Saturday, February 1, 2014

Torture from U.S. Over FBI-Middleton-Erickson post (falsification of ID) & Human Trafficking

The U.S. must reeaaally love Michelle Erickson and Nakata.  I know them to be liars and child traffickers and pedophile supporters.

I am being tortured starting with my posting about Michelle and Nakata and FBI-CIA attempts to have me marry a rapist who would sexually assault a child for them.  They started blasting me with ionic and laser technology as soon as I included the part about Barak Obama attempting to have me marry a pedophile he and Middletons and others knew.

Erickson has been used by military and FBI for decades.

I think they get defensive when they hear an asset they use for child trafficking and torture may go down and be out of a job in "child services".

How ELSE will they defend themselves?

Not to mention, I know Alvaro's ID is false so that means the government protects criminals by giving them courtesy false IDs for purposes of ruining lives, but they fail to protect children.

No wonder I had a bad feeling

Get this--the FBI even used him knowing he and Raul Bujanda are connected to each other and that I'd made a report of FBI misconduct about Raul.  And then "suddenly" the U.S. government was lying to me and hoping I didn't recognize his friend Alvaro who the military and CIA also know, as well as Middletons in the UK.  They took known abusers who were all connected to harming me and used all of them against me.  Michelle Erickson already knew him because of her pedophile military family.

Also, the U.S. was trafficking me in animal crates in the cargo part of airplanes as well as by private plane.  I was thrown in with suitcase baggage, which was all jumbled up, or put into an animal cage and into 'cargo' with my hands and feet tied.  Mike Middleton did some of the throwing me into baggage with my hands and feet tied but I think it was more often another Mike from Canada. 

I used to be freezing cold in the cages in the animal cargo.  They were flying planes in the middle of winter to traffick me back and forth.  They had private planes, and I was on them more than anything, and there several different kinds.  They also had Air Force One transporting me, once a dark plane with dark windows to the Vatican (a few times) and then after I reported Prince Charles for pedophilia they decided to punish me by throwing me into animal crates and suitcase baggage while tied up.  They did this maybe a few times before when I was drugged but they didn't tranquilize and drug me each time.

A couple of times someone pretended to tranquilize and sedate me and then didn't and said "pretend like you're sedated".  I was FREEZING cold, tied up, in with suitcases, and another time in with crates.  I didn't remember most of the other times because they had me 100% medically knocked out first.  Massive amounts of sedatives so I didn't feel know or remember anything.  However, sometimes I got off the flights and noticed I had cuts into my wrists from how tight they tied them, just to be malicious and cruel.

I didn't tell anyone I wasn't sedated a few times I wasn't because I was afraid I'd be beat up or electrocuted over it.  However, I remember much of it and the horrible comments they would make before throwing me in.  I was like a chunk of animal meat to them.

I prayed a few times because I thought maybe I would die I was so cold.  One time I was in this huge heap of suitcases and baggage and like Jonah in the belly of a whale having to fight to stay on top of the baggage and not get buried under it, which was a challenge being tied up.

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