Tuesday, February 11, 2014

UPDATED correction: Military: Robert, Dicksie, and Levi

I am being tortured to my tooth and ear and neck again by NASA and U.S. Army.  They started it up the same time as last time, when they blew up my tooth after murdering Howard Garrett.  It was done after I told a dog rescue place I wasn't going to rescue any of their dogs after all because of the harassment they put me through, and this was a U.S. military and cop coordinated group that targeted me when I was a kid, forced me to work for them, trafficked me into California to work for them on a livestock truck, and then had me tortured at a Georgia Canine Rescue place where they transported me "as a dog", having Dicksie sign papers to agree they were doing a volunteer transportation of a dog to another state.  They put a collar around my neck and forced me into a dog harness and put me in the back of their dog rescue van and asked me if I wanted a "bone".  The people who showed up there were Secret Service I had already met before, U.S. Army members, a U.S. Navy man, and there were a bunch of black cops who know Barak Obama.  Those groups were connected to Cher (the celebrity Cher) and U.S. military, which was the same one supporting Stanley Anne Dunham, George Bechtold, and others and this was also done to me prior to Katie Middleton getting pregnant publicly with a note sent to a Robert about how the "Dam" was being blown up by U.S. Army corp engineers so now they could let the fish go through.  I am going to have to make a post exposing those groups with the "dog rescue" because it's the third time in my life they've harassed me.

I think the people I've grown up with are all in the U.S. Army.  They've known enough people from CIA and FBI but it was a U.S. Army helicopter that was being driven and used for one of the assassination attempts against me.

Several of the contacts, when I think about it, are U.S. Army and who would authorize surgeries on me by the V.A. and military and NASA but the Army?

The Army works with the CIA, and always has, for MK Ultra.  It is run by specific members of both groups.

Robert was being called by military titles when I was a kid, and the videos of me that he was dropping off went to the U.S. Army recruiting offices.  One of his codes for telling someone not to give me money anymore for allowance or anything was "don't put anything else on the burn pile". I was the "burn pile" who he would say had money burning a hole in my pocket.  He always used that expression. "You have money burning a hole through your pocket."

When one of the French men I was sexually trafficked to, was caught in acts of pedophilia, since they wouldn't compensate me for damages and the police did nothing I was told I had a right to ask them to compensate me so I showed them the photos of him raping me and then said what I wanted.  Then I realized the U.S. military was doing the same thing to me and I had evidence against Robert Garrett and Dicksie Garrett.  They didn't like that very much.  That's when they all tried to kill me.  I accused Robert and Dicksie of acts of rape, pedophilia, and selling me to other people in the government.  So all they had to do was call up their U.S. Pentagon and CIA to have them do some favors for them.  At one time in my life, to defend myself, I tried to use blackmail against Bob and Dicksie and it scared them.  So they killed off the people who supported me and tortured me and made sure they got back into control again so that now they can abuse and terrorize my son Oliver.

Their desperate need to conceal and control pedophilia and bestiality and torture information, led to some people getting killed, and the need to come up with a  lot of false accusations about others, including me.  They got a bunch of pedophile friends in the government to assault me and punish me, from the Jews, military, and cops and CIA sodomizing me in gangs, to stealing my money from me, to drugging me and trying to have me called mentally ill.  And then where they had been the ones asking me to sign off on things for them, like their checks, they turned it around to get a large group to steal from me and force me out of a career of any kind and money.  They made sure they covered a lot of territory because after I successfully had blackmail on them, they lost no time making sure the entire group of criminal pedophiles had raised enough money to pay off FBI, CIA, UK officials, and officials in other countries.  They didn't want me to ever have children of my own.  Their idea was that I would die and there would be no one with my blood. 

The other thing is that the U.S. Army has been using Argentina for their own efforts in torture against me.  It was the same U.S. Argentinian man who drove the green military helicopter when circling around me and my son on the U.S. Army retirees property, in E. Wenatchee, as it was on the East Coast who was encouraged by the U.S. Army to date-rape me.  The other Army links to him were Nikki and Chris Dabney who are military brats (parents are military and possibly they are as well), and Russ Strong in Wenatchee is U.S. Army and married Olga from Argentina. 
(Argo anyway?  Argon by the way, means "inert".  It is silver.  A metalogical element that is "silver" (like Sterling).  Inert is like having a nice "rest". I thought I'd add that for those who like to know more about Jewish symbolism and correspondence to the movie Argo by Jew Ben Affleck).

I am pretty sure Katie Middleton is biologically related to either one of the Robert or Dicksies (R and D are both twins).

I also am pretty sure one of the relatives had me isolated and kidnapped and then tried to report on me and other family members to get ahead in some way because the extreme levels of hate crimes against me has been from CIA and Army kids and their parents mostly, though much of it has been backed by the FBI.

The FBI has backed everything 100% or they wouldn't have been going to FBI offices where I was being tortured.

When Dicksie cut my line in the assassination attempt, it was a U.S. Army pocketknife.  She was also wearing U.S. Army kinds of clothing for awhile when I was a kid, before that attempt.  They also went on missions with Mossad that were of a military nature, and they knew Mike Middleton who was in Jordan until the U.S. Army-trained leader took over and as soon as they jointly got him in place, they moved Katie Middleton back to England.  Katie was being taken around with U.S. Army and Marines as much as any other group, when she was a kid.  One of the men from UPS (which hires mostly military and ex-military) who delivered a package to me yesterday was a man I saw in the 1980s who hated my guts and accused me of "fag this and fag that" and then I saw him in a UPS truck driving around with Katie Middleton standing there next to the steering wheel as they used to do with me.  He is Hispanic looking with dark brown hair and a cleft or dimple in his chin.

When a kid biologically related to Robert and Dicksie came into the picture, they sold me for more money to get money to go to that kid.

Dicksie was writing to Katie Middleton as well.

I realized what one of the motives for ruining my life was, and how it got worse for me and not better, when I thought about dogs and why I never got a dog in the past, because I cared about the feelings of the dog and being around for it.  If I now think about my son, and that dog can make money which I would then give to my son, it changes how I think  as for anyone, because suddenly, now I have a son to think about and who I want to support above all things.

This is how Robert and Dicksie were able to do what they've done to me.  They had me tortured and sold me and made money off of me as a way to support their biological child who is not me.

They were torturing me from the time I was born, and using me as a pawn and play piece to make money off of.  No one else in my "family", like any of my "cousins" was being taken to a bunch of Wenatchee houses and repetitiously degraded and raped by lawyers, Judges, cops, and military there and the CIA that was involved wasn't interested in any other kid.  They targeted me.  Why target only me and no one else?  They weren't targeting me in opposition to Robert and Dicksie, Robert and Dicksie were coordinating all of their objectives with the CIA.

They were making money off of selling me through the military and the FBI was getting rich from it.  One time in Moses Lake I was about 5 or 6 or maybe I was 7, and a woman came to the house and my mother was showing her a quilt and then they discussed selling me.  The woman said, "Are you sure?  she seems happy here with you?" and Dicksie shook her head no firmly.  Katie Middleton's birth was being planned around that time and that was another part of the conversation.  So then when Dicksie said how much, the woman gave her money and then I was forced to go to my bedroom and the other woman's husband went in and sexually assaulted me. They had Dicksie sign a document for them too.  She basically went over with a professional appointment plan and said they'd pay money if she signed me over to be controlled by the military.  They talked, and Dicksie wanted more money, and if was negotiated, and the papers were signed.  The woman said to Dicksie, "It would be a way to provide for Katie."  I am not positive she said to provide for Katie, but her name was mentioned and the idea that the money was going to some kid that was Dicksies' and biologically related was made.   I saw money go into Dicksies hands as payment for her allowing them to sexually assault me.  They were all pedophiles and they were 100% U.S. Army like the woman who first paid Dicksie.  I knew they were U.S. military because they talked about it, what service so and so was in and which operation.  Then they took me with them while I was screaming and had me at a house where other people sexually assaulted me.  It was the first time I remembered being taken into a house to be sexually assaulted by a gang of people and it was before I was chained up in basements later and assaulted with hot iron rods and tortured with electrocution.  After I was at some other house for about a week, which was somewhere in Moses Lake, they returned me to my house.  This was around the time Dicksie was giving me orange juice with something in it that made me throw up.  This was around the time Dicksie would take me downtown while she was wearing a shirt that said, "The more I know men the better I like my dog" after Katie Middleton was born and after I was assaulted with animals in bestiality.  She walked around with me, after I was assaulted by U.S. military, and after she'd signed some papers, and I remember she was smirking to others when she did.  Around that time, Dicksie was also wearing U.S. Army military camo styles occasionally, like U.S. Army baseball caps and tees and cargo pants.  Katie Middleton also got her dog "Lupo" after I told Robert and Dicksie what kind I wanted then and instead of getting a dog myself, I found out Katie was given the dog that I had said I wanted.  The U.S. military had to get "permission" from Robert and Dicksie to wire me and implant me with devices that would be used to torture me with.

They were killing people who supported me and defended me.

In addition to using chains and ropes to tie me up, they also used straight-jackets they got from the U.S. military hospitals and would wrap me into a straight-jacket and then leave me for entire days that way with nothing to do in my room.  I was threatened that if I didn't do what they wanted, and didn't "cooperate" (which is what CPS and the military AG in Wenatchee told me), they'd put me in a straightjacket again and for longer periods of time.

Diana Spencer is a military brat herself.  Her Dad was in the military and was career military, not just a landlord.  Her contacts to military were through her Dad and Sandhurst and Sandhurt worked with the U.S. Army.  When I said I wasn't sure how anyone knew about what I said about who would be what kind of dog, Diana once looked away and sort of implied, whether it was true or not, that a Dicksie had been the one to give that information to others and then they used it to create forms of harassment against me.

It's also possible Robert Sr. is not the biological father of Robert Jr. and that an Italian man was his Dad because Robert Sr. and Delores divorced after Robert Jr. was born and it was supposedly because she had an affair and then she moved to New York and lived with an Italian guy there. 

Her Dad, Dick Baird (Roland Baird) is U.S. Army.  He never worked for the CIA or FBI--he was signed up for the U.S. Army and Robert's Dad, Robert Sr. was U.S. Marine.

My Uncle Howard burned me with a cigarette into a dot after telling me who some of them worked for, and if he knew I was "bugged", he wasn't going to say it out loud, he was going to leave a mark instead.

Obviously when they're not on a regular roll call for the military, it would be a secret form of work for the U.S. Army, and they have those categories. 

The checks one of the Dicksies was having me cash when they took me to Afghanistan were U.S. military.

Levi was involved with the U.S. military about the time he decided he wasn't biologically related to me anymore, which was on the island where I was held hostage in a house and saw Lee for awhile and Edward Lee Howard.  I think when this one woman said, "Lee is a goat now", and then Lee was gone and Levi showed up, she was actually implying Levi had been converted against me and was no longer my brother anymore but a goat from the Devils' side.  It was when Levi was hanging out with "Mike" and the U.S. Army and then came in to tell me with a hard face, like he was a different person, hard and calculating and secretive, that we weren't related biologically.  He then attempted to strangle me with a cord, with the military outside and then he did several other things that made it clear he was working with a group that hated me.

All of the people involved in torturing my son Oliver and kidnapping him are U.S. military and working with them.

One day I was at Dick and Beverly Baird's house and a man showed up on behalf of another and  wanted his wife back (I believe it was someone who knew Usama).  Usama bin ladin wanted his wife back (me) and had some others backing him to get me back.  Beverly got Dick to the door who told him, "Sorry.  She's been sold.  You'll have to go somewhere else."  They turned him around and shut the door in his face and then they got in trouble with Howard or Edward Howard.  Then after this Jewish man Daniel came to the door to say the same thing trying to have my memory disrupted about who it had really been and he looked at me with hatred again and smirked with the Bairds.  He hated my guts for one reason or another.

I wasn't allowed to leave because I was "sold" according to them.  This was after the U.S. military had forced me to go around and get married and then tortured me and used me as a pawn, which is how they have illegally kidnapped my son.  Howard tried to rescue me from them and Usama tried to rescue me.  They were told I was "sold".  What happened to Howard and Usama?  All of them were murdered by the U.S. criminal pedophiles who have been torturing me and my son.  They even had a British guy go up there and say the same thing, that he was there because a royal wanted to see me (his wife)  again but he did this sort of mocking me.  It was more of a cover for the person who was possibly sincere and a way to rub it in my face as if I had all these husbands and was a slut.  I thought this because of the way he also smirked when he was talking to Dick Baird or Robert Garrett.  Edward Howard went up there himself, in person once, and claimed to want me to go with him but I saw the way he was smirking with Dick Baird.  It looked to me like they were more part of a conspiracy against me than he really wanted me to go with him.  They traded briefcases as well.  I thought he acted like he was my Dad but then acted like he wasn't really or didn't like me. 

