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My CIA Lawyer Tells Me I'd Be In An Orphanage In England

I take it back.  I wrote in my last post I was never given a lawyer or accused of anything but I remembered, no, the CIA actually assigned a lawyer to me, to speak to me only when I was confined in their own offices.

So they did give me a lawyer but it was like,...a joke or something because I was forced into signing something and it wasn't like I had a trial or a meeting with other people or anything.  He just came into my room and talked to me.

One thing I think he talked to me about was if I wanted to go to foster care maybe but he never said foster care so that couldn't have been it.  He may have said I could leave the U.S. by myself, but I don't think so because I would have said "yes" if it was a voluntary question posed to me.  I would have left the U.S. I think he said, "If you go back to England, they would put you in an orphanage though, if that's what you want."  That was a comment he made, not from the David Koch or FBI place I was at and visited, but this was made from inside of the CIA, in Virginia, in a private room.  No one denied I had British citizenship.  I believe I said something about Russia, and told him I had citizenship there too.  He made being in an orphanage sound so terrible I really didn't know how I was going to make it in that kind of circumstance. 

He also said to me, out of the blue, "You're Jewish." 

?!  What thuh.

I thought, "Okay, this guy is weirding me out.  One minute he's talking orphanages and now he's saying I'm Jewish?"  I figured maybe he was talking to the microchip someone put in my head at NASA in Texas, which transmitted voice waves and messages to NSA or England or who knows where, and some other girl was on the other end listening in as someone said to her, "Ok.  Now listen up because Mr. Carmichael McQuarrian-Ikey is going to interrupt your regular programming to deliver this important emergency message to you.  He'll sound like he's talking to HER, that 'girl', but really, it's all for you Snookums."

I am sure I even looked behind me to see who was standing there behind me because I know I'm NOT Jewish.  I probably looked behind me to see who had just walked in the door, and there was no one there.   I mean, I remember looking behind my shoulder.  Seriously.  When I looked back to face him he was sort of smirking, because he knew I disbelieved him so much I literally thought there must be some other person who walked into the room behind me.

However, I was supposedly Jewish, and had British and Russian citizenship and at the Russian one he sort of jolted a little but I did go through a ceremony for it.  So he said just a minute he'll be back and leaves the room, and then he came back in with papers and said, 'Sign this". 

I have no idea what I was signing because he wouldn't allow me to read it.

I told him I wanted to read it and he got mad and said just sign it and I had no choice.  I was being held hostage there.  So I signed it.  I have no idea what I signed, but I signed a paper inside of a CIA office.

I cannot remember if the United Nations hearing was before or after that meeting inside CIA offices.  I know I didn't stand a chance one way or the other.

When I had my head cut into, I am telling you, it was definitely cut into and possibly for remote sensing torture and microchips.  I told the surgeon I wanted to see the piece of skull after he cut it and he seemed shocked.  He said, "What do you mean?" and I said, "I want to see it."  He repeated, "What?" and I said, "The piece of my head you just cut off".  I remember the exact width and length and shape of it.  It was basically a small slightly curved square.  You know, just my SKULL and that's all.  But I'm supposed to forget I ever had an open-head brain surgery done on me while I was still awake under a maximum local anesthesia.

As for "Jewish", it's probably a crock.  I don't know if he meant I was born in Israel and smuggled out or if he meant I was Jewish ethnically, but I never heard anything about it from anyone until then.  And I DID know I had something to do with England and Russia.

The other thing that was confusing was there was some blond woman there crying who wasn't a Dicksie and I kept wondering who she was (I am not sure to this day).  Then the other thing that I remember from Granny's house when I was very young, was some kind of discussion and interrogation in the house about whether this one woman was my mother or not.  "DID YOU SLEEP WITH ROBERT GUY GARRETT JR?" and "IS THIS YOUR DAUGHTER?"  I thought, "What are they doing?  they're asking if I'm not even related to my parents?"  That was when I was about 4 years old or so. 

The next time I ever heard anything about a possible other mother (not just other father or whatever) was when someone told me "Yulia" "is maybe your mother".  I said "What do you mean?" and I was told, "Maybe".

