, and that's when Russ stormed into the house, as if cue, or like a camera was angled weird to make it look like I'd just left him unattended, and he started accusing me.  I knew it was a set-up from Russ, because anyone from where I was, had a camera been there, could see he was in my eyesight and only a few feet away but from another angle it may have been unknown where I went.  So when I have a fucking U.S. Army ASSHOLE stalking me out in the first place when I'm PREGNANT, just to get up close to me then, and then pretending to be a friend and his wife inviting me to work for her; to then be assaulted at their house, on their property to the point my son was in the hospital with me in pre-term labor; to then invite me to babysit THEIR kid alone for the first time ever, after they assaulted my son, and then coming in with accusations.  How DARE they assault my son and then try to lay another  U.S. ARMY bait-trap out for me as an excuse to then torture and kidnap my son from me and make him starve?

Not only that, there was one other situation just like that, and with some accusation and it was coming from the government again and it was the same thing with some father running in to accuse me of letting his kid "feel HUNGRY".  I never left any kid out of my sight or made them "go hungry".  Ever.  But there was another man who had done something wrong to me first and then acted like I was doing something wrong.  Someone like Charles Spencer.  I was feeding William once, and he came rushing in saying HE would feed the kids NOT me and said "GET OUT".  He didn't really care about them.  If he had, he would have been around them before he got jealous of me and Diana called him "jealous".  She said, "Don't take it personally--he's jealous."  Also, I sent the photo of a dog to Holly of a poodle from a woman named Linda and Linda and Creston are the ones from Canada who stole my medical information while she drove me to doctor's appointments.  She had something to do with harm to my son and slander of me and then Charles Spencer went off and married a Canadian woman.  I mean, of course.  Where else can you find anyone as corrupt as an aristocrat?

Not just that, because I remember a Robert Garrett jr., U.S. Army also then repeated this later, after Charles had made a scene, Diana had me babysit again and said "Don't feed William because I'm going to feed him when I get back".  He was still taking a bottle.  So he got hungry and usually he'd instantly quiet down when I carried him.  I could pick him up and he would stop crying immediately.  He didn't stop crying and he kept going on and on and I started feeling nervous because I thought why are they telling me not to feed him when he's so hungry?  He had a regular bottle and they weren't giving it to him.  They didn't want me to give it to him either.  So the more he cried the more anxious I got and I didn't mind crying babies, but I knew he was hungry.  So after an hour or so of this and knowing she wasn't getting back soon, I thought, "No one will care if I warm up a little milk at least and give it to him."  So I started warming it up and she came rushing through the door (it was like I was 100% of the time on hidden camera) and said, "I told you not to feed him".  I said, "I waited and I wasn't going to, but he's really hungry and I thought just a little" and she said,"He's not hungry--he has an ear infection."  If he had an ear infection, why wasn't he crying intermittenly from the start?  He just "happened" to get an ear infection around the time he got his bottle?  So then they had me babysit once more and said don't feed him and this time listen to me and then that time a Robert Garrett Jr. rushed in and said, "You're making the baby starve?"  And told me he'd take care of William and leave.  It was Robert one time, like a cover for Charles Spencer.

So all of that blackmail and filming potential I'm sure, along with "sound bites" making me sound like I had assaulted William as well.  I never did anything bad to him and instead all of these people were jealous of his affection for me and they wanted to be the "hand that rocks the cradle".  To me, I did it because I liked it and I loved it.  To them, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."  They did it for power.

The other person who did this to me once, when I was a nanny and when they actually wanted to keep me as a nanny but I quit, was Ken Kargman who rushed in one day yelling at me about something and started shoving food into the baby's mouth.  It wasn't that I wasn't feeding her he just wanted me out of the way because he was mad at me.

So all of those individuals have had something to do with why my son's growth was stunted and he is not getting enough to eat and drink and why he's been sick.  The same kinds of people who would try to frame a little girl like me (when I was little) and set up a kid, would torture her kid as well.  They really hated me.