The other person who sold me to military and signed a contract in front of me was Locklyn Guzman and I watched her do it with military around.  I saw Locklyn sign a contract before Dicksie did.  Locklyn sat at a round table and did.  Then in Moses Lake it was a Dicksie and there was no table, it was more of a signature outside of a regular room, in a bedroom instead.  Both times money was discussed and with Dicksie, she was a hard negotiator.  She wanted a better deal on me.  Actually, Locklyn also asked questions but they were told it would be money they could use for their "kids" (their "other" kids presumably, like I wasn't related at all).  If there was a prior time with, for example, Diana Spencer or someone I think it's possible because I remember one day Diana signing something that had to do with me and saying I was sold.  It was like the British decided to sell me to the U.S. Army or something.  I don't know why Diana would have a right to sign something about me actually, because I wasn't her daughter.  I had been sort of an assistant however, possibly one of her closest assistants for a short time.  I say closest assistants because I don't know of any other assistant who watched her kids, taped phone conversations, and hid out with her.  I helped her dress and unzipped her back almost every day and watched her do make up.  "Will you unzip me please?" and I had to unzip her just at the top and then she did the rest.  I unzipped a few of them (royal women).  I really didn't mind Anne because she was pragmatic sometimes like me, but she did a few things.  She may have wanted to murder me.  She may have set me up.  How would I know.  I know she did put a bunch of attack dogs on me and then watched me bat at them with my hands and legs to defend myself like I was some kind of Gladiator, which is what I assume they must have done to William once, for a Scotland yard or military guard to comment about how I was like "Willie" when I fought them. 
Diana really did set me up however, in more than one way, so what her use of me was is uncertain because she was sort of wife number #2, and yet we were friends in a way, but she had participated in torture of me and I didn't know what her motive was.  She definitely had enough information about what was done to me to blackmail someone over.   One day the Queen (Elizabeth) saw me in a seizure and said they couldn't have another one of "those" (bloodlines with seizures).  She was wringing her hands and said it.  It sounded like they were actually thinking about everything about "breeding" royals down to whether or not they should breed one seizure person to another seizure person.  And they talked about my "blood" because I had the formidable "bleeding disorder" that was feared around the aristocracy.  I thought what's the big deal.  So one day sitting at a table, Diana signed a contract to "sell" me to the U.S. Army.   She signed this and then gave it to Robert Garrett jr.  So first Diana signed a contract to sell me to the U.S. Army.  Then I was in the U.S. and Locklyn signed a similar contract.  Then something was signed by a Dicksie and I was taken out by a bunch of military to be sexually assaulted.  That group did not really assault me as badly as some later and they said to me to remember what they did because that's what was being done to me by the real military.  So one came into the room and said, "I'm U.S. Navy" and assaulted me and then another went in and said, "I'm U.S. Army" and assaulted me and they all took a turn.  The other person who was present in the room was Mike Middleton.  Mike Middleton and Robert Garrett jr. and they watched Diana sign a contract to sell me to the Army.  From there I was sexually assaulted and sodomized after Mike's group had done this to me.  They told her, "William and Harry will never lack for anything if you sign this.  How else are you going to protect your children Diana?"  They specifically told Diana that if she "sold" me, money would go to her kids.  They also discussed Katie Middleton right in front of me, saying if she agreed Katie would marry William, all would go well.  So basically, William was going to get money and Katie was going to marry into it and vice versa in a sort of "mutually beneficial" plot.  She agreed to it after they kept bringing up William's welfare.  Then after she signed it, Mike and Robert Garrett jr. held me and broke my neck or twisted it somehow and I screamed and someone walked in.  I think the person who walked in was Charles but he'll never tell. 

I was taken to a hospital and operated on and I was forced to "re-learn" how to walk and I had to use a walker.  I don't remember if they had also broken my legs or did a surgery on them, but I wasn't able to walk and I was in physical therapy inside of a hospital being forced to use a walker because I couldn't support myself on my legs without one.  I had to use a machine that had bars on either side as well, like a treadmill, and had to make my legs move even though they weren't moving on their own and then after some time, feeling came back to my legs and within a few months I was out of "rehab" for the injuries.  My having to use a walker was directly after the contract Diana signed with the U.S. Army and their attempt to possibly kill me.  I went from a hospital in England somewhere to the U.S. in Wenatchee somewhere and I am pretty sure it was Wenatchee if not Moses Lake.  Granny showed up and watched my rehab once, Dicksie was around, Robert wasn't usually around there, and then Diana showed up once at one of the locations and watched.  There was also a man that did and I really can't imagine what they were thinking.  Granny acted suspicious like she was worried I was going to catch on to something and I had thought it was strange.  I was told the nerves had regenerated to my legs somehow and it was "miraculous" but I was young and this happened with kids.  I was also in a wheelchair and had to learn how to operate a wheelchair inside of my own house.  They kept a drip from an IV going to my spine or legs until I signed their contract and then after I did they disconnected the drip and feeling came back to my legs.  I know it had something to do with the U.S. Army.  It was possibly something about West Point as well, and I think it was that I agreed to not be paid for any of my work and released them from liability.  I refused to sign it because I said I worked and I deserved to be paid and receive benefits.  So they tortured me and paralyzed my legs and wouldn't let me out of bed until I signed it, so the signature was coerced illegally.  They also made me agree to sign my bank account over to someone and for me to give control to another person.  They didn't care if I noticed how when they disconnected the drip, feeling returned to my legs.  They only cared about forcing my signature and were willing to keep me paralyzed until I signed it.  I was being told "You will NEVER walk again" and "you will not be let out of this bed until you sign it."  I think one of the things that they forced me to sign, now that I remember, is my marriage to Usama.  It wasn't Charles of Wales because he didn't give me a contract.  But the U.S. military gave me something that stated I wanted a divorce from Usama bin ladin and that I reverted control back to them.  The divorce wasn't initiated by Usama, it was coming from the military making it look like I initiated it and then they were presumably taking that to Usama.  They wanted control of my banking mostly and of my life.  So first they took me to Afghanistan in the first place and had me marry him and then they kidnapped me out of there and did more negotiation with Diana over things having to do with her son and Katie, and then they forced me into a hospital where I had to use a walker for about 1 month and I was in a wheelchair for about a month at home as well.  I was in the wheelchair possibly because of one of the times the U.S. Army broke my leg, or from atrophy after they forced me to stay in bed so long without letting me get out until they forced me to sign a divorce from Usama and to sign away my right to payments and benefits from the military. I was one of the first women at West Point, not the "public" one.  They gang assaulted me there and took away my assigned bed and lied later and said I never had one.  I even saw their lawyers and the Pentagon deliberately allowed me to be brutally sexually attacked by sodomy and beatings and then laser and infrared.  I did not legally sign a divorce from Usama because it was coerced.  However, the U.S. and England also want to say I never married Charles of Wales.  If my marriage to Usama was valid, because I was somehow divorced from Charles first, then I would be technically still Usama bin ladin's wife (one of his wives).  There was no other person where any contract was involved or that the U.S. cared about.  I had a contract with Charles of Wales, and then there was a contract with Usama and I was kidnapped from Afghanistan by the U.S. military after I was married to him. That's what the man who said, at West Point, I was "stolen goods" was about.  They all knew the U.S. had kidnapped me.  The U.S. was liable and guilty for not only trafficking me to Afghanistan, but for then kidnapping me against my will and against their laws, and then holding me hostage in a hospital with my legs not working and telling me they would never let me out of bed until I signed papers initiating a divorce from Usama.  He didn't divorce me so they wanted me to say I was divorcing him and to give control back to the U.S. military.  I guess technically, anyway you look at it, I'm a princess.   I was only held hostage and forced to sign marriage-related contracts twice:  with Prince Charles first and then with Usama bin ladin and the one from Usama wasn't initiated by him.  I mean the divorce papers weren't initiated by him.  I never saw actual divorce papers from Charles, just a property nuptial, but if he snuck one in later, after he was publicly married to Diana, and I was forced to sign it, then I was forced to sign without any legal representation and without any rights to my protection having been trafficked to him in the first place, married, and then set out to the wild animals of the Pentagon.  I never signed away for anything from Charles.  If he did, he did.  Whether he did or not would be the basis for whether a marriage to Usama was valid or not.  If I was technically available to be married to Usama, then there was never any legal divorce because Usama didn't ask for one and I was refusing to ask for one.  That would mean the U.S. held me hostage and tortured me to force me to sign a contract without my actual consent.  It would mean the U.S. has been targeting me for war crimes for a number of  reasons and it would mean I am the widow of a "terrorist".  I am sure this is a reason the U.S. military thought it would be a nice commemorative "touch" to shut me out of my own bank account after they murdered Osama bin ladin and got their Mossad woman Katie Middleton into royal jock straps.  The people responsible for shutting me out of my bank account in TN were all military and FBI based.  Mostly military.  First the U.S. Pentagon forced me to sign over banking to them and then they wanted to have that commemorated again by shutting me out of my banking account illegally, without notice and with a fraudulent excuse, after they held  me hostage to be drugged with Haldol.  If Charles didn't sign a divorce from me, technically that one was still valid and he just decided not to "count" it.  He can probably do what he wants but he would still be guilty of pedophilia and trafficking within the UK and U.S. and of not providing me with a lawyer, whereas Usama bin ladin would not.  That's unless you count it if I was married by contract with parental permission in a country where age 8 is legal and then reaffirmed around age 10.  It's not illegal in Saudi or Afghanistan to marry at those younger ages and I was legally still the wife of Usama when the Pentagon kidnapped me.  They then attempted to have me "married" to some other Muslim man as well, after this, and I had nothing to do with him and he put me in a jail where I was told my husband sent me there because I wouldn't be romantic with him or kiss him and I was beaten.  That's the kind of thing the United States did to me and then they wanted to pretend like they're the big 'heroes" that rescued me when they are guilty of torture, cruelty, rape, and kidnapping.  There wasn't any contract with the other person, they just claimed I was married to him for arbitrary reasons and then wanted to tell Usama I married someone else when I didn't.  Not to say I knew everything about Usama or he about me, or that he was always on my side, but I know the U.S. Army just wanted to control me and have a reason to use me and then take me back under their control to torture me and use me more.

MY son, Oliver, deserves better than what the U.S. can offer.
I chose not to divorce Charles because I was bonded to him and because I thought it was a plot to divest me of property and control, which is also why I did not renounced English citizenship.  I chose not to divorce Usama because I knew it would divest me of control and make me vulnerable to further U.S. torture and that was true.  I refused to divorce Usama and to give up control and guardianship back to the U.S. so they held me hostage in a bed and kept my legs paralyzed as well to the point of atrophy.  Even if I wasn't living with Usama or wasn't back there, it was better to be married to him and with his guardianship than as a "kid" under U.S. control and "guardianship" in the U.S.  The U.S. has done nothing but prove that point ever since and the minute I signed the papers, they began electrocuting me.  No one electrocuted me while I was married to Usama, not even in the U.S., but the minute I was forced and coerced to sign papers, they electrocuted me, from the FBI, to the cops, to the CIA to the Pentagon.