???!!!  The only person I can think of is Yulia Tymoshenko but no one brought it up again so I figured it was just mind-games.  I think it is because it makes no sense at all.   The time it sounded more serious was at Granny and Grandpa's house when someone was interrogating the other person.  At that time they were not disputing the biological father but the mother. 

Regardless, years later I was in a CIA office and the lawyer was making me sign something.  I wasn't even WORKING for the CIA.  I knew about them like some kid would know about going to the mall or to the movie theater or even to a summer camp, but I didn't have an "assignment" with them.

I may be wrong, but while that lawyer was in the room with me, I sort of remember Diana Spencer coming in and I again looked behind me, over my shoulder to see who it was.  It was after the lawyer said if I went to England, they'd put me in an orphanage.  I said, "I know people there" and he said, "No, you would go to an orphanage."  I said, "Why couldn't you just drop me off and let me figure it out on my own?" and he said, "That's not how it works.  You're underage, and you would live in an orphanage and you would NOT get out until you were of-age." 
You know, I thought, that's really something else.
I also thought, "Why is Diana Spencer here at the CIA offices?"

I know that I did not deny or give up my citizenship to Russia or England.  This was something the lawyer for the CIA freaked out about.  He said, "So you have dual citizenship for the U.S. and England" and I said, "No, I have citizenship in Russia too."  And he looked up and said WHAT and I said, "I applied for, and got Russian citizenship."  He said, "You can't have 3 citizenships" and I said, "Why not?" and he said, "You just can't" and I said, "Well, I guess I have Russian and English then because those are the ones I know I have."  He then stood up, in a fluster.  I think he asked if I had denied U.S. citizenship but I'm not sure.  If he did ask, I would have probably answered that whatever I had to do to obtain the citizenships I probably did. 

I didn't sign any rights away or denounce anything unless it was a forced signature to something I wasn't even allowed to read and that happened a few times, but not often.
It's possible one of the reasons the CIA was trying to murder me was because I wouldn't renounce my Russian and English citizenship.  That maybe made them mad.
It's also possible that the attempt to have me marry Alvaro Pardo, a Colombian, was to try to get me to swap out one of those citizenships, for a Colombian one.  The U.S. has been HARD AT WORK!!!!  So if my citizenship is not U.S. and is technically Russian and English, I wonder which one the U.S. was hoping I'd swap out or they'd cover up?  The Russian one or the English one?  I don't know if marrying a Colombian makes someone an automatic Colombian citizen and they lose one of their other dual citizenships, but I suspect this was a CIA plot.  One would also have to ask why Diana Spencer had any interest in it, to be present at the CIA offices when the lawyer was asking me these questions, or why Camilla was on a helicopter the CIA used to attempt to use as their 'getaway' for a plotted murder of me.  Maybe the joke in naming Katie "Duchess of Cambridge" is to think of me as the Cameo bridge that others sodomized who someone thinks is my head when technically, if it comes down to it, she is below me.  Not that I care, but if you want to be technical, which is, I'm sure, why the CIA had such a desperate interest to try to get rid of me.  I'm sure some in England and the Commonwealth also wanted to get rid of me, because...think about it.  For all I know, the people who ran to the back to the bathroom of the helicopter out of sight from me, were not just Camilla but either Joy with a baby or maybe it was Carol with a baby because there was a baby on board and Carol had a baby at the time (James).  I think Joy's son Mike is Katie's age so he wouldn't have been a baby at that time.  Maybe Camilla even had a baby.  I'm sure the CIA would try to help her out with a cover if she did.

At the time, what the CIA was pushing, was for me to give up English citizenship.  It wasn't anything to do about Russia.  They thought GO AHEAD!!!! be our guest and GO TO RUSSIA! but they kept pushing me and badgering me about England.  Why would the Pentagon and CIA be THAT interested in England, whether I had citizenship there or not?  I mean, who really cares if I did, for Russia OR England! but why should they care Sooooooooo much?

What a disgrace they all are.  Aren't they?  where's my nail file.

And my fucking moustache you fuckers.  Did you steal that from me too?

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