One time someone came in and said, "Let's see who William stops crying with" and there were several women, just women, in the room--maybe one man to the side and each woman took a turn holding him including a Dickise, Carol, some other women, a nanny, and Diana and me and they were all there and then I think it was the man who said "Let Cameo have a turn too" and then I held him and he instantly stopped crying.  He wouldn't stop crying for anyone except for me.  He wouldn't even stop crying when Diana held him, but when I did, he quit crying like the sun had come out and the frost had gone away.  They said, "Well kids like other kids" but I thought to myself, "Yeah right.  William knows I'm the only one who hasn't hurt him."  I didn't say that to any of them but it was something I was proud of.  A Dicksie there though, did look sort of anxious and I wasn't sure why because she acted briefly like she was William's mother or something and was afraid he wouldn't stop crying and then she wouldn't get to hold him. The others looked kind of disappointed but not like they really wanted to hold him like this one Dicksie, though I don't know which one it was or why this was done.  She looked kind of scared.  Maybe they were all telling eachother to pinch him when they held him so he'd cry and then he wasn't crying with me because I wasn't pinching him, and maybe Dicksie didn't want to pinch him.    I have no idea but I thought it was natural. .  It's not like I haven't been tortured.  The other time was in a room where other people were, not the same group and it wasn't from one to the other but when William was going to reach for someone,  he chose me.

Another time, this was another strange incident, a baby showed up on our doorstep.  I wanted to keep it and I had been wanting a doll and a new baby was fine.  It was in a snuggled up blanket and basket and looked really nicely put together.  Someone put a lot of time and attention into that baby's basket.  It was in Moses Lake, Washington.  I opened the door one morning, or it was at night and a doorbell, something, but I think morning, and there was a baby there on the doorstep.  I said, "It's a BABY" and my Mom said "What?" and then went over to look at it and started to cry.  I didn't see Dicksie cry that much actually.  She cried about my Dad now and then or something I didn't know about and then she really cried about the baby.  I thought, it's like this is her own baby and someone forgot to give it to her.  For all I know, it was her baby and she was one twin in hiding while pregnant while the other Dicksie who wasn't was watching me and then they switched.  We brought the baby in and we were going to keep it and I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about it.  She started hoarding the baby for some reason, maybe it was all a plot to teach me a lesson or something but I wanted to hold it too and she was snapping and saying "NO" and "You can't" and sort of getting snappy about it (maybe not even the same Dicksie).  I thought why is she doing this?  She wouldn't even let me touch the baby at all and it was like she got really possessive over it and I somehow ended up telling someone about it and then a woman came over and arrested Dicksie saying, "You KIDNAPPED THIS BABY".  First they went into the house and said is it yours? and she said something and then they said "Will you do a DNA test?" so they took her to the station and then later they accused her of kidnapping.  I had to be in jail with one of the Dicksies over "child kidnapping" because they were accusing a Dicksie of kidnapping the baby from someone.  I said, "No she didn't.  She didn't kidnap it because I was the one who opened the door and found it there and I thought it was for ME."  The reason I had thought it was for me was because I liked babysitting and had wanted a baby around and thought since I took good care of them, maybe God answered my prayer because I had prayed for one to show up.  So when I opened the door one day and there was a baby on my doorstep, I thought, "GOD REAAAALLY answered my prayer!!" I didn't tell a lot of people about it but it was like when I was thanking God for the beautiful roses to look at outside one day, and then I went to my door and there were roses all over my doorstep because someone put them there.  It was the same thing when I was a kid and this baby showed up on the doorstep.   I didn't pray for a lot of things but I really wanted a baby to take care of.  So it's true, within a week, my prayer that I was praying every day was answered.  I didn't tell Dicksie this at first.  I thought we were going to both take care of it and then she wasn't letting me take care of it at all.  So I felt it was a gift from God that was being stolen from me and I was the one who knew I had prayed for it.  When the social worker woman asked the questions with police I told them, "No one kidnapped it.  Someone dropped it off."  There was a note with it that had said something like "My name is _____.  Please take very good care of my baby."  Then it maybe said "God Bless" but I'm not sure.  It was a short note.  It was a white, very nice looking, healthy baby.  It was very clearly dropped off as a gift to someone else. It wasn't like "I'm getting a sammich and I'll be back in a half an hour."

When they said they were taking the baby Dicksie got hysterical.  She screamed and cried and then later at home after crying a lot every day, she turned into a hardened kind of person.  I thought it had been a miracle it was dropped off there.  Then finally, when Dicksie was mad at me one day about it or something I yelled, "That baby wasn't even for you!  I'm the one who prayed for one and it showed up on my door step! and you wouldn't even let me hold it!!!"  I have no idea where the baby went but it was confiscated by Moses Lake, Washington police.  Most likely, tortured there too, because that's the kind of thing they did to babies.  I do remember when we went back to look at it, it was the same one and it had bruises all over and problems.  It didn't respond the same anymore and it looked beat up.  I am pretty sure I blocked most of it out but it is possible they did some torture to it in front of us too because I remember it was very bad.  I said to one of the cops, a black man one (the cop was black and smirked), "What happened to it?" and he said, "It was dropped."