All they wanted was to make money off of me.
I was invited to Diana and Charles' wedding by the way, and I didn't want to go.  Even if I had said okay, if you want to get married that's fine, because I'm young and you'd have to wait a long time, I thought it was insulting to imagine going to their wedding when I was already married to him.  So I said I don't want to go and I didn't.  It's not like I gave my blessing and my showing up there would have been like giving my blessing and I wasn't going to do it.  I had a private ceremony with Charles with just him and I said traditional vows with him before a priest.  It was before he ever married Diana.  When he got to the "obey" part I said do I have to say that part and he said why and I said, "It makes me feel like you're my Dad or something, to say obey you" and then I may or may not have used it in the ceremony but it was the basic gist.  He did not want me to cover my head for our private ceremony in the room when we knelt the entire time but he covered his own head.  Now that I remember, he had a priest go into the room and that's why we were kneeling.  It was a private priest in a bedroom in one of the castles but I don't remember the priest, just that I knelt with Charles the entire time.  The entire ceremony was on our knees, not standing.  I think I told him this.  I said "I think we should be on our knees" and he said what? and I said, "It doesn't feel right to be standing.  I think we should be praying on our knees the whole time"  and I said "Because it feels like it's too important to be standing."  So I said, no shoes and on our knees and then he was the one to decide no head covering on my head and that my long hair was enough and he'd wear a head covering.  Then in another country there was a ceremony with witnesses attending and parental permission involved and we stood for it.  So that is how we were married and then later he wanted to rehearse with me to prepare for the one with Diana and I told him I didn't like doing that.  It didn't seem right.  He said it's just acting. I said, "I don't want to act this."  I sensed something wrong with acting it out as if I was not already married to him.  It didn't seem right so I moved away from him and said "No, I don't want to do this anymore".  He said "Do what?" and I said, "Pretend".  I figured if he's going to go marry Diana he can figure out being smooth on his own.  I must have been mature for my age because my mind then was not much different than it is now.  I'm sure I could have ruled.  The only difference is there is experience and learning who is trying to trick you when you're older.  It's the main advantage.   I was also getting this feeling that someone was trying to record it and wanting to later say "She never really married him, she remembers wrong because he only asked her to rehearse for Diana."  So I didn't want to contribute to the Grand Cover-up.  I smelled a plot.  So anyway, if I was validly married to Usama, I may technically still be and if I was never validly married to him because I never divorced Charles, or he didn't divorce me, then I am technically married to him.  He brought up a property paper on our honeymoon, a post-nuptial but I don't think it said divorce because I was miffed it was some kind of paper at all and wondered if he was just marrying me for property or what.  Then later, the only times I saw a document with him involved and me or my being presented it or forced to sign anything, was after he was married.  Once in Africa, which was after he had kids and once in Italy maybe but I was not allowed to read it, and then once at the Cansler house in Washington where I was told they were divorce papers from Charles and sign them (and presented by Jewish lawyers) and that was when I was at least 10-12.  I also was working on a possible divorce and settlement with a lawyer and then my lawyer was murdered so nothing happened.  That was at Diana's suggestion and after she'd had kids and it involved the CIA as well.  I didn't think to divorce him with his marriage "front" to Diana, but when I saw him with someone that looked like my mother I was shocked, and then Diana sort of primed it by having me watch a divorce movie first.  I didn't know what divorce was until she wanted to discuss it with me in her kitchen.  She'd already had both kids when she wanted to have me request a divorce from Charles.  I think the fact she wanted to bring it up and have something done at all suggests she knew I had been married and was not divorced.  It wasn't a big secret.  She knew, going to the church, that I had married him and before hand because she asked me about it.  It was like she was asking if she could join the party too.  I think she showed me some documents at that time as well when I was being held at some military place.  One was a divorce paper and I wouldn't sign and no one else had signed it or was named on it either.  I said, "You can marry him if you want because I can't stop you but I'm not going to sign any papers about it."  It was possibly a pre-nup.  I didn't sign anything until I was forced to after my honeymoon, about property.  She got mad and said why wouldn't I sign it and I said, "If you want to marry him, I can't stop you but I'm not going to say I'm not married to him.  So I'm going to stay married to him and if you want to be too, fine."  She didn't like that, got really mad, and left in a huff.  She looked mean and furious, torrid and red.  She was wearing bright red that day and I remember it.  She had walked in very triumphantly and I sensed she really looked down on me that day and it was after she'd taken part in electrocuting me with the Middletons so I couldn't be as psychic anymore.  I was patient and waited to hear what she had to say and then she was so shocked I wouldn't go along with her paper plan, she left in a hot steam.  Charles had even discussed if I minded or not and I could understand the time factor concern but I did mind and if they were going to do their thing, fine, but I wasn't moving and if they wanted to do something about it after I had made vows, then I at least had the right to a lawyer and alimony (though then I never thought about alimony, just that I wasn't going to say I wasn't married when I was). 

I just LOVE the United States.  Aren't they GREAT????!!!!! BOY WHAT GOOD TIMES OLIVER HAS HAD TOO!!!!!!

I've never seen my medical records for this and my guess is that everyone would even lie about something as major as that.  Part of the reason they broke my neck and wanted the contract signed to ensure Katie Middleton "made love" to William of Wales (talk about hard-sell) was because they didn't like it that I'd "converted" to Catholicism.  I was a kid, so how deep my conversion was, well, you know, I've some inkling and then again, who knows but that's how they treated it.  I was their Bloody Queen Mary and off with her head.

I am not even sure I was literally paralyzed or if they drugged me or injected me to have my legs useless for awhile.  They kept me in bed until I said I would agree to "forgive" someone and sign a contract for them.  I had a spinal tap and all I knew is I couldn't move my legs.  I had to do physical therapy and there was nothing making my legs work.  What seems suspicious is that I am sure you could anaesthetize someone to be temporarily paralyzed from the legs down for awhile but I'm not sure.  They forced me to stay there however and said "you will never walk again unless you sign this document and agree to forgive xxxxx".  I refused and they kept asking me to one day crying so even though I'd have never signed it myself, I did for my crying "Dad" and "Mom" and then, all of a sudden, my legs "worked" again and they let me out of the hospital after more rehab.  They weren't even letting me out of bed until I signed it and said "I forgive you" and agreed to "forgive".

You know...people tried to kill me and I'm supposed to "forgive the U.S. fucking Army".  While they kept me bed-ridden they said they wanted me to sign a contract to be divorced from Charles, because Diana wanted it.  I'm pretty sure it was a divorce contract but it may have been another entitlement they wanted to dispossess me of. 

Of all the gifts I was given, not including ones I didn't know about like property, I was given one I really liked that was a surprise and then it was stolen from me.  It was a jewel-encrusted dagger.  Not remembering exactly how many jewels really, it was just this beautiful ornate but elegant dagger and of all the things someone could have thought of to give me, I liked it more than jewelry even because it was exotic and a symbol to me of feminine warrior.  It wasn't a pocketknife or sword, it was a dagger with a sheath. I had thought, "How could anyone have thought of such a great gift???" and then it was stolen from me.  I guessed maybe it was to taunt me, or maybe it was to give to someone else out of spite, but I had liked it.  From what I remember, one royal gave it to me and then another royal (man) took it away from me and looked at it and then later a woman wanted to inspect it and said it was not an appropriate gift to give me after consulting with  some other woman.  I cried later.  I am pretty sure the person who stole it was Joy Sterling.  She was there when it was being discussed and it had a green handle to it somehow and then when I later turned 18 and my Nana gave me an emerald ring with two line cut inclusions and "sterling" printed on the inside, it was similar to the dagger they stole from me and then their son Mike Tanzer stole that ring from me.  After he returned it, the U.S. Army stole it from me, and that's after they cut my leg in two lines on my shin when I was surrounded by their cop and military Army dogs.  It is possible it was a gift that had been sent to me through a royal by a Saudi like Usama.  I knew some people from Persia by that time as well.

This is after their attempt to break my neck and kill me was intercepted with Charles walking in the door and finding me not dead.  And then I was supposed to "forgive Charles" and the U.S. Army.

It wasn't hidden.  No one used other code words about selling me for money.  This is what the U.S. military has done with my son and why they tortured me and are torturing him.  Lots of people know about it and anyone that tried to support me or thought about speaking up about it, was murdered by the U.S.

Levi then married Carmen Wilson who went into the U.S. Army as well, and who had something to do with Mossad as well.  They got others involved against me as well, like other protestants or atheists or muslims or whoever, because as long as they thought they could give another group a good motive or incentive to want to harm me, they did.  However, on the helicopter, most of them were also Jewish.

Every one of the individuals in my family that tried to murder me or who worked with FBI, CIA, or military that tried to assassinate me, were also Jewish or worked with Mossad.  Almost all of the people involved in raping me and coordinating me to be raped by Barak Obama were Jewish.  For the other gang-beatings of me or sodomy it was more like they were there or helped plan it, but were present in smaller numbers even if organizing ahead of time.

Another thing is that I walked in on Granny (Dicksies mom) with Katie Middleton and also on Dicksie one day, when Katie was over to visit and I didn't know she was there.  I had gone to the house unexpectedly for some reason and one of the Dicksies was there, speaking in Hebrew to Katie and having Katie learn some Jewish things.  I knew it was Hebrew because of being around Mossad and in the Middle East and as soon as I saw Dicksie paying all this attention to Katie there, teaching her things she never cared about teaching me, I thought, "Why is my 'Mom' caring so much about Katie to teach her 'special' Jewish rites and lessons and prayers, but she never cared about me or thought to ever teach me anything Jewish."  So basically, here was a Dicksie saying Jewish things like that's what she was--Jewish, but pretty much like Katie was her daughter, and I was not.  It was like I was just nothing but a kid she'd picked up to make money off of and torture so she could groom Katie.  I definitely know Katie has been funded by Mossad.  When I walked in, neither was expecting me and when I said, "What are you doing?" to this Dicksie and Katie, who had scarves on their heads on top of everything else, I was looked at with this horrible evil eye  and then grabbed, forced down on my knees, my arms twisted up behind my back and in front of Katie and told, "Kneel."  I was so shocked that this Dicksie was so nuts she would do something like to me, ...for KATE MIDDLETON?? and it was definitely Katie, not Summer or some other girl she babysat.  Summer had light brown hair, and was a different kid.  This was Katie.  So when I have my so-called "mother" deliberately humiliating me in front of Katie after I walk in on their Jewish ritual practices, and telling me to "kneel" to degrade me, it's sort of like, "Ok.  Something is obviously not adding up."  Maybe it's partly that the Raul Bujanda mafia and FBI were still mad that his own Dad had told him to respect me and since both he and Robert Jr. worked together, maybe the drug-side of Dicksie's "business interests" involved trying to punish me by retaliation with Katie.  It still didn't make sense and had this whole Jewish twist to it.  So then she had my arms behind my back and told Katie to tie me and hold me. 

Dicksie then gave Katie a bunch of lessons on different ways to tie a knot, basically, tying me up as a hostage.  Then Dicksie went into my bedroom and started giving all of my belongings away to her.  I think Dicksie must have expected me to just die anyway and never tell the whole world about this.

Afterall, I had tried to make a police report and this group was so devious they had a spinal tap in my back with an epidural to my legs to have me unable to walk or get out of bed until I 'forgave' them and said I wouldn't make police reports and told them to leave.  Diana Spencer even showed up and looked shocked.  Another person who showed up at my physical therapy where I had to use a walker because my legs were "paralyzed" was Chris Martin, the English songwriter and he was writing songs then too and I wondered why he was there.  He had a British accent and all, and showed up and I thought it was really strange.  So then he goes on to write a song like "Para, para, para, dise" when he was there acting glad I was being told I was a paraplegic.  He hated my guts, even when I was a young kid and yes, he was in the U.S. or traveling then because that's where I saw him.

After Dicksie was tying me up and having Katie tie me, she began to give one thing after the other to Katie and told her in front of me, they were hers and she could have them.  Then she took a bead necklace I had, forced me to open my mouth, shoved the entire necklace in and then pulled it out and had Katie help her pull this long beaded necklace out of my mouth.  What her point was?  I have no idea.  All it seemed like to me was degradation and she was telling Katie I was a dog.  They also got a scarf out and tied it over my eyes at one point and then did even worse to me.  Then Diana Spencer came into the room and I hadn't known she was in the house.  I don't know who else was there, but at some point Diana arrived or saw some of it.  They got a hair dryer out, like a blow dryer for your hair, and turned it on and began burning me with it.  Basically, they put it up so close to the skin on my head, it was burning me.  Diana then made some mean comment to me.  I am pretty sure the other thing Dicksie did with her is they put a nut into my rear end.  I'm not positive about that part but I have sort of a vague memory of it.

They made fun of me about how I knelt with Charles in marriage vows to him too, and put a scarf over my head mocking me and then taking it off.

I was in a state of shock.  I had no idea I was hated that much and Dicksie was definitely priming Katie to be some kind of Mossad Jewish royal Wannabe.  What was most hurtful was to see this huge interest in her and in teaching her things she had no interest in teaching me.  So if it was religion, that is one of the most intimate things a person could teach another, and she never thought about it with me at all.  It was ALL ABOUT Katie and the Mossad world REVOLVED around Katie.  Meanwhile, they were mocking me saying "You think the world revolves around you". 

Which is pretty gross to make that kind of comment to me my whole life when a revolver was jammed into my vagina when I was a toddler, or some kind of pistol.  They were shoving some type of piping into my vagina and also putting objects inside of me to pass back and forth under the radar.

