Monday, January 6, 2014

Larry and Barak Obama: Rapist, Beater, Electrocutionist, Masturbator, Pedophile, Drug-Dealer, Black Arms, Murderer

The police officers who have ignored my police reports after making a pretense of taking them are Sgt. Guy Pratt of Seattle, Officer Davis (black man) of Seattle; Kelly Burris of Sonoma Sheriff's in California; and Hood River police and Mayor (a Jew) in Oregon.

Guy Pratt was present when I witnessed Robert Garrett Jr. going to Seattle Headquarters and giving them money at their station, when he took me along.  Robert made over 7-8 trips within about 1 week and took me with him at one time.  Kelly Burris is a friend of the Tancer-Sterling family.  The police in Hood River who have been ignoring me since I was a pre-teen, who I witnessed taking a briefcase of money and who showed up in uniform with their detective to threaten me and tell me not to dare think I could make a report, are mostly the same people and their mayor is a Jew who sells out to Barak Obama.

The crimes Barak Obama committed against me are as follows:

Incident One:  Moses Lake
1.  Held a gun to my head in Moses Lake with fellow drug-dealer (black man) Larry (his mentor, who Obama refers to in his autobiography) standing by.  I was about 9 or 10.  He pulled the gun out on me when I asked if he was taking the money and drugs to Gary.
2..  Carried a backpack full of marijuana and stuffed with money to go to Gary Goldsmith, his drug lord from the UK. 
3.  Told me he was going to kill me and then decided not to and said he'd take care of me "later".  Said he had a magic carpet and I should take a ride on it sometime.  He said this after knowing I had asked another man why there were "bugs in the rug" when he called his pubic hair "the black forest" and "rug".
4.  Put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed in a grip to cause pain until Robert came over with a shot to inject me.  Also unzipped his zipper when the way he grabbed my shoulder was a way he knew another man did before trying to force me to do oral sex.

Incident Two:  Moses Lake-Seattle-Idaho-Canada
1.  Had me in a low riding 70s sedan with him and his black mentor Larry Brice (who was a car salesman in Moses Lake, worked for Middleton and Goldsmith in the UK, and then got a job inside of Moses Lake police station as a 'chaplain', and who bit a piece of my navel--the skin on my stomach--out).
2.  Jumped me with Larry in the woods, reaching over the seat to beat me and then getting into the seat next to me to assault me. 
3.  Picked me up from the Moses Lake military base at one point to force me into the car and locked the doors on me while making threats when I said to let me out.  They kidnapped me.  They then beat me until my nose was bloody, and exchanged drugs, money, and black arms in the woods.  They were handing around semi-automatics and machine guns.  The guns were going to Irish that George Bechtold and Mike Middleton were connected to.  Once I saw a few, another time it was a big line up of guns, and then other times there were entire semi-trucks going out and I saw what was inside the trucks.  The gun names I heard a lot were AK-47 and then were semi-auto and machine guns like Uzi types.  Barak was dealing with the AK-47s mostly but Mike was getting all the kinds.  None of the guns I saw traded and exchanged were revolvers.  It was all big guns and maybe some glocks.
4.  Larry Brice and Obama picked me up from the Moses Lake military base for over a week one time, telling me my parents couldn't pick me up and they were my "ride" and then made more comments, Larry to me, saying I could ride Barak Obama's magic carpet.  They started making sexual jokes that were perverted with me in the car.  One time they had a Robert in the back, but the other times they forced me in the car with just them and twice assaulted me.

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