So that's the United States of America for you.

CPS is nothing but a money-making machine for child torture and trafficking.  If anyone who cared about kids wanted to make a difference, the few who cared would all quit together at the same time and make it a public media event.  When is the FBI going to do their job and return my son?  or are they forever pigs wallowing in their own vomit and returning to it?

Then, after crying like I said she did, one day she was glazy eyed and stone-faced and said to me that because I had done that, told someone about the baby, she said, "You are damned."  It's not like Carol Middleton hadn't already been telling me I was "cursed" since I was a toddler and repeating that in my face.  Then this Dicksie turned around and had her back to me and I thought, "Oh my gosh.  She is acting serious."  The other woman who showed up at our house and said the same thing, or maybe she was the one who said it to me, was Joy Sterling.

And why would the U.S. make it so "difficult" for Olga to get a marriage visa unless they just wanted an excuse to have them going back and forth between the countries and staying there for periods of time, just to do some spying for them.  Like we can't see a fucking CIA bitch when we see one.  She sat there complaining about how hard it was for her to get into the country as if to pass off the fact she was marrying a government employee for a green card and no one in the government cared about her.  That is straight-up CIA shit.  Of course they'd make it look harder for her, because they don't WANT people to think they wanted her here and it gave them a reason to have her go back and collect more dirt for them and give people dirty money.  Not to mention the fact he was at the Dam over there and that is where I think they were hiding Diana Spencer.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think she's dead at all.  Also, the Strongs are connected to Katie and William because one of the Argentinians was around for boar hunting once when both William and I were there and they know William.  What a perfect pair really.  How else would someone like U.S. Army Russ Strong and CIA employee Olga Strong get the idea to attempt to set me up to make it look like I left his kid unattended, without knowing people who practiced trying to set me up when I looked after William when he was a baby?  It was the exact same kind of feeling and plotting and shit that went into their false representations of me in England and WHO did they have coaching that when I was younger?  Robert Garrett jr., who was called "General" by the U.S. Army soldiers, and Dicksie Garrett, who works with the FBI and CIA.

Not only that, like I said, my son looked terrified to have his photo being taken while sitting on my "brother" Levi's lap and from what I've heard he is also secretly in the U.S. Army and I know he did a mission with Mossad and they've tortured me and would do the same to my son.  The person who was supposedly there to take the photo would have been, most likely, Robert Garrett or my Mom unless it was Jerod, who looks like Russ Strong.  I'm sure the U.S. FBI and Army would love to torture my son using the look-a-likes Russ Strong and Ivory Avilas' husband Jerod, who is an FBI employee.

Olga and Russ Strong did not have me babysit their son again.  I did nothing wrong and he was eating his lunch when Russ came home.  However, I am positive they were hoping to see some kind of reaction from me to see if I knew they were responsible for harming my son at their house which caused my contractions and early labor.  They were ultrasounding me so badly I couldn't sit up and had to lie down on a couch and couldn't even move out of the house and then this cop was trying to offer his arm, like he wasn't a criminal himself.  There were other people too and my estimate was CIA assholes.

Who else gets their U.S. Army men to marry international women?  The CIA does.  Unless you want to think maybe as someone aristocratic herself she was connected to people like Middleton, which would make sense to me.  Nikki and Chris Dabney were connected to the Argentinian steel company man, and Queen Elizabeth used to supposedly have a lover in Argentina and I'm sure that with Chris being in the CIA, and knowing all of Katie Middleton's friends, he is connected to Russ Strong and the rest of the "Army".

Not only that, it would be my guess the U.S. Army is deliberately attempting to traumatize and provoke me by having someone they know post ads like those and then letting Holly know, when they're connected to FBI, CIA, and Army because they love nothing more than to antagonize and terrorize the parents they kidnap children from to torture.  They want me to feel helpless, just as they did those who cared about me.

Not to mention the fact the U.S. Army was the group that had a fat woman who was a dog handler get off of the military helicopter  with a husky dog, as coming back from a "rescue" they said, as they then all got together to train their police-military attack dogs and then assaulted me by slashing my leg with a knife and with Chris Dabney there watching, behind them, glad it happened to me, and someone that looked slightly like Erik Lund.  Chris acted like he was glad I was slashed with a knife and then later I find out he has all of these knife scars on his back so obviously he thought he was getting revenge against me or someone who did something (he thought) that knew me.

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