After this was done to me, Dicksie brought out a new book she got on how to tie scarves and I thought she wants me to associate her now with only scarf books and not to remember what she and Granny did to me with Katie.  She gave all of my hankerchiefs and scarves that I had collected, to Kate Middleton, along with all of my jewelry.  I only had a few things I ever collected or saved and one thing was scarves for tying my hair and my favorite things were taken out and handed to Kate Middleton, the Mossad woman who is funded by Mossad and the CIA and U.S. Army and FBI.  The U.S. and Mossad had their hearts set on Katie lording over England because they trusted her to be a rat for them.    They were even bribing Diana to sign contracts that harmed me, just to make promises that William and Harry would never have to worry about money if only she would agree to harm me and put Katie in power.   Even though she and Charles colluded on a lot of things together, by that time the impression I got was she was thinking their future was insecure so Mike Middleton and Robert jr. hatched up a plan.   The other thing I saw happen with Katie was at Granny's house and Granny was giving her a bunch of things.  That surprised me because I was shocked to see Granny with Katie or revealing she liked her and possibly, she hated me.  She wasn't acting like I was the "favorite grandkid" and I started to think, "Was all of it just a lie?"

I think Granny assumed I was going to die and was letting it all hang out at that point.  They had an assassination attempt against me firmly in place and there were other attempts along with it.  So I think it was a narrow window of time where some of the adults that hated me were feeling more comfortable about sharing their true feelings because they figured I was a goner anyway.  I was extremely shocked to see Granny that way.  She definitely did not have dementia or anything then and it was this mean side suddenly but very secret.  She later gave me perfume called ylang, ylang, i.e. and the other name on it was "canine odorota" like "dog smell" and I think possibly someone gave it to her to give to me, but the idea was that I was a dog.  Granny was also giving Katie instruction on things and "royal jelly" from a spoon.

One person who really did look suspicious and nervous a couple of times, when I did not meet my death, was Granny.  Believe me, I did save her life a couple of times and I'd do it again and I care about them.  I don't hate her at ALL.  I am just saying, this is how it was behind my back and I never had a clue.

It makes you seriously wonder who I am related to.  How could they literally hate me THAT much and when I was just a kid, if I'm related to them?  It seems so much more probable that one maybe liked me and others hated me or I was just outright swapped at birth as a baby, or born for purposes of being tortured always knowing who the other parent was and how it might get to them or another country.  The one time I saw Katie, not as a baby, but an older little girl, or still young, but there, with Granny, was right before an assassination attempt so I don't necessarily think she thought she'd see me again.

They were teaching Katie Jewish prayers and sayings and how to curse people.  I never saw any interest with any of them, in teaching me anything Jewish, ever.  The one thing I was ever taught was something I asked about because I wanted to know what a metal thing next to a door was for.  For being so "Jewish" they torture and rape and sodomize a lot.  They put a lot of time into making Katie look just wonderful while they lined up person after official after person, to degrade me and sexually assault me.  But Katie looks so CLEAN. 

My parents were calling me a foster kid and asking for money from people to pay for my support until they got their heads together with Middletons and decided to "have a baby":  Katie.  I was hearing their plans about it when I was age 7 and they were already making preparations and devising strategies about "this baby".  They had Middletons over the house in Moses Lake to discuss it, talk on NASA shuttles was about it, and how to get rid of me was another part of it.

The other person who knew Katie Middleton was Donna Titleman.  Donna Titleman was assigned to being my "social worker" when I was pregnant with my son.  She was also the one who refused to reimburse me my gas mileage for their ordered medical trips.  She is Jewish.  Her decisions which affected me were to benefit Katie Middleton as well and she had been set up against me since I was a child when Robert and Dicksie drove me out to the middle of nowhere (where she lived with her husband and dogs).

They lived out in the country, beyond Wenatchee in Methow Valley or Cle Elum.  I believe it was the valley of Cle Elum and it is the same place where police chief and FBI helper Annette Sandberg and her husband decided to buy a house.  There is also a shooting range out there that I was taken to in the past.  The shooting range is used by cops in training and by the military and pretty much, that's the only kind of people that have access to it. 

I am not positive if Donna Titleman and her husband were involved with the U.S. Army and Mossad (as Jews that were funding Katie and also trying to ruin my life) or if they were involved with drug trafficking, or both.  I know they exchanged a lot of money.  Donna was very different at her house, in private, than in an office.  In public she was more demure and sort of like the mousy type that keeps her head down and does her work, is professional, but not really demanding in any way.  In private, she is very demanding and mean.  I was left at her house while Robert and Dicksie did "who knows what" without me.  They basically had Donna Titleman babysitting me.  She did bring up Mossad to me.  She was first nice and cordial enough and then tested the waters and asked if I was interested in being in Mossad.  I told her "No".  It would seem then, that Katie Middleton has happened to have said "Yes" to have benefited so highly from American Jews and their crimes against me and to have SUCH an undertaking done on me to fund their mission of "Katie in the royal seat" and "Camilla in the royal seat".  They obviously, for some reason, have not minded Camilla.  Why not?  One would think that perhaps Mossad or some group wouldn't want Camilla around but for whatever reason, she was working out for them.  They supported her too.  Maybe part of this was that her husband was UK military and the U.S. Army and UK Army worked together and did favors for each other.  However, he was Catholic, but they must have felt Camilla was independent enough to not be "Catholic" herself or to get in their way.  They could rely on Ms. Camilla Parker to prep Katie to be a co-conspirator I think.  Nose to nose.  If Diana was seriously going to marry a Muslim, that wasn't a very comforting idea anymore than the fact I had married Usama bin ladin. 

One thing Diana witnessed was that when they had me on an epidural to have my legs paralyzed, there was a team of "lawyers" that presented themselves to me for the first time.  It was the only time in my life any group of lawyers said they wanted to help me and came out on their own somehow.  Even though Diana was participating in torture of me (very serious torture also) and also coordinated rapes against me, she was watching those lawyers in the side of her eye and I had a weird feeling she had hired them for me.  Why would Diana Spencer hire lawyers for me if she had a history of torturing me?  Maybe she felt sorry.  Then again, maybe she brought them in as a test to appear one way and then be contrary enough to encourage others to tell me to turn down the lawyers or never walk again.  I can't be sure.  I did notice she was nervous.  I had to turn down legal assistance because I was forced to.  They also stood by while I signed something but they had said they could represent me.  No one gave me legal advice about the signatures.

So basically, with Donna Titleman, both she and Michelle Erickson and Marie Scanlon, were all previously involved in trying to ruin my life and all of them had contacts to Katie Middleton. Donna had a grand-daughter of some kind, maybe around the same age or some girl, but she was also involved with Katie Middleton.

When I said I didn't want to be in Mossad, she turned on me, and her husband had tried to sexually assault me and then they took me out to their barn after forcing me onto the ground.  She first had me get on my knees to kneel in front of her and then lying on the ground with her husband pinning me down and another man (possibly Robert) and one other man was a cop they knew.  I am QUITE sure Annette Sandberg feels right at home with Titlemans as their neighbors.  Then while I was on the ground, she had her dogs crawl on top of me and lick me and said something like "This is what you prefer isn't it?  Dogs?"  They did this to me before all of the gang-sodomy on bridges.  After Donna had her dogs all over me and the men pushing me down, one of them got out a gun and was going to shoot me.  All of them had guns and Donna carries a concealed weapon.  How would I know unless this happened? 

They also took a large amount of money from Robert and Dicksie, which came in briefcases and some of it I was forced to count out with my bare hands while everyone else kept gloves on.  They had some of the money counted in a bedroom on a bed with a quilt, like a guest room. 

All of the money circulating around was for purposes of paying bribes to get a huge number of individuals to lie about me and ruin my life.  They were all getting "security deposits" and down payments on what they agreed to do to me in the future.  If they agreed to participate in harming me and using their positions in careers to harm me down the road, they got paid off upfront first, with promises of dividends later I think.  Donna also knew Emmanuel Rose, the Rabbi Emmanuel Rose.  It was Emmanuel Rose who held a gun at my head.  He strangled me later, in Coquille, Oregon, in preparation for a gang assault against me by sodomy, but at that location, he held a gun to my head and was going to shoot me and someone was telling "Manny" when others shoved me on the floor, "GET her Manny!  GET her!" and I believe it was Lorraine, his wife.
He and Scott Lewis, who married Laura Rose, showed up there and participated in assault of me.  When they put me in the barn and began assaulting me I told him I hope your family gets cancer.  I was crying and screaming and then I said, to curse them, that I hoped God gave them cancer for what they were doing to me.  Another man who showed up there or who was involved was Jim Sandberg and I didn't know what Jim had to do with the others really because I never saw them altogether.  I think he was around because some of the time we were going to the shooting range, and I was being tortured by cops and military there, secretively.  It's a warehouse type of compound, hidden by trees and they kicked me, punched me, and beat me up and Sandbergs were present. 

Annette Sandberg and a few people decided to buy new houses after Katie Middleton was finally married to William of Wales.  When I found out Annette got a house over there, I just assumed some of her bribe money was used to buy it.

When they took me out to the barn they made me stand on top of a dog crate with thin wires all across, which was cold, and they took all of my clothes from me except for a nightgown and then they were wiring my hands.  They tied me up to be standing on grating that hurt my feet for hours, maybe 8 or more hours, almost a full day, and then they got people together inside the barn and electrocuted me.

Donna Titleman, therefore, was an electrocutionist who deliberately interfered with my ability to support my son to make excuses for kidnapping him from me.  Michelle Erickson, the CPS person who got involved, had her entire family in the military pornography business and they had been having men go to my grandparents house for the  privilege of sexually assaulting and degrading me and were giving money which then went to Nakatas, a Japanese-American family that was friends with the Middletons.  It's really no wonder then, that Alvaro Pardo knew Middletons when he also knew Alicia Nakata.  Tina Thornton, who first tried to report me to CPS, had a husband who was a cop that was dirty, and is possibly related to Julia Thornton, who was FBI and had assaulted me in Chicago and was involved with people who set me up to be raped by Barak Obama.

When I say they electrocuted me inside of the barn, I mean they electrocuted me and Rabbi Rose, Sandbergs, Scott Lewis, cops (state and local) and Titlemans were involved in it.  They also had some Russian-Jewish friend there who was possibly connected to Josh Gatov, who raped me decades later.  The other person they knew, the Titleman's that is, is George Bechtold.  Also, one of the cops who was there was one who I later saw driving past the Avila's house smirking when I was driving up there with Alvaro so it means they have territorial jurisdiction over my son.

Jim Sandberg DID once hold a gun up to shoot me.  He got panicked once and was the big duct-taper man who was always wrapping my mouth with silver duct tape (along with Robert Garrett jr.).  However, at Donna Titleman's house, the man who pulled the gun out and was about to shoot me was Rabbi Emmanuel Rose and the other person with the guns pulled out was Donna, who put one to my head, and her husband.

They had serious munitions there as well.  I mean, GUNS.  Why some of them were always wanting me to count out money and have my fingerprints on it, is another thing that is highly unusual.  I never stole from anyone--the most I took as a kid, literally, was a piece of gum and it was set up too.  I was programmed to take it basically and I was about 4 years old or up to 6 maybe.  When I mean programmed, I mean encouraged or taught to first.  Aside from that, I didn't take anything and yet Dicksie at our house in Moses Lake, WA had me handle money with my bare hands while everyone else kept gloves on, and Donna Titleman did the same thing.  Donna Titleman also wanted my fingerprints on some gun, and told me to handle it, saying it wasn't loaded but see how it felt.  It was a pistol-revolver type of gun and then after I did, she said, "Now set the gun on the bed" and I was told to leave the room. 

I thought they were going to try to have me "commit suicide" actually and when I left the room, and saw Emmanuel Rose going in to put it in a sealed bag, I thought, "Now this is getting weird."  Actually, I guess Donna was the one who I saw put it in a bag because I walked back in and saw her and she was wearing gloves.  Then Emmanuel and her husband were around and I thought she gave it to them.

The only other group I clearly remember doing something like this was one of the British royals once and I was much younger. 

I wasn't sure why all these people wanted my fingerprints on specific guns but later I thought either they wanted to use it to frame me with crimes I didn't commit, or they wanted to use one of the guns to place next to me with my prints on it to look like a suicide if another of them shot me and killed me.  All they'd have to do is drop a "pre-printed" gun next to me that had my fingerprints around it in a grip.  There wasn't any other reason to do it.  It was for suicide framing or for framing me with a crime and trying to get me in trouble.   They could frame me out in the open, or secretly, showing it to some group that did forensics and then making false claims about me.  The other person they knew was Nathan Zodrow, who became the Abbot for Mt. Angel Abbey.  They talked about him like he was part of something they were, saying, "Did you give it to Nathan?"  Oh...wait,  that was maybe Nathan Bechtold.  A Nathan was involved but one of them was Russian or Ukrainian because they were present when I was electrocuted in the barn.  I don't believe they were Jewish either, but like a representative from another church who was participating in harm of me with some motive or another.  They had me stand and sit on a metal wire crate and then hooked up wires to me from a box and a car that was running and charged electrical shocks to my head until I was sick and threw up.

Then Donna Titleman was visiting Dick and Beverly Baird off and on and talking about Katie and "Donna" was a recurring figure.  She also wore scarves around her neck a lot and one day she beat me up at my "grandparents" house and I noticed how she had started wearing scarves suddenly after my scarves were stolen from me, and she wanted me to notice she was wearing a scarf too.

When I was in Moses Lake, and Katie Middleton took part in assaulting me, after they used a hairdryer to burn my head, they made me stand on a vent (grate) in the floor and hooked my head up to the metal band that conducted electricity and electrocuted me repeatedly.  They set up the box behind my head and plugged it into the wall there, and then did this to me, for a very long time, to try to erase my memory of what they'd done and to punish me for  ??

Not being 'one of them'?

Of course these people were trying to kill me.  You don't do that many bad things to a kid and then think it will turn out good for you if the kid lives to talk about it.

They spent massive, massive amounts of money bribing people to do bad things to me and trying to get as many people blackmailed into it as possible.  They are torturing my son Oliver in Wenatchee and abusing him.

The bad guys won which is why this country is no longer respectable and going down.  They focused all of their resources on ganging up on me, one single kid, and the entire county suffered from their obsession and will continue to suffer and will be overtaken.  They have attempted to use my son in the same way and anyone who has touched him or harmed him is cursed.  It's not going to be England that takes over the U.S. either so there will be no "kneeling" of me to her that is for certain.  Not that's voluntary. If someone did that to me by force, well so what.  It's not like it was an order from God but one from the pits of Hell.

The other group that wanted my fingerprints on a gun was the Seattle FBI.  Laura Laughlin was the one who handed me a gun while she had gloves on and said "Point this at your mother".  I said, "What do you mean?  why do you want me to do that?" and she said something about just wanting to see how steady my arms were or some excuse like that.  It sounded like a type of exercise-test that I'd had with military before or something so I did and then the minute I did, she grabbed it from my hands and said, "I could put you in jail right now for pointing a gun at your mother."  I said, "You just told me to."  She said, 'It doesn't matter if I told you to, it's against the law."  Right.  So here I am, a little kid, and the FBI, inside of their own FBI offices, who say THEY ARE "the law" and if you don't obey them you're guilty of something and going to jail, tell me to do something which I thought was for some observation reason and then they threatened to put me in prison.  So basically, they are so corrupt, if I do what they say, they try to frame me and if I don't do what they say, they try to frame me.  So WHO should really be in jail or out of work?

Umm yeah.  The adults who run the FBI offices honey.

Then after she did nothing but threaten me and apparently want my fingerprints on an FBI-registered gun (scary enough actually, because what was their next "plan"?  to plant one of their guns with my fingerprints next to a dead FBI person? or other kind of person?), they then tortured me inside of their offices with a lot of witnesses watching.  Then they set me up to be raped by Barak Obama who had been stalking me for years, and before anyone in his family supposedly "died" too.

I had Robert and Dicksie wanting my prints on a gun, a British royal wanting my prints on a gun, the FBI wanting my prints on a gun, and Donna Titleman with her husband and Rabbi Rose wanting my prints on a gun.  These were times they were making sure no one else had prints on the gun but me.   

It wasn't just that Laura was making some kind of "FBI point" or trying to teach me a lesson.  She was literally collecting my prints onto a gun and then preserving the gun that way.  So if the FBI had just wanted my prints, I could have touched anything or done a print card or any number of things.  Instead, they wanted my prints affixed to an FBI-registered gun and then they were preserving the FBI gun that way.  This can only mean a couple of things.  For one thing, why take a gun that is registered to the FBI and then put it out of commission for awhile, with my prints on it.  Normal FBI would be using their gun for some reason or have it on them, unless an agent or person had two guns registered to them by the FBI.  So whose name was affiliated with that gun?  The only reason I would have fingerprints on an FBI-registered gun, and the FBI was the group wanting my prints on the gun, is if they wanted to kill someone and frame me. There are a couple of other possibilities, and none of them are good.  They wanted to have an FBI agent murdered perhaps and make it look like I got their gun somehow and killed them with it.  Or they wanted to murder someone and blame it on both me and an FBI agent they didn't like.  Or they wanted to lie and say I was an FBI agent myself and it was my gun and I secretly shot someone, all to make some citizens in another country mad at me and want to kill me.  Or they could have had a plot to have me "commit suicide" because they only asked me to put my fingers on a gun after they forced me to a mental place with allegations of "suidical thoughts".  Or they could have some criminal group claim I killed someone and give them one gun with my prints on it and then the FBI wanted my prints on one of their guns to compare "evidence" but that doesn't make any sense because if they wanted prints, they could get them by print card or any kind of object.  No one would make a kid hold an FBI-registered gun just to get prints.  Did I hold their fucking money too?

I'm sure I did.

I am sure I held the FBI's fucking sludge money.  They were so BIZY trying to coach Katie Middleton to be a royal ass-wiper they forgot what it was to have "integrity".  They got gritty right and nothing else.  Not to mention it was the fucking FBI covering up for and paying for pedophilia against me, bestiality, and torture from the DOD.  I'm sure they "had a lot" "on me" when I was, what?  3 years old?  They deliberately had me date-raped and impregnated by Chris Dabney and then deliberately tortured me while I was pregnant and murdered my unborn.

That is what the U.S. has declined to as big grown-ups with Power Pants. 

Nothing is ever enough for them.  They plotted to ruin my entire life, telling me they were going to do this, since I was a little kid.  They tried to murder me and then decided as long as they had me implanted with their microchips they could just follow me around and it was more fun to torture me and have me suffer.  Then, that isn't enough for them so they kidnapped my son and have been raping him, degrading him, and torturing him and trying to set him up to kill himself in an "accident" because they never wanted him around in the first place.

I have Robert and Dicksie telling me they're planning to move back to Wenatchee and what for?  to be closer to my son so the U.S. Army/FBI COP can have another pedophile more regularly ejaculating on him and forcing him to do blow jobs?  Robert and Dicksie have been working for the U.S. Army and FBI their entire lives and it's not like they're going to quit torturing my son after they made a point to torture me for decades.

The FBI was paying Robert Garrett jr. money to have NSA's Hamilton-Mitchell and his friend sexually degrade me.  One of them, at one point, felt bad about what they were doing to me.  The FBI also paid to have cops and other FBI degrade me.  They wanted me to be killed in a Donnie Brasco shoot-out for one thing.  They forced me to live with them and work for them, and then had me in places where guns were going off, just with the hope I'd get hit.  If Robert and Dicksie don't work with the FBI then why were they taking me to meet Brasco who worked for the FBI, and Baken who worked for the FBI, and James Bulger, who worked for the FBI?  Who is Middleton really working by the way?  If Robert and Dicksie don't work with the CIA then why was I taken to CIA headquarters where Carol Middleton and Joy Sterling were seen?  along with George Bechtold?  And Valerie Plame, who works for the CIA, and Joy Wilson who works for the CIA?  And Anna who worked for the CIA, and Chris Dabney who worked for the CIA, and Nicholson who worked for the CIA?  They were also working with British people, and Mossad, and the U.S. Army and Marines, so obviously they worked for at least one group and then worked with all of the others to "coordinate" things.  They told me one time they were in the Army (military) and I said what kind and they said "It's a secret service".  Like Secret Service but military undercover which really isn't so "undercover" anymore.  The military and NASA have been committing the most disgusting crimes possible against kids and then trying desperately to justify themselves and using the old CIA maxim of "end to a means".

I guess that "end" to the means is that they really hate the U.S. anyway and want to have it overrun by another country because no one would be so STUPID as to torture me if they didn't.

Other people who I was taken to see who work for the U.S. government include the Angelina Jolie family.  Her mother, Angelina's mother, is friends with the Middletons.  Good friends.  She didn't like me at all when I was a kid.  I was taken to their house and tied up and at one point, put into a bathtub while bound.  Her Dad, even though he did some weird things, lying or not, told me he didn't like Angelina.  He said he liked me more than his own daughter.  However, he was also giving me a necklace with a heart pendant on it (like another one did) and then having someone take it from me to give to someone else.  He called her "crazy", "nuts", and walked in when I was tied up in the bathtub.  I stayed the night with Angelina once and I woke up and was tied up.  I know she had access to chloroform because I saw her use it on me before I passed out.  Also, I found out Angelina was enlisted in the U.S. Army.  It was a secret basis kind of enlistment and she talked about it.  Her Dad was sort of whacked out and he DID do some things, but then he said he was feeling sorry he ever did and he wanted to get me out of this "crazy country".   He wanted to hear my thoughts about religion and spirituality and said "Now I'm more like you.  Angie is into a lot of wiccan and witchcraft stuff."   He was one of only a few who said they were "going to do something".

It's no surprise Angelina works for the government because she always has.  They even used her to torture me, tie me up, and who knows what else.  The most shocking thing was that she had chloroform because I didn't think celebrities usually had that chemical on-hand.  She wasn't a celebrity then but both her Mom and Dad did a lot of acting.  Probably the U.S. Army told her to go ahead and assault me and they'd make sure to pay her way through acting school and into good movies. I'm not going to say I don't think she is good because I do.  All I'm saying, is their government people I was around as maybe the ONLY non-consenting kid.  She was basically like Sharon Stone. One minute she was taking a feather around your whole body, telling you to "relax" and you're thinking "okaaaayyy..." and the next minute, she is pouncing on you with a chloroformed handkerchief and you wake up tied up, and in a cold hard bathtub.  I had the water turned on me too.  She also cut me with a knife.  Angelina did. She cut me on the lower leg, the same way the U.S. Army did later when they were attacking me with their guard dogs.   No problem for her.  Her Dad and Mom got divorced almost right after I was visiting them.  She was also practicing hypnotism on me.  She was doing it right to my face.  So basically, she was into cutting people, tying them up, hypnotism,...everything the U.S. likes in their employees and she also tried to put a finger inside of me.  She said, taking out a AA battery, "Do you know what this is?" and I said "Yes, it's a battery" and she put it inside of me when I didn't want her to.

I was raped by a bunch of teens after she and Cher's daughter mauled me first.  Almost everything in her house was white and there were at least two houses because I went to both with "Angie".  I was introduced to one parent and then the other at another house.  There were big dogs at one of the houses.  I think Angie got money for what she did to me, that her family did.  I know money went to her Dad separately from her Mom.

Another person I was taken to see when I was much younger was Madonna.  She was still with Sean Penn when I met her so I met both of them.  It was before her Like a Virgin CD.  She asked me about business ideas, styles, and songs.

I also met Gwenneth Paltrow.  No one knew who she was then but I saw her in both England and in the U.S. and they were cool to me.  Gwenneth was generally polite, and her mother was cool, and they were involved with Lorraine and Rabbi Rose.  They got money and her mother had a lot of syringes and needles and stuck me with them more than once.  I didn't have the feeling they liked me at all.  I was also kicked and beat up by them.  They also forced me to do a lot scantily-clothed photos for them, which were studio-quality and involved me in sheer gowns and things.  It wasn't a test-screen for acting.  It was photography and photos that were being sent to someone and then they beat me up.  "Gwenneth", which is another name for Jennifer or Jenny, assaulted me after the photos were taken.  Angelina did some things in the course of knowing me but Gwenneth was encouraged to punch me in the stomach while some men held me.  She was into Jews basically and they had a bunch of English and other Jews there holding me so she could punch me.  She looked really nice and normal and then she did that and you realized she had major hidden "issues".  She is extremely mean, and cold-blooded.  My son Oliver and I were getting tortured 10x worse when I blogged about the name "Apple" and how dumb I thought it was.  Why would anyone care unless they were just worried my talking about Gwenneth and their connection to Middletons was going to be next, and how they stalked me in Cashmere?  Angie punched me too, over her Dad, but so did Gwenneth.   Gwenneth was a very bitter little girl and I'm sure her kid will be just like them.  Or, "someones daughter" I should say. 

I really wasn't going out of my way to assault them, so they didn't have any excuse to beat me.  I mean, who does that really?  They acted like streetside kickers.  I didn't think Gwenneth was very smart either.  She was boring and I said so.  BORRRrrrring.  At one point they had me and Gwenneth next to each other and were saying, "Don't they look alike??"  I know she's connected to Middletons because I saw them in England meeting up after a play rehearsal and Katie was in tow and her Mom made this big overt "fawning" demonstration over Katie Middleton (who was just a kid).  Then Gwenneth was encouraged to play with her.

So yeah.  Potential surrogate material any day.
Lorraine Rose or her sister was there, Carole, maybe Joy (?) Sterling, and Blythe Danner and then it was me, Gwenneth, and Katie and they told the other girls to play together and then isolated me.  They are real live bitches.

They were involved in coordinating my being raped by Barak Obama.  Chris Martin hadn't married Gwenneth yet but he was showing up at the hospital where I had an epidural to paralyze my legs and was later writing snotty songs like "Para-dise" and "Fix You" which is a song with lyrics based on my being raped by his friend Barak Obama, who, after he raped me said he'd "fix me".  It's kind of like Lorraine Rose, who is an English citizen as well as American, saying "GET HER Manny!" 

They were stalking me for years and they were also involved in torture of me and my son.  They're Katie Middleton's "link" to Los Angeles which is why it was so fun for her to go driving through L.A. like she owned it.  Angelina's Dad told me some of the people who were involved once and who was so interested in Katie Middleton.  He said CIA.  I also know there was U.S. Army and Mossad involved because the English that were from CA all knew Tanzer-Sterlings and Roses from England and Danner was English (Gwenneth's mother).

I met some of the English actors because of the play they were in.  I met Kenneth Braughan, and a few others, in varying amounts of contact.

I didn't think Angie was boring.  I thought she was whacked though, like the type that might burn little animals under a microscope with the sun just to see what happened.  She had a devious curiosity and to be using chloroform so young was shocking to me, or putting batteries inside my vagina?  She had a very slight winsomeness of being hurt from something when she was young and that was about it.  I didn't detect that from Gwenneth.  She was just cold and mean.  She was very polite on the surface and shy and seemed sweet and then you realized she was a liar.  My mother, a Dicksie, cringed when I said it and I thought, "What?  Don't tell me Gwenneth is your daughter."  Why would she shake her head like no, I was wrong, or want to defend Gwenneth?  Then, I was proven right because I thought there was something wrong with her and she hadn't harmed me and then she did come straight out and beat me.  Both she and Angie did.  And then Angie and Cher's daughter were ones who sexually assaulted me when I was not consenting to it.  I also met Goldie Hawn and some others but anyway.  I had a lot of time with Kenneth Braughan in England.

The other thing I remember about the military is that we used to see someone off at a large ship connected to the U.S. Navy.  I was a little girl, age 5 and younger and a few times it was Diana Spencer and some others with her, and once the Maiers were there which doesn't make sense to me now, when I was that young, and I also remember there was a woman I really liked as a kid and I screamed and cried.  I knew when she left I was going to be tortured.  The U.S. was transporting the Dicksie triplets back and forth with the ship.  There was a woman in uniform that worked for the U.S. Navy who I saw off a lot, and a woman named "Mary".  One woman I was terrified to have leave me and the woman who scared me to be with was one of the Dicksies.  Not that it was the only one scary to me, but one of them was bad news blues.  Granny, her mother, was there that day I screamed and screamed and wouldn't stop.  It is one of my earliest memories of being drugged because they got out a shot to tranquilize me.  Michelle Ericksons family was involved with that--the drugging me part.  The thing I remember was Dicksie got this horrible dark and mean look on her face and I knew I was in for it and she was really mad I had made a scene and that I would dare expose her.  Granny had this dark scowling look on her face too.  One of the Dicksies had a different nose and I knew her by her nose as a kid and the one that scared me I knew apart.  I think Mary was leaving that day too and I screamed "Marrrryyyyyyy!!!!"  She turned and looked at me and I'm not sure if it was her or not but one Dicksie was scared and then there was another woman who was scared and realized I was seriously being hurt.  We used to go there often and I was coerced not to react but that day I fought for my life.  What did they do to me?  They drugged me.

Of course.  Isn't that how the military and CPS handle all of their assault victims?
Either a woman named Cherie or Melanie left on those Navy trips.  Then they were also exchanging Dicksie triplets back and forth.

I used to go on these ships with another person too--I was being taken away on ships, large ones, from time to time.  One time my Grandpa Garrett had a walking cane and walked me to the ship as I was usually walked and then I saw him deliberately stick his cane out for me to trip over.  He and Robert Garrett jr. would say to me, "Have a nice trip; see you next Fall." And Loren would say this, Dicksies brother.  I spent entire Summers outside of the U.S.  Sometimes Camilla Parker-Bowles was already there on the ship like the receiving squad and I didn't like it.  She put a red clown nose on my face once and made fun of me on the ship.  I got there and a whole group of people mocked me one time and I was 5 or less.  Some of my "relatives" were also there and I couldn't figure out why relatives weren't treating me like I was family.  They were calling me by a different name and telling people I wasn't really their kid.  One man got really mad about it but didn't say anything and then I don't know why but in passing one day he leaned over and whispered, "You're Russian".  Maybe he was lying or someone was trying to play a trick, because obviously, if you've read any of my posts you can tell some have tried to mess with my mind or have me believe one thing or another thing.  When I was wondering why they were saying I wasn't their kid though, and I was just a very young kid when they did this, at some point a man spoke to me privately and said this but a Robert Garrett jr was also told to step aside and looked upset when they did, so I don't know.  They said I was Edward's daughter too.  Then they tortured me and they did that, supposedly, to be against Russians.
  This was before anyone was a spy, or worked in the Russian division or went to Russia.  This took place on a large ship.  There was a slightly heavy-set man there who could have been Italian, but I actually think he was Russian.  One of the Robert Garrett Jr.s and Dicksie tortured me in front of him and some other people to get them to confess to something.  They electrocuted me, and gave me something that made me throw up repeatedly.  I threw up over and over and over again and then they'd make me drink more and throw up until I was weak.  They also burned me.  It was like the rec room of a ship, it wasn't a basement, and there was a pool table or large table in the middle and that's where they did this.  They were forcing me to get drunk. I know part of the reason I was throwing up was because they kept forcing me to drink more drinks.  They had forced me to go without water for a very long time and then when I was thirsty and said I wanted water, they gave me hard proof liquor and wouldn't give me water.  Then with one of the men, every time they didn't like his answer or thought he was lying, they forced me to drink more.  One of the individuals was possibly Prince Philip but if not him, possibly Bryan Thebault's brother who liked me and then was killed.  He was blond, small boned but average to tall in height, and fair-skinned.  His eyes were either blue or green.
 I am pretty sure they may have been green because I was forced to look at him while they poured hard alcohol into me, but the eye color may be wrong.  I just remember some kind of very green eyes.  A lot of the people there torturing me were also Jewish.  I'm not sure how I knew some of them were Jewish but it was brought up somehow.  They were mad at this one young man and knew he had some interest in me so they tortured me in front of him.  Then at one point they also had a Robert Garrett in front of me and I think Edward Howard and a couple of others.  The other thing was they made it out to be, at first, a "birthday party" like they had done with an assault and rape of me in Seattle by Barak Obama.  It's possible the ship was a site in Seattle as well, from the U.S. Navy base.
  They were sexually assaulting me.  There was like one or two men off to the side forced to watch or something as one after another man sexually assaulted me and poured hard liquor into me and from what I recall, it was done in Seattle with full FBI knowledge, on a U.S. Navy ship.  So basically, it further reinforces the fact that rape of me by Barak Obama was pre-meditated and not only that, they did it in commemoration of much earlier gang assault of me.

Also, the sum of the house number where I was raped by Barak, with FBI involvement, was 7, and the FBI in Seattle moved their offices to the 7th floor of a new building in 1974, the year I was born.

Basically, it's like the FBI and military had me born just to be an object of their torture so they could try to harm others.  Robert and Dicksie didn't look sad about it when they were torturing me either, and the time on the ship, I was, like I said, 5 or younger, and then they sent me off to kindergarten in a sailor dress.  The Seattle FBI history page completely skips over the entire first part of the 80s as well, and doesn't mention any of the S.A.'s names.  They mention 1971 and then don't bring anything up again until 1984.  That's quite the gap.  It's like they don't really want anyone to notice any names from that time or remember what they were involved in then.  So basically, they just sort of "left out" the entire section from 1972 when "Gannon" supposedly died and maybe he didn't--maybe they whisked him to some other location, to a couple of years after Katie was born and went back to the England after the U.S. Army took their post next to her in Jordan.

Oh yes.  Now we're getting hotter.  I remember Peltier and I also remember FBI agent Coler.  I remember all of this and that shoot out was in 1975?  DAMN my memory is FINE.  I was only ONE year old then?  Well then, I am starting to think there's something to the idea that I really may have accurately remembered some of my being in the womb as a fetus, because if I remember that like I do, then I'm sure I wouldn't miss something like getting punched over Welch grape juice as a fetus either.  Or dogs barking.

I was there when they had the shoot-out and no, his girlfriend wasn't anywhere around him at the time. I was there. 

The FBI has pretty much been trying to kill me since I was born.  I was also at the hearing or trial where his girlfriend tried to testify and according to a document they wouldn't let her because they said she was mentally incompetent.  She wasn't incompetent--she was exposing the FBI and they didn't like it.  Some parts of what she said, I'd have to think and remember because some of it I think I may have known was not true.  No one wanted to admit I was there in person either, because if they had, they'd be admitting they had put a hit on me.  Those two FBI agents used to kidnap me and take joyrides with me in the car.  Coler said he was going to protect me from Robert Garrett jr.  He said I was sexually abused by them and tortured and he was going to do something about it.  So then he was taking off with me and teaching me to drive cars, having my hands on the steering wheel and wanting me to know how to operate a vehicle and yes, I was like 1 year old.  Then his other agent came along and they started going out together, the two of them all the time.  They were like FBI partners like cops have partners.  According to the news, the two of them were together at the time of the shooting.  Based on the news, I should just assume it was 2 FBI agents who "happened" to be together that day.  I would have no reason to assume they always worked together.  So how do I know?  Because I was FUCKIN' THERE DUDE.

That was his Indian "Res" talk.  He used the word "dude" a lot and said it like "doood".  Because I was fuckin' there dude.  Me, Crazy Horse.  He didn't talk down to me.  That guy knew I was a "thinking baby".  All the U.S. has done, even now, is try to make points and torture me to claim I'm not as smart as I am, and that I was never as smart as some claimed, and that my son wasn't either.  Well you're FUCKIN' WRONG DUDE.  I'm not saying he had everything going for him.  He hypnotized me and did programming and I am pretty sure the U.S. knew all about it which would be why I was at his cabin with his girlfriend for awhile.

I can tell you the entire story from A to Z and that's as a BABY and the only reason I can't tell more, is because the FBI criminals and Pentagon fuck-offs got so whacked-nervous about their little baby genius with the "ears" that they wanted to erase everything I knew about them and they tortured me.


Let's face it.  I'm a genius and the only thing that has kept me from my potential is torture and rape in this country.  I was born a genius and why should I pretend that is not true?  This country is full of a bunch of incompetent jealous whining little shits.  Every form of torture they've used has been out of raging jealous hatred.  They can't stand it.  Like Barbara Maiers even, trying to program me to do the wrong thing even after she gives me clear instructions, just to claim I'm stupid to federal and other people and "not that smart" and "slow".  That's the shit the FBI has been jacking off to.

Robert Garrett Jr. was letting them take me sometimes.  Coler.  Possibly one of the Roberts thought it was great and the other one minded, because once he didn't want them to and they basically kidnapped me anyway.  They were into gay man sex as well.
I was a baby.  Yeah.  One year old or so.  So you tell ME how I know THAT.  It's not like I wasn't noticing and talking early, by the way.  I don't have anyone telling me a couple of the FBI agents had gay practices.  I witnessed it myself and they thought I didn't notice because I was a baby.  Well, I noticed. When I was older I said to my Mom, "How come some man puts where he pees in another man where he poops?"  I said something like that.  She said what? and I said well remember those guys I used to go in the car with?  They kissed each other and put some part in another part. 

It's probably where someone got the idea of rainbow colors for a gay pride symbol.  At one point, Coler got mad at Robert and said he was going to take me away so I wasn't being hurt.  But then another time, I was taken out with him and his partner and his partner started punching me in the face. I was a total baby, this little baby girl, and these FBI assholes were hauling off and PUNCHING me IN THE FACE.  They were vicious.  The one especially.  Then Coler decided privately he'd maybe had enough.  Then, they got blackmail on each other over being gay.  They used to strap me up in the front seat and then go to the backseat and make out with me in the car.  I asked Dicksie one day too, why Robert Garrett looked like he was out there once.  They also tortured me and did some really sick things.  They had me sit on some kind of hot vibrating thing as a baby and would leave me there.  So as it turned out, someone apparently put a hit on me, the baby.  It's not like I imagined it because they talked about it right in front of me.  They figured, "What does the baby know?" 

I am telling you, very few individuals did not underestimate me.  However, when it became more obvious to people later, when I was a slightly older toddler and they heard me talking about things, that I DID know what was going on, they were very quick on the draw.  Some wanted to kill me or torture me and drug me because of it.

I am sure most often, people do not remember their experiences inside of the womb, nor do they think most can remember their first year outside of the womb, however, believe me, you can ask a few others and they'll tell you it's possible.
Well, what I overheard, and maybe that Robert Garrett jr. was bluffing, but he told someone he wanted to kill me or have me killed in an accident.  He could have been testing the waters on some other guy, of course.  But I had fear in my heart when I heard it.  I was ONE FUCKING SCARED BAYBEE.

That is what Peltier said to me all the time.  You were one SCARED Baayyybeee, in the Native American sort of enunciation.

One of the FBI persons believed Robert Garrett jr. was putting a hit on me and I heard him say to me he was going to protect me or get me out of there.  I don't think the U.S. Pentagon wanted that.  Then Robert talked to Peltier about killing me and he agreed and then instead this FBI guy was shot and Peltier took me with him to Canada to some cabin out in the woods.  He was convinced I was going to be the "Queen" or something important, and used to cry over me and hug me and say I was so smart.  He got ahold of Robert Garrett jr. somehow and blackmailed him, I believe over the "hit" plot, and then started forcing him to kneel down to me.  He made Robert Garrett jr. apologize to me, give me money, and kneel to me.  When Robert managed to get him arrested somehow, he then took control of me and began torturing me within inches of my life to get back at Peltier.  He was FURIOUS.  All of the demeaning treatment he had endured from Peltier, and having to cower under him, turned into this vicious hate and revenge motive against me--to hurt me as badly as he could to get back at Peltier.  Something about Peltier must have been government because he DID hypnotize me and do some of this programming kind of stuff they do.  So he had to have some kind of connection somehow, to something.  He was an extremely smart Native American--probably a genius because it takes one to know one.  He also did something that was on the abusive side once and he was not good with liquor.  He needed to control his drinking because he was a different person that way.  However, when I was back with Robert, I got electrocuted, called names, hit, beat, degraded, and was told, "You think you're something?  you're NOTHING" and all of this pent-up anger against whatever was done to him (probably pretty bad) came against me.

He then used it to keep torturing me knowing some people knew it was happening and could do nothing about it.  The girlfriend Poor Bear was going to report it I thought.  I thought she tried to in court, and then I wasn't sure if she got bribed too.  I don't know which Robert Garrett jr it was of the twins but one of them really took it out on me.  I think the FBI guy got shot because while he was doing bad things he started to say he was going to have me taken away so they couldn't hurt me.  The U.S. government section that was supporting torture of me wanted to keep me there in their control and they killed anyone that got in their way, making excuses of "national interest" when it was nothing but hate crimes and jealousy over my being a gifted genius.  They wanted to control me, if not kill me.  They figured they could get a few people to fall in love with me and have sympathy for me and love me and then use that as leverage to get what they wanted.

Peltier gave me some Native name and he had one too.  Crazy Horse was one of them for something but I don't remember which.  He was highly into traditional Native stuff, and gave me sacred eagle feathers.  That is a VERY big deal to Indians.  Having a sacred eagle feather is major and I was given more than one.  He made jewelry for me too.  I had some beautiful leather clothing as well.  I had a beautiful leather dress that was handmade for me and moccasins.  He said I was a Native American princess and warrior chief.  I'm not sure how he decided that, or who said what, but that's what he said.  I was with them in Canada and also in the U.S.

You know, possibly he had something to do with MK programming too in some way, being involved with Canada and the U.S., but I don't know how.

He called me "Chief".  There were a few men who gave me sort of positions or titles typically held by men and I guess it was a sign of respect they thought I was like them in some ways.  The FBI person who died was scared of what the Pentagon was doing to me.  I think he wanted out of being involved however he was, had had enough, was about to quit, and wanted to blow the cover over what was being done to me.  From what I remember, Coler either gave his notice to the FBI or was about to give his notice to them and had told Robert he was going to quit.  I remember this because it was discussed in front of me.

The other thing about this Peltier guy though, is either he was calling ME "Katie" or he got bribed to get involved with Katie Middleton.  He was sort of teaching me all these things and saying how smart I was, but at some point I know he did do something to torture me.  He electrocuted me with someone there but he also electrocuted Robert Garrett jr. I think.  To the head basically.  And then he was offered money--a lot of it, and that is when the FBI got ahold of him.  He was offered a bunch of money on the condition that he would transfer his support and commendations to Katie Middleton instead of me.  He started crying after he took the money and began doing what was asked of him, saying, "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  Please forgive me, but I need the money."  I told him I forgave him and he started to change his mind.  He said to me, "I changed my mind.  You've convinced me.  I am going to give them their fucking money BACK."  Then the minute he was trying to return the money, the FBI and others freaked out over it.  They didn't trust him and couldn't trust him because he had just agreed to take money and support Kate Middleton and then he was 'changing his mind'?  They got scared and decided he was a loose cannon and nabbed him.

If he had kept the money and kept going with their plan, I don't think anyone would have "found him" in Canada or extradited him back to the U.S.  It was like a bizarre Canadian-U.S.-UK plot.  I mean, these people have POURED money into that girl (Katie) and they've seriously tortured the living daylights out of me.

He said to me, "What's money?" and started throwing it up in the air.  He said, "This is what money means" and started tearing it in half.  That REALLY freaked out the U.S. Treasury people I'm sure.  He was saying it's better to have a good name than money.  Then later, years later when I met a Russian guy, he did the same thing.  And so did Diana Spencer once, so all of them somehow knew about him, "Crazy Horse".  I really don't know what he said my nickname was.  There was something to do with the Shawnees though, that he talked about.  The nickname I mostly remember was "Chief" but I know he felt animal spirit names were important so he gave me some kind of spirit name too.  This was all when I was under the age of 5.

I had beautiful leather clothing.  He or someone had it handmade and tailored to fit me and there was a full length leather dress that was SO soft, and moccasins, and some other leather things too and I had leather tied in my hair and wore feathers and beads.  Charms and amulets that were Native American.  I also had a ceremonial headdress and weapons.  Then one day when they had a ceremony they put the Chief headdress on me, the full-scale feather helmet that only the Chief of the tribe wore.  I did my spear fishing with them and we caught fish in nets too, and then hunted wild game and I learned how to find bird's nests for eggs.  I rode horses with them too.  I was given a special leather pouch and taught Indian medicine as well.  I ha d special things I put in the bag and he told me when you find something and it is a memorial for something or a sign or symbol to you, put it in your bag for luck.  I had a totem he gave me but I don't remember what it was. 

Basically, the Clan of the Cave Bear books pretty much cover a lot of what I experienced.  The problem is that the FBI exploited me and has always exploited me.

Since this was before age 5, and Katie Middleton wasn't born yet, I guess he was calling ME Katie.  I know Howard or someone said the name someone had given me was Mary Katherine.  Well, this Indian guy called me Katie but then I remember Robert was telling him there was someone else to pay more attention to or something or coming up.  And he was given money to support them instead and then he got rid of it.  I don't know exactly why he didn't call me Cameo but he didn't.  He called me KayTEE and said "you were one SCARED BAYBee".  Maybe he just called me baby first when I was a baby and then kaytee came up later.  He also mentioned the Shawnees.

I think, also, Kaytee came from the name Michaela or Mickayla because it was a possible reference to MK (mick) Ultra.  Ayla, and myKAYla, turned into KAYtee possibly.

It was U.S. Italians who came in to torture me there, along with a couple of others.  He didn't have a box for electrocuting, they brought one in.  It was Leon Panetta, Carl and Mary Del Balzo, and a few others and they had Robert Garrett jr. with them.  They were supposedly defending Robert Garrett jr. from the indignity of having to kneel to me and give me money.  Mary Del Balzo's school, Cornell, was directly involved in giving CIA money to Canada for MK Ultra and when he didn't want the money, they came in to torture me.  Panetta was already with the Pentagon and with the Italian mafia and he was involved as well.  There were a few others too. 

When I was on the Indian Reservation they weren't supposed to have the right to harm me but they did.  I was a member of the Indian nation.  I had papers for it and everything but I don't remember which tribe it was, but I was an authenticated tribe member.  I know they took my papers and I saw them do it, but I don't think you can erase (unless someone bribed someone) membership to a Native nation.

All of this was probably why I got Native American cards from Robert Garrett Sr. every year.  I don't know what part he had in any of it, but he did give me cards.

When I was off of the reservation a bunch of U.S. government kids and adults made fun of me and picked on me for the things I had learned on the Rez.  They kept trying to add things to my leather pouch that I didn't want there, which had no symbolic meaning to me.  They also stole my leather clothing and beadwork until all I had left was the leather pouch (which had a strap to sling over the shoulder) and then they stole that too.  Everything I ever had from the Reservation was stolen from me by the fucking "New Americans".

2/14/14 UPDATED corrections...
I remembered more about the Native American guy.  He was actually connected to Mike Middleton as well.  Unless it was a Bonners Ferry border or Canada guy, or someone else, I thought and knew at the time, or believed, it was Mike Middleton.  It wasn't Robert Garrett jr. who I saw with the money that time, it was Middleton.  He showed up one day and dropped off a briefcase and the Indian guy counted it and it was tons of money.  Supposedly, I was "told" it was to pay me.  However, instead of having a normal person take all of that money to the bank for me, the Native guy started tearing it up and said to tear it up, but it's possible Mike told me it was for me because I saw it, and yet it was bribe money or something for the Native guy because the Native guy was saying he wasn't going to take the money.  So there was a whole ton of money and Mike said to me it was mine, but if it was really mine, he wouldn't have dropped it off out in the open with some guy I didn't know well, who wasn't going to go to a bank with me.  That doesn't make any sense.  He would have known I was going to be dispossessed of my money, even if it WAS mine, in that situation, and then he was saying it was for the other guy.    Also, one set of circumstances was with Peltier, when I was a baby and toddler and little girl and then another set of circumstances was with his friend or someone when I was slightly older, around maybe 6-9 years old.  I may have been younger though, because I remember it as being Peltier. I also remember his whole trial, and seeing him in jail, and he thought I'd done something just like Raul Bujanda's father thought I had ratted on him or something and I didn't.  I knew Mr. Bujanda, and I was taken to court and then to the prison to see him in person.  Bujanda acted like he was my supporter outside of prison and inside prison he looked at me with evil intent like he was going to figure out a way to get to me, even from inside the jail through his contacts.  I figured he must have thought I told on him or something.  I'm not sure which one.  There was Peltier, and Bujanda and one of them cried about me and the other one was sort of like in-on-it I realized but actually, I don't remember which.  Maybe Bujanda cried.  Then there was an Italian man who was really on my side and he cried.  Robert Garrett jr. was threatening one of them, from outside of the prison, that now he could do whatever he wanted to me and there was nothing they could do about it.  One of them totally freaked out and got panicked and looked at me and he knew I was in very serious danger.  Robert Garrett jr., this one of them, was deliberately trying to make him suffer more in jail by feeling helpless and wanted to rub it in how he was going to do this and that to me and made really sick suggestions and innuendos that the other guy picked up on.

If Robert is my "Dad", ummm...that doesn't make any sense.  Why would my own Dad be so desensitized to me that he was using me to "get at" other guys he already knew cared about me more than he did?  And he was like the cop guy and everything.  I seriously don't even know why a few of the other guys cared about me, but apparently they really did and they got panicked and sick, thinking about what they couldn't control now that THEY were in jail and the FBI was "king".  Totally COMPLETELY corrupt FBI. 

I do remember the FBI guys, when I was age one, getting shot as if I was a much older kid.  There was shooting from a distance and then he started to get out of the car and we were right up close.  That was one part the girlfriend got wrong.  She was saying in court it happened one way and I was the one who was there and I knew it didn't happen exactly like she was saying.  I thought the reason they didn't want it to be obvious I had been there was because there had been a hit put on me, and having me in the middle of gunfire brought that out.  He held me in his arms while he shot at them.  I was a one year old, so he held me up with one arm, and shot with his other arm.

Also, that Indian guy, one of them, now I remember, actually possibly insulted me and my Mom.  He was maybe a different one from Peltier but maybe it was still him.  He didn't call himself "Crazy Horse" (but maybe Peltier called himself that?), he called me "Crazy Horse" while tearing up money and I think my Mom thought it implied "crazy whores" like he was making fun of me and my mom.

See newer post about Debbie Burt for more military info.  2/15/14.  Also, I got some earrings today.  It freaked me out a little and made me think even more that I don't think Diana Spencer is dead.  If she was that predictive, she would have known when she was in danger probably..not always...it's not possible to assume even as a psychicly gifted person.  But I think it's possible.  The reason I think this is because of something weird that happened.  I ordered 2 items from J. Crew and one was a light sweater which happened to be called "Charley sweater" but that's not why I chose it.  I just got it and got it in the flax color.  Then I was short on amount for free shipping so I added earrings and the ones I wanted were sold out so I got these small gold hoops with rhinestones in them.  Then I had been taking ovulation tests and had them on a counter and was looking at them and then took off the earrings at night and absentmindedly put them on the counter and it was next to the tests.  Which then made me think of Diana because before I did that I was thinking of changing the color of the sweater from flax (beige) to white and I realized she had changed her jacket before her "accident".  So when I put the earrings up above my head, on a counter that is like a "dashboard", next to ovulation tests with dates written on them, I got spooked.  I guess if I look over there now I see some cups, a phone with a message waiting on it, a note that shows the words "cut your cell", a lightbulb, nailclippers, crayons, a book "when kings were gods", nailpolish in berry mocha, and a book called into to physical science and a few other things.  There is a cubby hole under the counter, like a dashboard would have.  So it was sort of strange and made me think I don't think she's dead and that she is hiding out again.

The other thing was I was going to return the earrings because I saw them on me and didn't like them.  I liked them in the book but on me I saw them and felt nauseous and couldn't figure out why I was feeling sick.  So I prayed God would help me remember what was it about small gold hoop earrings that would make me sick?  Then I remembered I was burned with them.  I would be in the car or at a house and a woman would take out one of her earrings and heat it up so hot it felt like it was on fire. It was a cigarette lighter that was used to heat them.  In the car, for example, it would be held on the cigarette lighter in the dashboard and after it was burning hot, it was pressed into my skin to burn me.  Of the women I remember doing this to me I remember Locklyn (Baird) Guzman, Dicksie (Baird) Garrett, maybe Barbara Maiers once or twice.  Mostly I remember Dicksie and Locklyn.  Locklyn did it when I was before the age of 4, before I had my ears pierced.  Dicksie did it often, later after that, and mostly in the car, using the cigarette lighter to heat an earring.  She would pull off or take off one of her earrings, heat it up, and burn me.  Locklyn also used the car cigarette lighter.  If I tried to report or bring up sexual assault against me, they'd burn me this way. It was one of their methods to silence me.  I think Diana Spencer possibly did it but I don't remember when she did.  I know that after Dicksie was doing this for awhile, I got a pair of earrings from my "Dad" that were small gold hoops.  Diana took them from me and I complained saying, "What really bothered me was she took my earrings from my Dad and she has all these things of her own."  Well, it's possible they weren't given to me really but were only given to me to wear over there so Diana could take them and deliver them to???Katie Middleton? I don't know but it bothered me.  Then after this one day Diana had on small gold hoops, not wire thin ones, and she took just one of them off in front of me and got out a cigarette lighter and I got scared.  She looked at me and when she saw I got scared she said, "Your Mom".  I know Diana burned me herself when I was younger than that, but I'm not sure why that day she decided to take off just one earring and test my reaction to it, but she did and she "looked" like she felt sorry for me.  My eyes were wide and I was scared because I was ready to be burned.  She DID burn me once with another woman because the other times, they took off an earring, heated it up, and one woman held me while the other one burned me.  I was terrified.  The other person who burned me or poked me with something was Robert Garrett Sr. who had thumb tacks and one day he took gold ones, and poked me with the sharp points, only the gold thumb tacks.  You know, like round circle ones.  When I was age 4 I had my ears pierced with 2 gold stud earrings.  Then later, a Robert Garrett Jr. took yellow thumb tacks (closest thing to gold) and poked me with them when I was a slightly older kid and it scared me because they were sharp.  Obviously, something to do with gold for them because all of them used gold to burn me with, or yellow which is like gold.  The earliest person I remember who used earrings to burn me was Locklyn.  Another woman who did this to me was Carol Middleton when she babysat me.  With her I maybe vaguely remember more of thumb tacks but she had jewelry too, and POSSIBLY Anne (Princess Anne) once did this to me but I can't be positive.  If it wasn't Anne maybe it was Queen Elizabeth II but I sort of don't fully remember them doing this, just thinking it may have been possible because who were the other emulating?  I am not sure.  Cookie?  with her chips?  If another man did this to me, maybe Goldsmith?  I don't remember Gary specifically doing that but possibly?

When I got the first set of smaller gold hoop earrings (thicker ones, not the large wire ones pulled from my ears), Dicksie got mad or acted mad I was wearing them.  I thought why is she mad?  She thinks it's fine for her to wear gold hoops and doesn't want me to, or to seem equal to her with hoops of my own? I partly wore them to remember what was done to me and silently taunt her which I'm sure she knew, by taking one out and holding it and not doing anything with it, to let her know I remembered what she did to me.  It was my way of saying, without any words, "Remember this?  because I want you to know I remember."  I have no idea why someone started doing it to me in the first place.  I am not 100% sure who first did it to me or why and then why others joined in with the same thing.  I don't have any way to explain why they'd do that to me.  There was also some woman from the middle east who burned me with one of her earrings the same way.  Once when I was trafficked to the middle east, a woman there did this to me.  I am not sure right at this moment, though I may remember, if the woman was Jewish or Muslim or Coptic Christian.
However, given the fact Michelle Erickson works with the U.S. military, when she was in the hearing for CPS and rubbing the lobe of one of her ears constantly, it was sort of like a type of intimidation of me.  She always wore hoops around me and during my cross-exam of her, the entire time she had one of her hands up on the lobe of one ear and was rubbing it and this is when she was connected to people who tortured me and used things like this to try to intimidate me, scare me, panic me, trigger an emotion or to silence me.  It wasn't like this was a habit of hers.  She only used it during cross-examination, when I cross-examined her so someone obviously suggested maybe it would derail me or bring up trauma. 

They kidnapped my son and committed fraud.
One other woman who burned me with an earring in an unusual location was Lorraine Rose.  It was the main thing she did but it was done when I was younger, a few years or couple of years before I was assaulted in Coquille, Oregon.

Also, one of the men who was being threatened while he was in prison, after they put him there, was approached by not just a Robert Garrett but cops with him.  Like 3 men, 2 of them in uniform one not.  They said they were going to make sure I was raped by every officer and military person they could find and then they held up a handheld camera like a video camera and played a clip of something for him but I couldn't see it and he started crying and panicked.  It wasn't like some cops and Robert Garrett (and Mike showed up at one point but possibly Bonners Ferry-Canada-Mike or Bruce and not Middleton) just made vague threats and tried to "scare him a little".  Then another group took  me over again and said the same thing and one person in the group was George.  They told him, straight-out, they were going to make sure I was repeatedly raped by as many people as they could find and that no cop or FBI or prosecuting attorney was going to press charges or defend me.  When they showed him a video clip, he looked away and they said, "WATCH IT" and forced him to watch it anyway and he was crying.  I assume it was of my being sexually assaulted and tortured.  They also pulled a surprise on him because when he first saw the group he was shocked to see one man with the others, which meant they revealed who was working with whom after he was behind bars and then gloated over it while they terrorized him and held me there with them.

It's another reason I learned what "rape" meant because I didn't know the definition until I heard them say this to the prisoner and I asked a teacher and others what it was.  I didn't hear that term until the FBI and cops were making their promises of premeditated multiple gang-rape against me and I was less than 11 years old.
2/16/14.  Other persons who sexually abused me included Robert Garrett Sr. and his son Tom.  Robert Garrett Sr. would unzip his pants and scare me and then Tom had me lying naked with him as a baby and toddler and did oral sex on me.  After Robert Garrett Sr. would do this to me, he would occasionally raise up a skull for me to see and it was done after some comment about "giving head" was made.  I don't know what the military did to him but he'd wanted to be a medical doctor and they apparently forced him out and when I was much younger sometimes he was showing me medical things but this is also something that happened.

Also, something I haven't brought up before is that I'm sure Levi's foot injury as a kid was intentional.  I don't know why one of the Robert's would do this or the Dicksie and Robert because both a Dicksie and Robert heard me when I was saying, "His foot is hanging there!" and I alerted them and told them Levi's foot was hanging down by the spokes and they knew and wanted me to see.  I am pretty sure I said something and if not, nothing was said and I just knew they knew that I saw it and I saw they made sure I noticed too.  So he was in a basket and had his foot dangling by the spokes and then it got stuck in it and was bleeding and they had to take him to the hospital. I was complaining and saying I saw it there and they knew and why did they leave it like that so they refused to take me to the hospital with them.  I wanted to go.  I don't know if it was an excuse to meet someone secretly at the hospital, with a planned reason to go, or if it was an excuse to have an injury where an implant could be put into him potentially, for tracking or surveillance, but that's what happened and then someone later gave them an old wagon wheel with spokes on it, from a pioneer wagon and it was in front of the house.  I remember it was some kind of blame on me that I didn't speak up enough or something, but he was 2 years old and I was 5 and I didn't know everything.  I can't see why it was done deliberately unless someone really needed to go talk to someone there, and had to have a good enough reason, or if it was to do a surgery and use an implant or microchip.  It's possible they left it out for me to see, wondering if I'd speak up or not and thinking if I didn't I wanted him to get hurt, but even if I had a curiosity, how would I know it would mean a foot would get bloodied up? I didn't know.  I know I was saying afterwards why did they let it happen but they acted mad at ME as if I was a "bad kid" for not saying something more strongly to defend him when his foot was dangling that way.  It's possible they just wanted to do some kind of psychological profiling of me to see what I'd do and then decide I was bad and lay a guilt trip on me.  They then laid all kinds of traps for me later, out of a weird retaliation, one with Levi helping Jim Sandberg and a Robert Garrett jr.  to set up a bear trap that I was walked into.  They took me out into the woods and there was snow around and walked me straight into a bear trap that was open and then snapped around my foot.  It was heavy steel spikes all the way around and clamped around my entire foot and ankle and was very tight.    You know, like this is the kind of life I want for my son Oliver, being kidnapped and raised  by these kinds of people.

Please see my posts about Barak and the one about Debbie Burt for more military info.

Another thing I don't understand, is why Dicksies parents Granny and Grandpa had me tortured with a "Johnny Jumper".   They had one at their house and then at my house in Moses Lake and I loved the johnny jumper as a baby.  I jumped and jumped and would go very high and try to go even higher and then one day they started tying me up with it so I couldn't jump and it was a straightjacket with a hard frame and they'd leave me there like that.  It was done to me in Cashmere and in Moses Lake.
Also, prior to anyone asking if something was wrong with President Ronald Reagan's drink, Ronald had had me at his table alone and he used to ask my advice about things and that day he said did I think it was possible Bob and Dicksie were trying to kill me.  Or wanted to kill me.  He then told me they did and after that was when I was told to put something in his drink but I didn't know what and I don't actually think it was anything harmful, actually.  His assistant wouldn't have tested it if they didn't already have it planned out and wanted to see what I did.  But why Reagan would ask me this I'm not sure.

Then later, at the Vatican, I don't know why a few of them hit me but a few of the men there first took my blood for a "DNA sample" (reason unknown) and then I was assaulted by microscopes and maybe some kind of cane.  I wasn't sexually assaulted by them, but beat, and it was when I was slightly older as a kid, and they took DNA first.  They said to me I was the President's daughter but then I don't know if they said that before or after they beat me.  They did say something about an Edward and a Howard at some point as well.

The U.S. literally kidnapped me from my legal guardian, when I was in China.  One time I was with a Dicksie running from some maybe Vietnamese or Korean soldiers across a border or along a border and I remember seeing her as she got a tranquilizer dart in the back and fell.  They ended up not being too mean and let us go eventually.  However, in China, I was there with a man and we were not planning to go back to the U.S.  I said I did not want to go back and I was going to stay and live in China and this man agreed with me, and then one day I was ambushed by U.S. military and they knocked me on the head, tied me up and carried me into a Pentagon helicopter back to the U.S.  I was either there in China, to stay there and live, with a Robert or with Edward Lee Howard.  It was one of them and then an "Allen" showed up there and acted jealous or weird and didn't want me there.  There was some kind of British who didn't want me to escape the U.S.

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